I Sought Out the Tragedy’s Scheming Mastermind


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I reincarnated as the villainess, Eliana Mussieux, who was killed by the scheming Emperor.

Rather than do nothing and die according to the novel, I planned a path to survival by seeking him out.

But . . . something’s not right?

I haven’t done anything yet, but the Emperor started to cling onto me first.

* * *

“Don’t go.”

Verkley grabbed Eliana’s collar. His gaze was entirely focused on her. Then, he whispered imploringly once more.

“You tamed me, Lili. You have to take responsibility.”

He bound her hands so she wouldn’t move. Before she knew it, Verkley’s lips touched Eliana’s fingertips.

From her fingertips to the back of her hand, his lips trailed kisses as if he were leaving a trace.

His eyes were fixed on Eliana the entire time.

With an unreadable expression, he pulled Eliana’s arm.

And closed the distance between them.

Then growled low with an insidious smile.

“If you go, I’ll kill that bastard.”

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피폐물 속 흑막을 찾아갔다
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novellalover rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: c24
Hi! I'm the translator of this novel, and I'm just going to give my thoughts so far (to attract some potential readers?)

The FL, Eliana Mussieux (daughter of a count) is realistic and mentally strong.

*She's smart, knowing when she should stay quiet or speak up.

*She makes mistakes but finds her way around them and uses her knowledge to her advantage.

*She wants to survive, so she goes to the strongest villain in the novel...

... more>>

... and makes him (the ML) obsessed with her. Eventually, she reveals to the ML that she's not from his world (he caught her lying to him about how much she knew about him)

*She possesses the body of an ice mage and is VERY slowly learning to control her powers, realizing she's powerful.

*She has PTSD from a car crash, which is actually shown in the novel and demonstrated.


The ML, Verkley Owen (emperor) is obsessive, smart, and obviously, a villain. He's not a good person, and he plays a vulnerable character to not draw attention to himself and to fool others.


*He was previously blind, but he signed a contract with a demon to take his revenge on the Empress Dowager for killing his parents.

*After making the deal, he gains his sight back, but to everyone else, he's still the blind, dying emperor.


Spoiler about the plot:


*The novel revolves around a myth (or mythology, kind of like Greek mythology mixed with Christianity and Catholicism).

*You'll read about saints, fallen angels, demons, angels, gods, etc.


Overall, if you like a realistic FL who uses her brain and isn't oblivious to everything around her with a ML who is (basically two-faced) and obsessive toward the FL, then this book might be for you.


*So far, their relationship is on the line of toxic (only 24 chapters in). If you like couples that use each other to their advantage and then slowly fall in love, this book may ALSO be for you.

*They have an age gap of 8 years (FL is 20 ML is 28). Mentally, their age gap may be closer, but I have no idea yet.

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hunnylwtp rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: c37
I like this story but the way the FL just blurts out some lines really makes me shake my head? Like am I being too sensitive or is it as ridiculous as I think it is? In this type of society there’s a class system so she’s next to the people who could kill her off without a thought. She’s literally terrified of the Empress because of how she constantly threatens her but gets comfortable enough to ask dumb questions? ... more>>

Like when Empress informs FL about placing her away from the palace bc she’s no longer needed... she just let’s lines slip out like, ‘why?; That doesn’t really make sense to do that’ <<< in this kind of tone??? And when the empress “kindly” explains to her why, “It’s going to be ruined” or “it’s getting complicated” the FL literally asks “What do you mean by ruined?” What do you mean by complicated?” Like she’s owed an explanation when she’s just a pawn?

weren’t you literally terrified of her to the point of trembling? How are you able to question your literal “master” on her plans so many times without getting some kind of punishment for pissing her off?

And then her with the Emperor. I got how she got kind of comfortable with him but

when he confronts her about that piece of paper pissed as hell, reveals his true colors, and threatens her to stay with him and let him use her stating only kissing bc he doesn’t want to do anything more. She’s like ‘huh?? Why wouldn’t you want to do more? I’m so pretty?” And then slaps her mouth bc it just came out her mouth without thought

like no. Nope. Sorry that was the last straw for me. You serious girl? Wth is wrong with you? I can’t wrap my head around how this kind of thing could actually happen irl. <<less
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KindapitiedMielle rated it
November 25, 2022
Status: --
I'm nearly caught up with the updates and I have to say, it's great. The story has interesting characters and even more interesting dynamics between these characters.

Eliana, the fl, chooses to admit that her heart cannot just leave Verkley in the tragic situation he is in, even if he is a scheming mastermind. And, her other reason is she'd rather choose to stand at his side than one she doesn't know most of.

For example, Verkley is so casual yet complicated with Eliana at times. I want to know about Rube... more>> more, so many things happening that weren't what Eliana had expected, plus the sweetest girl Mary who's at distress because of her mother. The motives of all these characters are very well-written and thought about, and, The translator does such a good job! The lines are smooth and the story is easy to follow. It's definitely worth a read! <<less
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astraxzz rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: c55
i just caught up with the translation after staying up late lol

their dynamic is so cuteee and the nickname? Adorable. This gets 5 stars from me, I am obsessed.

... more>>

I like how everything is happening for a reason. There is world building and lore being slowly revealed outside of the main romance. There is a reason FL transmigrated (which is unknown to us) and there are select people who know her situation which is refreshing. The ML and fl's relationship is so so cute. After finding out shes not the og eliana and snippets of the novel, verkely is relaxed around her and always teases her and gives her the nickname "Lili" (explained why later) they arent emotionally aware of each other yet, basically a teasing relationship where FL is always asking him to not kill her lol. I will say though, seems ML has caught feelings already but isn't aware of them yet, same goes for FL but I believe hers are still developing.


what I like is that each character is developed really well. Almost every recurring character besides main couple all have a well thought out story, which keeps this novel interesting. I havent gotten bored so far and I'm excited to see where this goes! <<less
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December 6, 2022
Status: c38
I like the novel Bt the links of mesmerizing memoirs are not working for me, can anybody tell me where I can read the rest of the story
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shugu8rena rated it
August 9, 2022
Status: c43
The FL doesn't think much where she needs it or she just simply bothers me sometimes.


... more>>

She's too passive when it comes to her powers (as well as the unknown one). Learning or improving seems to be not much of importance but at least ML taught her a bit (used it once to retaliate on OGml).



Her writing down the novel info and just changing hiding places everyday. What a smart move. Never even taught of writing in Korean..



After revealing her transmigration/novel to ML, she didn't mention the empress' plan to send her away to be engaged to Rube. I mean this is important right? Countermeasures anyone? How can she stay with ML if this was not discussed?


Overall story is fine, can't say if it's bland. There are some character mystery but it doesn't intrigue me much, idkw. <<less
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