I Raised The Richest Man In The World


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Cheng Hao died in a car accident, transmigrated to America in the 1980s, and became a Chinese American. At this time, Microsoft and Apple were still developing, the Internet wasn’t popular, and mobile phones didn’t exist … The whole world was full of business opportunities.

But it had nothing to do with him. After all, he could only fight.

Cheng Hao worked hard to fight to support his family, and struggled endlessly. He finally became the world boxing champion and got the gold belt. He suddenly found that his salary card was turned over to the Forbes Rich List.

I want to raise you, and you became the richest man in the world?!

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Ashley123 rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: c149
I finished MTL-ing the novel so here’s my honest review.

First of all, I don’t know why someone rated it only one star with only one chapter out. Imo it deserves 3 to 4.5 stars, I definitely recommend you try this novel first. Warning, there might be spoilers in this review.


  • The action (boxing) part was pretty well done. I’m by no mean an expert but it was simple to follow and enjoy. You see the MC grow by training hard and it’s not smooth sailing all the time but he never gives up and learns from all his setbacks. He’s definitely my fav character.
  • Not just the MC but even sides and minor characters have their spotlights. For exemple, one of the minor villain character


    isn’t necessarily bad, he just grew crooked but he still has morals and cares about his family member. The ML and his little brother are adorable, their bond with each other are really strong and I loved their interactions (although sadly the little brother doesn’t appear as much towards the end of the novel).
  • Romance wise, the MC only got with the ML around the 80th chapter and there’s not much NSFW scenes. The focus was more on their careers and family. It can be good or bad but I found it much more interesting that way. If you want more romance and fluff you should go somewhere else, wrong novel (not to say that there isn’t any, but it’s not the main focus).

  • Some villains are just the usual stereotypical Chinese villains. Rich second generations or bootlickers despising the MC just to be slapped in their face. If you don’t mind that, the face slapping is satisfying, especially towards the end when his background is revealed.
  • Its a known fact Americans can be racist, and that’s one of the main aspect about this novel. If I took a shot every time someone said “yellow” man/monkey I would be dead by now. Wasted drunk. Not just towards Asians, but also black people. I saw the n* word once in the machine translation, not sure if it’s accurate or not but just be warned.
  • The “China is the best” feeling is strong in this one. I understand their feelings since at the time period set in the novel, China wasn’t that strong and well known, it’s not just something I’m into. When the main reason people are proud is because he’s honouring the mainland and beating the mean Americans as a Chinese. It’s not that extreme in the novel, it only shows up at the end when he visits China.
Overall, I would still recommend if you can get past the racism directed to the MC and the usual villains. If you made it this far, might as well see for yourself since it’s easy to MTL. Thank you for reading :)
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