I Have The Only Ero Knowledge In The World


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When I woke up, it was the same like the usual day, but there’s one thing that is different…

The concept of s*x had disappeared from this world.

In a world where the concept of s*x has gone, all the women’s view about shame had changed too.

If you ask them to get naked, they will show their body to you. They won’t get angry even if you massage their breast, or if you touch their pussy.

The protagonist who remembers the only ero knowledge in the world, grab the chance to move on from his dull life by doing ero things with the girls.

Training younger sister to become an onahole. Doing ero massage to sports girl. and NTR-ing ikemen’s girlfriend…

The protagonist’ ‘all you can do ero’ life…. Begins!!!

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I Have The Only Ero Knowledge In The World, So I Decided To Cum Inside Pretty Girls
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berdanka rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: c5
There is nothing wrong with writing an adult novel. But the adult tag is not a reason to ignore major plot holes.

As the title states, the main character has the only ero knowledge in the world, and the concept of s*x has disappeared. The author tried to make some minimal adjustments to his world to make this plot believable (like lewd books, videos, and sites are no more)... but that's all. Human bodies stayed the same, a girl feels good when you touch her body (there is orgasm, etc). And... more>> no one was curious enough to explore it? Did people stop being controlled by hormones? No one saw animals doing the deed before?

Also, there is no concept of shame. This means you can ask a girl to show her boobs and she will show them. Why not? What a silly question. But the problem that it's not reflected in people's culture.

I want to say that the concept is interesting, but it doesn't make sense. It has too many holes that brake your immersion. <<less
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