I Kinda Came to Another World, but Where’s the Way Home?


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This story is about a 3rd year high school student who’s being bullied, and whose name is Naginata Kitsune. There isn’t any physical bullying and nothing gets stolen, but he is isolated in class, and his only priority is getting in perfect attendance.

A girl transfers into his class and they quickly become best friends. However, after being called out by some jealous male students threatening her, he saves the transfer student at the cost of his life.

But this isn’t the end as Kitsune finds himself well and alive, but in an unfamiliar forest. What will become of him now?

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Isekai ni Kichatta kedo Kaerimichi Izuku?
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Deneb rated it
December 23, 2016
Status: c35
So disappointing. I gave it a fair chance. I really wanted it to be good. It seems like the author really thought about the MC. He certainly wasn't a personality free blank canvas like so many other harem MCs, and yet the author couldn't escape the most ridiculous writing pitfalls and exasperating cliches.

Once again the MC, who has no redeeming attributes, besides his devotion to his comrades, somehow survives attack after attack due to heavy plot armor. I've realized that the author created this story as pure mental... more>> masturbation. The MC does everything the author, obviously coming from a strict Japanese society where manners and social etiquette are two things that are constantly stressed, wished that he could do. For example, shouting out oppai at first sight of a well endowed woman, talking back to a knight captain with age and social status much above his own, etc. Etc.

I'm sure that many Japanese who feel smothered by a rigid society would enjoy living vicariously through the MC. Unfortunately I can't stomach another chapter at this point because the plot is so broken. Obviously, this is a harem story so there has to be a harem, but the author seems to have put little to no effort in giving any reason to why these females all wish to surround the MC. Even Infinite Stratos gave the slightly believable pretext that the MC was the only guy at a girls school and had talent.

The first harem member was picked up for an almost reasonable excuse that the one he saved in the previous world had some strong emotion for the MC at his parting which somehow translated into another world as a fairy companion.

The second companion was the all too cliched "slave who fell in love with her master simply because he wasn't a complete bastard just like all the other slaves' masters". The way he acquired her was unbelievable as well. He reports being attacked by a monster to the adventurer's guild and acquires a large sum of money. They don't even ask for any corroborating evidence. They just say, oh you saw an incredibly strong monster just outside the gates and even though there hasn't been any strange circumstances and all you have to offer is a description which is common knowledge, here's a large sum of gold. Seriously!? Is everyone in this fantasy land 100% honest or are they all just gullible enough to offer gold to anyone who comes along and makes this claim. A person could amass a tidy sum simply by going into every branch of the adventurer's guild and telling them he saw a monster outside the gates. {Facepalm}

The third member of the harem was collected because the MC pointed out the obvious to the girl's father and he said, you should go with that guy, as if that was normal in any way. Author, please, throw us a bone at least. This is way to unbelievable.

The 4th girl to show, though yet to be added, was a monster who ate part of the MC and decided she liked him. The set up for this was supposed to be a surprise, but the second the 4th showed up in girl form I said to myself, she is the monster. Strangely enough, the MC, who has the cliche power of being the only one who seems to be able to see the status of every person he comes in contact with, doesn't immediately read her status on first sight just like he does for every other person he comes in contact with. These plot holes are making my eyes bleed!
I'm calling it here and now. Either the monster is defeated when he finds she's suffering from some kind of curse and he frees her from it or he beats her away and she ends up being his shadow for the rest of the series because she can't live without him.

Even the semi-harem member the well endowed, cliched, Adventurer's guild office lady, doesn't have much motivation to be enamored with the MC. He had stuck up for her when some idiot was hitting on her. Realistically, woman don't swoon over a pervert just because the pervert competes for their affection with the creepy dude who is hitting on them.

So in short, if you like all the Isekai cliches with a bit of a different flavor pervert MC, this weakly written pile of steaming feces is for you. Dear God, why is it so hard to find good writing these days?

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Aure94100 rated it
February 23, 2016
Status: --
Surprise !

In this category, I ‘m used to read stories in childish handwriting, without talent, with a storyline as light and empty as the weight of my wallet after Christmas, and with characters who are soulless and in cardboard. Even Death Marsh can’t really escape this category. But this novel has a pretty good writing !

It begins with an excellent prologue and even if the following story does not start with a bang, it ‘s very progressive, nicely structured, with a logic that I thought the flame extinguished since the... more>> beginning of the genre.

The MC isn’t strong, it’s the opposite, he is weak to the point where one wonders why a gale has still not took him away.

His personality is composed, detached and at the same time quite sad when you think about it. It lacks the usual insolante desire to start a new life in this fantasy place, saying goodbye to the previous as if it were the most natural thing in the world. As the title suggests, it is, for the first time in years, , a character who decides to survive (Yes ! It’s really survival like in Grimgar ! Welcome back, logic ! The holidays were fun ?) for the sole aim to be back in his old world.

The quality (writing, construction of the characters, storyline) gives me great hope for the rest of this story and I look forward to discovering the next chapters. <<less
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MadDogs rated it
July 27, 2016
Status: c18 part1
This is one of the most original "died and summoned to another world" stories I've every read.

Kitsune, our 'hero' is physically frail & was a target of bullying at school due to his 'creepy' smile. In the new world he still has almost no attack strength and must rely on a tiny love fairy to protect him from monsters.

But he soon finds he does have an OP, based on his creepy smile - 'Eerie Constitution'. Here, when he smiles he REALLY creeps people out. His smile is so creepy that... more>> when a pack of monster wolves attacks they end up pissing themselves in terror. Lol <<less
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shtdmnlol rated it
May 11, 2017
Status: c50
hmm, before this I never bothered myself with reviewing or something like that. But for some reason my hands are itchy to give some words on this one haha...

I really expected a good story after read a good premise there...

But after 50 chapters, a lil bit disappointed. The MC is a coward and one of the most annoying character i've ever read so far. He aware that he's weak but he didnt want to get stronger, he afraid of dying but he didnt make any effort to get stronger, he... more>> cares of his harem members but he didnt has the slighest effort to protect them and even makes them to fight to protecting him while he himself hide in the back avoiding fight whatsoever. I didnt get what the author wants to make with this kind of MC.

At the other side, I think the author wants to make him a cute innocent character by making him saying boo*s here and there and even sexually harrasing women innocently. But that was a failure man, in fact that kind of approaching style was totally annoying.

After 50 chapters, no story development. The concept of story, for example, the thing about definition of level a lil bit off. And the change of point of view often came without warning, so its a lil bit annoying. But the writing style is good and thanks to the the translator team making this story easily read to the reader. <<less
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Scotchntacos rated it
November 4, 2016
Status: c15
I was a little skeptical of reading this after seeing the cover art, looking like it was fanart or something. But it's true when they say "don't judge a book by it's cover". After exhausting every Japanese fantasy web novel on this site (that were filtered), I decided to give this a go, and I'm glad I did. It is by far, one of the best web novels I've ever read, period. Easily enters my new top 5 favorites. The translation leaves a little bit to be desired though, like... more>> not translating certain words even a non-native Japanese-speaking person like me knows from common sense.... i.e. "Jitsuryoku " = skill, ability, aptitude, experience... etc, depending on the context. I was honestly expecting a "Just According to Keikaku" joke to be eventually thrown out.

Most novels need a lengthy while to build up a good story. But just the writing of the prologue alone is enough to be a masterpiece, with the following chapters full of engrossing tear-jerking moments, to action-packed life-threatening events--one of which leaves the main character Kitsune permanently maimed before he even reaches the first human settlement. But even that doesn't get him down. One after another, life hits him like kick to the groin again and again. Consistently having bad to worse luck, enough to drive a normal person to have suicidal thoughts, he stays optimistic each and every time. Not thinking about complicated or unnecessary things, he chooses simple goals and stays his chosen path like a bullet train. Kitsune has been murdered and transferred to another world, but he wants to get back, for only one simple reason. Because he made a promise to his best friend, his only friend; the one person who cared about him in the whole world, where even his own mother hated him as a bastard child. He doesn't consider himself a man if he can't fulfill even one promise. So to do that, Kitsune survives, with a will to live stronger than most. Not caring to get stronger, he will; if that helps him achieve his goal of returning to his world. To come to that end, he takes one step at a time.

To refute/comment @ Slimikyi's review (may contains spoilers) :
I disagree.

He doesn't aim to just run away to survive. He runs away, to survive, so he came return home in one piece. He does this because he's fully aware that he's weak. And for the weak to survive the moment, they run. This is especially true considering he didn't get any cheats (that he was fully aware of at the time) and was just thrown into an unknown world (after experiencing being murdered moments ago) with nothing but the clothes on his back and a cheap busted pocket knife to defend himself with (aside from his fairy that was just recently born from his mask).


It's like a baby (Kitsune) vs an adult (monsters/demons that eats humans for breakfast) ; there's no way of the baby ever beating an adult. The baby finds a gun (the fairy), and all of a sudden the baby now becomes deadly. If his fairy is out of commission, there's nothing he can do at the moment, but run. And it wasn't that he wasn't thinking of a way to beat the opponent, he did everything he could.... with a broken pocket knife handle, he still managed to draw blood by nicking the overpowered demon's miasma covered body. That in of itself is more than impressive, considering it's later revealed that it was an A-rank mazoku (demonic being) that makes even seasoned adventurers flinch and hold their breath, at just hearing about one being near the country (size of small city) borders. A healthy dose of fear is what enables people to survive--that applies to both Kitsune, and his enemies he later uses that very fear inducing skill against. It's the difference between an overconfident DEAD person that struggled in vain to win a fight, and a person alive that ran. Kitsune knows perfectly well when to run, and when to stand his ground--even in the face of a stronger opponents (like the giant spider), when he realizes he can't outrun them (in that instance, the spider).


And he doesn't improve his defense, just because it's his strong point. He focuses on defense, because that's the smart thing to do. You wouldn't expect a brilliant math whiz, with the art skills of a kindergartener, to throw everything away to take up painting as a living, would you? While it's not impossible to become a painter as well, they wouldn't become a master painter, because that is not where their aptitude for a certain set of skills is at. The same applies for Kitsune and everyone else in the world. Not everyone is born equal in physical ability--that is just a fact. Even though he's only level 1, he has unusually high defense (listed as resilience in the WN). He could improve his strength and magic levels, but that would make him significantly weaker than someone else of equivalent training/experience. In a game setting, it's a bad distribution of PP (power points) to do it this way. It's like picking a default character with high magic set, only to make them a swordsman. Why? It would make more sense to make them a mage. In Kitsune's case, since he has high defense (resilience), it'd be more reasonable to make himself even stronger in defense so nothing can hurt him. That's called a "Tank"--a common party position in fantasy settings/games. Together with his fairy, who has high offensive magic, she becomes similar to a vanguard or magician in the party that handles offense. A balanced party of two, one for offense, one for defense. Kitsune chose to become a specialist, rather than an all-rounder that's weaker than your average person of this world. It has nothing to do with pride. It has everything to do with working with what you've got.

Pride is cheap, as it means nothing to a man who's sole purpose in this world, is trying to survive and return home, so he can fulfill his promise. And real men keep their promises. <<less
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Fuannai rated it
April 25, 2016
Status: --
The prologue gave me the impression that MC is the serious introverted type of character but when I read further, it just made me laugh. I was too soft to have such assumption. But it’s hilarious so all good.
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Slimikyi rated it
December 8, 2015
Status: --
Ehhhh, I just can’t agree with aiming to just run away to survive. He isn’t unmotivated. He isn’t a coward. His mentality is just messed up. It’s not wrong to improve your defence as it is his strong points. But to improve to just run away instead of thinking if a way to defeat the opponent is not the slightest bit appealing. Though that isn't saying there's no fighting potential, it's just that he pushed all the strength or offense to the fairy. Is he even a man? Yes, I... more>> know those are useless pride. <<less
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japzone rated it
February 4, 2016
Status: --
I haven't gotten very far, and there's no guarantee that the story is actually good. But, the prologue for this story is worth reading alone. It may play the classic Bullied Kid trope, but it turns into one of the most unique and badass takes on the trope I've seen yet. And I cried many manly tears 😢
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ThyUnsuspicious rated it
January 8, 2018
Status: c63
Despite what everyone is saying about this, I found this novel to be quite enjoyable. His way of inspiring mental fear against his enemies is quite enjoyable, and is a way better take on it then just having an OP MC plow through everyone like me at a bacon buffet. His power is slowly developed, making you root for him naturally. His weakness throught most of the first chapters, (50ish), shows that it's not gonna be a one-sided slaughter fest like most things. He inspires fear by using his... more>> mental fortitude which leaves long lasting trauma, and that's an interesting concept that I haven't seen explored before. The only, ONLY complaint that I have about this.... is the fact that I've caught up to the TL, and the when the days go by slow, the wait becomes killer.

All in all, I think this is a great novel for those who give it a chance to read until up to my current point at the time of writing this review. (63) I recommend you atleast give it a chance until then. Anyways, this has been my first review, so hope it wasn't too wonky.


We are getting a training arc soon as well. :D (It's atleast hinted at a lot)

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Cryarc rated it
September 29, 2016
Status: c30
Earlier parts are showing promise that it will be a unique series, with believable struggles and not so overpowered MC plowing through trials and tribulations. But then after the first trial is over and the MC reached the town, all the expectations are thrown out of the window and it becomes a shallow isekai harem series. The MC no longer struggles and soon become OP, then he collected unreasonable harem members...
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aetonazniel rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c70
Initially it was a decent start. MC aint exactly OP from the get-go. The path to become strong was always welcome but in this case, what put me off was how long it took for him before even reaching the starting line of the path to be strong. He even lets people he cares about get taken and instead of grinding to become strong and take them back, he casually travels to another kingdom. I cant relate on that decision. If I had important people taken, I would have grinded... more>> like crazy to become strong asap and speed up the path to take them back. Its like he does not have any sense of urgency despite claiming they are important. Maybe others get that but I sure dont.

Upon reaching c70, MC has only barely started on the path to OP. <<less
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GoodLoser rated it
September 16, 2018
Status: c72
I really enjoyed this story, only problem is the lack of updates months at a time.

But the story itself is interesting, I like the MC and his circumstances as it hooked me on the first chapter. There are a few plot holes like the ability to survive an attack from a dragon when he's level 1 (just an example, no dragon has attacked him) but since he's the MC and we can't have him dying so easily I let it pass.

I like all his companions minus the slave because after... more>> another companion she becomes irrelevant. What I do enjoy is his journey from weak to strong and all the trials and tribulations he must go through. Feel sorry for the people who stopped at chapter 30 or something as things keep getting interesting. I hope this story continues because I really love his growth and the "cheat" he has so I look forward to seeing him getting stronger and using his cheat to see how much more that will level him up.

QUICK MINI SPOILER though from the review at the very top..... the adventurer's guild has a room that can detect lies so they'd know if the information given was true or not, the fact that that person didn't f*cking pay attention to that tells me he/she wasn't interested in the story from the get go. Also, he got that slave in order to learn the common sense from that world, it was explained like 3 times. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
July 9, 2017
Status: c25
I was quite disappointed by the time I decided to drop this series. The first several chapters hooked me. The MC's childhood is distinct and well-written. His relationship with his best friend develops smoothly and is very interesting. The tragedy that sends him across words is well-done and made it difficult to look away. The first few chapters are written smoothly with unique characters and are very engaging, making it stand out among series involving traveling to another world.

Unfortunately, the quality of the series gradually decreases after that. Although the... more>> MC's banter with the fairy were pretty funny and were able to keep me engaged for awhile, the pacing feels out-of-place, the character development is sluggish, and the MC acts unfocused toward his goal. Although he wants to return home, he does the bare minimum of putting on the act, and his half-heartedness is incredibly draining.

He also lost major points with me when

he bought a little girl slave on a whim from nowhere and began having her sleep in his bed with him. It makes his feelings toward Shiori feel completely fake. In the end, the slave begs the MC to put the slave collar on her.


The good story-telling and distinctive character traits that hooked me in the beginning all disappear as the story progresses. This series started off so promising that it's a shame it ended as such a disappointment. <<less
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SeventhTale rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: c70
You might say this novel is really mediocre, as this is one of the old isekai story, but this is really good. This is tragedy, bad things happen but the comedy content of daily interaction is always present. Our main character lives in a world that is not kind to him, yeah this makes him a generic tragedy protagonist, but rather than suffering from it, he treats it as daily occurence in short he accepted it.

His strong point is not being able to accept bullying or sad things, but rather... more>> withstand those while looking forward. His interaction with transfer student and new personality in another world tells it all.


The current chapter 70 maybe just the start of his growth. As the previous chapter contains some big events that deprived him of many things, though with his personality, his daily life is still fun.


This is a tragedy with a little bit slow development, that's why it's a bit dissapointing when we can only read it rarely. In my opinion tragedic stories should have a fast or at least stable updates as those are very prone to cliffhanger and sad chapters.

Overall I like the story, even though the character is living with bad fortune it doesn't really look like that, which made me to look forward to this story. <<less
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Kiyoraka rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: c68
Well the impression of the story is really good. Honestly speaking I really like MC who rise from the hard work or tragedy. Since that type of story usually will provide a good flow and build the story compared to other novel. Also so far the story quite enjoyable. The plot are decent and so far MC is keeping himself aware of the situation around him. He know when to retreat and know when to push.

as for the MC, I don really like on how he smooth over as pervert... more>> by calling someone with something like "big breast onesan". Well that personal. I don know how other feels.

p/s: this is purely my opinion ~ <<less
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November 11, 2015
Status: --
This series is pretty cool but sad :/, hey if you read this you'll understand.I can give you tons of spoilers but I'll leave you with just a few because it's more fun to make your own opinions and ideas now /spoiler Here's the thing our MC is killed (I won't tell you why) but he does this while saving the main female lead (?) and instead of being vicious in his time of dying he inflicts physiological damage on them. Other thing is there is a fairy that... more>> has a (similar personality to thet main girl) following his death in a different world - so ya she probably can only exist in the other world and so what will the MC do ? <<less
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