I Live With My Villain Uncle


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“I have no hobby in raising kids, you know. So live quietly like you’re dead.”

Aika decides to stay at her uncle’s house despite his fierce threats.
Aika, who lost her mother in an accident, has the special power to see her future, but.

“Uncle, should I sing you a lullaby?”
“This uncle wants to use his ears for a long time, though.”
“Uncle, my kiss is worth a million gold.”
“Niece, the value of money doesn’t fall that easily, you know.”

She has to protect Uncle with that power, but his iron wall is formidable!
Even so, what should she do! Surely she has to protect him.

[Uncle Cassel will never kick Aika out.]

She stamped the seal, saved her uncle from such and such danger, and also saved her childhood friend who has pretty eyes!
Shall she go back to her grandpa’s now, stretch her feet and live comfortably?

“Hey, are you really going to leave your uncle behind? How can Uncle live without you?”
“You can live, Uncle.”
“It’s hard because your uncle is sick, but are you still going?”

Uncle, you said you’ve never caught a cold in your life…

Why is her childhood friend, who was like a Formosan deer, becoming so edgy?
After she kept some distance, it got really messy.

“Aika, do you hate me now?”
“Don’t hate me, please…”

Wasn’t it you who hates me?

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악당 삼촌이랑 살아요
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notyourcupid rated it
February 12, 2023
Status: --
first review! Thank you ReadHive for your translations once again.

The story seems to have a very interesting premise: a villain uncle compared to the usual villain father. Other than that, this story does seem to be quite fun and would be a nice comfort pick up read.

The dynamic between uncle and niece is quite humourous as well.

Aika is an adorable little girl as well with a thought process much different than a lot of other child protagonists, she's a very fun and kind little girl who really shines with her... more>> personality. She's simple and child-like and genuinely has good intentions, makes me root for her! I look forward to seeing more of her and her uncle ^^ <<less
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