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Su Xingchen inherited a house where a rare spatial overlap occurred inside.

The person who ‘cohabited’ with him was a young and handsome entrepreneurial elite. This president was very pitiful. Everyday, he didn’t eat well or sleep well, and even had nightmares at night.

Since they happened to live ‘together,’ Su Xingchen also helped the other person cook and clean in passing.

For example, when eating glutinous rice with chicken for breakfast, he shared some. When eating beef stew and cucumber salad for lunch, he shared some. When eating bitter melon scrambled eggs at night … Oh, don’t like bitter melon? Ok, have pork stir-fry with black fungus instead!

One month later, Su Xingchen was pleased to discover that the president had been fattened up by him (don’t you think?)!

However, what Su Xingchen thought was a mutually harmonious companionship, somehow turned him into the other person’s ‘white moonlight’ (unattainable love).

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earlgreyt rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: Completed
The spacial overlap idea in this novel was very interesting!

It reminds me of those popular "invisible/spiritual/ghost" romances but with a different spin.

... more>>

Because it's a spacial overlap and not a ghost romance, the MC and ML soon share phone numbers and communicate through text and calls.

Update: I read the raws so I will explain for reviewers who are using MTL. The spacial overlap is a secret inheritance in the MC's family. The 2nd floor of his house randomly "overlaps spacially" with a different person's house in a different part of the world (but same universe/timeline). So there's no alternate world or time travel here.

The MC lives in the countryside while the ML lives in the city. So the MC's house's 1st floor is just a regular house in the small village while the 2nd floor of his house connects to ML's city flat. But the MC's house is still physically in the countryside, so if he tries to go out the ML's "front door, " he would only be walking downstairs into his own house.

As it happens, the door/transition space, is only ONE-sided. Only the MC can see the ML and interact with the objects in the ML's home. The ML cannot see the MC or any objects that the MC brings in from the countryside. But, the ML can see the stuff the MC is using that belong to the city.

Example: MC wears ML's slippers. ML will see slippers moving around as if worn by an invisible person.

Example2: MC brings in vegetables to cook on ML's stove. ML will not see the vegetables but will see the stove/pan burning.

This is how: A) MC can clean up after the ML (if the ML throws his own clothes around), B) MC can secretly use the ML's electricity to charge his phone, C) MC can cook for the ML.

Finally, MC can move items from his side to the ML's side through a special cabinet. I believe this closet/cabinet is fairly tall (because later MC moves his luggage over), but basically, if the MC puts his own stuff into the cabinet, it becomes visible to the ML and physically transfers to the ML's side (but it's not big enough to transfer people). So this is how the MC puts the cooked food into the cabinet using the ML's lunchbox, and then moves the filled lunchbox to the table.

The MC can eat food that the ML brings in (however, he lies to the ML at first, telling him that he couldn't). One of the big reasons why the MC doesn't just randomly use the ML's stuff or eat the ML's food from the start is because the ML will see him doing it. Literally imagine an invisible person/ghost holding up a cake or bites/crumbs disappearing into thin air. VERY weird for 'regular' people!

Hope that clears things up!


This is definitely a pastoral slice-of-life and slow burn romance where the main leads get together near the end of the novel (but they act super sweet and domestic before the confession). The main character's farming life, helping his neighbors, live broadcasting his forays into the mountain and fishing by the stream were very enjoyable reads. I only wish it lasted longer.


A lot of the slice-of-life parts and farming parts are thrown into the backburner for the romance of the MC going to the city and visiting the ML's company. his plants die his dogs and chicks are given away It felt a bit counterproductive to how much time the earlier part of the story spent on describing the MC developing those part of his life.

There's also a lot of abandoned plotlines, like the Han family elder who wanted to give the MC a return gift, the MC's poor farm/village animals, and what's going to happen to Uncle Niu, the MMORPG parts, etc.

The ML also does not act like a CEO (he's truant most of the time) and suddenly decides to leave his company for a few years (with no prior prep work) to study for a phD in a completely different city (suspend your disbelief here guys)


You can argue that this novel isn't about village life, but rather about the MC looking for meaning in life after his father's death and struggling with his depression.

The depression subtleties were done very well in the beginning, but the resolution left a LOT to be desired.


The MC's fear of being alone, the lost feeling, the struggle to find fulfillment or meaning in life, the outwardly sunny yet inwardly struggles and fear of being found out/ostracized for his mental health were all very realistic.

Yet, though the story states implicitly that having a romance to "fulfill" the emptiness in one's life isn't the best option because a breakup can send the depressed person back into the pit, ultimately this is what happens to the MC.

He finds comfort in the ML, a mutually lonely person, and even after he meets the ML in the city, he's resistant to going back to school because he's lost his drive. When he goes back to the country with the ML, he's still thinking that he finds the countryside life the most calm and healing.

BUT, the ML continues to pressure him to go back to school (from the view of an "adult" knowing zero about mental health). Then the ML tries to support the MC by also physically joining him at school, which is super ridiculous because that's like slapping a band-aid on an internal wound; not fixing the core of the issue at all.

Furthermore, the author had the MC leave the two puppies and 10 chicks he had been raising in the countryside, in favor of the ML, essentially forcing the MC's daily interactions and emotional support to ONLY come from the ML (MC doesn't have any friends).

Rather than detailing the journey of the MC coming out of his depression, instead his life meaning is immediately replaced by the huge co-dependent romantic relationship with the ML, the deux-ex-machina that supposedly makes everything better.

Thus, the wrap up was super rushed and contrasted a lot with how the author had been handling the MC's depression up to that point.

You can call me oversensitive, but the topic of depression is one very near and close to me. I've had a close friend go through almost the exact same thing (and no family like the MC) and it was especially bad because their mental health had been so dependent on their significant other and they had no one else. It is SO important to have a network of support and to build bonds with more than one person which is why this book is especially irritating because the ML is so jealous & overbearing and refuses to let the MC get close to others despite it being best for his mental health.

A BL novel (also magical realism genre) that handles the MC's journey with depression extraordinarily well (with a relationship) would be [Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds].


The translation is edited MTL, the grammar is pretty good, but keep in mind that it's not that accurate. I read the raws starting ch 1. <<less
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chekanalia rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: Completed
This is basically a very fluffy, sweet, drama free bl novel. I was smiling through the whole read through and it was well worth the mtl.... more>>

MC is young (19) and has just been orphaned ; he was raised by a single dad and losing him hit him very hard and he develops slight depression that he gets treated for... this is not a huge plotline so dont worry. He does a bit of livestreaming but there is not going to be any entertainment industry drama. ML is 27 and is the typical rich, arrogant, cold gong type. He has a dark past that included his stepmom killing his mom (who was her sister btw), marrying his dad and abusing him through his childhood and then kills his dad and tries to make it look like suicide. His maternal grandparents try to get him to forgive her and try to say that he is being unfilial but he completely ignores them.

This novel had the possibility of being about revenge, dark mental places for both characters and whatnot but the author decided to go a sweet route and shows the healing together. Plus it has cool cooking scenes. <<less
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Chisaki rated it
June 30, 2020
Status: c23
I feel like MC has a halo that makes everyone like him (who can actually watch a person fishing and tilling soil for hours??). He's also incredibly lucky that it's difficult to believe. It's unreasonable that MC expects to be treated as a friend by ML and gets mad that he wasn't when ML doesn't even know him yet.

To explain just how OP the MC's halo is, there's a part where he saves a monkey from a python, and a few days later the monkey leads him to a $200, 000 100-year-old healing mushroom. Then some important person watching his video coincidentally needed the mushroom to save a famous war veteran grandpa from death. Um.. Okay?

Another strange thing: the ML is relieved after assuming that the one cooking for him is a ghost instead of a human because he's traumatized by the murder of his parents during his childhood, and knows how evil humans can be. A few chapters later, the ML comes to the conclusion that the mysterious cook is actually a living human.. And he just accepts it!! WHAT!!??


I'm worried for the ML because of his lack of vigilance and disregard for his health. Eating food that magically appears in your home is not what any sane person would do- it could be poisoned or made by a stalker hiding in his house or something.

It would be easier to accept if the ML thinks that a ghost made it, but he knows that it's a real-life person! Loitering around his house! Most likely squatting somewhere because there is no way anyone can enter and exit the house freely! Who can actually come to the conclusion of "spatial overlap"???

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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Freaking hell I'm gonna die from cuteness overload. Just finished reading this at 2:50 am.

So we got an MC who got depressed due to family reasons and a ML who has a trajic past and a very lonely peron that has a sensitive stomach.

With just a houseee they are destined to meet each other.

... more>> This is so freaking fluffy and cute, every chapter is so precious that you wouldn't be able to skip the paragraphs by how focused u being immersed in the story.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS. If you just finished readjng a trajic novel then this one will definitely heal your fragile heart. It's soooo freaking cute. Lovable and I'm filled with dog food by the sweet interactions of the MC and ml. Someoneeee give me a boyfriend like mllllll <<less
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BaiYihan rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: c67
The ML is just chill though. Yeah, there's this invisible guy that cooks three meals a day for me and cleans house. But it's good food. And sure, he might be stalking me but, it's fine. I'm sure he's really cute. It's a cute story for whenever.
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8oni rated it
November 29, 2020
Status: c46
I love love love this! The interaction between the MC and ML are so cute. And the way everyone around them misunderstood are just too funny XD

This is a really good novel that bring smile to my face and makes me feels warm inside.

Kudos to author for writing such amazing story and thank you translator for your hard work :D
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ike_00000 rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: c22
Ehh MC has the white lotus halo, personally I've gotten bored of "livestreaming daily life" protagonists because it always feels like they're soo white lotus, but I'm sure some people will enjoy this aspect. Rating lower because I feel it's currently too high.

Also don't use your brain too much for this story. A wealthy CEO is potentially observed in his private home, implying stalking and or more, and he's so chill about it? Being chill because he saw a lunchbox magically appear is one thing, accepting potential intrusion in his... more>> space is a total other. Also MC also accepted this so casually and didn't even think of contacting the other person at all, even just for light amusement?? Anyway. <<less
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Hmntlzn rated it
February 7, 2020
Status: Completed
I enjoy reading this novel. Slice of life but its not boring (for me)

I love how they build their feelings and relationship for each other because they derserve it T.T

ML typical overbearing president

MC like lil bunny but not s*upid

I'm surprised that I read the whole novel (mtl) in one go because I dropped a lot of modern with slice of life story.
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raindroptree rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: c39
I am really loving this novel. I always find it odd how a really bad (badly written or immature) novel will have a 4.6 rating, but then a really good novel (well written, well thought out, etc.) will only have a 4.3 rating.. Some of my favorite novels on here only have a 4.3 rating, so I have learned to look for lower rated novels XD. This one is on the mature side. I really love the idea of a house that has a weird spatial overlap and the actual... more>> story is not what I thought it would be from reading the description. It's a slice of life, but not boring at all for me (young MC mountain life with animals and some farming). I like the slow development in the romance as well.. I love both the MC and ML so far, but I am also a person that is more on the calm/depressed side rather than the chaotic/angry screaming side. The way that this novel describes living a daily life in the mountains foraging and livestreaming really makes me want to live in the mountains, which is rare for a novel. It is an intriguing and peaceful Slice of life novel about a spatial overlap and how the two living in the house get along despite the odd situation. <<less
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Melange rated it
September 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This is the fluffy story of two depressed individuals who, through some supernatural circumstances, come to find themselves depending on each other for emotional support. While initially promising with an interesting premise, this novel started strong and ended in a fizzle.

There's nothing outstanding about MC's personality. He's gentle, and his greatest feature is his domesticity. As for ML, he's your typical bad tempered president. Their relationship changes from strangers to friends, friends to brothers, and from brothers to lovers. However, the shift from brothers to lovers is relatively rushed and... more>> unnatural. Additionally, any personality that either character had just flew out the window as soon as they became friends.


There was also a really weird and awkward scene where ML grabbed MC's d*ck and compared it to a cucumber. This was when they were still in the brotherly stage and ML was still thinking of MC as a kid... Ahh, it was so strange.


The ending was super strange and rushed. At first it seemed like the author was going to make this into a farming novel. But then it changed into a pseudo gaming novel. And then it... ended?


ML dropped everything to go back to school in pursuit of a PhD so that he could accompany MC in school. Then they get together and consummate their relationship at the drop of a hat.

What happened with MC's dimensional shifting house?! They better have burned that sh*t down otherwise there might be random people walking into their later...


Unfortunately, this is definitely another read it and forget it novel. <<less
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HeLuoRui rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: Completed
    • Review
Really refreshing, it ended a little too soon but it's just enough. It's not really heavy on the plot, super fluffy. I recommend.

    • Characters
Su Xingchen - MC


He's a likeable character, not exactly too OP, he knows how to cook food, though not the expensive restaurant quality. He's a little eh on the emotional intelligence side though, well at least he figured out he liked Fengxing.


Yu Fengxing - ML


He's a little too... unguarded? But I could understand that, someone who's very hungry would likely not think and just eat what's in front of them ignoring the fact that it might be poisoned.

Plus if I were him I'd continue to eat anything after knowing the entity that's cooking for me is done out of good will and doesn't have any motives. His character is just right.

Had a good laugh on how he thought MC was a ghost though it's pretty reasonable since he cannot see MC.

None of that brainless male lead qualities that only think with the stick between their legs. He's pretty alright.



I'd say it's pretty good, entertaining and refreshing, barely any drama, so if you're here for any drama, this story isn't for you, it's a very light read.

Not any of that heavy plot, barely any large fights,


just a few light ones like MC not tending ML for a few days, ML getting a little angry at MC's lies though understandable.


  • Theme

The theme is also pretty interesting, a house that connects to another, but it's only one-sided? Pretty interesting.


I'd say this story may be perfect for people taking a break from any stories with heavy plots.

Just Your Wandering Chinese Reader
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Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: c53
✨o ((*^▽^*)) o✨I'm drowning in cuteness once again but I must stay strong because it's the translations are ongoing (。ŏ﹏ŏ). Won't say more until it's completed< ( ̄︶ ̄) >
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January 5, 2021
Status: --
45. So far so good. Actually when I read this, I wish the author wrote more about their day to day life experiences. I think about the food appear-reappear, the fresh food missing, Yu Feng notice and curious, sort of. It feels like, the MC cooks, the ML eats, then the ML has his life, the MC has his life. I wish the story more focusing on the detail of.. How they live their life tgt in the magical space. The small things etc. But its more like the magical... more>> space is the gate for MC and ML to meet/build a relationship. It's good, but its not what I imagine it will be. <<less
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judeiiro rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: Completed
mayhaps the fluffiest and sweetest BL I've read :') the romance grows slowly as MC and ML get to know one another, one meal at a time ??

i really want more of boss yu and xingchen huhu
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shouahang58 rated it
August 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Good novel, the fluff is good. But the ending ended too soon for me!

Love both MC and ML's personality, they are well match.
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pimni rated it
June 12, 2020
Status: c69
A very sweet and loving BL story. The MC is the most loving boy I have read about; he is too adorable and sweet. The ML is also quite good and their love grows in a very natural way. As usual, I enjoyed reading the comments of the viewers watching the broadcast of the MC; in fact, for any modern novel that includes online activity that is my favorite part.
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Nana24 rated it
June 9, 2020
Status: Completed
Its a cute and fluffy story. I recommend reading this novel if u are looking for this type. MC is like a loving wife who cares for the ML, tho I feels that the romance is kind of abrupt (the last few chps), while the ML is pretty cool about MC tho he cannot see him!
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MeAndMeOnly rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: c14
It's cute, I like the MC life style.
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A Faith_
A Faith_ rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: Completed
Adorable and SWoon worthy... Fluffy and cute...... Love it.
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Hammy lover
Hammy lover
April 22, 2020
Status: c11
Food & farming + broadcast novel (slice-of-life), a bit repetitive, slow-paced, fluffy.


It's only chapter 11 and the author has repeated the MC's back story, ML's tragic past and their individual loneliness like at least 4 times already. It's a bit frustrating after a while. It feels like I'm re-reading the same content. Each chapter isn't too long either.

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