I Live Three Houses Down From The Reincarnated Hero


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One day, Jake fell from a tree branch and lost consciousness while playing with his childhood friend Emily. When he woke up, he realized that he had reincarnated. This world was the setting of the RPG fantasy game “Sword of Fantasy,” and he was the hero of the Orlan Kingdom, “Jake the Red-Haired.” In the game, the protagonist was supposed to embark on a journey of adventure upon the king’s request. If he could gain even greater power than at the start of the game before then… With fervent emotions and burning ambition, the boy began to take action to become the greatest Tueee.

Meanwhile, there was a man watching this scene and thinking to himself, “Wow, he’s totally in the throes of middle school syndrome, isn’t he?”

This is a story where these two are involved, or perhaps not involved with each other.

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Personasama rated it
June 15, 2024
Status: c10
Pretty relaxing and interesting. The story is told from two main POVs: the village kid who gets memories of their past life one day and realizes this world is from a game they played + they’re a hero so they go down a route of training and growing, and the other village kid who’s had their memories ever since being born and has been experimenting with the world’s rules in a slow life farming way.

The stakes are rather low but the vastly different perspectives are fun. The hero is developing... more>> in a stereotypical way, sweating it out and getting stronger while taking on greater rivals (in his mind), while the slow life farmer kid has the wider perspective to see that the hero kid’s actions are super chunk but doesn’t judge him for it but just enjoys it and supports him, meanwhile making crazy magical discoveries by accident and following a very different genre of story.

It’s all a very pleasant world where everyone is warm hearted and they watch over the growth of the kids happily. Would recommend to anyone who wants a simple charming read. <<less
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