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Su Yu, who was attempting to create a second account in the VR trading card game “Yu-Gi-Oh! World Link Online”, inexplicably traveled to the game world, and even had his own NPC identity.

Time went back to one month before the game was launched, the nameless Pharaoh was still sleeping in the body of the high school student Yugi Muto, and the Duel City with cross-generational significance had not yet started.

When the game was officially launched, players logged in and found that there was a new NPC in the game that was not in the original game.

Yuei Vu: Do the players over there want to buy a booster box? Fifty-one packs, five hundred and ten cards, fair price, no cashback!

The players stared directly at the Pot of Greed marked as UR in the product list, their eyes were burning, and the same thoughts came into their minds…

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New fightready2 rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: Completed
A wonderful fanfiction that was written with care by the author. The duels were well choreographed and the story was planned out with the world and readers in mind. The story can be divided into three eras of DM, GX, and 5DS.

My original readthrough was an odd one as I didn't totally read DM before skipping straight to the end of 5DS (catching chapters here and there looking for familiarity.) Funny thing is that this attempt to skip boredom ended up helping reignite my fire for the series as I... more>> was fond of the way the story tried to end things. When I went back to read the whole story from scratch, I didn't skip a single chapter and gave the story a full recommendation.

If you can, read the author's closing thoughts. The changes in the story will make a whole lot more sense. The author really looked at the story of Yu-Gi-Oh! And tried to improve it where he can. GX was a good example as it now looks like a true sequel to DM and is no longer a spin-off.


Jaden vs the Supreme King is a great way to end GX

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