I Rely on Breastfeeding to Stabilize the Disease


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In the first life, she was given a cup of poisoned wine to drink; in the second life, she was hit like a hedgehog by a sharp arrows; in the third life, she became a diligent nurse who worked hard to live.

(Note: the hostess only feeds. The male protagonist sucked milk)

Because all three lifetimes were all for him, Chu Ran’s eyes were black and she just wanted to die on the spot. Seeing her trembling expression, Gu Xian stretched out his slender fingers and opened her belly band, revealing a radiant and white skin on her chest.

People feel so wonderful. He squinted his phoenix eyes happily, and his voice was low and dull: “Ran Ran… it’s time for breastfeeding.”

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cellenna86 rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: c10
It looks like a great story is going to be revealed from the early chapters provided. I do appreciate the translation by the translator since it is quite promising. I am going to wait for next few chapters as to elaborate it more. But so far the MC is kind of reluctant to cooperate with the situation as a matter of fact since the ML has been the factors of her death from the previous two lifetimes. Can't wait to read it more ^^
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f4rfall4 rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: Completed
Honestly, this book is your cup of tea if you like snu snu~ it’s a tad bit fluffy but at the same time has the ‘push and pull’ concept when it comes to the smut.

All in all, I really like the book as its the only finished translated book with vivid snu snu ^.^ thank you translator. I read the book within one day because I was hooked.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kittybri rated it
November 29, 2021
Status: --
I swear ML always gives bad luck to MC lol, MC is not cold or mary sue but has a normal personality/relatable? idk, while the ML is a black belly, for example~ he tries to manipulate her to go back to him without her realizing it. The plot is pretty good, especially for a smut novel. The translator did a good job at translating, props to her/him. A short clip of ML personality...

... more>>

Gu Xian stared down at her, and sighed softly, "Ran Ran."

His almost gentle voice made Chu Ran stare at the curvature of his beautiful side profile in a daze.

Gu Xian raised his hand and stroked her messy hair that was blown by the wind. He was silent for a while before he said: "Their target is not you. You should be able to survive if you jump down immediately before the carriage falls off the cliff."

There was a sudden tremor deep in her heart. She clenched his sleeves tightly and murmured his name: "Gu Xian..."

At this moment of life and death, Gu Xian...

It was as if an invisible hand had grabbed her heart, making it hard for her to catch her breath.


Before she could say anything, she saw his thin lips hooked, and a bloodthirsty smile spread: "Did you think... Ben Wang would say that?"

Chu Ran looked at him, puzzled"..."

His attitude changed too quickly. She couldn't react for a while.

Grabbing Chu Ran's wrist abruptly, Gu Xian dragged her into his arms, without giving her a chance to escape. He leaned close to her, and the words he said in her ear was like thunderclaps..

"Even if you die, you must be buried with Ben Wang! Otherwise, who is Ben Wang going to find for my milk addiction?"

Chu Ran looked at him, and her heart was extremely messy...

The crazy horse leaped high with the carriage, there was turmoil in the carriage, Chu Ran only felt a whirlwind, and then she was forcibly pulled out by Gu Xian. Her strong sense of survival made her hurriedly grab a stone beside her, but she was firmly held by the man behind her and thus fell into the abyss with him...

"Gu Xian, you bastard... Ah...!"

The last thing that echoed off the cliff was Chu Ran's miserable screams.

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