I Heard You Are Going to Marry Me


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It’s a funny story about the love between Xing Biao, a gang boss, and Lawyer Su Mo.

After several years since they got married, Xing Biao’s henchmen often had such a conversation.

“Do you know who is the last person we should offend?”

“The son of our boss? He has been spoiled by our boss and Lawyer Su.”

“You are definitely wrong. Haven’t you seen Lawyer Su punish that boy by asking him to recite criminal laws? When the boy fails to correctly and completely recite them, Lawyer Su doesn’t allow him to watch TV and eat snacks. If our boss tries to intercede for the boy, he will be asked to recite the laws together with their son.”

“So it’s Lawyer Su who shouldn’t be provoked by us.”

“Bingo! Lawyer Su won’t spare anyone pissing him off, neither will our boss and their son.”

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New yeseongseong rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: c7
The mum is just so horrible. How could you sell your son and fake your husband's sickness?!


Everything in the novel occurred so suddenly, I felt that the plot is relatively two-dimensional. But, this is just my opinion X)
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New K99MY
August 3, 2019
Status: c5
I have to agree with 324722. The mom is so annoying. I can't believe how she can sell out her own son like that and then it's with the excuse of HER (and not the MC) liking the ML. It's too unreasonable. And I understand that the author probably just wanted to make her or the scene funny but it's not? It's just really dumb. By doing that it makes her look really selfish. She ain't afraid of acting weak to get what she wants, which adds the manipulative aspect... more>> to her already gross behavior.

Even if she's doing it because she's afraid of MC being single forever, it doesn't give her the right to force her son to marry a random stranger - with MC repeatedly disagreeing and the ML being an (ex) gangster, I might add. And it's obviously her having an issue with him being single and not the MC himself. She wants him to be happy but at the same time she doesn't bother to care about what's making her son happy.

At first I really had a good impression of the MC because of the summary/description and

the scene started with him beating the **** out of a thief, so ofc I'm going to expect a strong character


But after meeting his mom he turns so weak willed which slightly took away my initial impression of a "strong" MC.

She's the reason for me nearly dropping this novel which I won't btw because I'm just 5 chapters in and I really want to give this novel a chance. But even if I'm going to like this novel, the mother i'll surely never like. <<less
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324722 rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: c4
I just couldn’t keep reading I don’t

believe the characters are well developed and the mother of the MC she just drove me nuts her personality is just so entitled and the MC has no back bone with her just kills it for me. To be lied to about a family member health rushing to get home only to be guilt trip to do something you’re against and the MC can’t ever say no and mean it !!! Ugh 😑 I just couldn’t keep reading.
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