I Played the Role of the Adopted Daughter Too Well


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When I first came into the book, my goal was just to survive.

‘I have to live longer! And be happy!’ So I did my best.

I am going to walk on my own flower path.

“Wherever I go, the seat next to you is mine. You promised to pat my head for the rest of your life, isn’t that right?” The strongest male character, who was stabbed to death in the original novel, stared at me with obsessive eyes.

If I say no, he will destroy the world.

“Yes, I’ll kill him. Then you’ll be happy, too, right?” The fifth brother looked a bit crazy.

“This is my land from here to here. And yours, too. I’m glad to be able to breathe with your grandest dreams.” The fourth oldest sister, who became the richest woman on the continent, opened the map and said that.

If I say I don’t have such a grand dream like her, I think a catastrophe will happen.

“I’m looking forward to the Winter Solstice that you’ll rule completely.” Laughter rose on the face of the butler who served me.

“If you don’t connect to Verratoux, my heart will stop tomorrow morning. Are you sure you’re okay with that?” My first sister, who was supposed to be the original successor, threatened me with her life.

And this is the biggest problem. Somehow, a faint smile raised my father’s mouth, which became stronger than the original father he was. “Independence? Try it then. I won’t even let a single ant live on this land.”

“Did you think you could leave my arms and stand on your own…” He then stared at me obsessively.

They are all acting weird.

Everything went wrong.

I only did my very best.

Associated Names
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I acted as the adopted daughter too well
The Unintentionally Ideal Adopted Daughter (Official Tapas Manhwa)
입양딸 역할을 지나치게 잘해버렸다
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losernoodle rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: c12
I think it's a mix of both the translator and the author's fault, but this story is confusing to read because it's hard to tell who is speaking. POV changes happen in random spots and pronouns get mixed up a lot (which isn't unusual for Mystical Series translations). Other than that, this story is just not my taste because it's too cruel. It's full of psychos, except in this story the characters seem to think that the more psycho you are the better.
23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rena Rain
Rena Rain rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: c5
Well, firs of all, I really love it. It's a pretty amazing story just by reading the current 5 chapters. The MC is acting so cool in front of them and I really am in awe. She's amazing! The family she was adopted into is... crazy, I guess? That seems to be the most appropriate word right now. But it just adds to its charm. I like it and it's not leaning too much into a dark story. And I gotta say, I love her butler, Xenon. Truly splendid!.... And... more>> terrifying.

I hope this continues to be translated. I recommend this to those who like dark humor or something a bit dark but being shown in a light way, MCs who transmigrate/reincarnate as children, story surrounding family and pretty cool butlers. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Avanalae rated it
May 19, 2023
Status: c138
I love this novel. And the manhwa has been amazing as well. I was so sad when the previous tl didn't just stop but disappeared. 🥲 It was exciting to see another group taking it up and I dove in with glee.

It started out well, I think. But I can hardly remember bc after a certain point the quality just deteriorates. And like, I get that there is a person supposedly editing the mtl, and it might be someone who is already tl on other projects, some that I do... more>> enjoy. However, quite literally, every chapter will start out alright but then the quality of the edit/proofreading quickly declines. Like, they just give up on making sure the pronouns and even the goddamn names are right. I get the grammar and shit, but letting a character's name go through 3-5 changes in a single chapter is too much. I'm disappointed. 😮‍💨 I'd prefer they just drop it if they can't invest the time and effort to make it good enough to read. So, I won't be rating this. The novel itself is 5 stars, but this current tl is 2. And I don't want to mar the novel by rating the tl. 😔

EDIT: Good news! The tl does, eventually, get better. My review was originally posted at chap 28 and we're now at 138. It takes a long while but it does get better! A 2 star tl to a... 3.5 star? 🥲 Well, it's progress. It's so much easier to read and they keep the names consistent, but unfortunately this should be the bare minimum which is why I'm not saying 4 stars. 😅 But I enjoy this novel too much, so I need to rate it. It's a provisional (bc the tl does it dirty and can bring if down) 5 star. ♡ <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KSanty rated it
July 14, 2021
Status: c21
I really liked the story and it has a similar atmosphere as "save the heroine's older brother"

But the translation is a mess very often. I can't understand who adresses to whom with all the "she"/"he"/"I" mess.

I'll update as the story goes on
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
impastas rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: c1
I could not physically go further. Usually, I stick to CN novels, but I decided to stray into a KR novel tonight. However, that was so badly translated that it felt like I was in English class doing analysis to find the true meaning. I was attracted by a review touting it's similarity to Roxana (good manhwa btw I reccommend it), but I have to drop it here. Furthermore, the link to the novel here on Novelupdates doesn't work, so I had to go and find it. I have dealt... more>> with bad translations before, but not to the point where it feels like an experiment on how long readers will stay when reading with the lowest quality translations. It's like the lowest graphics on a game when you can clip through the edges of things cause the borders are so blurry. The translations frequently used the wrong pronouns or even omitted them altogether. It's often hard to tell who is talking, and I had to reread many sections multiple times to simply figure out who said one line of dialogue. They use paragraph breaks in the middle of dialogue said by one person, where you would normally assume a speaker change takes place. This novel's translation is undeserving of its cover. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
endzsi rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: c61
I liked the main character, also how the misunderstandings keeps piling up, the stroy is nice overall. (Not sure if its dropped or not since I cannot find it anymore 😭but hope someone will continue)
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 5, 2023
Status: c07
Well translated! I'm liking the MC a lot so far. She's smart and tries to change things rather than follow the plot closely unlike other MCs which is already refreshing.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fluoresscindy rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: c13
so far what I can conclude is all of the characters are sick on the head aka madman including MC

MC is smart asf, I also like how she handle the situation, she pretend to be cruel and act so creepy for the sake of her life, she knew how to handle some hard situatin and how to treat the characters without getting out from her original character and I really admire how brave she is although she do feel scared as a normal person, she got some issues tho especially... more>> for the family part

Tundra is the ML right? So far I hope so although I do like Vexin (older brother) and Xennon (the butler) both of them already started to showing their obsessive behavior especially Vexin, I think Xennon is great to be a assistant👌 <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
maria1014 rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: c30
I am liking everything so far. Recommended to read this one. Maybe I read a lot of novels so somehow I can guess what will happen next. But even though my guess almost always ends up correct it is a very enjoyable read 🥰
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DDosGaming rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: c16
so amusing.

the comedy is not the misunderstanding. It's the characters with absurd personality.


butler who willing to cut his hand off, to test a 7yr orphan girl. Using himself as base.

a mother who play s&m with his son, who is yandere his mom.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Loves_Translations rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: c104
It has an interesting premise and I enjoyed it enough. I have an issue with the pacing though, because it seriously drags things out in my opinion. That or the chapters are simply not long enough to be satisfying. The most recent "chapter" I read centered around only one conversation on a ring. Sure setup is important, but an entire chapter was wasted on a single conversation and left off on a cliffhanger. I feel the chapters end on such cliffhangers often and it's just too much for me every... more>> time. It makes it feel like very little progression gets done. It's hard to keep reading like that.

I'll still read, but I am close to dropping because there's nothing exciting right now and I dislike the way the author seems to keep leaving readers hanging. I get suspension it creates but it's too much. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 21, 2023
Status: c52
To an extent, another similar title would be, "The Saga of Tanya the Evil". A hyper-competent little girl that astounds others, and is often misjudged because of her fierce aura and behavior. To extent she's written insensibly, with how inconsistent her capabilities is manifested. This is attributed to the fact that she's unconsciously using magic, and it's further reinforces her setting as a female heroine. But it blows hot air into the weird dynamic of: hyper competent genius vs. a in-training 'sword dog', the incongruity doesn't make this feel like... more>> the preferred romfan.


It's a bada** FMC if it's what you're looking for, but I suppose I prefer a cup of more sensibili-tea. I started getting more confused of what FMC was capable of and the writing just states that she can do it. Magic is incongruent because it's unconscious, and many characters just talk themselves into thinking that she's fully aware of what she can do.

For one, FMC instinctively sleep fights when people approach her, but this characteristic is absent later. Two, FMC can have inhuman strength. Usually expressed when she is in a emotionally volatile state. But it's inconsistent when FMC is angry, or subdued. FMC is capable of acting, but for all of it to be an unconscious buff is... Third, the og!FMC is capable of instinctively behaving when she loses focus. While this point is more consistent than others, the fact that there are two triggers: undefined interaction with her sword dog - hugging, looking him in the eyes, etc. AND losing focus or being unconscious - sleep fighting or lost in thought.


TDLR; a feels-good story with disregardable character inconsistency. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Worm rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: c16
(this is my first time writing a review)

the story is really good and interesting and all the characters so far have funny and absurd personality’s which makes the misunderstanding’s even more funny. The first few chapters are a little hard to read because it changes pov’s suddenly but you get used to it after a little while. Tip is to read it slowly. It’s almost like the way of protecting the female leads brother but it’s probably a step below because they actually care for each other. This... more>> statement is not from me in the chats lot’s of people are saying that and I agree. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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