I Thought I Was The Main Character


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I was possessed by a romance fantasy novel.

As an extra whose name doesn’t even appear.

This is the Extra Possession!

‘I have become the main character in the novel!’

After a quick realization, I enjoyed the life of the main character and became close to the Male Lead, Sub-Male Lead, and the Mastermind in the novel.

Everyone seems to like me, but I wasn’t sure who was going to be my male lead.

So I asked outright.

“Luci, do you like me?”

“Why did you make such a mistake?”

Luci asked, seeming to find it absurd.

The Male Lead in the novel seems to be not my male lead.

“Harrison, do you like me?”

“I don’t mean to say things like that.”

Harrison said sternly.

…It seems that the Sub-Male Lead in the novel is also not my male lead.

“Damian, do you like me?”

“Do you want me to like you? Would you like it?”

Damian asked, raising one corner of his mouth.

She didn’t know that she would even be ridiculed.

Even the Mastermind in the novel was not my man… I was really an extra. Why did I realize it now?

It was futile, but I was glad that I came to my senses even though it was late. Now I have to find my husband to fit my fraction.

“I want to go back and find my husband.”

I told my three friends who didn’t like me that I was leaving.

“What, are you looking for a bridegroom?”

“This is really unexpected.”


Anyone who sees it would know that all three of them liked me. But now I know is not like that.

‘Hey, who knows who else will be fooled?’

I will no longer be mistaken for their actions.

“I’m busy, bye!”

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내가 주인공인 줄 알았다
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New valzione
June 18, 2022
Status: c39
Very interesting premise and I was excited to read it. After reading up to ch 17 I felt deceived and skipped ahead until ch 39 and felt even more let down.

... more>>

The novel starts with the premise given in the synopsis which is quite interesting. Then starting from ch2 onward we get a time skip into right before she has met any of the love interests and after ch 39 I'm pretty sure she still hasn't even met anyone other than the prince.

Basically the synopsis promotes an interesting premise, but the actual story is a long winded "making of" story instead which is well and fine, but I didn't pick it up for that so my interest chilled and as of now I'm dropping it since I don't foresee author ever getting to the initial premise.


In short, ignore the synopsis on NU. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nobleflowrrleaves13 rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: c13
"It wasn't because I'm the main character, it was hard to keep watching a child being bullied in front of me." This caught my eye, finally a MC that doesn't just get close to have a harem but because they actually feel sympathy. She also has a pretty heart from what i've read so far. And, she has tact as well. Although she does want romance with the ml's. It's pretty good, I decided to read because, well, it was too short not to read, and it also caught my... more>> eye. So far, it's pretty good. To the point I want to wait for updates, please give this novel support. Although the MC seems a bit silly, her determination is quite cute, and she's got thick skin, i've thought of being in her shoes and all I would do was be absolutely miserable. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Flower Garden
Flower Garden rated it
January 7, 2022
Status: c7
This is pretty good, at least in my opinion. Currently, I like this genre of novels, and so it was a nice read. This is actually the only novel I am reading right now, so I check in every day - you can say it's addicting. The MC is pretty funny, and I like the plot so far. I read some spoilers when I was looking for more chapters (I failed successfully so I am waiting on this website to update) and apparently the first chapter, what with the MC... more>> learning all the potential male leads didn't like her, was

just a misunderstanding

(the first chapter is kind of the middle of the story, I guess. The second chapter is several years before the time in the first chapter. If you read it you know what I mean). I'm looking forward to how the MC "charms" the male lead candidates and how this story plays out. I'm waiting for the next chapter and hoping it won't take too long. If you're debating on whether to read it, just read the first few chapters - 1-6?- and you'll get a gist of how the story will play out. Hopefully more chapters will come out and the 6th chapter will be of the first chapters, not the last, by the time this review is read. Looking forward to more chapters! <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mashumello rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: c21
Very cute and interesting, hahaha.

Although MC has that bits of Chuunibyou thinking she's a main character by possessing an Extra in a RoFan novel by following recent trends of novel logics.

She still came to a realization that this is now her life after an incident a yr later, even as she believes she has MC buff (?), she thought mb she shouldn't be too complacent in trying to romance with ML & etc. (the not yet appeared*sub ML & mastermind villain) , nor thinking everything'll easily goes her way... more>> just bc. Anyway, ML's favorability does not anywhere seem close to a romantic interest, so he may not be her man/ML candidates of her life. Let's just be friend then!

This girl is really my type of female besties, lol,

straightforward, funny and caring in her own way. No need to be all perfect, honest and witty, just knows when to admit her mistakes and apologies, and complain when I wronged her, someone who is a bit cheeky to u, but makes changes, even if not much for u as we became closer :)


Although she does have that youthful attitude of a transmigrator wishing for a good & prospering romance life, but not to the point of looking at others or degrading them as npc/characters. She admits she thinks things too simply and has that 3rd person mentality, she learns to be more sincere and tries to reciprocate others who cares for her.

It's a good attitude where she can change and gradually see things in a wider perspective, not just limiting herself to a player in a romance game all the time. Ps. It's only been more than a year since she is an extra and trying to get closer to ML. Both are around 9 yrs old. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ST_yles rated it
May 29, 2022
Status: c32
i love this!!! I usually avoid reading korean romance novels as they really have slow burn romane and usually starts at a very young age, so you like have to read a lottttttt more chapters before they even reach the main story, and they are all most likely to be ongoing story
and this novel fit all the descriptions!
but because I started to be patient, reading on the official sites and all, I tried reading this one yesterday, and I felt a lot of things
my heart hurt a... more>> lot because of the characters, I just cant wait for them to grow up, and see how different they'd become and their personalities, , , I also cant wait to meet the other characters!
but yeah, I love the main characters, the female lead is very realistic, her choices and thoughts are what id probably do, she became a child after transmigrating but she realized her mistakes and acted on them, but she is still dedicated
I love the Author and the translations!!! Thank you all very much!!! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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