I Picked Up the Precious Daughter of the Villain


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The little orphan, whom she raised, was somehow the daughter of the villainous Duke.

He thought his daughter was dead and went crazy.

One day, when I was rolling with my feet because there was no way to deliver the news.

The Duke rushed into the house.

“If you give up the child, I will kill you painlessly.”

“Don’t kill Mom!”

She almost died after being mistaken as a kidnapper but was saved thanks to the child.

No matter if he was the father or whatnot, she cannot entrust the child to such a dangerous human being!

That’s how the shared lifestyle of raising a child with the villain began.….

This man, he is very different from what I thought.

“I’ll give you my life, so please protect my daughter until the end.”

I feel sorry for him.

“Are you testing the limits of my patience?”

He was seductive.

“For me, there was no woman before you, and there will be no woman after.”

And also straightforward.

What’s more, even the child considers me her mother…

Can I get away from this dangerously attractive villian?

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흑막의 소중한 딸을 주워 버렸다
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2 Reviews

May 05, 2022
Status: c16
This is like the first time I am reviewing this story is just too CUTE! I love the fluff between the FL and the child and their is more commen sense in comparison to other stories.

... more>>

The child understandably hates the ML because he did try to kill FL☠️ But he really does look like a cute creep in the beginning, FL I wish you luck!


The ML is very interesting and insane in a reasonable way that I love the story even more! We love our villains unhinged after all <3

So in conclusion, read the story if you like fluffy family moments :) <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 13, 2022
Status: --
Aaa it's so cute and so moeeee the translations are good too as expected of four seasons forest. The story is fluffy, ML and FL doesn't have much progress yet but the relationship of the daughter and FL is so cute.
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