I No Longer Lift a Sword


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The Emperor’s sword, called the Emperor’s Guardian and Knight of the Emperor’s Sun.

Elacion 1441 – The Emperor’s Sword, Lydia Centrin, the guardian of the empire, rebelled.

“Your Highness, may I say one last word.

-From now on, don’t swear by the sword.”

Just as there is darkness because of the warm light and as spring comes because of winter.

Her fate, which has lived with a frozen heart to protect him, is lost to the dew of the execution table in an instant by the ploy of someone hiding in the pure white light.

Meanwhile, in the Empire, Elperanda, the eldest daughter of the Duke of Reinhardt, lost her life in an accident, and miraculously, Lydia is reborn with the memory of Elperanda, and her soul resides in Elperanda’s body.

If Lydia’s life is winter, Elperanda’s life is like spring.

In her new body, she lives her new life, and again – Saintess Jia scheme, hidden behind the pure white light, come to her….!

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여기사는 더 이상 검을 들지 않았다
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