I Need a Wife


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What are the chances of a woman, who’s afraid of her own mother and decided not to agonize any longer so she goes on a blind date, appearing?

What are the chances of a woman, who’s met all of her criteria, appearing?

Sun-woo, a thirty-one-year-old woman, goes to the appointment place and gets the honor to experience a unique circumstance that she can’t believe even after going through it herself.

The one who showed up under the name of ‘Lee Eun-sung’ is a woman who has the same name instead of her potential marriage partner due to the dating company’s mistake.

“This is probably the best.”


“In the first place, I’m not destined to have men in my life. Now I can finally say that heaven proves it.”

“That’s mean–”

“Yes, I’m lesbian.”

This is the story of Sun-woo and Eun-sung, two people who have different reasons and desires but need a life partner.

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One entry per line
아내가 필요해
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