I Just Want to Die


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A’Jin found life boring, but didn’t expect to be picked up by the system to complete tasks. When the system was trying to help her, all A’Jin said was, “Excuse me, but can I die now?”

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Jayen rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c477
Warning for those who wants to read this.

Since the MC is a person who loves to commit suicide, she's crazy lol. Its kind of refreshing and funny to see this kind of MC who doesn't care for her well-being and just want to die.

Her character is so interesting. She has a characteristics of a psychopath lol though she looks kind and sweet on the outside but actually she's crazy on the inside.

... more>>

she only feels excited when she's killing or she does suicide.

I think it will change as the story continues.


The MC is quite a mystery and she doesn't know herself either. The system also doesn't know why she's strong.


Every arc has 15-20 chapters but as the story goes each arc gets longer. Every arc is good and I like its different than other system stories.

My favorite are those arcs where she would take care of children. I just love how she takes care of them when she's known as psychopath. Its so heartwarming. Well I know its a mission but I know it flutters her heart a bit! Lmao


I love how she's attentive to her mission and how the story focuses on how she overcome those missions and how every missions has their uniqueness and mysteries. I also love how the characters on each arc are different and unique. On how you couldn't judge them based on if she's the main character or side characters and that each characters has their own stories. Tho there may have tropes like s*upid ex lmao but I love how it was handled in the end.

that arc was a virtual game, and the end was so heartwarming on how she advice the host that she's not alone anymore. I didn't expect her to do that and it just made me love her more.


This novel doesn't focus on romance. Each arc are different and unique and heartwarming. This isn't a novel where you would expect the ML to help her. As the author said MC is self-reliant. <<less
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Kei-Em03 rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c76
Lol, quite a character MC is ?

To MC, death excites her. It brings her strength (it doesnt matter whether its killing or suicide. Death calls her soul.)

... more>>

MTL very easy to understand ☆☆☆☆

Im done till 5th arc. I like MC, I quite like this novel, its unique and interesting. However, I just dont like her being so indifferent to everything, so out of place (tho its her character setting, I get it) I hope she gets more in tuned with the world she transmigrates to. Also, I hope, if she can, that there would be a time where she stays and live a life in that world (until old age or smthng. Tho by 5th arc I understand that it might not be possible). Or that a love interest would come that will make her want to stay, dont matter if he'll help her or not (doesnt seem like its possible.)



1st arc is cringey. Coz she's so out of place. Even her lines were cringey for me (dont know why.)

2nd arc is much better coz she gets to enjoy. However I feel bad for the ML here, he seems to like her a lot. MC dont feel the same. --After 5th arc, there's extra. I feel bad for the ML ?

3rd MC's firepower is so awesome ?

4th I love this arc. Its about MC raising 3 younger brothers in the late '60s to '70s. I feel so bad at the end. MC didnt commit suicide or anything, so I thought, wow, a character development. But No. We will find out that the body is estimated to die in 2-5years. Felt so bad for the ML here (he loves her very much) and the brothers. ?

5th arc takes a cake ❤❤❤ love the feisty-ness of MC its so awesome.
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Raven Tan
Raven Tan rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c10
Maybe this is the first novel I remember in novel updates that doesn't leave impression that the Chinese society are full of hypocrites, materialistic and have no heart. The students and the teachers still have conscience left, even the bully and her parents went to apologize.
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blasterwisard rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: c28
I find this novel disquieting. It takes a blasé attitude towards suicide. The MC also weaponizes suicide to get what she wants. The first arc is particularly bad with multiple suicide attempts in a modern school environment.

And while I figure the author will eventually give a reason for her mental state, it's a long way off. The author starts to hint backstory at the end of the second arc. (I've only read into the third arc so take with a grain of salt.)
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CuteReport rated it
July 19, 2020
Status: c15
Wow, a very unique MC! The MTL is easy to understand, but I still prefer the translated version as someone who prefers English. The agony of waiting is killing me.
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luvhiyorimi rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: c412
This is one of my newest favorite novels so far! Usually, I would get bored with system novels because I feel its repetitively in many ways but this one opened my eyes and I felt addicted. The way the author goes about creating these scenarios is not only unique but the way the protagonist goes about dealing with them has enlightened me in so many ways. I especially love her interactions with her system as well as her death energy. It just gives me the wonderful shivers calling out "dominate... more>> me". Sorry, I'm not maso but I just love the MC a lot.


Usually, I would get fed up with reading the romance in system novels because the guy would always unconditionally spoil the girl and help her but reading this and especially the zombie arc, how I wish my ship came true though I know it won't but still T_T. AHHH I just love her interactions with the kids in the book and it's interesting to see the different forms she takes on and how the bugs in the book aren't just considered 'humans'. Well, I can't spoil beyond that point. I can't wait for the translations and more chapters to come out. &Lt;3

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I_Lazy rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: --
I like how the MC doesn't have a permanent partner, just doing her missions (and think of suicide/death), while we also do get "romantic scenes". I found this novel on recommendations and it was worth reading. There are mysteries regarding the MC, at least for now, the MC hasn't yet found the answer.

... more>>

I was shocked when I saw the MC counter-attacked the "main system" (?) or the mysterious force in that one chapter. And I think she will only get stronger, the "energy" gained from the missions had greatly improved her strength. The harder the missions the more they (MC and her partner) get energy.


The mc's partner, her system, is kind of cute. I like their interactions even though it was like one side bullying. The system treats the MC as a "big brother", and that he must properly hold the thighs.


Its also quite interesting to see that the system can buy a body (using energy) for his own, the price is high though. He can also spend energy to repair his "bird body". Like "Reincarnated as a System", the MC (the system in that novel) bought a body using points.


I wonder how their relationship would turn out.


Despite the lack of care, the MC still on guard with her system. But the more they interact and experience different worlds, their relationship gets better I guess? Maybe in the future, the MC and her partner would treat each other as friends, family, or being a "big brother" and her "little follower/little brother". Their relationship could also take a turn and become "love", in a romantic sense. But if that is the case the road is still far ahead. Or maybe they had already started (like the part where the MC transmigrated as a phoenix, and as a bird, the system thought how his big brother looks cool and handsome). If that is the case, then that would be interesting.

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whateverlol101 rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: --
I think that this is the type of book that I personally enjoy. But be warned; you'll either absolutely love this book or just downright hate it. I personally feel that there is no in between. Honestly, at times, the MC is just blatantly using her depression as blackmail, but at other times she's just such a badass it's hard not to appreciate it.
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SilverSavage rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: c530
I actually love this story. The main plot is mysterious and is even still unknown of who she (?) is. Even though her mysterious identity drags you in, I really love the way she handles the situations in different arcs. Though her number one solution is to die, when she knows that wont work she really handles things creatively. The supposed romantic arcs always crack me up of how she deals with it without getting intimate with others. She's crazy and you're never really sure what solution she will come... more>> up with.

Personally, I'm seriously wondering if she is the God of Death that got bored and decided to seal her memory and become human so she could test out ways to kill herself. I mean, she gets energy from people dying around her, killing others or the most death energy is when she kills herself. She's a tad nuts but I like her character and she's slowly changing.


I don't know if others will find this enjoyable but I did. 530 chapters in and I'm still hooked and can't wait for the mtl site to update again. <<less
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