I Rely on Wilderness Survival Live Broadcast to Become Popular Across the Stars


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Lu Liran, the former deputy captain of the first federal mobile team, disappeared in a great war, and his life and death are unknown.

Seriously injured in the war, lingering on his last breath and penniless, Lu Liran was luckily bound by the survival system.

Under the tasks issued by the system——

The Giant at thirty degrees below zero, conquer the Arlok Glacier;

In the No Man’s land under the black wind and sand, travel deep into the oasis in the hinterland of Salba Desert;

The Island in the Sky under the blue sky, the challenge of surviving on an uninhabited island;

The Blue Hole in the Endless Abyss, exploring deep sea wrecks and lost ancient cities;

The Muddy Lands, the Forest of White Bones, gathering specialties of the Ghost Forest Swamp;

The Lord of Fire, the giant dragon lurking on the ground……

[System additional rewards: Turn on the live broadcast function and automatically access the interstellar live broadcast platform] Therefore, in the Desolate Star that hates the federal army the most, a man with a disfigured face and mysterious identity quietly appeared in the top ten dangerous uninhabited regions of Desolate Star. In exchange for rich bounty rewards by hunting rare and exotic beasts that ordinary people can’t hunt, and the live broadcast of wilderness survival, he also started rapidly sweeping the entire planet.

“Ah, the anchor looks so scary, no one dares to marry such an Alpha no matter how powerful he is!”

“??? Brother Lu, I can! Marry me! The sense of security is at max level, like!”

“The anchor is really a god. This is the first time I’ve seen someone at the top of this year’s list of Desolate Star’s Most Attractive Alpha + Least Wanted to Marry Alpha at the same time…”

[Ding——Basic rewards for missions: The progress of the appearance restoration is full, and the appearance restoration has been completed] During a live broadcast, a heavy rain washed away the scar on Lu Liran’s face.

The whole live room is boiling!!!

“Marry me, marry me! Brother, marry me!”

After the live broadcast was closed, another man, so handsome that people subconsciously held their breath, appeared. He surrounded Lu Liran’s body and whispered: “You’ve been missing for so many years with my cub, when are you going to give me a name?”

Lu Liran: “…”

Yes, this is still an old-fashioned story of O pretending to be A and running away with joy.

His Excellency, the First Commander of the Federal Army, disappeared suddenly in the peaceful post-war era. Until one day, everyone noticed that he appeared in a live broadcast room, happily pretending to be a s*upid human-shaped pendant, and unscrupulously pestering a male anchor with a terrifying face.

“Official announcement, this is the commander’s wife.” His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief of the Federation, said so.

The live broadcast room is boiling again!!!

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New kaasyn
March 31, 2024
Status: Completed

It was so fun reading MC's adventures in many kind of wilderness settings

I'm not really sure whether the infos inside this book are accrurate or not, but they sound possible and convincing lol

... more>> The romance was kinda slow and I feel the development was too abrupt (like the MC suddenly being so tolerant to the ML) but I STILL THINK IT'S GOOD. Please don't me this little comment stops you from reading it

I agree that it feels repetitive (man vs wilderness stuff) but I guarantee you that different setting offers you different experience <<less
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takame rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I've just finished a couple of super long 200-up novels back to back so I was searching for a lighter novel that will not take up my whole week for once but here I am w/ zero resistance against "interstellar omegaverse + live broadcasting + survival" despite having 340 chaps! HAHAHA.

Whatevs, I decided to just read anyway. And I never regretted it! You want to see a badass, REAL MAN Omega and not only that, a shou? Then you are seeing one right now.

I'm impressed w/ the imaginative writer.... more>> She was quite ready for the rich flora and fauna of every place MC goes. Author did a good research and incorporated it in the story without sounding like an boring encyclopaedia. World building is subtle as we get more POV of the MC's experiences and encounters. Very enjoyable adventure story and I was never bored bcos it really felt like you are one of the witness/watcher of a live stream.

The balance between online/netizen parts and MC scenes are good IMO as they are not that much involved but is there to add more fun/excitement factor. MC's experiences tho! It's heart-stopping as you'll really feel the unpredictable dangers of the wilderness. The near-death experience is for real and IDK how many cannon fodders who didn't listen to MC died in this story. Good thing MC is a strong guy... a strong omega male at that! Funny how the entire netizen and people around him always thought he's an alpha with how strong and brutal he is LOL.

Speaking of Omegaverse, the Interstellar-omegaverse world of this story is built nicely. This is one of the rarer stories that had a good Medical System hallelujah! IMO what made this novel is solid is a lot of necessary areas are well thought out. Not just medical but you will also see other parts of society like Security, Rescue, R&D etc were properly functioning aside from the usual. The different culture of societies between the planets and galaxies (and even higher civilization) are believable.

As for romance, it is incorporated inbetween adventures. It's a bit slow in the beginning as the first arc is all about establishing the stage... let's say MC is in another faraway Milky Way, no man's land. They are an OP couple that are both wearing vests (in disguise). They met but they did not know each other's identity at first. And the relationship slowly goes forward as the two figured things out. And started spreading subtle dog food in the livestream. I love that we got a manly couple with reversed appearance. ML is amusing especially...


where he pretends to be a fragile omega and rocks that sickly beauty look 100%. It's funny how he'd "do something op > expend his mental power > take advantage of his weak look+beauty > acts like a baby towards the macho-looking omega. LMAO. He's definitely a rare animal among gongs.


MC also started up as a scary-looking guy you'd see in a wanted poster with huge scars in his face. But the best thing for me is; the omega MC initiates a lot especially at the beginning of their relationship. He never acts like the usual omega. I also like that he is such an independent man. A real man. He braved the dangerous no-man's land for him and his bun. Far away from the comforts of his rich family, he survived only with basic necessities. And that became the practice for his every livestream. It's basically the essence of this story.

The english chaps are too few so I MTLed all the way but the raws are easy to understand. PM me for the link.

[edit]I'm disappointed that some reviewers reeks of stereotyping machismo that they fail to see what ML really meant with his actions. IMo they were basically similar in strength and that is saying a lot if you keep in mind that the MC is an omega. SO LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR. ML had a very powerful background strength. He had ALL the options to be the domineering General and make decisions for the MC but HE NEVER DID in RESPECT of the MC's strength. He respected MC as an individual and never show off his capability DESPITE BEING ALPHA. What you people are basically asking is for him to be arrogant, overbearing and a show off!!! Isn't that the stereotypical alpha gong you see in a lot of webnovels? And this is what makes this novel different from the others.

re: Not contacting family. It is already mentioned in the first chapter but it will be detailed in the later chapters/raws. As I said before, Author is quite realistic in setting up world, even in internet networking. It doesn't magically repair in it's own LMAO. Is it that difficult to understand that the couple cannot call MC's family? Internet is connected through satellites and such, meteorite particles should be quite a huge interference for space travel and internet. You go and try to travel in a ship in a storm and see how dangerous it is. For those who still cannot understand, let me spell this out to your confused face. ML using his power would basically overrule every efforts MC did. Not to mention HE IS WAITING FOR MC TO FIGURE EVERYTHING. Again, he RESPECTS MC and dare not force his opinions in. Another thing. This planet is under another rule. ML's channel is government owned. MC is a private citizen (at the moment). It could actually endanger both of them if his identity is released too early and all their aid (ML's solders and MC's family) still cannot travel to the planet they got stuck in. ML is not s*upid to make that low-IQ mistake just to show off to MC.

It's so disappointing that other people still expects the usual "prince-charming-ML saves the mc" disregarding how MC is very much capable of doing it on his own. <<less
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HellaCe rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: c280
There are two parts in this story, the differents wilderness survival broadcasts and the personnal life of the MC.

When I started to read this novel, one thing impressed me, the number of plot holes, especially at the beginning. I was concentrating more on the impossibilities and s*upidities than anything else.

Fortunately, there was a big quality leap in the writing of the wilderness broadcasts, but I do wonder if they were rip off of survival shows. Either that or it was another writer. There are lot of details, descriptions, anecdotes, common... more>> sense, geology, survival tips, zoology,... Well, really rich content, logical actions, interesting adventures.

The MC is interesting and strong, at least until he knows the ML identity. Then he is "the second strongest, the second most beautiful, the second..." and it's a pity because the dynamics were novel.

But then apart from the broadcasts everything was sloppy and, again, full of plot holes, the characters other than the MC and ML are negligible, the interactions with others are cold unless, by luck, this passer-by has information.

About the alpha/omega, it isn't really important but allow the MC to have a child and help push the running joke of MC being obviously an alpha because omega are pretty and delicate like the ML (who is an alpha). The author always makes the ML underestimated then saving the situation heroically.

So if you want to read a story about wilderness survival, don't hesitate, you'll like it.

If you're in the mood for an ABO world, a love story, something about great friendship or family, you want fluff or emotions, you like good writing, this is not for you. <<less
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Morfzine rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: c95


Real talk tho, the quality of this novel is just *chef kiss* SUPERB.

Never seen anything like it before. The amount of research the author put into this novel is just amazing. I won't even be surprised if the author turns out to have experienced similar survival as this novel protagonist is.

I mean, obviously, since it is an interstellar novel, an omegaverse at that, there would be a... more>> certain amount of fantasy added in, but the author is very committed to real-life nature conditions despite of it. The author uses many real-life wild lives along with quite a factual habit/abilities they had. I don't even have to mention the fascinating actual geographical phenomena in this. Author also cover quite uncommon terrain/objectives for the survival places, as you can see there are glacier, dessert, and even sea hole (very hype as a person who liked to watch those haunting cave diving accidents).

But what charmed me the most about this novel is how the novel keeps it "Men VS Nature" through and through. No cheat ability, with the tight requirement of having limited items that can be brought (so far it's 5-7, and yes certain types of garments that were considered to have protective usability are counted).

MC had to survive bringing next to nothing, he had to utilize all his needs from the nature that so happens to be a b*tch to any living creature she wants. Of course, as we progress through MC will gain some benefits from the system that tasked him to do these dangerous jobs, but overall it affects next to nothing, as it basically just prevents MC from further exhaustion, perhaps a similar allegory is how we walk with slipper VS walking with shoes (in an uneven road).

Here are my general synopses to help you understand what this novel offers (I tried to keep it from spoilers past arc 1) :

Lu Liran, an ex-soldier, the commander's sharpest spear, was stranded in a desolate star (the desolate star here is not entirely hobo place, basically is just the difference between a developed country and 3rd world country) with a pregnant condition, severe fatal injuries, and this mysterious "old illness" that he refuses to tell us. Prior to the timeline of the novel, he had already done the system task for quite a while, between 4 to 5 years, so he's already experienced enough in wrangling mother nature and his body had been 90% healed by the system as an accumulated reward in succeeding the mission.

Now, he is a bounty hunter, trying to keep his now 4 years old child (who also had a cong**ital heart condition) and a beta comrade (now his housekeeper) he rescued in the crash leading to his "arrival" on this planet fed and well. Though his body is more or less fixed, there are still quite some "effects" left, the most noticeable being his severely disfigured face.

Our journey starts with the system informing MC that it had opened a live broadcast function. With the first arc, we follow MC as he strives to find a lost wealthy omega in the Arlock Glacier.

Some doubts you might had at the beginning:

    • You might be asking "where is the male lead?". Well, the male in this novel is kinda similar in a situation as the omega MC tried to rescue, at least on the surface. While the real reason why he's in that freezing hellscape is that he wants to find MC, but what he's disclosed is he is a wealthy omega that got scammed and dumped on this glacier midway.
    • Why is no one questioning why the hell the commander, the one who ends the 10 years war, hanging out in some newbies survival anchor channel, in desolate star, pretending to be a fragile omega? That's because no one had seen his face except for some close friends (his public image is symbolized with his mecha), including MC lol (though both of them fell in love with each other at first sight, they never had the time to contact each other except for that accidental one-night stand whence MC never remember who he was f*cking).
    • You might also wonder why MC hadn't MC just contacted his family with interstellar-age high technology. Unlike the mainstream interstellar background, there are not just good old federation and imperial here, they act like how countries in earth work. Different galaxy or even planet had different networks in this novel, not to mention MC's hometown is 2 galaxies away from the desolate star, which is also one of the reasons he keep doing these high-pay high-risk jobs, to buy 3 expensive AF ticket to cross the galaxy.
I think that's all in my brain right now. Oh! and the consistency and agile character's personality in this novel is just the icing in the cake. MC being a badass DILF (?) with hard mouth but soft heart? Yummy. MC's child that is although obedient but will not hesitate to choose violence if it concerns his papa (piercing mainstream sickly child personality) ? You go boy! ML's s*upid-ass decision in romance (no angst), MC's housekeeper black-bellied but hot-tempered in the past? god, even some of the survivors MC pick up have their own role later!

As you can see, I had just reached the beginning of the 3rd arc. My thought is though arc 1 is very good, but it can't be compared to the second arc, the desert. At first I had low expectations. Every time I heard the desert it's just like "ehh it's all just sands, most deaths are just some boring dehydration and animal attack" but gosh this one is amazing. There are just so many mysteries left uncovered, which is fine if it is kept that way to be more realistic, but I won't refuse if it will be unearthed later because it is just so fascinating.

Oh yeah, if you're worried about an annoying broadcast barrage, there's little to none. Of course at the beginning there will be some doubt, but after that most barrage is just viewers sh*tting their pants lol. And if you hate omegaverse's gender discrimination, there's also none. Although the public general conception is still Alpha big strong - Omega fragile weak, but it's more or less like how the women and men in our world are differentiated by developed society. <<less
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dramamonster rated it
October 4, 2023
Status: Completed
Read translated Chapters 1-120, then MTL'd to the end. Loved the riveting interstellar / omegaverse / survival story. Super tough omega MC and doting Commander alpha ML pretending to be a delicate beauty.

Backstory: ML is the OP alpha Commander of the 10 year war. MC is his second in command, an OP omega fighter. They crushed on each other during the war but the other had no idea. After a huge starship crash, the severely wounded MC is listed as lost/dead, but actually binds a system that helps him heal... more>> in exchange for completing wilderness survival challenges.

Also, as a plot device, the MC was struggling because he was

wounded, pregnant, poor, stranded in a desert, then stranded on a planet, then when he could have purchased a ticket home after many years of working with the system, inter-stellar travel/video was disrupted by some cosmic nebula event and he had to work harder to get back to his home planet. Then the ML appears and the story begins.


Plot: There are some crazy, thrilling, wilderness adventures in the glaciers, volcanic regions, swamps, deep ocean, deserts, islands, etc. There is so much tension and drama in the wilderness arcs that the personal relationships are smooth going (if a bit hilarious).

At the start of the novel, for various reasons, the ML and MC don't recognize each other when they meet - the MC is heavily disfigured, the ML isn't in his mecha disguise, and they both appear to be the opposite ABO gender. It's a plot device, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

It's rare to find an ABO story with such a tough, top-fighting, omega MC. Most omegas are written like weak infantilized tweens, so I really appreciated the MC's super tough character. The ML is doting and OP.

Ironically, the temporarily disfigured, harsh omega MC is known as an alpha in his video cast, and the delicately beautiful alpha ML is known as omega Ke Meiren (Maiden Ke). Part of the fun is the gentle, delicate omega ML in the video cast actually being the ferocious leader of the galaxy.

As usual, the translation by Chrysanthemum Garden is excellent. Highly recommended. <<less
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Keikey rated it
May 14, 2023
Status: c42
I've read thanks to good ratings but it's a pity that since the author wanted to write about survival concept, the rest of the story is not well treated and teens to be unlogical and amateur like... I mean the main characters met each other, even with weak justification, they don't recognize each other... I mean, they always talk about three others eyes colours, but they still don't recognized each other. Maybe the MC wouldn't but the ML should. He has seen MC's pics, seen him face to face. Eyes... more>> is beholder of the soul, if he really loves MC, be should recognise him!. And for the background setting, using interstellar setting and only not even using the interstellar technology to fight in the different missions is useless.... I get why MC's doesn't do it, but the NPCs and second characters? That are very wealthy? The ML that's from the army?????

I did skip third of chapters about MC's survival lessons to his audience.. it shows how it's a pity that the writing is overrated. <<less
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Just Another Novel Reader
Just Another Novel Reader rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: c102
ML doesn't fit the First Commander role since he doesn't show any quality for it.

... more>>

It was said many times MC went through many no mans land and was cruel to ppl messing with or troubling him and his loved ones, too but now ever since ML showed up it went down hill. He is more emotional, like helping dead weight and feeling bad not saving them. He is being called cute and messing up at times.

The system doesn't give him information on possible water under tree but ML just mentions it and it was not far down. The system is bit a mess, thinking it was a good idea to threaten MC and his cub's life then thinking why MC is angry at it. System of course tries to make up for what it said but I don't think it's enough. (It got advice from another system, but doesn't devolve all the blame off what MC's System said.)

Somehow MC is around ML's strength even though ML is suppose to be stronger because they a so called powerful person. But ML doesn't show much strength or smarts for his role. Even though MC is strong as him, when he finds out MC identity he treats MC with too much care and worry. When thinking MC was a Alpha ML thought he was strong, knowledgeable, and able to stand alone.

But after finding out MC identity he's all like lets ruin his broadcast and bring fancy military stuff to live in together without asking and treat him like he's weaker. Even though knowing that MC wants to survive on certain few items and has a lot of experience. He seems to do worse with ML around, just for ML to shine or help him at times. His shed broke and somehow the fancy military tent that suppose to resist level 8 to 9 typhoon cant stand a level 3typhoon.

Doesn't ask but tries to take off MC clothes even though MC would of already been thinking about it (since it was cold and both are wet). Touches back of MCs' neck. Then forceable hugs him and said "they cold" in a coquettishness voice knowing full well of it being s*xual harrassment like. If MC knew for sure ML was Alpha he would of been much more resistant. Turns out ML made the tent brake. Also ML wont stop messing with MC's assignment from the system and overprotective of MC.

I'm also mad that ML didn't tell MC's brother where he was. That the big bro had only got to see MC's situation and where he was because MC got popular. If ML father is like ML I'm not surprised the two families aren't on good terms. Not telling MC's family where MC's was and his situation, I can see some more hate forming in MC's family for ML's family rightfully so.

Though big bro coming and picking MC up might mess up some assignments. But even without big bro, ML is purposely trying to mess up MC's plans (assignments.)

I would like a better ML or None.

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Simsim rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c227
This is a great novel.

Hats off to the translator as well. They did a great job.

Frankly I would not read a novel like this on its own coz many scenarios the author wrote about I couldn't imagine it. This is not that the author doesn't know how to describe them. But a person like me who hasn't been anywhere outside or interested this novel made me interested in the snow mountains and desert beauty and islands...

I really enjoyed it. But kudos to the translator, for giving me this amazing beautiful... more>> pics. I couldn't be more grateful. It made my reading experience much more interesting. And animals and fishes too.



Our MC an omega, if not mentioned initially I would never dare to guess it.

His dynamics with all the characters is interestingly potrayed.

He is cute and a fanboy of our ml.


    • Persistent
    • Hopeful
    • Intelligent
    • Tactician
    • Knows what he wants
    • Cubcon
    • Fan boy of our ml
    • Talented
    • Naughty

Frankly I thought his fanboying for ML would end after knowing him. But boy I was wrong

He punches a reporter directly and breaks the award trophy and runs away

This is one of the scenes which were the best




Not like any one out there.

He is so supportive to MC. There are many things that are mentioned by many people out there. But the thing that I like about him the most is that he is so very patient. He is such a gentle guy with our MC.

Many people keep saying that ML is not that strong. But I would like to mention that, ML matches our MC who has a Golden finger of system keeping him strong, increasing attributes, giving him popularity, giving weapons and submarines as a reward or trading. But our ML is innately extremely strong and awesome. I kinda understand MC when he fanboys our ML.

He has so many traits that I love about him.

    • Extremely strong businessman.
    • He uses his wealth for the army.
    • He never makes it about himself
    • After being in such a great position he is not haughty.
    • Gentle and persistent to his lover
    • Takes his time and gives others time to accept him
    • He never cared about MC's appearance and never made him insecure about it. Given that MC was one of the most beautiful omegas. And after being scarred he scared even Alphas with his looks
    • Even in broadcasts he never takes credit for anything only silently guarding our MC.
    • Most of all, he always ALWAYS eats the disgusting
      things that MC gave him, like always...
    • I mean if that's not true love I don't know what is.
    • He never gave up on Desolate planet inspite of all the non sense they do.
    • Ungrateful bastards... Even I felt like beating the sh*t out of them.
    • I respect him as a character.

This is to know that the story's focus is on MC not on ML. He went to the blue hole in spite of knowing he might die. For an ungrateful planet not his own. For the people and the planet and being persistent even when no one respects him or try to follow his commands. I really felt it through his actions, that he was a soldier, just a soldier who is fighting for Humanity.




Initially I had great impression of it. But one sentence changed it all.

It was when it threatened MC with his cub.

But I loved it when he always gets scared of his own host. He is kinda s*upid and naive. But still does his job to con his host to do his bidding based on the fact that they both rely on each other. I hate the most is when it locks the storage function the most. I mean MC could get so much more if not for the shitty thing. This is one of my most minus points. And I can't get why when only MC's storage function is lost, why can't ML put all the material in his own storage compartment. Given that I like hoarding and earning money bits, this was the most frustrating thing about the book. Our main leads could earn so much more if they could sell it.

The system is particularly helpless when MC's big bro uses loopholes to help MC.




A cute kid. But I loved him but not as much as I thought I would. I mean the kid is so cute he instantly makes everyone love him. Acts coquettish. But there was not much character to him. It felt kinda 2D. I mean he was portrayed nicely but in immense to other characters, even they felt more real.

I think the problem mainly was to all the other characters there was a subtle SHOW. But to the cub it was mostly a emphasized TELL.

I can't describe this feeling well.

I mean he does have great traits and I loved him with all my heart when I saw a 3 year old kid.

  • A foodie
  • A face con
  • Can act his age
  • Beats people who insult his papa
  • Cries and worries for his papa
  • Is a little black belly

Inspite of all this amazing traits, I found him quite lacking for some reason. Mainly because every chapter shows earning money for the cub

This is a thriller adventure novel not a kid raising one so I knew the cub would not be the main focus and the plot also shows MC working for his son's heart disease and binds to the system and does all his tasks for the sake of the kid and others who were saved by him.

But it kinda felt like a plot armor. Really it would not have been a problem if every chapter was not named like that. Reminding us that MC is doing for the child, which he is. But you don't really need to do that. Do you? The emphasis bothered me.




He needs a separate mention of his own. The guy literally seperated space and sky and travelled dimension for his lil brother. Always supporting him. I realized MC is surrounded by so many other amazing people. That I knew how good the environment for MC to be in for him to never give up hope. BB is an awesome cheat code. And I love everything about him. He bought the live stream service platform directly for MC, is a cool researcher. Caught loopholes from the system.




A Special mention to inspiring characters.

Qi Feng


Let's say MC has system, ML has incredible mental power.

It's easy to be outshined by these two characters. But they hold their own charisma. I dare say Qi feng in deep blue hole arc impressed me so much. As a female character she was portrayed as strong, determined soldier who never abandons and never hesistates. She was so impressive. You may think I am repeating myself but I really was moved by her when she could sacrifice herself for her captain and teammates without hesitation. That's not even the best part. In the limited time she was given spotlight, she outshined others without it being weird. I could only think oh this is so natural.


Qi Bai


He is cute adorable talented chef. I was thinking the whole time if MC has ji feng then for ML it's qi bai. Lol! That's not even their main jobs. A genius programmer I guess? Someone who can hack and cook with a cutie pie persona. What else would you ever need.


They left a great impact on me, I got to know how ML's subordinates will do anything for him. Really loved their team spirit and great comrades to give your back to.


There are many things to say about the novel, I gave a brief impression of what many other reviewers didn't mention much. The thing this novel did best was it's supporting cast.

Many novels when having gary stu characters as MCs, like to use the sidekicks as punching bag Or stepping stones to glorify the main cast. Which may be the case here, but there are so many good redeeming characters that sets this novel from others.

Such as The designer guy, other wildlife broadcaster and so on... They are not just cannon fodders who put a halo on our MC. They have character depths of their own. They aren't 2D. Even the villains, that Nan zou guy also has his own mystery.

The arcs are well paced. Few arcs I felt very thrilled while reading it. They gave me an adrenaline rush especially that Blue hole arc. I know I told a lot about it, but it gave me a great impression about the novel as it's own. In fact it could be a good short story of it's own.

Few arcs were meh!

Few arcs started out meh! But at the end became quite nice. But I felt a pattern there. Arc starts easy going, has a little up, then bland, then someone joins in, then stretched, one small thrill, then final climax thrill. It gets a bit Repetitive but not to the point of rolling your eyes. If you aren't binging it, you may not even notice.

Lastly to the translator

Thank you so much for the amazing pics. Really helped me a lot. Please add a few more if you can. An amazing work.

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NineStarsLookingBack rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: c44
Novel is okay, but not a big fan of the world setting.

MC is very strong as others have said, but then later on becomes almost a completely different person.

ML should recognize MC, and if not, should have invested in some type of device that can find the MC. In this story there are plenty of weird and rare things, (like giant ant eggs), but no technology for using a sample from the MC past clothes?

Time MC started to gain popularity and fans, and even was on the homepage of... more>> the website he uses for broadcasts, I thought he would give up on getting a $1, 000, 000+ space ticket and just use the broadcast to contact his brother and father.

Even more frustrating then that is he meets two rich people, ML and a omega, and the thought never crossed his mind to see if either could help him.

I think the translator of this novel is amazing, it's just to bad the novel is not as good. <<less
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June 8, 2023
Status: c1
I enjoyed it so far but. It's more like watching a bear grills entire season lol, and the writing is quite good when it's about survival in wilderness but when it comes to the rest of the plot... plot holes galore. Why not contact family through broadcasts? Why not use the camera as a tool more, like when determining positioning. How come they don't recognize each other? For such a smart MC, he's brainless not to recognize ml. Why does ML insist on keeping his identity hidden from MC for... more>> over 100 ch? The guide's behavior in the desert arc doesn't make sense. Them not noticing the live cocoon doesn't make sense when MC is so prepared and attentive all the time. The housekeeper staying near the amus**ent park with the kid when there are magic vines doesn't make sense. Turning the camera off when the poachers die, why? Going on the ship and being careless to leave wet sand around them? Being so easy going with the system when the same system basically threatens him with his kid's life if he doesn't obey? F that s—t.

This had the potential of being quite awesome if it was edited at least once more and fixed. Not to mention MC'S sudden starry eyes at his discovered 'commander" annoy me lol.

still an okay read, just disappointed about the lost potential. Probably reading mtl doesn't help any <<less
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Resplendor rated it
February 26, 2023
Status: c26 part1
There's some obvious logic flaws to the whole premise, but it's an enjoyable enough read.


Why doesn't he just use the live broadcast to contact his family? If he's that desperate to get his kid off planet, just contact your Uber rich dad and brother who are desperately looking for you. Why struggle to charter a ship by gathering the funds yourself?

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Haven't read wilderness in such a long time. Glad to see another one. I actually misunderstood the summary. No wonder my guts telling me something is wrong 😆 the ML is the first commander who disappeared to look for MC and their cub and not the MC, being heavily injured with blurry memories. I thought the first commander is the MC that disappeared lol. I thought he have a sorta short loss memories. The reason he can't contact his bro and dad is because that was literally a galaxy over... more>> galaxy. It take a while and difficult especially for MC's current situation. Penniless and stuff.

This is a good novel. Even the supporting characters have their own stories. Like for example is Duan whom the MC saved together with Ki Je in the glacier mountain (avalanche) I thought he would like the ordinary arrogant and vicious rich kid and despite being saved they'll revenge but no. He actually treat himself as MC's lil brother. The world building is well made. The author's imagination and research about survival is amazing. The author make it really like real, unlike other intetstellar omegaverse with system that suddenly there's a fantasy stuff inserted. It also added my knowledge about stuffs especially about the black stripe soldiers putting to their cheeks. I just realized it while reading that it is to reflect the sunlight and avoid corneal burn. I really thought it was only for display. There's no omega discrimination too. I like the interaction of the both main couple, ofcorse with the cub. So love at first sight, they did the one night stand which the MC doesn't remmeber who's the other person he did the deed. They didn't recognized each other at first because of MC's scar and ML's disguise. It took a while. It's really funny when the ML pretending to be a silly fragile second rich generation and then later on use his beauty for the omega masculine MC. I like his persona. He's so independent and capable unlike other shou that suddenly turn into damsel in distress after meeting the ML. he's protective but respected him and wait until MC figured it out. it's worth of time. One thing that I kinda regret here is about their romance. Well, it's really slow and lack T^T at least the ending is happy though. It's also hilarious every time the MC giving the ML those insects that give you replenishment and it taste unpalatable 😆 also, I think someone misunderstood the ML in the review. He didn't destroy MC's shelf. What he destroyed is his because MC said that the vacation tent can only stand lvl 3 storm (ofcorse afterward, MC know it's a military tent and ML intentionally destroyed his tent so he could stay with the MC and make him not doubt why he have military tent lol) and yeah, that night he remove MC's upper body because they were drench and if he didn't remove the wet cloth, there's a possibility of hyperdemia or something. He only did that to give body heat and MC understood that.

Tbh, the moment I read the lil fella kissed Jin while still 4 years old because of happiness, the idea of shipping them seed in mah head. I mean.... Yeah he's like 40 alright but that's interstellar 👀 their dynamic is cute 🤭 <<less
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apricat rated it
December 12, 2023
Status: c50 part1
Yes, the story has a lot of plotholes. But just like when reading toxic BLs with red flag protagonists (Note: ML is green flag in this story!), I can toss my brain aside, sit back and enjoy this Bear Grylls omegaverse.

At around ch 50 we understand ... more>>

that ML isn't all that s*upid; it becomes evident that he's slowly been confirming that the person in front of him IS his old partner... It's just that the author doesn't share his internal dialog with us.


He (ML) can be a bit frustrating at times (and stalker-ish) but I really appreciate his character.

In ch 130, for example, he thinks MC is wrong and instead of contradicting him "[...] he didn't say much. After all, this was Lu Liran's live broadcast. The meaning of his existence was to accompany him, not to interfere. Whether there are detours or misjudgments in the middle, he will accompany him through them as long as his life is not at risk.". I thought that was so sweet! *swoon*


So far, lots of danger-noodles (snake) stabbings, eating weird insects, running away from natural disasters and random npcs running into dangerous situations. I really enjoy how the MC explains everything he does to his livestream audience and the fan's banter is fun. What I enjoy less (personal option) is the cub. I find him very annoying ahah but luckily the child is just there in between missions and not there all the time (also this novel has the Child rearing tags so I was WARNED). <<less
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October 17, 2023
Status: c115
Absolutely IN LOVE with this novel !!!!!

I really really love the concept of survival here, like, it's pure survival and you just add some streaming, so you have some live comments that I find funny, but again its 80% survival and I find this incredible !

I can totally believe it. The author must have made a lot of research for this !

And there's a baby to add cuteness.... and MC isnt your typical omega too... I love it, buff omega !!!!
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Fuchou rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: c177
I disagree with the other commenters about 1.) The ML being incompetent as a commander and 2.) Why the MC couldn't contact his family.

First of all, the ML ... more>>

already suspected in their first excursion (Arlok) that MC might just be the one he's looking for. As a commander, his judgement is gold therefore he must first find evidence that could back up his conclusion before taking action because in the battlefield, if he made a wrong order, him and his men and maybe many galaxies, will be screwed. This practice should be ingrained within him, therefore he didn't immediately rule that MC is the right Lu Liran. By their second excursion, he's already certain of his conclusion based on the stockpiled evidences which is honestly fast enough because they literally just met each other again about a week or so ago.

There's also the fact that they really didn't know each other well and each other's habits. ML may have watched the MC for a long time, but he didn't "personally" know him, which is why he has to take many considerations before being 100% certain.



There's a ton of galaxies out there and Lu Liran has no way of contacting his family. This isn't just one country to another country-- it's a galaxy to another galaxy. Lu Liran has nothing, he's broke af, do you think it'll be easy for a random person contacting another galaxy's very influential family because he's their young master who presumably "died" in war? Even his brother, who has all the resources, took time in seeking him out. It's common sense. They don't have facebook ffs where they can log in and Lu Liran can just message "SOS, stranded, face disfigured and also have a bun now."


Gee, aside from that, the romance is slow in the beginning but boy, ML will aggressively flirt in the second half. MC, too, is very proactive. They're not without their flaws but that's what makes them so good. Side characters too, have their own stories, no matter how brief.

There's a rich character who MC saved and who I thought would use MC to save himself but the guy didn't, because MC saved him and he just accepted that he'll die due to the machinations of his family. MC gave him the courage to live and he didn't waste that chance. Another arrogant guy who was with his "little" girlfriend when they got attacked in the amus**ent park, and I thought he'd do a runner like a coward and leave his trapped girlfriend behind, but he took her hand, consoled her, and stayed with her despite knowing he'd die if he stayed.

They're much more 3D for merely side characters and it really expands how cruel and kind humans can be.

The Author also did a whole lot of research for the "adventure". I don't know how accurate they are, but they left me fascinated, and despite MTL-ing it, I still plowed through because I was left wanting for more.

I did not expect this when I picked it up. 5/5 for the story, and for the few translated chapters, also 5/5 for quality. You guys rock. Thank you for introducing this story to me. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
greenHills rated it
January 9, 2024
Status: Completed
It's fun as a survival novel.

The MC/ML interactions were better before the ML revealed his identity.

Kind of annoying how the system stops showing up as much towards the end of the main novel (didn't read extras).
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nitan rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: Completed
Ah I'm finally done...

Fun to read, lots of adventures to different places. Honestly the majority of the novel feels like a B-tier isekai anime with lots of adventure and abit of a break in between. The B-tier is actually just for the background settings -- the baby, the nanny, the whole situation over there (even though I let it pass, ik it's not everyone's cup of tea). It's fun and I enjoyed it.

Don't think too much about the character design and background -- the substance of this novel is like,... more>> 2D. It's all about the fun and the mischief, totally unserious. So a word of warning to not expect anything of substance at all when it comes to outside of the livestreaming portion! Also, warning but the romance is sparsely spaced in between everything... when the tag says slow romance it's really slow romance...

I think the most fun I've had was the desert arc. After that it was the sea and then the ocean sinkhole, but then their dynamic totally shifts bc the MC figures out the ML is his hero... TBH I personally like when they were bickering better than when they suddenly got along... so I'd probably recommend reading up to the 2nd arc...

Anyways... If you can handle abit of a groovy set-up for their romance AND enjoy abit of an adventure novel (very smooth sailing bc of our OP MC-ML) -- I'd recommend reading this novel!! It's fun, but it does take alot of time. Also it ends pretty abruptly with the wedding, but theres no Big Bad you have to look out for, no underlying plans/antagonist weaving the plot together. You can enjoy each arc independently and not have to worry about missing the 'big picture ' -- it's a very stress-free novel! <<less
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Cphere rated it
February 2, 2023
Status: Completed
I read the rest of the chapters through mtl, most of it was understandable.

The novel was actually very well paced, and the more you read the more you can understand the author's plan for the rest of the plot. There were no major plot holes. I actually quite liked the fact that they couldn't recognize each other, especially the ML towards the MC, as there are numerous valid reasons for doing so. In fact, it would be more preposterous for the ML to recognize the MC.

Despite this, the author gives... more>> us a very sweet and satisfactory love line, although the tag about slow romance is true.

I was waiting for more lovey-dovey stuff at the end (there weren't any) but ending it at the MC and ML's wedding was good too I suppose.


Also, MC's little milky baby is adorable. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 1, 2023
Status: c14
Update at chapter 134: So the whys to MC not being able to contact family is explained in drips and drabs and makes sense now. ML being able to reach MC also makes sense to me. The misunderstanding between was just long enough for me to enjoy the plot but not too long to be annoying. The relationship is quite cute. It's funny how scared the system gets of the MC. The adventures are quite fun to read too. Update at chapter 29: I'm reading the rest thru mtl. I... more>> have an answer to the question about why MC can't contact his family directly. Apparently the end of the War caused issues with communication/transportation in space. Which doesn't really make sense since ML was able to get to the Desolate planet ??? But it's some semblance of a reason. I love the little cub.

First post: So far it's good. Very slow. The only thing that bothers me is why the MC can't contact his family even after so many years? I understand the reasoning when he was first lost but why is he still unable to contact them. Makes no sense. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 23, 2023
Status: c9
Augh. I read it too early. I got s**ked into the story and into our MC. He is, straight to the point, to the many many goals of what he's doing to achieve the end goal and that is to go home.

Morfzine's review says it all!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WallEyeKnee rated it
February 1, 2024
Status: c183
You would only enjoy this if you like wild life vs man stuff, Man vs plants/Animals But this stuff gets repetitive I got quite bored. MC travel to places shows off his skills and get his rewards and just increase his healing process with the system time and time again

The plot and romance is drawn out, I lost interest with it being drag out. ML should've just straight up clear up all misunderstanding the moment he recognize MC.

The adventures are great, very gory alot of cannon fodders will die... more>> to plant and animals attacks.

I just felt I knew what's going on, but the direction of these missions are always random but it always come out with the same outcomes and scenarios. ML can always take care of the aftermaths with his position anyway. <<less
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