I Raised a Big Boss in the ’90s


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Su Wei just woke up and became the villain in the book. The female partner eloped with someone soon after her husband died, leaving her own son and her husband’s six younger siblings.

Who knows, but was abandoned tragically, the end is miserable!

But those six younger siblings have become superstars, scientific research magnates, stock speculators, Internet crocodiles…

When her abandoned son grew up, he became a digital painting genius!

What’s more terrible is that her husband is not dead at all! ! !

He just lost his memory, made a fortune in a certain corner, and finally became the official match of the scum heroine!

Su Weiwei: Eloped? Nothing! Is it not good to be the eldest wife of big brothers, or is it not honorable enough to be a mother of a painting genius?

No matter how bad, it is necessary to inherit her husband’s inheritance! ! !

Therefore, Su Weiwei was busy working as a fairy godmother to the seven big brothers in the chronology.

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hy-d-ra rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Note: review w/spoilers :)

I can't say I liked it, but it has good points and bad points. The bad points, which might not be as such for others, I consider quite overbearing, since in my opinion they were quite rubbed into your face.

This is a story of wearing a book. Rebirth or transmigration texts are one of my favorite on the market. Although it's nothing new in general and I also read another novel from this author, so their "style" is quite consistent to me and I was aware... more>> of what to expect, but actually I don't agree on some points of view of the main character and we're not talking about the beginning, which actually caused quite a stir in comments on the JJ site, but I'm talking about the love of the heroine for ML. Because was there love? You might ask yourself when you finish.

Su Weiwei travels into a book and also this book is set in 90's, this is supposed to be a cool text with a reborn heroine (not Weiwei obviously), where SWW is just a cannon fodder ex-wife who left her child and also husband's siblings after several years of being a widow. This cannon fodder had no idea that her child is a very high IQ kid and all the siblings she neglected would eventually turn into big bosses covering different walks of life. Su Weiwei decided to hug the thighs of big bosses and worked to inspire them, so she won't end up badly in case her husband, which she knew actually never died, but lost his memories after a car accident, would return and she might go out the door.

This is what caused others a contraversy of some sorts. Because we often wait for the heroine to be purely kind-hearted and without a motive to help others or she should not wait anything in return, but honestly I can't agree. I think one should not condemn the behavior of "you treat me right and I treat you right", especially when this novel shows the bad example of a similar situation, it's not Su Weiwei btw, but the mother-in-law of the family - Liu Yumei, a typical shrewd and shameless character, but also compared to Su Weiwei she is a pure evil type. While Weiwei is actually pulling all sibling not just with motivational speech, but her own actions where she earns money and invests them in all siblings, guides them and takes part in their growth, although it's described a bit light-hearted, but for me it's enough. She also doesn't pave all the way for them, she considers herself a common person without a huge golden finger like the siblings, but gives directions so all the kids in the family will be able to be independent and do what they like the most with her support behind them. On the contrary the character of the mother-in-law is a typical leech, she considers you a waste of money, but when you prosper "there are no overnight feuds between family", which is the most annoying thing. This actually always made me not really like this part of Asian culture, where kids should honor their parents etc. Where everyone forgets that its not only respect the old, but also love the young. Respect should be earned, even if it's parents or in-laws, you should not unconditionally jump like a puppet as your parents order you to just because they are parents.

Anyway, the plot itself is like a TV drama with 52 episodes. First part of it is spent in the village, Su Weiwei turns her mind around how to earn money, because it is the 90's and there are opportunities everywhere, but also because she can't handle this place she wants to upgrade their living conditions, she knows better than others that only changing to better conditions of the city all the siblings will have more opportunities. She also starts educating children, her own son and the youngest Xiaomei from the husband's family, because kids are really neglected. Why? Because their own mother died and not long after their father married Liu Yumei who brought her own two kids (boy and a girl, the boy is married and they already have two children). All money were spent on them, while the siblings from the first wife fully felt what it means you have a stepfather with a stepmother. Su Weiwei slowly integrated into this life, wanting to get out of the situation, so she looked for opportunities, slowly she knew other siblings, since they all went out to work and here came her ideological work. Original Su Weiwei was a small boss of her own advertis**ent company and now she used her own tricks to boost morality of entire family. While she traveled back and forth she actually accidentally met the husband who lost his memories, at first she did not recognize him, but like in any fateful TV-like novel they came across each other several times, more like brushing. Next stage is the move to provincial capital and development with the growing business opportunities. It also involved finally meeting the husband and our ML - He Donglin, who lost his memory and now was also a big boss. Sudden contacts with the "heroine" who wanted to catch up with all siblings, but those were preempted by Su Weiwei. It also involved quite novel-y plot that revolved around Su Weiwei herself and was not mentioned in the original script and who knows it's because of her book traveling or it was originally set like that. Original SWW had a tough life where she had a younger sister but she lived a life like she was not biological, she was exploited and unloved and strived to change her life with studies, but even here she was plotted against by her "mother" and her student status was changed, younger and unppromising sister took her place and next thing she knew she was married in a muddled way, but actually SWW is a daughter of a rich Ye family in the capital, who was kidnapped as a child. The younger sister because of the mother's manipulation replaced SWW once again to become the young lady of the Ye family, thankfully it didn't last long for the affair to be uncovered, yet it took some time btw, which really was like - why? But was explained as not to allarm the snake and investigate to have enough evidence, so this mother would enter the game. SWW was also found later and recognized her relatives, good intellectual family with different types of people, but entirely doting on the newly found sister/daughter. During this time from initial state of nodding acquaintances both SWW and the HDL moved to the zone of intimacy. But here is where my dissatisfaction comes from, that entire novel passed, but one thing hasn't changed and that is SWW always insisted that they're just "gun friends", even if she admits ML's love for her etc. But she still calls him a gun friend which is quite annoying tbh. Like you've been living in such love and comfort, you are good to each other in many ways, but her feeling of "love" can't be taken serious at all. It also comes to investing into siblings, although there's nothing excessive, but honestly her opinion sometimes was simple like wanting to help, but at other times she emphasized too much that she waited for some return, good feelings at times for me were completely ruined because of those thoughts of hers. Even if later there was emphasis that during this tme when everyone was on the right track she even forgot her initial goal, but at that time she was also quite successful herself.

In the end this novel of growing sibling, children and still being a childish girl in front of your husband passed like that. I read it with good speed actually, but at times these things were sticking out and basically living a bad impression on SWW as a character. And it's not about her wit and play against those that try to harm them, the face slaps, but this gun friend thing with your own husband after years of marriage and harmonious life. Although at other times she was rehabilitated by her good actions. Well, something like that, that's why it had some bad points and some good ones. It's nothing new, you won't lose anything if you don't read it, same with if you decide to entertain yourself. I give it quite a low rate because it's sometimes a no, but in general it gives a whatever feeling.

RATE: 2/5. <<less
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Eeria rated it
January 17, 2022
Status: Completed
The plot potential is great but the delivery of it is disappointing. The chapters don’t tie well with each other. The face slaps are not satisfying. The romance is not cute or beautiful. Its a bit bland. It’s not bad but it’s not great. The characters are kind of flat and unidimensionals. It’s an ok novel to pass time. I mtled the story and it was easy enough to understand.
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hobbes rated it
February 22, 2023
Status: Completed
The premise was great but the author had it killed along the way. I was also really annoyed by the end so I am here to rant about it.

The FL is very calculative in the beginning, being kind only because they would develop in the future and they will take care of her. This is ok in the beginning but I was expecting some kind of affection between them after spending such a long time with them especially when all of them blindly trust her. Anyone would feel guilty right?... more>> When someone trusts you so much but all you keep thinking about is how to use them to your advantage? But the FL doesnt, she is the same. Always thinking about these things.

One more thing I felt crazy was the FL keeps thinking about the ML since the beginning like he is so rich so I have to take good care of his siblings and his son so that he would be good to me in the future. This is her mentality all the time. BUT when she meets the ML and comes to know he is her husband, she completely ignores him and doesn't tell him she is his wife and after he gets to know the truth and wants to get close to her, she still doesn't want to accept him. WTF. Does it even make sense? Then what was she doing all the time? Being kind to his siblings was to only take advantage of him right? Why is she ignoring him now?

And I totally agree with "Goodreadsonly" there is a LOT of misunderstandings and miscommunication. I was also shocked to see that how she found her real family and she keeps it secret? WTF. Do normal people do that? I go home and tell everyone at home if I just find 5 euros on the street. If you dont get along with those people and then its fine you dont want to share, but they are her family who live with her and love her very much. And also her son is kidnapped and many people will be looking for him but after she comes to know about her real family, she totally forgets about this. She finds her son spends a lot of quality time with her family and then she remembers of the ML who is also looking desperately for her son and thinks that may be she should inform him. He has a pager so she was able to inform if she wanted to but she doesnt care at all. He keeps looking for his son.

If the author had made the FL independent and strong and not made her look like a gold digger and manipulative person then this story would have great. The FL really is very independent, she has her own ideas about business but I dont understand why she keeps thinking of taking advantage of others while she herself is building a really good life for herself. But the author has made it into a big mess. I got really annoyed with all the characters by the end and wished I hadn't wasted my time reading it. <<less
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lacerem rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: Completed
It is an average story there is no big event, villains are not cleaver and punishments are more like karma hitting the villains.

The vocabulary is irritating, ugly and poor people have a heart worst then everyone else. The classist language is prominent. You know worst people are poor farmers and lucky MC her bones are from the city. If you do not like reading long expositions about MC' business it is a quick read as you would skip half of the novel.
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Biubiubiu rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: Completed
Very Good plot.

It's just that I think it was not well written. Honestly I got stressed with the antagonists (especially that liu yumei and family. Gahd I wanna kill her). There are face slaps. But its not enough! Not enough with all the stress I got! It made me frustrated many times. 😥 NOT ENOUGH FACE SLAPS!

And the secrets. Why so many secrets? You all live in the same house. But you dont know the identity of each other. Like, come on! You depend on each other. But you dont... more>> trust them with your identity. Whyyyyyyy?

Honestly I really liked this novel. But I think its too trying hard for face slap episodes. Thats why there are too many concealments.

Well I just wanna say my frustrations. I wont rate this. Ill just leave it here.

Ah. This is the first novel I read from this author. I thought the author is not good at writing. But I was wrong! I tried to read her other novel after I read this. And I liked her other novel very very much so much! Made all my frustrations go away. Gave me the fluffs and warmth I want.❤️😌 So maybe in this novel. The author was not in the mood when she wrote this. Or shes confused. Well. I dont know. 🤷🏻‍♀️ <<less
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March 21, 2022
Status: c86
Overall it's not a bad book but I could not get over all of the lies/miscommunication.

The author is really relying on lies/miscommunication to push the story forward and it makes no sense.

... more>>

MC's son is kidnapped and during that she finds out she was kidnapped as a child and raised by her kidnappers. She finds her bio family and blah blah. Then she gets her son back and goes home... tells no one about the whole ordeal and just goes on with her life??? Who does that?


This one example was just my final straw and I couldn't keep reading. It's just cliche and illogical. If you like the miscommunication trope go for it, the rest of book is fairly interesting. My favorite character is the MC's son.

The MC is okay. I wanted to like her but her personality just gets caught up in the plot.


90% of the time, she pretending to be a kind gentle dainty lil lady, but she's much more selfish and manipulative than she shows. The ML immediately realizes she has two personalities when he finds out she's his wife.


Her personality is pretty realistic but kinda gets overshadowed by plot. Like all the characters are fairly 2d and the author doesn't spend much time building characters. <<less
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fmriver rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: --
The title should have probably been better served as “in the 90s I raised a gaggle of kids into big bosses”.

the first half of the story has little to no romance in it fyi, the ML is nowhere to be found, and really only shows up right before the plot turns and the MC starts to have an easier go of things.

A couple things made this not be a 5 rating for me. First ... more>>

of all there is a wasted opportunity for the interaction with the in-law cousins multiple places in the story. I’m not sure why this is so prevalent in other stories, but here, I wish they had taken the time and instead of using her for face slapping, actually had MC help Jain Tao and her two kids that were also in a crappy situation and going worse to worse. This is endemic in the genre though, where only the FL MC can do well and no one else can if they aren’t simps of the FL MC. The FL for the most part actually showed some fémina thoughts and stuff almost by accident but it was inconsistent


Beside that, it was enjoyable read. <<less
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xjgg rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c146
it's okay I guess. MC and ml's marriage is rather lukewarm. there are so many characters who want to take advantage of them+their family. it's a bit tiring because almost all of them revolved around getting a good marriage. the things I don't quite like:

... more>>

ml's siblings are easily motivated lmao. so many chapters..... author should've cut off a biggg portion of paragraphs describing mc's beauty, the bystanders' reactions towards her, and the repetitive "omg this little kid looks familiar, who does he look like"

those paragraphs could've been used to develop the siblings' characters better. or how mc's family finding out about her life and death in the og timeline. that would've been more interesting than reading about mc's beauty and ml's sexiness again and again sobs.

MC didn't have the slightest feeling of guilt after her biological family found her. I mean, I know it wasn't her fault she transmigrated. but she got familiar with weiwei's family without feeling weirded out. at all.

ml's sisters got married to mc's brothers (the eldest sister had a child with mc's eldest brother lol). this is not weird per se, im just a bit "... eh" with the way mc's siblings got paired up just like that idk.

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Lemyceres rated it
November 2, 2021
Status: c146
It was a nice story to pass the time. The plot was the usual you find in novels of this genre. However I enjoyed a lot the relationship between the MC and the Ml’s family. The sisters and brothers in law were adorable and stick with the MC the whole time even against the ML.

In general it was an entertaining read.
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stardoll rated it
December 19, 2021
Status: c1
MTLed the whole thing. It was a good novel! If you enjoy transmigration novels in the 70s-90s era, it's a nice read.

strong point of the novel is the relationship between the MC and the siblings of the ML's family. MC is a pretty fun character.
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