I Really Don’t Want to Sign a Marriage Agreement with the Big Boss


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After three years of marriage, Sheng Mingzhi and Lu Jiayan met only a handful of times.

One is a workaholic CEO who went overseas to explore markets, and the other is a star who is full of negative news and has little attention.

Their photos are all Photoshopped, and their marriage is only maintained by a sense of faith.

One day, the frenemy husbands had to fly back to Yunjing at the same time because Grandpa Lu was celebrating his birthday.

At the birthday party, Sheng Mingzhi leaned on Lu Jiayan’s brother’s shoulder fondly and said, “My husband, it’s been a long time, I miss you. =3=”

While Lu Jiayan looked at Sheng Mingzhi’s sister affectionately: It’s been a long time, have you had plastic surgery?

The secretary embarrassedly reminded him: “President Lu, you have mistaken the person.”
The agent covered his face in despair: “Mingzhi, that’s not your husband.”

It’s fxxking embarrassing!
#I know your two are frenemy husbands, but I really don’t know you are frenemy to this point.#
#It’s ridiculous that you can’t even distinguish the gender of your love!#

Lu Jiayan:”Isn’t plastic surgery popular in your entertainment industry? Isn’t it normal for me to mistook you for someone else?”

Sheng Mingzhi:“Thank you! If you pay a little attention, you know that transsexuality has never been popular in the entertainment industry : )”

Sheng Mingzhi, as the first eye candy in the entertainment industry, has no works for three years after his debut, and he is still not famous.

Mingzhi’s daily life is to show off his wealth on social platforms. His anti-fans comments are as follows:
“Now that the photos are taken, the borrowed Hermes shall be returned to it’s original owner.”
“It’s not easy to gather so many fake luxuries in one go”
“Don’t stand in front of someone’s fancy cars to take pictures, it’s embarrassing”

There’s a top comment of the anti-fans.
Mingzhi stood in front of the $500 million yacht “Prince” with a bright smile.

“LOL! I can smell a poser from a mile away. No one really doesn’t know ‘Prince’ is a wedding gift from Shengjia President Lu Jiayan to his wife?”
A few months later, the comment was forwarded by the official Weibo(a platform like Twitter) account of Shengjia Group.

“LOL! No one really doesn’t know Mr. Sheng Mingzhi is the wife of the President?”

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wo zhen mei xiang he da lao xie yi jie hun
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Melange rated it
February 21, 2022
Status: Completed
This is another one of those actor in a contractual marriage with the haughty president type novels where MC shou is a sassy short tempered celebrity and ML gong is your typical no-nonsense president.

After three years of estranged marriage, the spouses meet up again to overcome the misunderstandings that plagued the beginning of their relationship.

This is meant to be a comedy novel and at first, it is. But as the novel drags on, MC and ML's interactions become exhausting. Neither of them are likeable characters and the deadly duo only... more>> serve to drive themselves and everyone around them bonkers. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Selcouth rated it
August 3, 2022
Status: --
5* for the novel, no translations yet.

The plot is not unique but the characters are what shines the most! I absolutely love this story and even continue to read it despite not having a translation, I don't rec others to do this cause I have an advantage by understanding Chinese.

The MC is not some white lotus, not some cold aloof character who is OP, not some novel person, he's just him being himself and having lots of money. I think this is really fresh and cool.

He's also not like other... more>> celebrities being cautious in weibo and only post works, he post every happy moment and even scolds back the antis so bad I cried laughing.

This is a 爽文 if you know what I mean. It's really great! But I had to rip myself away before the variety show arc becuase I really really want to enjoy it with full translation. I'm sad and I hope someone picks this up. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 27, 2022
Status: --
If I need to read another chapter with MC being called with HER, SHE or being confused whether this or that character is a he or she. I'd choose being confused by MTL, but I still let it go and be thankful of translator effort. But then, there's so much sentences that's being omitted in the translation and made me gave up and just read the raw myself. This is just in chapter 5 too.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Bunga Kantan
Bunga Kantan rated it
March 19, 2022
Status: Completed
It's another one of those rich second generation celebrity vs CEO in contractual marriage kind of story. Then add a little sad backstory into the mix to make the characters seem more humane. That's the formula.

... more>>

I really had enough of the running gag of MC's clumsy 'accidents' and the post 95s vs post 00s arguments. The whole story is sustained by these 2 things and the usual Weibo showoffs/ fan-wars/ face-slaps and mostly MC's passive aggressive/fake-black fans. MC basically is a tsundere when it comes to ML in the beginning.


On the other hand, I'm more invested in MC's school friend Jiang Bie's story although it only existed in like 2 chapters (?) in the extras. It's much more wholesome.

As much as I dislike the characters, this story is still considered to be bearable and mildly entertaining seeing that I managed to finish it (fist pump. Jpg).


I shouldn't have written a review for this but I just wanted to rant about the author for having good ideas but failing to execute the ideas beautifully. With this premise, it could've been funny without annoying but oh well. I think she wanted to create a 'different' MC but ended up crafting a childish character with the backstory as excuse. The MC of her other story also managed to make me drop the story. What a waste of good outline.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Psychoutre rated it
May 1, 2022
Status: c57
MTL was pretty understandable.

Quite soap-opera level.. the drama is also a bit extreme. We have an MC that's very tsundere, immature and is easily provoked by anything and everything. And then we have the ML that's emotionally stunted, purely written to coax his lover 24/7. Funnily enough I clicked into this because it had the tag of a 'Manly Gay Couple' but where are they? There definitely wasn't a side couple...

MC always expects his mind and mood to be accurately read, and ML has to rely on his employees to... more>> actually research, track and determine what made the MC angry 😂 To begin with, every single misunderstanding or grievance he had with the ML could be easily resolved with simple communication.

Face slappings were a bit out there, and are mainly caused by the ML using his domineering CEO-character card. Also I can't stand tsundere MCs, it hurts me. I lasted this long because I'm a sucker for cliche entertainment drama, but MC has been stepping out of line. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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