I Have Four Dads After Transmigrating in a Novel


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Jiang Mian transmigrated into a female supporting character of the same name in a novel. The female supporting character had four fathers and was spoiled and arrogant. In the end, the heroine got rid of her.

Fortunately, the plot wasn’t over when she transmigrated and Jiang Mian decided to get along with her four fathers.

First Father: a Film Emperor

Second Father: a Taoist master

Third Father: a billionaire tyrant

Fourth Father: a brilliant detective

Wait, she has four fathers, but who’s the real one?

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Kei-Em03 rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: --
MTL 3.5-4☆ (about 70-80% Understadable)

... more>>

Its okay I guess. I would rate it at 3.

Its just a bit draggy sometimes. And tends too be too unrealistic (well, I guess because she was already a daughter of a god so, nevermind). Sometimes it would foreshadow 'something bad' that will happened to one of the dads, but later on the 'something bad' will not happened or that she seems like she wants to take action to prevent this 'something bad' from happening, but it always got thrown at the back of her mind. Supporting characyers were often given a description of who they were in the novel and she made it seems like they have this great part to play later on but got tossed aside after use lol. Concept would have been great but was poorly executed. Had to add this too: timeflow is very confusing, maybe it got lost on MTL.

Also, I am offended. Whenever the servants/maid were mentioned, they would be mentioned as 'Filipino Maid', 'Filipino Servants'. And this is not just a few times. At the start it was just the billionaire tyrant father like 1-2. I wouldnt have minded this because its like a tini-tiny mentioned. Little did I know that it will be mentioned again and again and again. The setting was the tyrant billionaire father and MC went abroad to some made up kingdom. The servants there of the father and his friend and the servants of the royals were Filipino. And with regular novels you would say, 'the servants, the maid'. But here, they would say, 'the Filipino Maid, The Filipino Servant'. This is without relevance to the novel. IT DOESNT MATTER what race the servants were, why would you need to specify this, like the novel wouldnt make sense if the race wasn't mentioned. I mean come on, that's degrading and racist on so many levels. Its like they meant to say that Filipinos are s*aves abroad. So NO. Its a 1.

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raveindaeyo rated it
July 24, 2021
Status: c18 part3
I'm still reading this @ c32 and so far, the plot is there to keep me going.

But I'm gonna give it a 1 just because of the racism towards Filipinos. On decent novels, when pertaining to maids and servants, writers don't usually write the nationality. But this novel have been mentioning "Filipino maid" this and "Filipino servant" that. As a Filipino myself, I find that utterly distasteful and disgusting.

You won't ever find something like "digusting scandalous Chinese tourists on a restaurant" on novels written by Filipinos do you? Though a... more>> lot of them (Chinese tourists) are really often reported as such. You can search on YT if you want proof.

What I'm saying is, a lot of Filipinos are working abroad for their family's future. But these people look down on them like they are any better. At least, most Filipinos I know are profesional with doing their jobs and have proper manners especially when in other countries. Unlike some. <<less
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magstralala rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed it. It was both funny and precious, depending on which character MC was interacting with.

The way MC bullies the original villain is gold and hilarious and the original protagonists don't even stand a chance next to her. MC is bold, somewhat shameless and quite cunning. She knows how to manipulate her overly doting fathers and she knows how to stand her ground against white lotuses.

Of course, the relationship with her fathers is the biggest part of the story and while it's mostly a big ball of fluff,... more>> the memories that comes from the original MC are quite sad.


However I believe the synopsis is a bit misleading as finding who's the biological father is not an issue until the last third. There were many hints along the way tho which I found pretty well done in the end.


About what the other reviews are saying:


I do not believe the author was purposely trying to be racist, but for a genre that lacks diversity to begin with, it was quite shocking and became offensive rather quickly.

However, I wish we would take the time to realize that MTL-ing a book is not 100% reliable.
I'm won't go into details because I am not really knowledgeable but the author uses the term 菲佣 (Fēi yōng), that literally means Filipino maid which refers to foreign domestic helpers, regardless of origin, at a time when most foreign domestic helpers were from the Philippines. Is it racist? Well, yeah, from my western personal opinion, I do not believe this is even remotely acceptable in today's society especially seeing it used so much in this novel. But unfortunately, this is a term still used nowadays.

I really understand where the previous reviewer came from, because just with the MTL, I entirely agreed with them and I had to do a few research to understand. I would like to see the translator somewhat modify it slightly so it sounds less offensive, as I don't believe it can be easily translated.


MTL is okay I guess. Kind of confusing, especially since so many characters have the same translated surnames and the spoiler above is a real problem. <<less
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rocca.linne rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: Completed
The story has a good flow. MC is focused more on her family rather than her romantic relationship. The "antagonists" in this story honestly don't really weight much except small annoyance, MC doesn't really care about them, so their contribution to the plot is minimal.

If you guys read some plotholes in the beginning, you have to wait until 180+ chapters until they all explained. The story is a light reading, no heavy angst, the fathers of MC are all hilarious doting and lovely!

The only confusing thing is the timeline. Because... more>> of the author writing style, some plot of conflict is written in several chapters, but the time passed on the story timeline is only a few days, so I got confused in determining the timeline of the story. Idk, maybe because I mtl-ed it, the time explanation kinda get lost in translation.

Recommending this story if you want some light reading with some family-oriented fluff!


Gonna agree though that using the term 'Filipino Servant' or 'Filipino Maid' just doesn't sit well with me. I stumbled upon the same phrase in some novels. After some research in Baidu, well, I don't even know what to say. The phrase is actually slang and used in daily lives, not as an insult of course, but the phrase is kinda dehumanizing in my opinion.

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Agnieszka rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: c217
A slightly confusing novel with some draggy parts. The parts about her four dads are quite cute though, and their various different characteristics are expanded in length, so they dont seem similar.

The ending is very sudden though, like the author just wants to end it fast! Do not recommend unless you want to get drawn into the novel and its characters, then left frustrated at its conclusion.

The 'main characters':

The typical male lead meets female lead, second male wants to steal female lead, second female (Jiang Mianmian) wants male lead. Everyone... more>> is against the second female and she suffers badly until she transmigrates back. But what happened to the other 3 mains?? This novel just throws them all away?? There's no conclusion to what happened to them in the end, or what JMM did to them.


Are they even the mains? There's pretty much no scenes about how JMM takes revenge, or live a better life than them etc etc. She pretty much just does whatever and leave them to her dads to take care of. The only conclusion seems to be one is in the hospital, one broke his legs and the other didn't find good work??? But none of these were done by JMM herself??


JMM's dads and mum:

Without the getting revenge on the original leads, surely this novel is thus about her dads right? It is full of them spoiling her, but


The author basically baited us the whole novel with "Dad who is my mum?" "Dad why are there four of you?" "You are too young to know why, later"

Then the author squeezes everything into the last 3 chapter of the novel, c215-217. It's a very unsatisfying conclusion of where she came from, why there's 4 dads and why there's no mum. So unsatisfying its frustrating.


The romance:

Okay, maybe this novel is about the romance! Where the possible relationships at, right!?


No. Basically there's no romance at all. Don't get your hopes up, they will be cruelly dashed like mine.

Possible male lead 1?! Nah he's a friend of your dad's and firmly delegated as uncle territory. So what if he met you only when you were already 18 and legal.

Maybe *this* guy is ML2? Nah fam, he literally raises/watches JMM grow up but when she's in trouble after dads passed away, he cant help her cause he cant enter China due to 'family laws'. (And he cant send someone to put JMM on a airplane to him?? So much for being a rich aristocrat who doesn't follow rules)

How about this guy! Maybe ML3? Nah he considers you a sister and likes someone else! Nevermind that in the previous life, he tried so many times to rescue you from being tortured and even died miserably because of that!

And THIS guy. He looks to be the main ML, even the author is shaping him up in all ways to be that. But??? Nah he wants to be your 5th dad! No he's your past life Master! No he's your past life tormenter/protector!


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Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c200
I give it 2.5 stars

It was entertaining at first and the love the dads have for the girl and the love the girl has for the dads was so cute some times I was a bit teary eyed. That's where the 2.5 stars came from.

Story wise, it was going nowhere.

... more>> Don't get me wrong. I enjoy fluffy cute stories that aren't heavily plot driven a lot. But this was just... I just didn't know what the purpose of the story was anymore after a while.

I could have read the story just for the sake of the familial love, but that's the thing. It was very very flawed. So much so, it really annoyed me. Their interactions seem very sweet and cute at first, but the more I read, the more I realized it wasn't cute, but actually quite unhealthy. Honestly, the reason the original owner ended up like she did was her dads. Won't sugar coat it. It was their fault. They spoilt her so much that it was no wonder she grew up into an arrogant brat that used money to make people do what she wanted.

The MC is ok but she could get off her high horse sometimes. She doesn't care about anybody but her dads. That's fine, but she puts up a wall between her and everybody else. Including her dads. She doesn't share her true feelings or thoughts even with her dads who according to her, are her most important people. So, it feels like nobody can enter her eyes.

The dads:
Billionaire dad: the one I like the least. The more I read about him the least I liked him. Raised her to treat money like dirt.
Actor dad: needs to stop treating an adult woman like a freaking baby.
Taoist dad: He's so unlucky, his situation is just sad.
Detective dad: the only half decent one here who will actually do some things for her own good instead of to please her and fulfill all her desires.

All in all, they never raised her to be a strong, intelligent and independent woman, but they gave her all she wanted without her even asking. Their daughter is god and the rest of the world is lower than dirt. They didn't even raise her to be half a decent human being. They wouldn't even teach her anything. "Oh, that boy rejected you because he already has a girlfriend and won't break up with her to be with you? How dare he!? I'll have the bodyguards beat him up" Who the hell does that??? Oh and don't get me started on how all 4 dads hate each other and fight over the MC. They'll even say bad things and discredit the other dads to the MC just to take a higher place in the MC's heart.

And the MC would just let the dads do whatever they want! Instead of communicating with them, she just lets them be. Oh, this dad thinks I want a pet rabbit, he's wrong, but instead of letting him know, I'll let him go buy a pair of rabbits that I'll just leave in my assistant's care. Oh, my other dad got jealous and wants to get me more and "better" pets? I'm not really into pets, but it doesn't matter, I'll just let him turn my house into a petting zoo and push all the work of caring and feeding the animals to the housekeeper. What the heck!? If you want to give them the joy of doing something for you, let them get you something you'd actually like or do something for you that you'll actually be happy about. It's fine to appreciate the thought instead of the actual object, but these weren't things that were done without her knowledge! And she wouldn't even say anything to her dads when they would start to say bad things about the other dads to discredit them. Saddest thing is that some of her dads actually lost the original's love because of what other dads said or did.

Oh the revenge? She did kind of put the people in their places at first, but then she stopped caring, which is fine. I don't like overly vengeful characters. But this MC did everything with violence and didn't even get the desired effect in the end anyway. It was just meh.

Anyway... I reached chapter 200 of 217. I only had a few more to go but I just got so annoyed I stopped. Sorry for the essay, but... yeah... I had to let my frustration out. <<less
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Pikiliu rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: Completed
100% recommend. Idk, I would say it’s a light read, but it isn’t, there is not much drama, but so much emotions. This is really a hidden gem :0
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Nanya rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: Completed
4/5 stars!

I thought this was a fun novel, I MTL-ed the whole thing which was an okay-ish experience. I'm not sure if it was because of the MTL but I felt some scenes ended abruptly/disorderly. So, take that for what you will.

Anyways as the description describes Jiang Mian 'transmigrates into this novel'

... more>>

there was a pretty obvious twist where the Jiang Mian she transmigrated into was actually her in the past but since her soul split due to the world rejecting her (she's a celestial being I think?) she gone through 2 different other lives and forgot her memories here but knew the story from a novel that SHE wrote to remind herself... even though she put her enemies as the protags... kinda weird lol.


where she has 4 OP (in their own right fathers). If you want a tale of doting fathers as she navigates her acting life, with some cute and funny moments you'll like this.

If you're here for the romance, then I have to say it is a sweet one but we don't really get to see a lot of it besides the beginning stages. The main text ended abruptly so the further details on the confession/first date is found in the extras.

Cons: (At least some things I felt could've been improved)

    • I felt that this novel could've been at least 100 chapters longer. It ended at a very abrupt place even with all those extras. We could have seen more of this journey/get more emotional impact from the Dad's and MC's relationship. Although they do have a great one, I wish the Dad's would've known what their neglect to the MC did to her.
    • Some of the ways that plots get resolved is weird. When we meet Lian Feng (the detective Dad and my personal fav) the novel takes an action route. Suddenly our MC is doing all these crazy crime fighting things and saving the day very coincidentally. Not that I'm complaining cause I love ish like that but I thought it was quite a shift in tone haha.
    • The acting doesn't play a huge part in the plot. We primarily visit one of her works and although it was somewhat interesting, we don't see a lot of the audience reaction but we just know it had a huge box office and the Dad's were mad at the kissing scene. So if you were there for the entertainment scene aspect it is there... but not in the most satisfying way at least in my opinion.
    • Like another reviewer said the thing about Filipino maids stood out to me too?? Like why do they have to be filipino... seems kind of racist tbh. It's not a huge thing since its mentioned on occasion but I thought it might've just been an identifier or something.. idk but after so many coincidences it was strange. (Another reviewer said it was slang... so who knows)
    • Finally again, those things might not have been actually cons but I thought it'd be good to mention them. I think the only reason why I'm somewhat okay with this ending is because the MC does find out her past and it all makes up for her future with this new chance of life.

I recommend trying this out and seeing if you like it. <<less
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