I Stole the Heroine’s Holy Grail


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I was excommunicated from my family for a crime I did not commit. But it wasn’t bad. I didn’t have much affection for the family, and I wanted to get out of the original flow of the novel.

So I received a portion of my property that was originally mine, and left the family without hesitation.

I was happy to think that I was finally freed from the original work.

I came down to a quiet countryside and bought a mansion far from the village.

It was a size that was enough to live alone.

Now, I thought I could live peacefully, gardening for the rest of my life here.

But life, as always, did not go my way.

Knights came to the peaceful village. Among them was Izar, my former fiance who ignored me. The words that came out from his mouth were quite shocking.

“Hestine was not the saint who will defeat the devil.”

No. Hestine is the one who will save the world from the devil. I know best because I’ve read the novel.

“Adelia, that’s you.”

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여주의 성배를 빼앗아버렸다
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iRaine rated it
March 12, 2022
Status: c13
This novel was suffocating.

I usually don't like to leave negative reviews, but reading the first 13 chapters made my chest feel congested with an extremely frustrating aftertaste. Of course the novel may get better later on. But in my experience, novels tend to keep a similar 'flow' or 'style, ' and the MC's personality is already pretty clear.

MC is basically placed in a helpless situation where she's not able to fight back with a typical villainess background and having been abused/framed/disliked. She is forcibly brought back with the sudden revelation... more>> that she is the saint, not the original heroine (as stated in the summary), against her own wishes. The problem is that MC lacks the drive and will to abide by her own decisions and fight back.

During the entire frustrating 13 chapters with MC encountering her two-faced, shameless ex-fiancee, her complete tr*sh of a father, her self-righteous, annoying brother, and finally the green tea heroine and original 'protagonist' of the novel, MC basically endures their verbal abuse/schemes without being able to do anything except rebut back in a helpless manner then leave with her tail between her legs, even if she supposedly 'won' by not following their demands. When she's trapped due to their shameless behavior, she becomes a damsel in distress who escapes only with the help of the Grand Duke (probably ML) who is a complete stranger to her but has been suspiciously courteous and considerate to her since their first meeting. Yes, MC is basically dependent on an unfamiliar man to avoid her scummy family, and she accepts his help because 'what can she do otherwise?'

Why not.


Her two-faced ex-fiance acts like he is close and 'questions' her cold behavior. She verbally refutes him but makes no other effort to chase him away because he is a high standing noble. But in this case, doesn't she have the upper hand of being a 'prospective saint' that the church and king want to see? Why don't you describe his previous behavior and expose his shamelessness now in front of all the guards? Why don't you make it natural that he should grovel before you and ask for forgiveness instead of having the audacity of acting friendly with you? Why don't you make demands (like removing this tr*sh from being your escort) when the king/pope are technically kidnapping you under the excuse of verifying the oracle?

Your father's guards come find you in the hotel and basically prevent you from staying there. MC goes: oh, I have no choice so I'll meekly go since it's futile fighting my family. Well ok, I'm sure there is more than one hotel here, and if not a hotel, a tavern or any other sleeping accommodation in the city (perhaps capital since the king and pope live there). Maybe her father's guards will block her, but how dare soldiers randomly persecute innocent civilians? Let's say her father prevents all the taverns from allowing her stay. Well fine then, you tried your best. At least you didn't roll over and just go to the house that excommunicated you and completely removed your name from the family tree.

She arrives at the mansion and all the servants are rude to her. She points out their discourtesy towards a guest, but then one basically orders her to go see her father, and she suddenly agrees right away and walks there voluntarily.

Her absolute tr*sh father orders her back into the family once she's 'verified' as a saint, like it's her honor to obey his ridiculous demands. This time, she stands her ground and refuses completely. Good job!

But now she's stuck in the mansion because of her tr*sh father's orders, and the servants pretend like all the carriages are broken. Instead of pointing out all the loopholes of their excuse (she came here on a carriage, she's a former master who probably knows where they are kept, etc) or even pointing out their complete inadequacy and demanding that they 'fix' or procure a carriage within a reasonable time for a guest like herself, she sighs in helplessness and resigns herself to house arrest.

Then a servant even dares lay a hand on her and grabs her arm to drag her around. Instead of struggling away or slapping him, she resigns herself to her fate of being mishandled because 'the servants know she doesn't have the power to punish them.' Like what? Yes, she is now a commoner. But she's a saint candidate now and a guest at a noble's house. How dare they casually lay a hand on her. Why can't she punish them? What's even running through her mind? I simply cannot comprehend. Maybe she complains and her tr*sh father doesn't punish the servant. But so what? She spoke up for herself and removed herself from a situation where people are roughly handling her without her consent. But she doesn't do that. She simply gives up.

Of course, the Grand Duke comes around and saves her. He offers housing, and she accepts because her father's cronies are still guarding the hotel.

She goes to visit a doll shop to get her little friend a gift and just so happens across the green tea/fake white lotus heroine. Of course she can't ignore her and leave right away. They have a frustrating conversation where the green tea is always on the verge of tears like MC has wronged her when they've barely spoken. The heroine's brother treats her extremely rudely, but MC doesn't say anything or point out his lack of etiquette as a noble because she is now a commoner and she doesn't want to argue. Well ok, fine. Not like they could've done anything to you as a saint candidate even if you ignored them completely or was a little rude. And of course the white lotus heroine can't exact a cruel punishment for minor offenses. But ok.

Now she's at the saint 'examination' where she's suddenly asked to go through an ordeal of defeating a demon when she's never manifested divine powers before. Umm what? Now she has to risk her life for a test? She gets angry at first, but she's either really slow to respond or everyone is acting too quickly. So she's not even able to voice her disagreement before she's whisked away for the test with some vague verbal promise of her safety- they'll 'step in' only when she's in mortal danger. Right, thanks.

Of course something goes wrong, and the demon is not the weak one they prepared but one much stronger. The cardinal who promised her safety manages to defeat the demon. In the meanwhile, MC suddenly gains a symbol of divinity on her chest, which the cardinal sees. But then, MC makes her plea: lie and state that I'm not the saint. They're the words of god, really. Fine, you're really determined to go back to your idle life, I can understand. But don't you think it'll be very, very difficult to keep this secret? If you don't become the saint, who will? The heroine, right? But she was previously 'rejected' or something of the sort before (when you were framed as having hurt her and you were unable to refute).

But of course, the heroine also gains a glowing divine symbol (suspicious but ok), and everything is solved. Not. Her tr*sh father insists on reinstating her back in the family anyway, and the emperor basically gives him all rights. MC is already biting her lip like she knows she's going to suffer and be helpless again. I can already see the ML coming to save her but with some caveat of staying because of course she can't just go back. The plot would end otherwise.

And yup that's 13 chapters worth of frustration. I didn't think I would end up basically summarizing all the chapters released so far. No wonder this novel triggered me into writing a review.


TLDR; I don't like the plot or the main character. I don't know what triggers me more- the plot or MC's reactions.

The author writes extremely annoying situations that turn the MC 'helpless, ' and MC is also not the type to help herself and needs to depend on someone (ML) to help her. The scum characters are extremely shameless and irritating, and MC never truly wins against them because she's affected emotionally. She gets frustrated, and in turn, it gets transferred to the audience- readers like myself, for instance.

I don't know if it's a testament of the author's skill to convey such frustration that I feel smothered when reading it. I suppose that's why I rated it a 2/5, although I generally would not rate anything 1/5 unless it was terrible. This novel is readable. It very much does not sit well with me, but it's readable. I'm guessing some people may read it while waiting for the comeback or face slapping, but I have a hunch that it may be a long ways in coming or will not be satisfying enough after all the grief MC goes through.

Anyways, this novel is definitely not my cup of tea. Would not recommend unless you want to experience suffocation via sheer frustration. <<less
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Kazza rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c9
So far this isn’t a revenge and face slapping the horrible people kinda story. (Though I honestly wanna slap all the tr*sh with a muddy flip flop)

The feeling I get is that the MC is tired. Of her horrible family and feeling restricted, criticized and scorned. She just wants to live peacefully. I think for some, the MC will seem too passive but I like that since it feels realistic.
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ladyvanya rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: c40
So there is a reason there is a tragedy tag.

... more>>

the entire village the MC stays in after banishment is killed by demons because the adopted brother of the ogFL needed an example of the demon`s destruction for politics


Before this, the MC is frustrating and a doormat. After this incident she decides to get her act together and try to steal back the position of saint.

The story is kind of slow but it finally feels like its moving. You don't see much of the ex fiancée surprisingly. MC is somewhat sly, but not dark. He's incredibly sweet and very slow wrapping the MC in his net. She's not going to realize until he has her at the alter. He's just gently coaxing her.

OgFL and her whole crew dont just need a face slap, but be sent to the gallows. She some how maintains an holier than thou attitude, and self righteously looks down on MC, ignoring that she

caused the death of an entire villiage

. <<less
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FreyjaVanadis rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: c70
So I started reading this only about a day or so ago and I'm FLYING through it. Adelia's character is a COMPLETE despairing pushover in the beginning of the novel, but after about chapter 17 or so she grows a backbone and decides screw this, I'm getting AWAY from these horrible people and going back to my life all by myself. I kind of feel bad for Hestine - she just wants to be loved and in a secure place, and the Valkyrs are using her naivety.

... more>>

Adelia starts observing what's going on around her and while she's still VERY reluctant to help anyone and draw attention to herself, she does a lot behind the scenes to take care of things and make sure she and those she cares about are protected, and to minimize damage to the innocent.

I am starting to feel worse and worse for Hestine. Yes, she's a fake saint, but she doesn't know that her power comes from this ritual, and she is willing to help those in need. Hestine has a good heart, but is incredibly naive and weak-willed. It reminds me of how Adelia was in the beginning - before Adelia decided she's had enough and was DONE with this bullsh*t. Hestine wants to be loved and adored, and so she's suppressing her natural inclinations and letting herself be led into being selfish and greedy like the Valkyr family. I'm wondering if Hestine is going to lose her divine power because she's not acting like a saint and helping people.

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crazycatperson rated it
June 30, 2022
Status: c65
The story starts slowly with the FL being passive and not really making me as a really be invested emotionally. But if you keep pushing on, the story picks up and gets interesting twists.

The story is well written with fab translation.
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keikomushi rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: c3
So far so good. The chapters are well-written, translation easy to follow and the length does well to avoid a break in momentum for the story. I find myself easily drawn into the situation of our unfortunate transmigrated MC.
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wistful rated it
March 27, 2023
Status: c138
Starts out weak, gets a bit interesting towards the middle, and crashes at the end. It's unclear why the MC is so hated to the point all of noble society has heard of her and thinks she's a terrible person. You're just going to handwave it as villainess logic. Once you get past it, it gets a little bit interesting in how she solves the various issues that crop up and how the ML's past relates to their current problem.

Unfortunately, the MC being a transmigrator doesn't play any significant role.... more>> She can read Korean which is somehow the sacred language, and that's it. But her Korean reading abilities aren't really a superpower because it tires her to "translate" the sacred language, so she might've well just be using god-granted abilities to read an actual sacred language. The author tries to shove in another reason at the end, but it's super weak. She could've just been a regular person born in that world who snapped after being abused too many times and the whole story would've played out the same. Her being a modern-day transmigrator just seems like the author wanted to fit it into the transmigrator genre because it barely affects the story at all.

Finally, the translation is mediocre. Multiple grammar mistakes within the first chapter, awkward poor phrasing and word choice all over the place, and there are parts where the MTL gets really obvious and you start seeing mixed up pronouns within the same sentences confusing I/he/me/you/him. If people consider this well-written, I shudder to think what they've been reading up until now. <<less
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znukhsoc rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: -
Everything written in this novel is either annoying or frustrating. The author doesn't let you love any characters while being busy writing pesky and not-near-common-sense lines for the villains. There is also way too much screen time for the baddies. Everyone in FLs circle (except the ML and the little child) is hostile or evil without reason.
ML feels affectionate randomly... I hope there is an explained reason for that in later chapters but I dont have the patience or time on earth to read this piece of grandpa's toenails...
Doesn't worth a try. Don't waste your time.
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Byeol-ah rated it
November 12, 2022
Status: c124
I read up to the latest chapter but sadly it didn't convince me to give it 5 stars, the FL isn't strong headed and doesn't put up much fight, the ML doesn't have much personality, the OGFL needs a wake up slap but also I kinda feel bad for her too. The villain's pov doesn't really interest me so I skipped some parts. But I guess I'll keep reading to see if it will improve.
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October 17, 2023
Status: --
I thought this is just a simple read but it has complex storyline. For some reason I assumed ML and FL would have arranged marriage 😂 but no.

The settings are surprisingly solid. I wish the author streches it a bit more for the in depth understanding of the readers. This causes the lacks of engagement of the readers to the plot.

Insufficient at the actions and adventure, a bit anti climactic cuz of how they easily dealt the disaster.

I wish the ML has more use. They could add something like holy... more>> knight. Knight/s that was blessed by the god to protect the saint. At least then he could be like a shield and sword of FL cuz a swordsman sounded ordinary.

What irk me the most the power of fl, time. I am very interested that has something to do with time, so I have very high expectations and knowledge when it comes to it. It didn't meet any of my expectations. She has thr power of time and they didn't dwell on how it works or htf it affect her or the whole timeline. That's the thing about time, you not only control a specific timeline of someone/something, it also include the space of that specific time and the outside of that space. How it affect after use, the subject of the specific time. Another good example of controlling time is in the show of Lucifer; Amenadile. He didn't fully stops the time but rather slow it and get back to original time. I wish it was this type power FL had. Cuz it was easier to explain rather than fully stops the time and get it back as if nothing happened or had any effect other that fatigue to the person who uses it.

Its really regretful that such a good plot could not give the justice it deserved by the writer. Oh dont get me wrong, cuz this is a good read. Im just biased cuz her power interest me so im expecting more. But overall this is good <<less
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Renaechan rated it
September 13, 2023
Status: Completed
I expected a quick read with a simple storyline, but this novel turned surprising complex. It is frustrating at the beginning, but she becomes quite empowered and strong as the story goes on. Everything resolved pretty quickly with a happy ending. It definitely needed an epilogue though.

The main character remembered her, but what happened to the other characters?? Did she ever develop a relegation ship with them again? What happened to all the bad guys in the original storyline? Why does it feel still incomplete?

All in all, it is a good adventure/fantasy/romance and the translation is great.
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apzzz rated it
March 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Most of the reviews here have quickly judged the book. The actual story starts only after 15 chapters.

Initially the MC may seem weak. Some of her decisions may seem s*upid and draggy. But there is a reason to all this which is explained in the last few chapters.

The story is not even close to the description.

the so called 'heroine', 'book'dont really exist.


So I hope the readers don't give up on the book too soon.
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