I Healed My Husband, The Leader of the Underworld


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She is an ex-wife who is killed by the male lead of a R-19 novel.

I couldn’t even do anything because when I woke up here, my wedding vows were already over.

I don’t know what my husband does, but he often comes back covered in blood.

I learned how to heal wounds with magic.

Unlike the original, I was close with my husband’s beautiful sister.

I have always been nice to my husband’s stepson.

…… Far from getting a safe divorce, it seems like I got caught in a trap.

“You’ve been working so hard on social activities, so it seems like you have caught an eye with another bastard?”

I confessed that I had an unrequited love that I didn’t even have.

My husband’s reaction, which has always been cold, is unusual.

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암흑가 수장 남편을 치료해주었더니
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3 Reviews

Jul 29, 2022
Status: c5
You know one of those novels where you just read the 1st chapter and you know that it's a masterpiece... 🙂

Yeahhh... Its that kind of story for me. I am not going anywhere leaving this gold so... Keep up the consistency of updates and I will literally be eternally grateful 🤧❤️
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Dec 21, 2022
Status: c12
I am not going to lie the novel is pretty good and it's worth reading and a bit dark-psychotic but you enjoy it.

... more>>

Long before ML married MC, he already planned to marry the OGFL because OGFL is a genius pharmacy and very useful for the family. However, the former Duchess (ML's mother) is against it and prefers MC and MC's family.

So that's why ML married MC. And All of ML and The Roam Duchy vassal and servants (except his sister & mother) did not acknowledge MC as their madam because, for them, the real hostess and owners of Roam Duchy are OGFL.

As they thought (ML and Roam Vassal and Servants) thought of MC as a replaceable existence.

So when the former Duchess died, the servants and vassal thought it was time for ML to divorce/killed MC to welcome the new real owner of Roam.

And that's why the mother-in-law was the MC's only person whom MC should trust.
His sister is the innocent and ignorant type, so she just tries to get along with MC as MC is her sister-in-law.

I don't know but I think the ML, the sister, and the stepson thought of MC as a tool to heal them. ML knew that MC should get weak after healing them ever did nothing about it only after his mother died did he try to act on it.

When they got hurt they will find MC to heal them.
The sister is the innocent and ignorant type but she is very weird to me as she is always emphasized to MC that she is happy with MC because she is healed when she was sick, she can go out and she can have fun because of her.

ML's sister has a weak body and is very sickly so she was not allowed to go out etc...

And ML's sister is also weird as this... After the former duchess died, the next day the sister was all happy and asked MC to go to a banquet.
Then, when the sister saw how the stepson killed a lower knight, she did not shock or anything. And when the chief butler died when ML killed him, the sister the day after behaved like normal.
Usually, the innocent type will at least mourn or feel uncomfortable right? But no.

But in further chapters, Sister-in-law helps MC to run away.

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May 31, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm loving this. It was quite hard to find a very interesting rofan novel these days and I'm a bit picky but this caught my attention just by reading the first chapter. It's a novel that makes you want to read it more. It has a somewhat unique tinged and aspects in it. It was kinda different from the others. Although it started rough and the beginning chapters were icky, it took an unexpected turn as it progressed. I was pondering about dropping this one when I read "that" scene... more>> in the beginning (well, she kinda implied that she liked "it") but I gave it a chance. It was an interesting novel nonetheless.

Milena's character was somehow peculiar, I didn't expect her to exude that kind of aura. Milena tried hard to survive in their early marriage years, she worked hard to build her reputation. Most of the time, she's quiet, she barely voices out what she wanna say because she's scared. I can't say she's timid but she just picks out brief words on what to say. She is in the middle, neither strong nor weak. She often trembles in front of her husband, especially when he touches her, out of fear that he might kill or discard her one day. However, she soon communicates her worries to him on the later parts.

Siegfried, on the other hand, was, well, charming but dangerous. HE WAS AN as*hole UGH BUT he somehow expressed his regret for not caring that much for Milena in the past few years. He's kind of considerate and really clingy towards her, it's his way of making up to her. He knew that he was a terrible person so so far he's trying to build a new relationship with Milena. He speaks softly toward her but sometimes he has a harsh demeanor especially when he's jealous. AND FR HE KISSES HER EVERY TIME THEY MEET I CANT HATE HIM <<less
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