I, the “Clock User”, Was Kicked Out of the Craftsmen’s Guild for Being Incompetent, but at the Dungeon’s Depths, I Awakened My True Power – Even Though I Was Told to Return Because They Couldn’t Handle the Work, It’s Too Late Now, and I Will Live Freely as an SSS-class Adventurer


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Cyclo Owen. As a genius boy engineer, he was a person of great promise in the circles of magical tool production. However, at the age of 16, he was given the job skill of “Clock User” in a skill-giving ceremony. In this world, it was forbidden for those with job skills to work in any other occupation. Thus, Cyclo’s path as a genius engineer was cut off.

However, Cyclo did not despair and worked diligently as a watchmaker and contributed to the craftsmen’s guild by using his job skill as a Clock User. One day, however, the guildmaster of the craftsmen’s guild banished him from the guild, saying that the guild did not need a watchmaker, a profession with little usefulness. Cyclo, who has lost his job, faces further despair. He happens to hear that a police officer is planning to r*pe Miranda Lilibel, the neighborhood apothecary’s lady. Since the police is involved, he cannot carelessly report the crime. So Cyclo decides to stop the plan that night. He tries to restrain the police officer who is about to attack Miranda’s house, but he is detained by the officer instead. He is then accused of trying to r*pe Miranda, and when Miranda hears the commotion, she tells Cyclo she has misjudged him.

Cyclo is thus made a criminal for attempted r*pe, and is sent to a remote area to explore the worst dungeon in the world. In the frontier, imprisoned adventurers are considered to be at the bottom of the heap, so Cyclo is looked down upon. Furthermore, due to rumors spread by his younger sister, Alice Owen, a well-known genius alchemist among adventurers, he is treated as incompetent here as well.

He is then mistreated by adventurers who makes uses him as a baggage carrier, and is pushed down to the bottom of a valley in the dungeon.

At the very bottom of the dungeon, Cyclo wished he could use his Clock User abilities to stop his internal clock. Then his hunger stopped. This led Cyclo to understand that his skill coul manipulate anything that could be counted as a clock.

Thus awakening to his true power, Cyclo escaped from the deepest part of the worst dungeon. In recognition of his achievements and abilities, he is recognized as an SSS-class adventurer.

On the other hand, those who had driven Cyclo to misfortune are now faced with misfortune in Cyclo’s absence.

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Delirious rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: --
I used to think it impossible that Japan could make something even more generic than Isekai's and Chinese cultivation novels. My god, I was so wrong. THESE are the bottom of the barrel; stuff that requires absolutely no creativity, thought, or quality to be used in writing a novel.

It's literally the same every time: The main character is misunderstood, his "power" thought of as weak, treated like sh*t by everyone, including people he thought were family and friends, figures out power isn't weak, then proceeds to have the entire universe... more>> bend over backwards in awe and regret waiting to take his giant manhood in repentance.

If you've read one, you've read them all. <<less
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Shinnanju rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: v6c5
I've read through this until volume 6, and I don't want to read any more of it. For those reading this, I'll give you a run down of everything to this point. If you don't want spoilers, please stop now.

... more>>

To start with, the writing feels like it is from someone who lacks imagination. The writing is simplistic, and feels only like an expanded outline, as opposed to finished chapters. The chapters themselves take less time to read then it takes to load a new one.

The story starts with the MC having it all. A fiance, a loving sister and mother, a promising future at the craftsman guild, and is excellent in creating magical items. When they (MC, fiance and sister) reach 16 years of age, they go to the church to identify their god given skills. Fiance is first, becomes a 'saint' and is taken away by the church. Sister is second and becomes a 'sage' and is immediately taken away by the adventurer's guild. MC is last and comes up as 'clock user', which noone has ever been before so it's anti-climatic despite the outlandish reveal. Therefore he gains employment at the craftsman guild.

Suddenly, everything falls apart for MC. He's fired by craftsman guild master for having a useless job (despite some people only getting a skill of 'dexterity' and having a history of making magical items?). Second, fiance's parents want nothing to do with him, and call off engagement. Third, sister is adopted by adventurer's guild master. Fourth, mother falls in love with Count Ikkeman (lol) and moves out to become servant of Ikkeman in order to become mistress. Fifth, MC is falsely accused of r*pe by a local cop, who was intending to do the r*pe in the first place.

At trial, fiance hates MC. Victim of attempted r*pe hates MC. Hero of country arrives to testify against MC. MC not allowed to testify or refute any evidence. Surprise! MC found guilty and made a baggage by s*ave for adventurers in the frontier at the 'worst dungeon'.

MC is called 'useless' and 'no good' because of what was later found out to be his sister. He's abused, not fed well, and eventually falls into the dungeon because of adventurers' actions. Cut to power leveling montage where MC finds new and uber powerful uses for skills/job.

While this is going on the following happens elsewhere:

Fiance falls in love with hero, later discovers hero lied to have MC found guilty and was in league with the cop who implicated MC. Instead of bringing it to the attention of church/goverment/king she gives in and becomes hero s*x toy. Turned out the money and letters she had been sending to the MC never got to him because of church aide embezzling money and destroying letters.

Sister was sending money to brother through adventurer's guild, jokingly saying she needed to help her useless and no good brother because his job/skills didn't bring as much money as hers. Later discovers the GM hadn't sent any money to brother, and had in fact kept it for sister/daughter instead. Sister gets mad, burns down adventurer's guild and seriously injures GM. Then disappears to frontier.

Mother found out Ikkeman was hen pecked and desired stronger men, quits job as servant and finds that her home had been foreclosed and sold off because son had been convicted of r*pe, can't get job because of son, now homeless.

Victim of MC's crime still chased by cop, eventually gets kidnapped, r*ped, and turned into s*x s*ave. Finds out MC was never involved in crime.

Meanwhile, back at the Clock-cave!

MC makes his way out of the 'worst dungeon' and reports to guild the circumstances, adventurers who tried to kill him are arrested. Called to GM and eventually town lord. Absolved of crime and made SSS adventurer, you know without starting at the bottom like most others. To nobody's surprise, when tested, found all stats to be S or higher. Then it's suggested to him to buy a s*ave, because that's how other stories go.

Buys the weakest most pathetic s*ave that has a 'wicked believer' job which is banned by church. Hey, maybe she's from Boston! Turns out s*ave's job is more powerful than a saint, which is wicked awesome! While s*ave being registered, fight at adventure guild because guild receptionist can't shut up. Fight happens, MC wins and big b**bed party member of the guy that started the fight wants to join MC party, and have babies.

Hero and Saint brought before king. King knows what happened with MC and because king's granny owned a clock that was maintained by MC, and is now busted because of incompetent craftsman guild. Hero sentenced to fight on the front lines, police officer crucified as an example, saint sent to monastery because silent s*x toy.

Mom finds out about crucified cop, and bludgeons to death with stick in the square.

Sister sees MC, s*ave and big b**bs and tries to talk to MC. MC all pissy with sister, makes her cry. Because the adventurers picked on him because of what she said, and not because he was convicted as a serial rapist, and it's all her fault, duh.

Cut to sister follows MC, s*ave and big b**bs into dungeon, tries to help and he gets pissy again. She tries to jump into the pit that he had previously been tossed into and MC stops her. To make amends, sister becomes s*ave to MC, finds out she's bro-con and wants to be s*x toy.

MC, s*ave, big b**bs and bro-con go on adventure to a town where they find victim, who's now a s*x worker and has been pe*verted into someone who is qualified for the job.

This is where I stopped, but I can expect that the victim will become MC's s*ave and join party. MC will eventually find saint, who will become MC s*ave and join party. Spirit of dead cop will possess monster in dungeon and will result in wicked fight. Hero will somehow get away from war and will confront MC and fight, my money's on the MC. MC will start new craftsman guild in capital and will fix king's granny's clock. All hail the wicked MC!

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Cactiii rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: v2c1
This just feels badly written, the way its written or translated is a bit poor where you can understand it but it doesn't read smoothly. The entire story is really predictable, the entire first volume took me less than 10 minutes to read and it could of been shortened a lot. Its just a poorly written version of the "everyone gets classes/skills, mine is sh*t but by impossible odds my fiancé / sister / childhood friend got the best skills in the world, they betray me, oh wait... turns out... more>> my skill is brokenly overpowered trope" It might get better after he gets brokenly op but by the content so far I highly doubt it. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GreenRiver rated it
August 25, 2022
Status: v8
Volume 3 is the first one I enjoyed reading. Volume 1 is basically the prolog, Volume 2 is basically "betrayal", and Volume 3 is where the story really starts.

With that said, this is a great story, here's why. The MC actually wants REVENGE! It's a Japanese novel where the MC isn't a complete wimp! He has some holdups about hurting people, but bad people are bad?

Only 2 people plotted against him, the rest were people that betrayed/abandoned him. With that said there's very little actual "revenge" (the only real revenge... more>> so far is in volume 8). There's karma, which deals with most of the people involved in his wrongful conviction. Hero

The Hero is found out for his MULTIPLE crimes, punished, and since he doesn't behave himself things go from bad to worse. By the end he's been disfigured, disowned, and forced to fight as a s*ave in a war.



The MC's fiance. The MCs conviction hinges on if he had the money to bribe someone. The Saintess, not realizing the money she sent to him had been imbezzled and her letters destroyed, testifies against him. She even shacks up with the Hero, which is why the Hero targeted the MC in the first place. After she realizes what really happened she crumbles. She's used as a toy by the hero for a while and is eventually sent into exile at the same time the hero is forced into war.



An s-ranked adventurer and a tsundere that unintentionally gives the MC a bad reputation. This leads to him getting badly abused and nearly killed after he becomes a criminal s*ave. After she meets with her brother again she's rejected, and understanding what she did to him, tries to kill herself.


The Woman he Saved

He was framed for r*pe when he tried to stop a woman he knew from getting r*ped by a noble. She should have trusted the MC, but instead trusted the rapist noble, and because she trusted the wrong man she eventually died after suffering as a s*x s*ave.


The ACTUAL Rapist

This is the good one. In addition to his own crimes, the kingdom covers up the Hero's crimes by making this guy a scapegoat. He's tortured to death, somehow his soul is pulled into the dungeon and turned into a monster, then the MC tortures him to death AGAIN.


4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KaPi rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: --
Before I start to flame the novel itself, can I just say that I never would've thought there would be a title longer than two lines? Well, here y'all have it. I took one good look at the length of the title and was like: "yeah, no."

Like, come on! People are gonna get chased away within the first 2 seconds of reading the title.

On another note, the MC's personality is like a depressed emo kid who's like: "I'm having a bad day so now I'm gonna make it EVERYONE'S problem."... more>> I'm not saying he shouldn't take revenge, but towards those who don't deserve to get hurt, he shouldn't act like he wants the world to perish 24/7.

The one thing I do like about it, though, is the Clock User skill that the author established. They had a pretty good concept, but it was not executed as well as one would expect. <<less
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ZeroA2 rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: v8
Very short chapters. The first 3 "volumes" might as well be one. There are some gross set-up things and bystander violence, but once it actually gets started, it turns surprisingly good! The pace picks up dramatically as well—at least insofar as not dragging things out to pad the length (like a lot of WN suffer from in my opinion). Bonus for the protagonist not becoming a super edgelord. The author seems to be starting to have some issues with regular updates, but honestly V8 is an OK stopping point if... more>> it ends up stopping here and I'll have been glad I read it. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ivanho rated it
November 22, 2022
Status: v2
Just my cup of tea

Yeah it may have some similarities to arifureta just in the dungeon part. But Its still unique and good for me, Its just satisfying to read stories of revenge in which Mc's underestimated, bully'd and then just proved the world wrong then fck some a**holes that mess with you.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dobber1k rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all I've read this to the current chapter in June. I'll give you this I'm a fairly fast reader. I finished this novel in 2 hours to the current chapter though. I've read over 75 web novels but this one takes the cake. Also. I don't like ntr. Even if you try to cheat me and say it's not. It's ntr any way you look at it even if indirect. You'll read over 10 chapters of people realizing how they've wronged the MC in a row which is... more>> somewhat satisfying but half are a form of ntr (period.) and his abilities?? I've seen some stuff. I mean harem/fantasy/isekai are my main fav. Genre but I've never seen this ability not to mention how off center it is. It has to do with clock work. But somehow it's omnipotent???? I mean. You're swinging way for the fences arnt you? And then instantly SSS rank? It's like 40 chapters of nothing but bad then bam instantly karma is 180?? Come on. This novel is ludicrous plain and simple. The plot makes things too simple. One ch "trauma". It's sad really it brings up legit trauma and is fixed and forgotten within a paragraph. Timing is screwed up on all kinds of non sense. Most of the obvious problems and terrible plot direction could have been honestly avoided and directed to a better direction and extend the story even but instead it's just tossed out the window and wrote off (honestly for sick individuals who crave pain and suffering for females like why?) It's not my cup of tea take 20 minutes and check you'll read 50 chapters tho. Also. Why does it over complicate things in the weirdest places? I think if they put the effort throughout the whole novel instead in certain areas of the novel the whole thing would have been beneficial honestly. The plot of skills and the church and the guild would become needlessly complicated and everything else was simple and passed over. Ease up on complexity of those situations and put more effort into the plot in all areas and you could have a better composition IMO. The relationships, the importance of the guild ranks the structure of requests backgrounds the solutions I might be being unreasonable for sure but there's so much information here it really makes me want to re write all these chapters in my own fashion. Don't get me wrong I'm not claiming to be an author or superior to the main author or the translator and this might just be my own selfish wish or me voicing my complaints like I'm the best critic but I wanted more. I know I complain a lot but it's because I do that I see a lot of things I wish were better and I think it had a lot of potential. I mean we can all say this MC is obviously boundless because of what he's been through and obviously the possibilities of his powers and the companions since it's written and they are extraordinarily powerful with crazy powers and positions. Anyways I've wrote a lot. Sorry


and questions?

the translator wrote heroines not ntr'd but instead of keeping your characters from the start to dozens of chapters in you just fling them into the wind after they are used. It sounds lazy and unappetizing if you ask me. My opinion tho

why not write the saint into falling for temptation and still sticking with it and not giving up instead of taking a paragraph and writing her off as a lost character who fell completely (ntr) and make her a useless mob after. the pharmacist why write her to be kidnapped and never seen again after being "ntr material". And then she appears 50 chapters later and just is in a sad state. Why? his resentment for his sister is just odd and short lived honestly all the hidden information is just cleared up. Why do authors have to write characters who don't talk and explain things and just over complicate matters instead of being forward and direct. At least many other tittles clear things up in a clear manner. The way this author wrote it just cleared it up without explaining the details. Somehow the characters just know. His sister shows up thinking he is dead and he flips out then she shadow stalks him he flips out again. Then she thinks she can understand why if she flings herself into the abyss which the author just says she's trying to understand him then somehow he shows up and stops her which is now just apparently su*cide. Why? And also how did she understand about the abyss and falling in it?? Also she rampaged in the royal captial and "disappears" and the continuation just comes to an ope and she volunteered for s*avery for her brother. What happened to the money. Literally a safe full. Depth. Information. Give it.

the former? Queen? Yea? She try's to get information on him and instead of writing something along the lines of his abuse and being left for dead for a long time in the dungeon she just gets information of his sss adventure rank. Why just write it like that? You could get some depth if you wrote she got that information first and got some distress and gradually she learns more. It was just lazy if you ask me. Also doesn't specify when she gets it. It's just obvious that she gets it at the time when the chapter inlays with the next. the other s rank adventurer shows up beginning for a baby and his s*ave gets jealous but it just disappears and she talks about understanding that jobs being discriminated against she's familiar with but just says she's a swordsman and no further explanation then we go 20 plus chapters where she just says she's worried about the s*ave since they are the only 2 in the party. Explanations. Depth. Like I said this novel is a 2 hour read but if we cut the unnecessary that's already there you could read this in it's entirety in an hour. I only continued to read this because I wanted the conclusion and skipped a lot of the garbage in between. Honestly I could have just skipped to the last 10 chapters and prob. Been as satisfied instead of reading it in its entirety. His mother acts kinda concerned but is only self centered about living? Which is it. It's hard to be both. If you're worried try to do something. The author makes it sound like she's bothered but is discriminated against but she doesn't mind it. Stabs his accuser to death? And makes a monster hell bent on destroying her son. Lazy. every grudge aside from the mc's is unjustified and they all swear revenge on the MC it's common and annoying. Only 1 person has repented to ish?, another broken, and the last is a broken record. if you're going to make the title a paragraph why don't you write it for what it really is? Ntr. S*aves. R*pe. Tragedy, scum (Whose getting revenge in the revenge r*pe tag? Lol) Nonsense. Triple S rank only matters in a few instances. They haven't even done triple s rank missions in 70 chapters. The church and discrimination is the real problem. 3/4 of the people are just junk. P.S.S if you can write that the possible heroines that were wronged rapped used and sh*t why is the MC getting embarrassed so easily and even past v7 nothing romantic has really progressed even 3 characters a s*ave that's obviously infatuated with her master, and sister of blood relation that wants her brother and a random dark complected woman in the first interaction where she asked for his "seed" and a harem tag but the only thing harem related is that there are 3 females who are interested in the MC. Even the "pharmacist" begged him to lay with her. Yet he is just blushing and getting embarrassed. The author just begged for an ntr to happen to a weak willed protagonist. You'll make him claim to "get revenge" but heal his heart from being a cold bastard except to those who were also wronged and elevate him to being way more powerful than the hero who's slaying pu*sy till being more or less exiled. Why. I think the author is a sadist. <<less
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iceflower700 rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: v5c3
The first volume is written pretty generically. It’s not great. However, things do pick up after the first volume and the story does get a lot better.
... more>>

One of the biggest issues I have is that the author redeemed the characters who caused the mc’s problems too early and too quickly. The author sometimes shows the POVs from other characters to redeem them in the eyes of the reader, but I feel that the story would flow much better if we are solely focused on the main character. For instance, instead of telling us how the misunderstanding with his sister happened the second after we read about it, it would be better to have the reader gradually find out about the facts along with the MC rather than straight up being told what actually happened.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 7, 2023
Status: v6c10
Starts of interesting with a world that decides your life trajectory during a coming of age ceremony controlled by the church and royal family.

The protagonist starts off with an ok life, his fiance and sister got high level skills so are forced to ditch him (this is despite his skill having a greater response than theirs?). But soon he get blamed for crimes he didn't commit and loses his faith in humanity.

Oh this is a lovely start but it seems like the author didn't really know what to do with... more>> it, he'll make the protagonist so traumatized that they're literally spewing up at the sight of someone only to solve it with a spell one chapter later so why even add it in the first place.


When he hits rock bottom he realizes that his skill has evolved to be stronger (despite it already having a stronger reaction than saints and sages?). He manages to become powerful with his skills which evolved into to the ridiculous power level of being able to summon miniature suns at will, but despite this has decided to make guns instead. It feels like this like novel is trying to desperately be like "Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou" rather than tell an original story.

Even the interesting premise of revenge and trauma get solved by a quick spell by one of his new companions


It's mostly just a frustrating read as the author has some interesting ideas only for those ideas to be shoved the side immediately after <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
VSoullis rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: v3c1
Chapters are basically paragraphs in a normally structured novel. Each chapter barely takes 1.5 minutes to read which makes it annoying to be constantly pressing the 'Next Chapter' button as it takes you out of the story. The constant feedback from the translator under the chapter is not properly spaced and differentiated which means that you will be reading the story and unknowingly start reading the comments discussing whether or not an NTR or Cuckold tag should be added.

I would like to also note that I am currently at the... more>> start of volume 3 and nothing has occurred except that which has been described in the blurb description. If I were to rate the story, I would rate it 3/5. If I were to rate the experience of reading the story, I would rate it 2/5.

This is not to say I don't commend the work of the translator in bringing this work into the attention of other audiences. It is rather more of a comment about the necessity of combining these chapters in order to ensure readability and an enjoyable experience. Thank you for the hard work as without it, I would not have been able to read the majority of the novels on this site barring those that are officially translated and sold in English formats.

All the best to those who read this far. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pikachu123 rated it
April 13, 2022
Status: v2c10
I think the story could be executed a bit better but the plot is good. The only thing I didn't like is the beginning since the description kinda gave away all of what occurs in the first volume but other than that I like how this is a weak but then discovered how to be strong all by themselves and not just finding a strong artifact that made them strong.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TimeVoid rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: v4c20
Alright, I will drop this novel. Firstly, I give this novel 2 stars.I would say the translator did a very good on translating which the readers be able read easily and understood its contents. However, I would say the 2 star is for the novel itself.

For the reason :... more>>

The chapters were still considered as short story even though it went beyond volume 1. Moreover, the Protagonist skills were definitely in a small amount in total and the author were skip his training scene inside the dungeon. Additionally, The author were also did not give a clear detail explanation except it was described in a short sentences. As for the story, in this chapter (v4c20) he was designing a blueprint for creating a "gun". It is similar to a certain blacksmith novel that use the designing a "gun" moment. In the case of this novel, it just don't make any sense at all on how a clock smith with no experience in the field on a gun material was able make blue print of it. In any case, the weapon gun should not included since this a world of sword and "magic" not sword and magic gun.

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