I Treated The Mastermind And Ran Away


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I was reborn as an extra who was only used for her enormous power and then abandoned.

Adopted by the Count’s family and subjected to all kinds of abuse and humiliation, she endured without using her power. All to be kidnapped by the male protagonist of the novel, the cursed mastermind Grand Duke.


“I heard a prophecy that said you can lift my curse.”

“On one condition. I need money to buy my way out of this empire. And it would be even better if I had a suitable position.”

I pretended to be Cordelia, the heroine and female lead of the prophecy, and scammed him. All I wanted was freedom, not romance. Our agreement went smoothly.

……. Until it was discovered that I was not the female lead.

“Here you are. How dare you deceive me and run away?”

His dark red eyes, hidden behind the black eyepatch, stared at me. He slowly caressed my face with his bloodied hand and said in a chilling voice, “When you lied to me, you were determined to do so, right? The weight of responsibility will not be light.”

–Even though I tried to twist the original story, I ended up dying like this. I squeezed my eyes shut. Gently pressing my lips with his thumb, he said languidly, “Marry me.”

There was something wrong with the mastermind.

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흑막을 치료하고 도망쳐버렸다
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Tsukii_Satoru rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: c1
FL looks like smart person, and I love this. Thank you for tl this dn I hope there an update soon
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