I See The Galaxy


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The rich and famous people in Lintian Private Highschool always rallied together, and Yu Xing, who had always been careful, was miserably tricked.

A group of her rich classmates wrote a love letter to Sheng Yi in her name.

Rumor had it that said senior was surly and frivolous, that he was a mountain biker, a fierce fighter, and the most ruthless person. He was also unpredictable; he would smile with a pair of peach blossom eyes, but whoever messed with him suffered greatly.

From then on, she had to stay cautious.

Then one day, Yu Xing was in trouble and had to hide out in someone else’s courtyard, and she ran into a strange boy.

He crouched in front of her, staring at the corner of her mouth, and told her, “If you give me a kiss, I’ll help you find your way back home. How about it?”

Yu Xing gave a dry, perfunctory smile. “I’m sorry, I already have someone I like.”

Afraid that he wouldn’t believe her, she said emotionally, “Do you know who the best student in Lintian is? My senior Sheng Yi is both handsome and elegant, and I would live and die for him, I would do anything for him!”

The words fell carelessly out of her mouth.

The handsome teenager licked his lips and smiled–

“Is that so?” The pair of peach blossom eyes were very attractive. “What a coincidence. I am Sheng Yi.”


I see the Milky Way, vast and boundless for a hundred thousand miles, but you are my only star.

*Exaggerated and fluffy, read this for personal enjoyment. Please do not look for depth or rich philosophical ideas about life, there are none here 🙂

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    New meowchat rated it
    August 5, 2022
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    hi, translator here!

    so, this basically follows our protag, yu xing, and the male lead, cheng yi. it's a pretty well-paced novel at 64 chapters; none of the problems overstay their welcome and they don't linger on misunderstandings. the two of them also have clearly defined personalities that mesh in very funny ways, and cheng yi is an unintentional comedy king.

    the side characters are also interesting, I ended up getting very attached to a bunch of them, and while there are some who are introduced just to go against the protagonists,... more>> most of them have more depth that would be expected. the romance itself is interesting, since they're both... characters, to say the least, but once things develop, they listen to each other and show mutual respect that I personally found really nice.

    overall, I really enjoyed this novel and I hope you guys will too! :> <<less
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