I Subscribed to the Channel of Transcendents


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『(Thor): Odin, the creator, even gave up on tackling Jormungandr, the world-devouring serpent. 12 minutes and 37 seconds long. Achieved world record in Dimension 1… A speedrun guide shown by a seasoned veteran!』

『(Zhuge Resonance): The reason for entrusting my home to Ma-sok, who is currently under controversy. I will explain. (If you join the membership, you can watch and learn the Insight (S+) characteristic lecture.)』

『(Jiknyeo): This is the seamless celestial robe I wore when I visited Gu-wu. I will exclusively reveal its production secrets on the Jiaknyeo Channel! (feat. Aphrodite: Sis! The clothes are so beautiful! sad emojix2)』

“… What is it?”

They also have a YouTube channel as well.

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Subscribing To The Transcendent's Channel
초월자의 채널을 구독했다
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