I Lost My Memory Before the Divorce Was Agreed


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The popular niche student Lu Yuanbai and Duan Yu, the president of the Duan Group, have been married for many years.

However, when the two agreed to marry, their relationship was not on good terms.

When the agreement expired and was about to divorce, Lu Yuanbai lost his memory. When he woke up again, he not only became a popular fried chicken, but also concluded his marriage with a listed company.

The boss looks cold and handsome, rich and powerful, not only that, the news of their love is flying all over the sky.

(Popular fried chicken is a buzzword that refers to a person or thing that is becoming popular recently. It is called the direction of the fashion or trend of things.)

President Duan admits his love affair with Lu Yuanbai, saying that they have been pursuing each other for many years…

President Duan proposed a high-profile marriage, but the pigeons blinded everyone…

President Duan and the popular Xiaosheng Lu Yuanbai were like glue after their marriage, and they hugged and kissed on the street …

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Hợp đồng ly hôn trước khi tôi mất trí nhớ
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August 30, 2022
Status: c21
Found in MTL and it was pretty good. Unfortunately not to my tastes.

Really should have looked at the tags rather than just the summary.. Naive protagonist to the extreme. According to the plot, the 25-year old MC loses 7 years of memory, but honestly what I got is that he acts and thinks like he's 12.. I struggled to read through his mannerism and way of thinking.. I kinda hoped eventually he returns back to his original self? But I couldn't last as long as I thought.

It was pretty amusing... more>> at first, thought his one-tracked mind/gullible-self was kinda endearing but I can't stop getting second-hand embarrassment. Maybe I'm too old for this type of plot. <<less
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DeanRae rated it
September 21, 2022
Status: Completed
I mtld it and it’s not too shabby. I dont think he acts like a twelve year old but I do admit that he’s a lot more childish - and that’s the point, to differentiate his 18 year old personality to his mid 20s personality. To put things in perspective, MC at 18 was a spoiled child who grew up kind but with no setbacks given to him. He basically was raised with all the love and money his parents could give him so his outlook of the world is... more>> still green, rainbows and sunshine. In comparison, his twenties personality has gone through all the horrors of society so you can imagine why his personalities are of two extremes. If you manage to get midway to the book when he regains his memory, you’ll actually see hints of his 18 year old self hiding behind his wee ol hedgehog personality. My take is, give it a read and if you like the fluff vibe you get, then keep on reading. It’s nice to read when you need a mental break and want to read something with an easy romance. <<less
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Wintercreeper rated it
February 4, 2023
Status: --
There’s nothing cute about a man thinking of another person, especially his spouse, as a pet.
It’s disgusting how often ML treats and thinks of MC as nothing but a “kitty”, MC is basically mentally challenged after his accident and it’s despicable to view such a person as an animal.
ML is a scum who’s using MC for his own amus**ent, knowing full well that the guy believes they are a loving couple and genuinely wants to give ML the world.

After 14 chapters of this, I’ve lost all interested in... more>> seeing how their relationship develops.
ML’s characterisation is so far off the chart of what’s tolerable in a potential love interest that it kills any fun I might have had with this novel, the abusive and sociopathic tendencies he shows are seriously off putting. <<less
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MisakiAkihiko rated it
January 31, 2023
Status: --
This is a great novel! Finished this in one go! If you like fluffy story then you should read this one! I thought it's just a simple romance story between the ML and MC but I'm wrong. Our MC sweet little bun MC became cold because of his past (I actually did not expect MC to have that kind of past) And yes He lost his memories before their agreement to divorce.

... more>>

After the MC lost his memories. He forgot his marriage with the ml. And although he is 25. His memories was only until he was 18. And this is where MC didn't know they are in just contract marriage. And he believes that he love the ML and ML loves him too. This is just where MC is cute and sweet little bun with the ml.

Fast forward~

MC memories will be back and read it to know what will happen UwU.


End of the spoiler.

Unlike the other novels who ML falls inlove right away the ML in here doesn't. He's still thinking about divorcing the MC but then. Doing the things that ML lacked when he is a child. The attention, the care, the love, ML slowly started falling inlove with MC (I mean? Who wouldn't? &Gt;///< I also want my own Yuan ah!) Srsly I'm telling you. MC knows the way for the ml's heart! His mouth is just full of sugar!!! Anyway~ ML falling in love with the MC is justified.

Rating this 5 star because it's been a while since I finished a story I really like. (I want my own Yuan!!! QAQ) <<less
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Hades97 rated it
May 30, 2023
Status: --
Agreeing with some other reviews here--- The MC is too "uwu I'm a baby" for me. There's a way to show comical and childlike mannerism WITHOUT going full on "I'm an idiot at the grand old age of 18 that wouldn't survive without a nanny". The fact that almost every character interaction is an embarassing moment/ ehe~ moment is wearing me down

I should really keep a better eye out for my personal reading red flags like "fluffy" and "naive MC" :')
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The Mighty Cat
The Mighty Cat rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: c16
I really couldn't read beyond this chapter lol.

The story revolves around a man who survives a car accident but has lost 7 years of memory (He was 25 when the accident happen). He then finds out that he has a husband and he was now a star who committed a crime (the car accident that he was part of). The MC acts super super naive after the accident. It was funny for the first few chapters and then it just got tiring.

... more>>

As for the ML, both ML and MC just had a business marriage with no love in between them. MC had the accident just before they agreed to divorce (They had settled to divorce after 5 years of marriage).

ML is the same old cold domineering CEO as in other novels. I don't blame him for being too cold to MC as their marriage was only a business contract. But I started to have problem when ML after seeing the naive MC literally thought of him as a pet.



And also the whole world knows that both of them are married. So I just found it weird that he didn't help MC solve the case as the scandal should have affected his company too right. And the bodyguards that ML left at the hospital. Did he just leave them there to protect the hospital itself or the person lol. MC just walks past them to go to police station and they just watch.


The maturity that MC had shown was even less then that of my little brother who is barely 10. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: c116
Not much stands out about this story's usage of the amnesia trope. The story is basically as the summary presents it. The ML was entangled by the youthful version of the MC that he had never seen during their 5 years of marriage. He plays along at first to not stimulate his cooperative partner's health, but he falls in love with the MC's sincerity before too long. The sunny MC gave him a feeling of familial warmth and approval that he had been missing in his life. His memories of... more>> the older MC added a layer of pity and curiosity due to the drastic change in temperament. ML can't help but wonder what the MC went through in only 2 years to change him so completely as a person inside and out (from cute/ naive/ optimistic -> cold/ indifferent/ cynical).

I skimmed through the first half of the story, skipping past many chapters with obvious development. This author seems to have a terrible habit of constantly recapping events over and over and the bad pacing made the story drag too much in the early period. I did finish c50+ without skimming, but like...

None of the ML's emotional issues are resolved. The author just tossed all of the MC's enemies to death or prison. The Duan family even called the ML back home with a strong hint that something may be about to go down on that side... and then it's never mentioned again. Even the MC's grandfather who loved him and showed instant regret never appears again, beyond a sentence that the Lu family suffered heavily from the fall of the Shen family and tried to reach out for help from Lu Mama only to get tossed out by her new husband. And that's it. The side characters all disappear rather than repent. This handling shows that they have no depth beyond providing a backstory for the MC. Even the illegitimate brother with a love-hate relationship directly gave up voluntarily after a few words from the MC. I had somewhat been expecting him or his mother to watch the MC's show (strong parallel to their situation) and realize something was wrong with their three views. Hell I'd even be OK if the stepmom took the chance to slander the MC for being an abandoned son only to have the MC leak that his inspiration for depicting the villainous bully character was his younger brother.

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Onyo.onyo rated it
December 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Heartwarming content. If you often read novel about ML just being cold and don't have reason behind it, read this. ML not 2D, He has feeling, he get hurt too from his parent. I Really love MC and ML, I wanna hug them, this story not extremely angst, but just feels real bcs you can see them in some people experience. I hope in another paralel MC and ML Will have loving family with their parents.
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Shortk rated it
October 15, 2022
Status: c26
Oh I fully agree with the first review. I disagree that he acts 12. Its more like 6 (no joke), but his character set up is essentially: "I'm a soft lil sweet baby uwu who is easily hurt, naive af, and gullible." I also didn't see the naive protagonist tag like an idiot. Holy shit. The other person said he gets back his memories midway in the book.... That's too far away man (is that ch 50?? Or??) Bc I'm here cringing at chapter 8!! tell me he eventually... more>> becomes a reasonable adult soon....┬⁠─⁠┬⁠ノ⁠ (⁠ಠ⁠_⁠ಠ⁠ノ⁠)

Anyways if you're into capable, stable, smart, deep, clever, etc type MCs I'm not sure this is the one my friend...I physically cannot read anymore.

Look It's really just a typical brainless entertainment novel with a CEO ml, s*upid netizens, clingy innocent MCs (as of now), and a fluffy romance. At best it's a 3 enjoyable but nothing ground breaking except for the cringe and second hand embarrassment. He'll probably change but I physically would be torturing myself to continue reading. <<less
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