I Reincarnated as a White Pig Noble’s Daughter from a Shoujo Manga


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I recalled memories of my past life after Grandfather told me my engagement was annulled. At the same time, I realized this world was the same world as in my favorite shoujo manga. The villainess who exhausted every method possible to bully the heroine… I reincarnated as that villainess’ chubby follower. I shook upon remembering the future lined up for her. When the villainess’ evil deeds came to light, she pinned all her crimes on Britney. I was a character that gets executed.

To reliably avoid this, I must not become the villainess’ follower. As this villainess only keeps those who are exceptionally uglier than her by her side, I may be able to do something if I slim up. For now, let’s go on a diet!

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Tensei Saki ga Shoujo Manga no Shiro Buta Reijou datta
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New Althame
September 23, 2022
Status: c196
The focus on slimming down was a bit off-putting, and although it peters down drastically throughout the story, mentions of it remain. The same goes for fat discrimination so people who are sensitive to this, think twice about reading it. Passing on this now or partway through is acceptable.

That aside, I enjoyed the story. I think the characters were real enough. The constraints they have felt realistic, without eliciting a hopelessly frustrated feeling. The romance also felt fresh, ... more>>

with a childhood friends to lovers slow burn.


Also, when the MC said she'd avoid danger, she actually sticks to her word.

But since she got stronger now, I think that's defenestrating...

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Rewin42 rated it
December 13, 2017
Status: c47
Hi all, current translator here. Since I'm translating it, of course it's a 5/5.

There are some scathing reviews about this novel here, but in such a long novel the main character, Britney, is only super harsh on her weight for the first ten chapters or so. After that she's self-conscious of it but to a lesser degree. She's so harsh on the previous Britney (before she regained her memories of Japan) in order to give herself motivation to lose weight and deal with her harsh acne, and to set up... more>> a strong desire to differ herself from the noble girls that give sarcastic scathing comments and tittle behind their fans. There is a lot more to it, so why not give it a try?

The author had written "An Otome Game's Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku" so if you had read that story, you know what you're getting into. This author is a veteran of the villainess genre so the review stating she has no idea what she's doing is especially harsh. <<less
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sharon.nayoung rated it
May 22, 2018
Status: --
It's plainly obvious that the majority of the scathing, unnecessarily rude, and overly embellished reviews on this web novel (you know exactly what I'm talking about -- that quasi-novel polluting the reviews and offering more bullying content instead of actual constructive criticism) are written this way because of the way the main character loathes her weight. Which I can't understand -- being chubby is one thing, but being overweight means that there are some serious health complications -- something that is evident throughout the MC's journey into weight loss. It's... more>> completely normal to want to lose weight, and dislike the way one looks before weight loss. I don't know when it became okay to normalize overweight and obese people, especially in children.

But I digress. To that specific review above, who deemed it their right to construct a disgustingly mocking, too-serious, malicious, and vulgar review specifically to tear down a story made for entertainment purposes, I hope that there are better days ahead for you. Days where you don't find it necessary to 'critique' (and I use that term loosely -- I think the word 'torture' would suit this individual's sense of propriety better) a light novel intended only to be an exaggerated form of entertainment, not an insight into the mind of a perfect human being or a script for a movie. I'm so sorry that this story didn't check off on your pretentious list of 'perfect MC characters' despite the fact that you could have just given this story one star and a review about how the plot was disappointing, character dull, etc. I find it ironic the way this person absolutely demolishes the character traits of the MC, how she is unredeemable as a morally upright character, how she finds herself infallible in every opinion that she has, etc when they themselves are so up their own asses that they couldn't just stop and think for a moment that perhaps not all stories are suited for the weak-minded and weak-willed.

Anyways, I thought that this novel was perfectly humorous and agreeable, with just enough self-deprecating humor and juvenile dialogue to make me finish the story. I encourage anyone to read it, whether or not they have the time. <<less
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sadsa rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c12
tr*sh. Disparities in terrible naming sense (are all the characters immigrants of varying nations? Richard, which is Ricardo in the raw, then Sarusu and Ryuze?) The author is uninformed in the novel's intended subject matter and makes obvious their own ignorance (scum nature) and lack of writing ability with their portrayal of a hateful, idiotic girl that was supposed to unironically make a display of being clever despite the character and writer both appearing completely bereft of not only common sense but also basic human decency. While the MC concerns... more>> herself with performing an imitation that is in actuality a pitiful mockery of intelligence that she does not even possess, she very shamelessly succeeds only in emulating an existence that can be perceived as nothing more than an utter embarrassment to humanity. It can also be said that that the abhorrent disposition of the narrator, especially her disdain for the overweight, accurately reflects the author's own unprofessional prejudice because although it is stated in the beginning that it is mostly her unbecoming personality, with precedence over appearance, that results in her unpopularity, they fail to maintain even such a simple plot point consistently.


It becomes overshadowed immediately by the MC herself making constantly scathing remarks about only the state of her body and her intention to do away with it but never once does she give the slightest mention to her reputation as an abusive and spoiled idiot with no worth (which she deludes herself into believing that she no longer is with the recent acquisition of useless memories) or come to the obvious conclusion that treating people better is also a viable solution to alleviate the likelihood of reaching the death route that she still deserves. She then mistakenly deems the state of being fat ("lazy") and having inevitably natural body odor ("unhygienic") as the sole sources of the hate directed at her and has so far fixated on rectifying only those superficial qualities because her s*upidity is so severe that it renders her incapable of multitasking/critical thinking, unable to repair slighted relations in tandem with her dieting.

That also means that her innate b*tchiness resonates so strongly with the original villain character's that she thinks that there is nothing about her past and current personalities worth fixing. And even her ex-fiancé who found her personality more off-putting than her appearance contradicts himself (he put value in the prospect of her being kinder than she seemed) by suddenly declaring upon their first meeting that the fact that she was overweight alone was the only factor that contributed to his contempt for her. But, what the hell? In the author's ridiculously, nonsensically flawed and underdeveloped world, the commoners scarcely bathe and even the wealthy do so only once a day; how the population has not yet died out but is somehow even flourishing is beyond me. This is also another testament to the MC's idiocy because she claims that she "hates Brittany for being smelly and lazy" even though everyone else including herself bathe the same amount of times and being fat doesn't correlate with reeking or being unmotivated. Also, have you been living as the mob character, as yourself, since before you remembered your previous life, or did your new memories make you? Make up your mind and decide who to blame already unless you have some variant personality disorder. It's creepy to refer to yourself in third person like an unrelated party when criticizing your body and then sometimes in first person when taking credit for pretending to be innovative and smart.


Edit: about the author. They write r*pe/non-con (their female MCs being the ones subject to it the most from the male leads, so yes those are the central themes. By that, I mean multiple chapters spanning across the entire series) written, as the author's views it, in "romantic" and comedic tones. With some mindbreak and stockholm syndrome on the side of course ゲーハー for the morbidly curious <<less
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AC253 rated it
July 30, 2017
Status: c31
My reviews may contain slight spoilers and my own personal opinions. Skim or skip if you want to avoid that.

I had the luck to read another novel the translator was translating before I got around to this and am therefore very pleased with the translation quality. This translation feels a bit less polished. Common grammar mistakes aside, it's still readable, and it's the story itself is what I have a problem with. I'd also like to extend a thanks to the translators - my dislike for this is no fault... more>> of the translators.

Sometimes I have the habit of looking at the ratings without reading the reviews until I've read it for myself. I've also done the same this time, and I went in half blind, curious by the divide between the two reviews present. Now I kind of regret that decision. First thing's first, I do not like body-shaming. It's something common in Asian countries where the idea body now is a slim, willowy form, and this is something I find more often in C-Novels or K-Novels/K-Dramas. I understand being discontent with your figure, and I highly support those who wish to exercise or workout to reach an idea body, but I certainly do not praise degrading words or connotations. I highly recommend reading sadsa's review, because I don't want to go on and on. All I have to say is: just because you're prettier or uglier than someone, it doesn't make you any lesser or better than said someone.

The characters directly ties in what I said above. Everyone is two-dimensional, and while that may work in something lighthearted or a romcom story or a parody, it doesn't here. It's such a shame because the background of the Hakusu family and the general setting was nicely built.

EDIT: I tried a few more chapters since more were translated. There was another review berating me for judging this too hastily, so I attempted to pick it up again, but...

Well, even by chapter 31, there's still hate being thrown around left and right. Furthermore, the main character feels like a walking contradiction; one moment clueless and the next super suspicious.

I'd call her an unbearable Mary-Sue. I'd compare her to Iris from Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter, but the latter is much more likable. The MC seems to be OP without any reason at all and everyone either hates her or loves her. It's a shame that no matter how hard I try, I still can't bring myself to like this. I liked the author's other work well enough (An Otome Game's Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku), so maybe readers who dislike this might enjoy that. Even without the fat-shaming that haunted a good portion of the beginning, I'd only rate this 2-stars at the most.

You know what the summary reminds me of? I Will Quit the Entourage of the Villainess. Please go read that instead. It's not without its faults, but I haven't dropped it, I still generally enjoy it, and the MC looses weight over time without body-shaming herself. <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: c27
This novel is worth the time reading. Don't hesitate to read this novel and just jump into it. Although the first 10 chapters the MC does complain about her weight it gets better as we start to see her invent some things and her interaction with the people around her; while trying to fix her relationship with the servants in the house. And if you're like me, fat and struggling to lose weight you can relate to the MC in this novel. Also just ignore "that" one star review, cause... more>> their review makes us think that the novel is just a waste of time when it is actually worth the time. Also you REALLY really (yes, two really) can't judge this novel as you only read a little over 10 chapter, the story has only begin to take it's root into the soil. So don't expect it to become a full grown tree when the good stuff have yet to come. AND!!! I would like to thank Rewin42, the current translator. I was SO SO so close to not reading this due to the two review (you know what I'm talking about), however your review saved me and I decided to give this novel a shot. And the end result of giving this novel a shot: Hey! Almost missed out on an interesting novel. I give this a 5 out of 5! Can't wait to read more!!!! <<less
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hawlol rated it
July 26, 2018
Status: c50
Argh... The MC is just a pushover.

The MC is a female transmigrator in a medieval europe settings. You think she would be against arranged marriages, or use her knowledge to be independent, take over the Fief or even find her own path.

Not this MC, she immediately accepts her role as an unimportant woman in a medieval society that is a tool for the family and must get thinner to find a husband and therefore be 'successful' in life.

She has no problem with her cousin taking over the earldom that belonged... more>> to her father and threatens to send her away unless she finds a fiance by 15. Meaning, GTFO or be my political tool. The MC: Okay, I'll marry any person that wants fatty me!

He also uses her 'inventions' to make a profit and she asks for nothing in return. Being fat also equals to being human scum in this novel. Because she's fat she's entitled to nothing and unless women are pretty they are useless and will be shunned by all.

The only value discussed for female characters is if they're pretty or not. Frankly, this is a disturbing view from the author and I couldn't get past it, even if the story is lighthearted. Would expect this from Harems but not from Shoujo novels.

That being said, the pacing is slow. Chap 50 she's 14 and the story from the game hasn't even started. Translation is also slow. Can't recommend this.

Edit: Someone picked this up and translations became quite faster. <<less
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Roiya rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c10
I like this so far. It has a very level headed protagonist trying to lose weight and prevent a destruction end. It has a lot of cliches from the " reincarnated into an otome as a villianess" theme but she is a side character instead and makes do with what she is given to work with. I like that she has no op ability except hard work and discipline.
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Riverlia rated it
April 9, 2018
Status: --
A funny fluffy story. 4.5 for me.

Some of the reviews made me hesitate but in the end it was nowhere as bad as they made it out to be.

The MC having an inferiority complex about her obesity and deciding to do something about it is by no mean a prejudice. 80 Kg at 12 yearsold is objectively very bad for the health. I was 80 kg when I was 24 and it sucked, just dashing a few hundred meters felt exhausting. After dieting my health and stamina noticeably improved.

Meanwhile, people... more>> who discriminated against the chubby girls and perceived to be ugly/plain characters just because of appearance were more or less portrayed as being very wrong.

As for the girl's former b*tchy reputation and her lack of action to fix it...

She's literally a shutin and only the servants and her family knew about it. She did took step to be kinder to the servants and their children, but after most of the servants around her were fired for stealing, the need to fix her former reputation is literally null.


As for the common people not bathing daily,

Remember the setting is medieval age and they didn't have a waterway in the MC earldom. This is less looking down on common people and more how thing used to be. Even in the modern age, just decades prior, it was normal to only bath every other day in my country. Turn out not having accessible water anytime you want make people consider frequent bathing to be wasting precious resource.

The lack of accessible water was considered a bad thing that should be fixed, with the protagonists planning to build the water system for their territory first thing once they managed to pay the debt.

So yeah, real life is stranger than fictions to some. You might not be able to imagine 'daily bath only for the rich' and think it's looking down on common people, but the world didn't always enjoy first world country modern privileges.


So far it's a competently written reincarnated villain mob story with beauty product and 'take care of yourselves = popularity' theme. Nothing ground breaking, but it kept me interested. <<less
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Azure_1802 rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: c29
This is good. I have never known there are so many types of oils and beauty care herbs xD it urges me to go google all of them.

The MC in the novel usually tr*shes herself for being too overweight and stench and has too many faults. I think readers who don't understand the logic in novels, misunderstand it as the author is belittling overweight people. But that's not it, the MC hates herself: her heavy body, her uncomfortable body smell, her unacceptable way of eating, etc. She has to hate... more>> them all, for her to have motivation to do everything, to force herself to change, to lose weight in healthy ways, to get rid of her smell, to improve her health. If she doesn't hate those problems of her so much, how could she change? If she just agrees at herself, thinking she is okay, and still does things to lose weight, then the novel would make no sense at all. <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
June 15, 2019
Status: c139
After more than a hundred chapters, I can finally say that this is just a fair compilation of author's ridicules of obese women, which she couldn't express in the real world and thus translated into fiction.

It was quite good, that is, until the author decided to let the plot focus on finding the humor in her fluctuative weight, ridiculing her every few chapter.

First of all, the initial premise of this story should br quite enjoyable--a girl who wants to make herself better, albeit only focusing in looks. The author tried... more>> to portray her innocently as a hard-working obese woman who had been through a lot of humiliation and decided to be slim to get better treatment. But here's the catch, MC is a transmigrator. So instead of a heartwarming 'I want to get better' vibe, it goes more into 'why am I stuck in this disgusting body' and her efforts to get out of it. She didn't even experience a tenth of what normal obese women should have experienced because she just got to the universe and is well protected, yet she innocently bashed people in that condition without stopping, showing her disgust to the original MC without end for her looks. Needless to say, it started on the wrong foot.

If you can get past the annoying belittlement remarks she made in the first tens of chapters, you'll get to the treasure of this story, which includes her excapades of inventing new products and cute relationship with ML. As a person who love to DIY bath products, I truly understand that it's actually possible to come up with many inventions like MC, and found joy in exploring the ingredients with her. This is one of the very few isekai stories that manages to bring believable aspects in product invention. The story would progress way better if the author decided to make this the main element in the story, similar to Duke's Daughter and its policy implementation.

But no. After all these chapters, author-san had shown her true color. Even after MC get to her goal (slimmed down), she was shown to break her efforts numerous times and become obese again. Then start another ones of author's ridicule of obese women.

This is the clear example how the author have no clear foundation of character building from the get go. MC, which was shown to have a strong resolve to change herself with great efforts, was eventually shown as a weak-willed woman who falls into obesity over and over again. It seems that author-san either couldn't make up her mind on MC's character, or just miss finding the humor of obese people every now and then.

If you are interested in belittling humor and don't care about character development, then go ahead and read. But otherwise, I really cannot recommend this novel to you. <<less
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lacerem rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c40
it's average at best and as you read ahead it's kind of disturbing too. The emphasis on fat=ugly is annoying and it feels like she has no other ideas like she never learn anything from her modern life but beauty tricks. If you're looking for some light reading and can shutdown your brain this is a good novel, but don't expect any chapters that you could connect.
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Walk rated it
December 26, 2017
Status: c41
The creator writes the protagonist as having extremely unrealistic thought processes that are ridiculous because each one does not really connect coherently with its preceding line. She basically doesn't make sense every time she thinks and even so much as speaks. Monologue and dialogue both are awkward and stilted. Its impossible for me to not get frustrated reading. Also unbelievable that she has random past knowledge so specific that she can conveniently make sale products from scratch. Writing multiple works in the same genre doesn't equate automatically or objectively to... more>> being skilled in the area apparently. I've read more ahead in the raws, but in one recent translated chapter she:


calls her cousin sly constantly for deceiving people into believing that he's an angel but in the next moment she becomes somehow innocent about what he did behind the scenes to make her ex reconcile with her saying she doesn't understand even when the person explicity told her. And many more.


What? Since when was obliviousness bordering on s*upidity cute. <<less
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KuroInfinity rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: --
Its a great fluffy story and all, I'm just a little disappointed with how... shallow many of the characters are. Particularly the male lead. I just don't understand how the MC could be rejected for her looks, and have their engagement canceled, slim down and become beautiful, only to fall for the extremely shallow guy who rejected her in the first place.

Of course her personality changed when she remembers her previous life's memories, but the male lead's treatment of her before and after her physical change is almost disgusting. He... more>> still treated her like dirt while she was fat, even when she was good because of her new memories, its not tsundere, just plain pretentious. <<less
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millenialBoomerWeeaboo rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c76
I registered and posted this review simply because I was shocked at the vitriol and hate in the 1 star reviews. Yes, this novel treats fat, no even chubby, people as gross and unpleasant to be around. Yes, the main character acknowledges this as a negative part of herself and works hard to improve this aspect of her health and beauty.

What's wrong with that? If you think "nothing, that's admirable" and like self improvement villainess stories, oh boy will you enjoy this.

You see, what generally sets this apart from similar... more>> "villainess turns her life around, " tales is that the protagonist actually has to work hard at slimming down. It doesn't happen even close to overnight and she constantly is feeling down about her lack of progress. She even constantly is shown to be hungry and courageously fights that urge.


At one point she even finds out she's been eating food while sleepwalking and ties herself to the bed in her quest of slimming down.


And to be honest, all of this is ancillary to the excellent character developments this novel shows off. What's more, the major villainess, of which the main character is a second fiddle villainess in the novel's otome game, is shown in a compassionate light and develops in interesting ways due to interactions with the main character. There are a lot of good vybes coming out of this novel and the conflicts are suitably low stakes so that it's a nice, relaxing read.

Highly recommended, especially if you dig self improvement stories as this one understands the nature of struggling towards a goal.

Even if you think "Fat is beautiful, " you should probably shelve your prejudice and read this novel anyway simply for the purity of the main character's self improvement struggle; it's well done. <<less
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ShuRanRan rated it
November 11, 2019
Status: c140
This novel can be described as easy reading. Being easy reading comes from its translation quality. The novel doesn't really stand out and goes in the direction of typical Japanese reincarnation tropes. I'm not going to lie and say the characters make this novel interesting. The writing is not bad and plot flows at a steady pace. If it's got some good things, why did I rate this so low? Honestly, I can't even bare to finish this as doing so may disappoint me more. I want to attempt to... more>> finish the whole novel to give a true review but even the thought of that feels like a thankless task.

Maybe I'm being harsh but let's get to the main issue of this novel: The main character and the NPC like supporting cast. Brittany is the character I have the most qualms with regarding this novel. The other characters feel shallow and hollow to the point they aren't even worth mentioning because you can sum them up in maybe 5-10 words. Anyways, here are my issues in general:

Brittany: Weak-minded and weak-willed are things that come to mind when thinking about Brittany. While one can argue that it's how she's written and that the authors has done a spectacular job at showing it. These traits indeed make her more 'human' but they don't add much to the book in my opinion. She's contradictory and whiny. I don't know what this novel is trying to do with implying that change is happening positively since Brittany becomes more unbearable with each passing chapter. The aspect of change in this novel feels like a joke.

While I can say my dislike for characters who aren't doormats and those who don't let others walk all over them may be due to my western bias. She's also a little s*upid at times but it's not in such a way that it becomes too annoying, well until her relationship with Ricardo progresses. (I will not spoil it here) However, even for this kind of character it becomes redundant, no growth or change. She is a character who lets others walk all over her and let's others do what they want without standing up for herself. Her mentality usually runs along the lines of: "oh they did something that I don't like and bothers me greatly, but I'll just deal with it". That kind of weak mentality it's what at first seemed normal, but depending on your personal preference it can become very grating on your nerves.

Also in regards to her stress eating, I'm not sure if the weight thing about reaching for sweets or the prince giving her lots of sweets is some kind of gag? Is this supposed to be funny? Since this character knows what her vices are and makes no effort to correct them or stand her ground in doing so, this aspect of the novel feels forced. Rather than comedy it feels like flat out fat shaming. I'm not unfamiliar with views on being fat in Japanese culture and I'm sure many of these readers can say the same. So, even the most seasoned reader may just snap if they decide to read this all in one sitting.

Don't get me wrong, the 'fat to thin' trope has been used in many many many novels. If you're a fan of noble villainess like stories then you're no stranger to the self improvement montages. But this, honestly this is just stale. This takes the fun and lighthearted 'sparkle' that many readers love about the genre while attempting to fit into that category. Of course, if the author was doing this as a way to make something sad/harsh seen as funny/positive then the mark has been missed quite sorely.

I can't say I've cracked a single laugh or smile while reading this. I really wanted this novel to be good, it was good. But somewhere along the way it becomes unbearable and I'm not willing to go through the pain to figure out exactly when it just goes down hill. Maybe I lack the mental fortitude for this but it feels like every moment of s*upidity grates slowly to the point that it feels kind of like death by a thousand cuts. If you're really enjoying this novel like many of us were and are determined to finish this; be careful because you may want to pull your hair out from frustration while reading this.

I know there are pretty polarizing reviews of this novel but I can say most of the one stars say everything I failed to articulate. I'm giving this novel a 2 out of respect for the translator's fantastic work. <<less
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Microgiant rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: c17
So far I like it. The main character isn't instantly losing weight, the love interests aren' t automatically in love with her after her change of personality. It's slow paced but in a relaxing way.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
theilikepie rated it
December 16, 2019
Status: c134
Moe then half the main cast is unlikable. Britanny dosent have any spine and let's her cousin make evey decision despite being the one reponsible for having there land succeed

The relationship between her and her fiance is really shallow. Dude falls in love with her after she becomes skinny and beautiful

And then her cousin keeps on c*ckbloking her and refuses to let her get engaged to whahisnamefiance becusse he fell in love with her and wants her to marry him

This goes on for so many chapters and you wonder why... more>> britanny doesnt have any leverage despite inventing so much beneficial stuff

Oh and the heroine. Like many other villaness otome shes portrayed in a bad light. Not because shes a homewrecker or a hoe. But cause shes the only character who has a spine. And she tells britanny straight to her face that she likes Ricardo and that they are rivals. She doesn't go behind her back and at this point the engament was broken up for the 50th times so its not like shes a homewrecker. Apparently this makes her bad for some reason.

Oh sure shes a mary sue. But that's according to the author. Ita a case of tell not show. Britanny is the real mary sue here. Sne can fight epically but also needs to be rescurd by the ML. Everyone likes her and whoever doesnt is the baddie. Compare that to heroine who is acutally disliked by a few people. Author sama does bot have any self awareness and made britanny into the doormat shoujo heroine

Thus the prophecy is fulfilled <<less
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hjquinzel rated it
October 15, 2019
Status: c54
The characters are shallow, the story line is dull and the only redeeming part of it is that the translation is half-decent.

Britany, our MC, constantly hates on herself for being fat, even declaring that she hates all fat people. She considers them smelly, and also thinks that commoners don't bathe. The toe-deep love interests around her call her names and only once she has become a borderline anorexic do they consider her beautiful.

This story pushes unhealthy views on weight and beauty, and the story line isn't engaging enough to make... more>> up for it's flaws. <<less
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Arha rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c149
Nobody seems to have any idea what they're doing. Several trained assassins are overpowered by a chubby girl and a brainless blond, the castle guards keep letting in the assassins, some twit tries to start a rebellion against his brother and fails utterly with no idea as to what he'll do even if he wins. The protagonist jumps back and forth between trained combatant and complete incompetent but either way I suppose it doesn't make much difference given her competition.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that pretty people are... more>> jerks and if you're mean to ugly people they turn evil. <<less
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FlanLatte rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: c131
While I’m not really satisfied with it, this is a pretty fluffy and decent isekai villaness noble novel. It’s hard to find a villaness noble daughter novel with a super fluffy romance between the MC and ML. If I had to nitpick, the MC is rather lackluster and annoying in the way that she says and thinks one thing, but she almost never puts it into action or does it too late. The urge to smack a hoe WILL COME NO DOUBT.

As someone who is pretty lighthearted and understands a... more>> degree of Japanese culture, I DO NOT think this author is trying to fat shame in this novel. What this novel is trying to do is put a comedic spin on a dark/controversial topic - aka dark humor. IF THIS IS NOT YOUR THING THEN YOU SHOULD NOT READ THIS. This is rather apparent when the reason why the heroine gets bullied is revealed (around ch100 I think? Dont quote me on that.) <<less
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