I Think My Husband Is A Murderer


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{The battlefield demon, Johannes Schultz, has married a commoner.}

{The duke fell in love at first sight and got married.}

I was ‘that’ commoner of the scandal that shook the kingdom.

“How about getting married?”

However, this marriage was very different from what was known to the public.

I, who had been in debt since my father died, and he lost both his honor and reputation because the former duke embezzled hundreds of billions of dollars.

“I am serious, Miss Prim. You’d better marry me.”

He needed a piece of chess to turn the situation around, and I gladly complied.

The marriage, which was concluded for our respective goals, was peaceful in its own way.

That is, until my memories of the “past” return.


I thought it was a smooth marriage in my own way.

But now I accidentally realized it that….

Johannes Schultz. My husband was a murderer in the world of Novel.

Even I herself was destined to die because of him!

However, no matter how I look at it, my husband is not like the heinous murderer in the novel.

“My wife always makes me break my rules.”

Is it weird if he even feels like a Nice Guy?

What is the truth hidden by a cold but affectionate husband?

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아무래도 남편 이 살인마 인 것 같다
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