I Just Want to Learn How to Get Rich After Reborn


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In her previous life after her stepfather’s and stepbrother’s accident, Su Cheng was adopted by the famous Gu family in Beijing.

In the Gu family’s eyes, her obedient and polite behavior became something with ulterior motives. Every time she pleased the young master Gu, she got humiliated in every possible way.

Due to the sentence young master Gu has said in school: “A fiancee? She is not worthy,” Su Cheng’s life was completely plunged into the abyss.

One thing that Su Cheng didn’t figure out until she died: Why did Gu Cheng hate her so much? Opening her eyes again, Su Cheng returned to the day when she was picked up by the Gu family.

Please? The one that does that doesn’t exist anymore. Su Cheng just wants to study hard and make money so the sooner she achieve economic independence, she can leave the Gu family and stay away from Gu Cheng.

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I Just Want To Learn To Get Rich After Rebirth
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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Edit version.

I thought that this novel is finished... But yes, it is finish.

I have mixed feelings about this novel. There is an unexpected plot twist that really makes me pause for how many minutes.

I admit that I cried on Su Cheng's past life. She just want to be accepted y'know but this damned bastard (guess who) just torment her and became blind eye when people bully her.

... more>>

The ending give me a headache. It just end in a cliffhanger. Wtf?


About this... Guy. I hate him but a 20 percent of me didn't hate him. I read the backstory and damn, it really f*cks me over. (Sorry about the profanity but it does f*ck me over).


The author decided to end this novel because she received so much hate comments from her readers. She started to self doubt and decided to quicken the pace of the story. She end it like a ticking time bomb with no timer.


Yeah, if you want to read this, you've been warned and get ready some tissues.

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Lunari rated it
January 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Aaaah, why are people giving good ratings to THIS. I feel so cheated.

Beware! This reviewer is ANGRY and this review is A RANT!

First things, first. I'm running out of things to feed my reading addiction, so while checking the trending list I found this. Saw the good rates/reviews, don't have anything else to read, decided to give a try.

... more>> WHY.

I catched up to the translator, seeing ppl still talking good about this, and that there weren't many charters (series is 31ch, translation is midway) so went MTL.

And let me tell you something, this series IS BAD.

not bad as in, Mary Sue esque etc, but first

STORY (and writing) IS BLAND.

And worse is, no - I might be wrong, but I don't think it's the MTL fault.

The writing just doesn't make up for it.

There's no ups and downs, no thrill, and even what should have been key emotional moments are sub par.

So now that I've touched the topic, let's get into it.

A big part of the novel is the daily MC life, with her focusing on school, study, and gaming and live broadcasting to make money.

Although there's a lot of "study is difficult I don't understand" and ppl telling her her study methods etc are s*upid there isn't EVER a sense of challenge.

Same with the game and broadcasting part. She's just chill from the get go and there isn't ever a setback or a thrilling match, or a decisive point or something.

Even when something "bad" happens there's no emotional reaction/consequence, and soon the "bad thing" turns out to be a boon. Really.

There's no ups and downs, no expectations, nothing to look up to, it's just really bland.

I could actually talk more about this, there were things that felt kinda strange to me, but nvm.

Now, there's ANOTHER side of the story. It feels like author knew the story/characters etc were too bland, so she tried to compensate with like "hmm, let's make this James Bond esque and go with a bam!"


It didn't work.

But for reals, it REALLY feels this way.

So on this side of the story, we have enough material to make it one of these drama filled soap operas.

It's like, hmm, things aren't bad/sad enough. So let's crank it up to 11.

Like. Really. Really really.

Like trying to pull a Fantine from Les Mis.

I'll say this here cause it's told in the first half probably before of the story (but in the end there's even more)

MC in her past life to support brother that was in vegetative state due to accident, ended up having to sell her own blood, contracted AIDS and died.

Yes. Look at that pure drama sandwich they are trying to shove down your throat.

Like I said, it's like author went "hmm this isn't sad enough, let's make it the most sad EVER!!1!1"

But thing is, if you wanna go full drama like that, you can't just you know, TOSS the information.

You got to show and not tell. You got to actually show the characters suffering, and let us empathize with them...

What sadly, at least to me, didn't happen, and I am as soft as bucket of melted butter. I'm a huge crybaby but... Nop. Just ain't happening here.

So, from my perspective, author wanted to make it tragic, went all in, chose the big guns for it..

But she doesn't have the caliber, the skills to use it. She just doesn't have what it takes to pull it.

And that'd be ok. I mean, everyone starts somewhere. Nobody is perfect from the start, ppl learn, we got to practise to improve, and yes, we'll make mistakes, break eggs and there'll be plenty of sub par/novice works in the journey.

Plus, just because something wasn't good to me, doesn't mean it won't be good to someone else.

Ppl got different mileage. I've got mine.

What really aggrieved me, was the really high rates and only positive reviews like really??

Everyone thinks this is good? Go watch Les Miserables ffs.

Or those 3466336 books and movies where one of the couple has a terminal disease. There are SO many, and most of them pull the drama, sympathy card and feels better than this one here.

I got angry cause I feel CHEATED.

So here is my angry rant, cause there has to be at least ONE review saying: GUYS, BEWARE. It isn't THAT much.

This is 2 stars top.

It isn't completely tr*sh cause thankfully no mary sue, spechial snowflake, or "I'm gonna fulfill all my "hidden"wishes through this fanfic".

But it's really reeeeally bland, and the writing and story telling is not up to par.

I can't even say this is good, this is bland bordering on boring. There are better things of the genre/kind.

It was actually so boring, that you ended up craving the "drama/james bond" parts because "c'mon?? There has to be something??"

But even the "big mysteries" (why the guy hated her, the accident, why not trust anyone etc) were sooooo downplayed.

Again, it's like, big plot/opportunity, not well executed/didn't manage to pull it off.

And if you read about it in the spoilers it's like "nop! Not even that to make you keep going".


for real, I think there's 1? Maybe 2 spoilers??

And that's it.

And btw, again, I found they soooo argh simple. You want plot twists go read Pandora's Hearts or Kubera.

This was more of a "big"reveal, not an actual plot twist idk.

After all this, if you still wanna read this, one last advice:


(Thankfully) THIS ISN'T ROMANCE!

There. And if you do read it, and agree with me, PLEASE TELL. cause I can't believe I'm the only one with a bad review and thinking woa what was that? <<less
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December 23, 2020
Status: Completed
While this is labelled as a romance, it is more of a redemption novel for the ML. The description makes it sound average domineering ML and topper FL, but this novel is definitely not that. I wasn't planning on reading it fully, and was just interested in how the author will try to justify the ML's behaviour (and then review to say how unsatisfactory it was), but I was honestly surprised at how the whole thing turned out. (I wasn't expecting the plot twist at all {WARNING-Don't click if you... more>> aren't deperate to know the plot twist}

Ye Fan (FL's stepbrother) transmigrated in Gu Cheng's body in both lives

. BTW I don't support the ML's actions at all, he clearly acted based on his assumptions and half-truths- which is why he had to regret it badly later on. The FL can really be regarded as an unfortunate soul throughout the novel-but definitely not a Marysue, and her previous experiences hardened her soul. I'm still not sure whether I ship them as a couple or not, but both them are definitely broken souls- an the author portrayed both of their personalities perfectly.

As for the question why YF's father didn't want Su Cheng to find her mother

After Ye Fan threw SC from the car to save her before the crash, both his father and YF saw Su Rou talking to Brother Leopard (Some gangleader who conspired to mu*der YF's father) and when both of them were talking Su Rou said that Su Cheng helped her gaining their trust faster, which YF interpreted as SC also being one of the them, but his father probably realised that they used SC as a pawn- so he told her not to find her mother because then the gang will probably get rid of both of them i.e kill them too.

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alwayscolder rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Well, I support the author in this one. Maybe because I read this novel after a long streak of the same genre xd

This novel is drama, probably, just getting a new (better life). You get the MCs idea from the name, so I didn't expected action or a pro gamer arc. What I liked the most is that's short, and precisely her "normal" second life considering how much she had to experience in the first one.

So, i'll give spoilers now if you don't want to read the whole thing.

... more>>

MC's family: "mother", step-dad, step-bro.

Stepdad was a policeman, the bad guys wanted revenge and plotted against him for a long time. One day the family went on a trip but something happened, they had a car accident. Stepbro manages to push his sister out of the car before the crash, his dad protected him ending pressed by the car and he became vegetative for the rest of his life. Mother was missing from the scene. Before the dad died he entrusted his son to MC, telling her to keep him secret, and don't trust anyone.

Later an old comrade of her stepdad takes her in bc she has no one else. The family has a son, and that son dislikes her, in her first life she tried to get close to him, even her gaming skills were learnt to be accepted by him and the class. But what she got was only bullying and being humiliated again and again until she dropped off school and left that house. She was uneducated so was only able to do odd jobs, sold her blood on who knows what types of shabby places and got hiv... all that because she needed money to treat her brother.

But oh surprise, her brothers soul was on that kid who watched her sink but never stood up for her and condoned everything because he was full of hatred, thinking that she was the same as her mother. Ah yeah, forgot to tell you, after the accident he heard when people rescued the woman, she was acting the whole time, just married to get info and kill the cop easier.

- Why the police did nothing? Because everything looked like an accident, and if not, the missing woman could be a hostage. Is it s*upid? Yes, very, but in real life that's what happens most of the time, they just don't care.

-Was he a bastard blinded by hate, forgetting the good times with his sister? f*ck yes, I hated him so much after knowing it was him. But he was still a minor, he watched his father die and his stepmother laughing with the killers. He was s*upid because he didn't investigate everything clearly after getting a new (rich) body.


Later after so much pain and suffering she died in the tr*sh, well, not really, but in a dilapidated place I think. At this point that dude got curious or something and finally searched for the truth. When she was in that house, the uncle treated her well due to his friendship with her stepdad, but his wife was... not so welcoming, she gave her money monthly and thought she was spending shamelessly but it was used for her brother. I guess he almost went crazy after knowing everything she did for him, and if this wasn't enough, the investigation also revealed something worse... she was abducted or lost (don't remember) very young, then the criminals found her, tortured her with electroshock hipnotizing her to accept her identity, and that woman as a mother. She only knew it until the end.

Now, her second life is bland and boring, she put so much time and effort studying because of all those experiences. Started to stream her games, with not too much ups and downs, after all she did it to have a stable income, she didn't wanted to be a pro gamer to begin with bc that takes time, and that time was used to study. And I think she wanted some peace in her life, she was tired.

Her brother tried to fix all the bad things he did, and what he didn't in the first life. Finally found the man behind everything and send him to jail.

They went on separated ways, and that's the best part about this novel. Even if she forgives him at the end, she won't forget. In this point just remember this novel's name, she did it.


This is probably my longest review hahaha just because the novel is short, I can spoil everything.

If you want to read this novel, just think on it's name. Read it if you want something "normal" with a little drama.

If you are looking for action, deep schemes, face slapping, revenge, system, romance... then don't. <<less
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December 23, 2020
Status: c1 part1
Just finished reading this. Fair warning to people still wondering whether to read this and looking at the reviews hoping for hints (only read the spoiler if you're really the type to want a warning beforehand).

... more>>

This is not a romance. The genre is wrong. It's drama. The tag Cold Love Interests is also wrong. What love interest? The MC is only concerned with studying and making money, good for her. After her initial motivation for this disappeared, she still kept on striving for her own sake. It's a decent novel, but don't go in it for the romance cause you'll be disappointed. Go in it for the story and personal growth instead.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TBTNK rated it
December 23, 2020
Status: Completed
After reading the description, I decided to try and read the MTL version instead of waiting for all chapters translated. Not a lot was loss in MTL version and I could still laugh here and there in some chapters. I'm not sure why there are low ratings when there were a few chapters translated. This novel is short and I wish the author would have written more chapters. The author said she focused only on the growth of the FL so she was sticked to that. This author might become... more>> my favorite one because she didn't use a lot of fill in with unnecessary things. Usually, rebirth FL is always OP with knowledge and advance info but not this FL. She started from scratches and it took her quite a while to catch up with other students. It was explained well why she struggled so much with her study and the steps she took in order to success. I love the author explained why she needed to study so hard and get a good score.

It was because of her previous hard life.


Thanks that the author emphasized the important of having good education and degree in order to get a good job. I wish I could be like Su Cheng with her time management and her dedication to study. If you look for the romance, I don't recommend it because the romance is non-existent.

Like the previous reviewer mentioned, I cried a bucket of river when her previous life was told. Also, don't think the FL easily forgave the ML when the misunderstanding was resolved.

It was very difficult for the FL to accept the ML for all the bad behavior he did in the past life when he told her who he was.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 8, 2021
Status: c10.1
This is my honest review

This sad novel that broke my heart (I cry when I read the storyline) 😂

I really respect to FL due to she try her best to learn her own without golden finger.

ML quite okay 😅😄 I will kill him if see him.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dragon_Reader rated it
April 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Note - I used MTL

The plot starts of good before tapering into nonsense. There are so many plot holes, it is amazing. This story feels more like a very very rough first draft of a potential novel rather than an actual re-drafted, re-written, gone through multiple edits and then published piece of work.

... more>>

Her brother is actually alive but in a coma and nobody knows about it. The Gu family adopts her coz of her step-father's act of kindness before but did not even bother trying to get any info on the biological son of the father. The Gu Mother tests MC by giving her a really high monthly pocket money and does not bother checking bank book for why she spends every penny in the first world. Instead, the entire family assumes she spends everything on sh*t they haven't seen (lmao she doesn't wear good clothes, no jewellery, no assets - where the f*ck did all that money go?)

Her brother actually transmigrates into Gu Son (the bastard who is bullying MC). This is one heck of a plot-twist which I did not expect and I did like this a lot. It makes the story so deliciously dark. Unfortunately, there is no logic here too. Gu Son is the typical rich, spoilt brat. Suddenly, he turns very good, starts investigating his father's death with the police and nobody thinks - Ohhh how did a stranger get all this info? Why is he investigating when he is not even a police? Plus, after transmigrating he never wonders - What happened to my body? He 'thought' the body must have perished without the soul. BUT HE IS INVESTIGATING HIS FATHER. How is it that he NEVER received info that his body is in a COMA and THAT MC IS PAYING FOR ALL THAT sh*t HAHH?

The step-father dies on duty and yet there is no compensation from the police. The killers are yet to be caught and there is no police protection for MC and MC Bro's coma body coz obviously the killers wanted everyone to die.

The logic fails is making me laugh.


It has potential which was nipped in the bud. Maybe a good editor could have helped the author. <<less
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pastelbunnyyy rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: Completed
For me, this is more shoujo than josei. Story seems a bit rushed towards the ending but storyline is fine. 4 stars only because I like characters who are not OP. It’s always great to read about a character who knows she’s not good at something and puts in the effort to improve. That part was realistic and done well, especially how she didn’t improve immediately too.
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Chaku rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: --
Please don't let the rating stop you from reading this story, you might think you know this tired old trope but you don't, there's so much here to feel, it's difficult to review because much of the story is really a prop for our main characters, honestly it's the interactions between them that make this story worthwhile, just when you feel angry and want to throw the book keep reading, please don't give up... Keep going.

I've longed for a story like this purely based on 20% of its actual content... more>> but it's worth it. People might not be happy with the ending, her growth in the story, nor how little the mains connect, if I'm honest this couldve been done in a short story, that isn't too say that the bulk of this book had no relevance.... It's the important stuff that is left hanging, perhaps leaving it open so there isn't any closure... or perhaps to let the reader determine their fate... Either way I feel restless but ok with it.... <<less
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hpae rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: epilogue
WTH! Started well, potential for angst. Both MC reborn but not aware of each other. Previously they were step siblings. Then father ex police was mu*dered, mother was missing (actually a gang mole and unrelated to FL), the brother in a coma but has reborn into son of father’s friend who has taken FL in. ML thought FL was part of the gang so mistreated her contributing to her early death.
This life FL found her self - most chapters were about her studying in high school. Then storyline power walked to 10 years later and an open ending!!!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Romantic Subplot????????? And where is My traggedy Tag?? Maybe it doesnt count because of the happy? Ending? But to me it is more of a traggedy than the other posibility... It's well written for just 30 chapters but if I had known it's so sad I wouldnt have read it.

I recomend it for a good short read but I wouldnt read it again...
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: Completed
TLDR: Bad opening, bad ending the middle is OK call it 3 stars.

1st thing to know about this novel is don't bother with the translation or either of the translation sites. Google translate does a better job, and the translator sites are broken. The Dan translate site doesn't have content, the Claire translate only has less than 1/3 the content and the navigation doesn't work. So it;s a struggle to read.

2nd thing, The opening is pretty bad. It's just not a grabber.

3rd thing, The ending comes from nowhere is... more>> over before you can blink and leaves endless plot holes.

The middle however is OK, if not great. Even though the MC doesn't have giant cheats she is still a Mary Sue and all it takes is a wave of the plot fairies wand and she's on easy street.

Bottom line: Readable but not particularly good <<less
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Ichigoeater rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I liked it. As others said, this isn't a romance novel, so don't read it if that's what you're looking for.

As far as the ML goes, he was very horrible to her in the previous life, but putting myself in his shoes, I can understand his reaction, and why he misunderstood. Obviously, I think he should've investigated the facts before acting like tr*sh, but considering it took two lifetimes for the whole truth to be revealed, it's understandable.

More importantly, he redeemed himself in my eyes ... more>>

and it seems like our MC may feel the same way, due to the very last line, with her saying 'Brother' as he's ready to walk away for the last time in order to not bother her. The ending is kind of open to interpretation, but it seems like she may have finally forgiven him somewhat, and accepted that he is, in fact, the brother she loved so much. This makes me think that he may have a chance to be included in her life. But if we're talking about the two getting together as a couple, I don't think that was the kind of love the two had for each other in the first place. I think the most we can hope for is for the two to be called Uncle and Aunt by the other's future children.


As for the romance subplot mentioned in the tags,

I think it's talking about her temporary desk mate, who kind of disappeared after some point. He didn't seem to have genuine feelings for her anyway, more like seeing her as a source of entertainment. Though he was concerned about her a bit, he wasn't really ML material. There was also the other god-tier player who she started a company with, but none of their interactions were of the romantic type.

So, basically, romance was nonexistent throughout. I just want to make this part clear, because someone going in expecting pampering (which actually technically happens, but not in the way you'd expect) and leaving disappointed while dropping a bad review on a pretty decent drama is just unfair. <<less
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February 14, 2021
Status: Completed
One star for MC. She is hard working girl

For other thing I feel cheated

If author made a different route ... more>>

for brother identity or if she just made him wake up and have a good relationship with MC I could have forgiven her. But she did not. If Gu Cheng was just a jerk not her brother for whom she spend her whole life and even wanted to be a doctor so she could heal him, that would have been really good novel, but no.

When I did get that that tr*sh was her brother soul that all he did was because he HEARD the "truth" and he felt cheated I just want to kill him. He destroyed her life in her previous life and now he only want to protect her ha *eye-roll* what a joke. And what with author explaining this with only misunderstanding ?! Are you kidding ? Even if she did help her so called "mother" you could not blame her cause she was just a child. Moreover she did not and you even did not have any evidence for your conclusions. And after all this you have a gall to say that you like her ?


I don't think that my review is good. It is just my way of venting my frustrations. <<less
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November 25, 2021
Status: Epilogue
Just my personal opinion.

I felt so cliffhanged upon reading the epilogue. It would have been great if this was continued in another book or perhaps side stories since I personally enjoyed reading the novel. Also many thanks for the translation team and for the author who made this wonderful story.
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Humbledaisy rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: epilogue
While I applaud the author’s effort to tell it “like the label says”, I felt the ending was a little rushed. The main character works very hard in order to someday solve medical problems like her brother’s when - wham, plot twist - and suddenly there is nothing worth working for any more except money? Not any other field? No other loved one? I had high hopes for the gaming aspect but it also petered out.

As for romance, there is little to none. The ML is both in the center... more>> and on the outskirts of this plot. In both positions, he is annoying. <<less
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TheDaoistNextDoor rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: epilogue
It's odd. Literally all reviews hate the ending but I lowkey like it.

... more>>

I appreciate the lack of actual romance because somehow I think it would actually sully their relationship in my head.

It's unfortunate that the entire mystery behind the death of Ye An is basically a glorified footnote, but it makes sense given the size of the novel.


For 30 chapters? Unreal how well you connect with the two leads and their story. Yes, the ML is flawed and just generally not a very likable person- when you remind yourself it's fiction and planned by the author to be like that, you end up making peace with it.

Warning though, gets angsty. <<less
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Relenapeacecraft rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This was a noble experience for me.

The FL is one of the very few protagonists I have read who does not have any off putting habits or personality (e.g. Mary Sue, dumb, dense etc.). She's not OP and she responded to the challenges thrown her way in a relatable, realistic and sensible manner.

She's not unrealististically smart but rather, she's endearingly hardworking.

... more>> I also really love the fact that she's not a push over.

The reasons for the 4 stars rating was mainly because of the ff:

1. The story was too short and I was not able to see her full progress specially because of the time skips

2. The antagonists in the story were given either an incomplete and/or cliche endings. They should have suffered more given the gravity of their sins

3. I did not like the attitude of the questionable ML from start to finish even after his actions for redemption since I find him to be extremely arrogant, unreasonable and has too few brain cells based on his character on his first life. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
introparadox rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: c9.1
The story is ridiculously boring, nothing is happening other than the MC studying, and her being abused a bit. The MC is s*upid and weak, overall lackluster, she's just going along with anything that's decided for her.

... more>>

Her weak personality shows in a lot of key moment that ruined her pervious life, she wants none of this but accept to Gu son home again, getting a room near him, go to the same school, the same class as him, sit next to his friend. She could have easily avoided any of this if she has a bit of personality or brain.

Her s*upidity is shown by her poor academics, and her poor decisions, especially how she blow off all her step-father's savings on her step brother's hospitalization fees, paying 2 years in advance. Like wtf. She could easily ask help from the Gu father, but just because her step-father told her to trust none she kept him in the dark. Ok, let's say that the guy is not trustworthy, at least she could have payed one year in advance and kept enough for herself.

Anyway I don't think any hospital would relay on a minor as the bedridden family, if no adult shows up, they would call the police, but here, she was able to keep her brother's identity hidden, and even transfer him to another hospital, like how?


Aside from that, the bits of conflicts she had are just forced, which serve nothing but to rise my blood pressure. <<less
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