I Quit Being a Knight and Became a Mercenary


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It’s much better to be a mercenary than a knight.

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기사 때려치우고 용병합니다
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New Deadmilkmen rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: c43
This is so amazingly bad that it's refreshing. It's a war novel that has zero tactics. Just constant cringey insults are thrown around. Psychological warfare is a thing and all, but in this novel it's the only thing. There isn't a single swing of a weapon that isn't preceded by the wielder spouting some pre teen level insult.

"Hey, losers! We are skilled and frightening warriors!"

That's a direct copy paste. The insults are so, so bad. I'd give them the benefit of a doubt for a lot of it being lost... more>> in translation, but still, there's too much of it. So far the novel has been about 90% of it's time spent on battlefields. Meaning that really all I've read is just a steady stream of insults that are worse than a child's level. Pretty sure I coulda talked better sh*t than these guys at like 8 years old. <<less
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