I Refuse To Reject His Proposal


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The moment I fell off the cliff, I returned to the time before all misfortunes began. Brother Ethan’s terrible death, the fall of my family. And a violent pheromone shower every day.

In order to prevent all those misfortunes, Ethan’s political marriage must be ended first…

By the way, what kind of situation is this?

“isn’t your brother here?”


“Then I’ll take you instead of him.”

Is this person crazy?

Eileen was in tears and forcibly calmed herself down despite her arguments. The opponent was Archduke Rihast. The incomparable dominant alpha whose linage came directly from the imperial family.

“Why me? No matter how big the title of the Archduke is, kidnapping in broad bright daylight shouldn’t be pardoned at all!”

“It’s not kidnapping, it’s a proposal. Please marry me.”

A threateningly tall and hard body approached Eileen as if it were pressing her.

“Having the right to refuse?”

It was clear that Ethan would get married if Eileen refused him like this. It’s going to be the beginning of another misfortune.

“Fine, I’ll marry you.”

The previously terrible misfortune had to be prevented somehow

Even if a new misfortune comes.

“Let’s get married.”

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그의청혼을 거절하지 않은건
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May 20, 2022
Status: c100
This is kinda interesting. I was, however, confused because it was my first time reading an omegaverse that's why I'm not familiar with how it works and such. So far, it's a good read. FL is likable (though I hate it when she talks about divorce) and for the ML he may seem to be the indifferent type of guy who doesn't give a damn but he actually cares for the FL and thoughtful, too. I can't believe he is such a sweet guy? His character was unexpected though he... more>> is still a red flag [my first impression was like oh no he's another tr*sh husband who will treat his wife coldly and my thoughts were like "not a tr*sh ML again" but it turned out that he is nice (?) ] and his character kinda reminds me of Callisto (well not rly idk)

In short, he hates everyone except her.


Eileen will turn into an omega at chapter 65



SHUT UP LLOYD IS THE STANDARD HE'S PERFECT LIKE THE QUALITIES THAT I LOOK FOR IN A MAN HE HAS IT ALL (WELL IT'S THE BARE MINIMUM BUT STILL I LOVE HIS CHARACTER) He even says that his wife was beautiful from the beginning when people says that Eileen became pretty. I love how he doesn't actually cares about appearances and he seems to be the type of man that will love you unconditionally. He's thoughtful, caring, quick-witted and all. Too bad he's fictional.



Chapter 70. Well, I can say that Eileen is the dense type of FL and at this chapter I think Lloyd finally realized his feelings for Eileen. He even thought "I want to make this woman happy in my arms" I'M CRYING



Though the romance development was so fast like they developed feelings toward each other within a month of like being married to each other? Don't get me wrong, I love fast-paced romance because the slow-paced ones kinda frustrates me.



Chapter 96. Eileen was kidnapped by Patrick and yeah damsel in distress thing goes on and was saved by Lloyd. Anyway the villains here are: Empress Kate, Elder Alan and his son, and Patrick

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Sep 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Lloyd is one of the best ML that I liked in a novel that I've read so far.

The story isn't bad, it's focuses more on medicines and their growing relationship.

The drama at the end was a bit frustrating but I endured it and completed the novel.

FL is okay, I just hated the part where she hesitated, but it didn't take that long for her to completely accept her feelings honestly to ML. I was like finally!! I liked the ending.
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