I Have a Sickness


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System, “You have a sickness. Moreover, you’ll have one in every world.”

Hao Ritian, “…”

System, “What’s wrong? Is there a problem?”

Hao Ritian smiled. “No, there’s no problem. I was just a bit excited.”

System, “…”

That smile intensified the system’s feeling of ominous foreboding. It has had this premonition since it learned the name of its host. Now it only prays that this is all its imagination!

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29 Reviews

Feb 09, 2020
Status: c21
My favorable impression dimmed by begining of second arc very quickly, reason:

    • Arc 1 describes a fate of original body as he became a "rabid dog", which wasn't really a "sickness", but a bad turn in development of his temperamnet;
    • Arc 2 describes a person with "autism" and it's not a sickness, it's a disorder, it's genetics. Not to mention that the way the author describes it, it doesn't sound like autism at all. At least call it autistic behavior, which sometimes appear within children who were neglected during most important years of upbringing. And the most annoying thing is that word 'autism' is shoved down your throat every other sentence. Author, we get it, please stop.
Results: time and time again I come across the novels where some disorders or conditions are used to describe a character, but obvious lack of knowledge in the field and ignorance makes the whole read cringy and jumpy. It makes me think either these authors don't really investigate for their works or just people in general not very profound on these things at all and it creates the clash of our thinking with their way of thinking. Not to mention when words like 'autism' are thrown indiscriminately almost every sentence makes you feel annoyed.
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Mar 09, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a Quick Transmigration with arcs only in the "modern" world. There are 10 different Arcs in which only 3/10 are actual physical disease, and the rest are all "mental" illnesses. Arc breakdown listed below in the spoiler

... more>>

Arc 1 (Chapter 1 - 20) : Rebellious/anger, not really a mental illness

Arc 2 (Chapter 21 - 36) : Autism

Arc 3 (Chapter 37 - 48) : Psychosis (Mental Hospital, pretty funny)

Arc 4 (Chapter 49 - 62) : Asthma

Arc 5 (Chapter 63 - 73) : OCD

Arc 6 (Chapter 74 - 89) : Phobia

Arc 7 (Chapter 90 - 100) : Heart Disease

Arc 8 (Chapter 101 - 113) : Anxiety

Arc 9 (Chapter 114 - 127) : Leukemia

Arc 10 (Chapter 128 - 137) : Paranoia

Chapter 139 - 147: Real World

Chapter 148 - 150: System Plane

Chapter 151 - 155: Extra/bonus world with mermaids.


I want to clarify that in chinese, mental illness has the same "sickness/disease/illness/disorder" character as you would have for normal physical disease. So you would say ______ + "sickness/disease/illness/disorder" character for everything. There is no special word or phrase that makes a mental ailment any different or special from a physical ailment.

On the other hand, there is definitely a stigma about mental illness, but I believe that is the same case everywhere. Even in the US, although we have opened up a lot in regards to mental health, there are still people who stigmatize; similar to how society looks upon the LGBQT community, a lot more open/accepting, but still people who don't.

The author does lack an understanding of these different mental illnesses, so if that is something that bothers you a lot, I can't recommend reading this. But I just take reading these scenarios like the usual QT without really thinking the Host or MC has any sort of mental illness. Which brings me to the personality of the MC. He is definitely very laissez faire and doesn't give a crap about other people. But as the story progresses, you see the MC start to learn to be more caring/understanding of other people and their situation. Definitely not exactly ok for the MC to decide for the Host to get together with the ML/sleep with someone casually, but I will say that the MC didn't actually know that his actions would be projected into the "real word" until I think after the second arc. Not to mention, regardless of what, the MC has left the host in a better situation then he would've been if the host didn't take over.

Giving a rating of 4/5 because I enjoyed how there were only 10 arcs in this story, and an interesting premise of having to cure/manage his host's illness as a side mission. Not a full 5 because all the worlds were only in modern world, because I do enjoy reading about beastmen, or the more futuristic worlds. <<less
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Jan 14, 2020
Status: --
Very unrealistic.

Not in the sense that the MC is overpowered (btw this can be true and realistic) but more in the sense of how the MC and ML got entangled together. The story in itself has a childish fantasy flavor. Like the 26 years old virgin protagonist who hooked up with an unkown man he didn't speak a word with while he was completely sober; the said unkown man himself aka ML who is painted as unreachable and from a giant family didn't ask what was a half naked man... more>> doing in his house in the middle of the night and dragged him to bed. The part that ended it for me was when the MC was in a stranger's house with only servants and a FIVE years old decided he would go around half naked because he "didn't care what people thought of him" much like those disgusting old homeless exhibitionists showing their private parts to poor children. It is also said that the ML was interested in the MC because of his "fierceness" in bed... do I need to remind that the MC was a virgin before that? I like BL very much, so much that I can still put up with some annoying flaws I wouldn't have tolerated otherwise but I just dislike this couple so much... so much I would prefer dumb innocent MC to this... this is to say... <<less
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Feb 23, 2020
Status: --
For new readers. Know that there isn't any actual sickness like the synopsis says. No rabies - that's just how they described the original bodies sudden change in temperament.

No sickness in the second ark either. It's just autism, a disorder, not an illness. My brothers are autistic. Reading that was extremely annoying.

also, not gonna lie. I'm a little uncomfortable with the MC's conduct whilst inside the host bodies. If he was sleeping with men he hardly knew using his OWN body and not a body he will have to return... more>> to someone else soon, I would've been fine with it. Unfortunately, the MC just does what he wants, whether it goes against the original bodies character or not.

that was a little irksome. <<less
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Aug 06, 2022
Status: --
I find it regrettable that the most liked review is negative and mainly as a result of a misunderstanding of a reviewer. If you're a long time reader of CN novels you'll notice that some things may be describes awkwardly or the words that are used aren't correct, but that's mainly because translating Chinese to English is really really difficult. As another reviewer mentioned, there is one character in Chinese that describes ilness/sickness, disease/disorder so that results in misunderstandings of native English speakers.
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Nov 17, 2019
Status: Completed
This is your standard fast-wear novel where the MC is killed in a car accident, attached to a system, and made to run tasks to 'rectify' the story line in the various worlds. In each world, the MC's character is afflicted by either a physical or mental illness (portrayal not always accurate - esp that some can be 'cured' - but that's my own personal gripe). In all, this story didn't leave a huge impression on me. It's not bad, but it's not that great either. If you like fast-wear... more>> BL, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this as a comfortable read, but you def won't be missing out if you decide to skip it.

Something unique about this novel is that all the worlds are all in the modern world. Unfortunately that does make it repetitive and I was losing interest in the family dog-blood drama by the end. Even the different illnesses didn't add much that flavor or drama to the different worlds - the 2 exception being the mental hospital task world (so funny), and the heart disease world (I cried so hard). The MC himself by the end is basically rushing through the worlds to get back to the real world so that he can find his lover, and you can definitely sense his lack of interest in the last few task worlds. It finally picks back up again once he goes back to the real world - learning the truth about his lover and where they go next is entertaining enough to wrap up the novel. I especially liked the extra story at the end.

Something I really liked about this novel is that the MC is very comfortable with his sexuality and is equally as enthusiastic and open about s*x as the ML. None of the stereotypical bottom tropes about wanting to avoid 'punishment' s*x or not being able to get out of bed for 3 days. You can say it is all very consensual and mutually satisfying. The ML is OP and is def a golden thigh who is cold to everyone but gentle to the MC, but he's not the yandere/obsessive-controlling type. He rather respects the ability of the MC and happily supports him from the side. Other than that, there's not much character development for him. <<less
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Sep 02, 2019
Status: c1
4 stars bc I've only read the first chapter lol

However, I can say that this is another amusing system world-hopping bl where the MC shou avenges cannon fodder.

... more>>

(And the MC isn't actually sick like the story suggests, or at least in the first arc. The og he took over is described to have rabies but truthfully, people only see him as someone with rabies bc of his barbaric and rude attitude towards the people that disgust him.)


seems like a somewhat generic novel, but I'm enthralled nonetheless. Off to mtl :)

edit: yay turns out it's ez to mtl <<less
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Jan 14, 2022
Status: c54
It has rather low ratings, but it's still a Good novel!

The first two arcs has a Decent and Good plot and story. Still pretty good even with the flaws. But the 3rd arc is GOLD!!! I enjoyed the story sooooooo much!!! And the 3rd arc also reveal lots. Like what MC had observed, his theories, his feelings, and what System could tell to MC.

So I pray this novel translation won't discontinued. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 And pray the rest of the story is as good as the first 3 arcs.
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Oct 18, 2020
Status: --
This story is... Awful.

In the first arc we can see that the story won't give you what it promises on the description.

All of the characters don't make sense or have any kind of "common sense" and our MC is a terrible person. The system is just really annoying and the objectives are so... Disrespectful or s*upid.

... more>> And what can I say about this ML? Basically a dog in heat (which our MC doesn't complain, but I developed a strong dislike - not only for the ML).

So, this novel doesn't really "have" a proper disease at all. The ML is not likeable at all. The system is annoying (not cute and definitely not funny). The characters are "meh". And there's 0 common sense, and I doubt the author's moral at some points.


In the first arc, our MC was not even with any sickness, the original just had a hot temper (I usually liked the original owner way more than this MC), and this was completely justify with the context. Then, one day, he just saves a 5 years old kid from kidnapping. Until this point, it was alright, BUT we suddenly discover that it was the kid's birthday and the MC takes the kid away (just because) and later comes to the kid's home and sleeps there (and NO ONE STOPPED this completely STRANGE at all ???? - 0 common sense). But, if you think this is already an unacceptable bunch of nonsense, things get worse when, in the middle of the night, the MC goes to the kitchen NAKED (in a house with a 5 years old kid) because "he doesn't care about what others think about him", but he's just being an jerk. And he founds this ML that, just looking at a NAKED TEENAGER, gets hard and they f*ck. Hahahahahahahah (this is a disappointed laugh, ok?). Then we have tons of nonsense and they both having s*x. What will also disgust you is that, after all this, the MC returns the body to the original owner (after doing whatever he wanted)


The second arc was the limit for me, as I am a teacher and I do have contact with kids that are truly autistic.


The system says that our MC has to "cure" the original owners to succeed, which is quite disrespectful in the way it is put here. And all the characters are so disrespectful with the original owners issues, SPECIALLY the ML (he FORCES the MC so he can "recover") apparently he knows how to "cure" autism after reading some books (and let's agree that the original owner wasn't an autistic person). Even if the ML sees how "uncomfortable" the MC (he's pretending), he's forceful because, in his mind, it is this way that he can cure our MC. If a autistic person was in the body, I can't even imagine the consequences of the way he treated the MC. I hate him *argh*


And I stopped there as I felt deeply disgusted. <<less
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Aug 12, 2020
Status: --
in arc 1, the MC is naked in front of a child and no one seems to find that weird? ok.

the MC also follows a stranger's kid into their home because the kid is lonely and he asks him to stay?

that's not even shameless in a good (funny) way, that's just no common sense type of shameless.

the story plot seems to just follow mc's lead of shamelessness, with not a hint of logic whatsoever. The author tries so hard to sell this concept of badass MC, but I can't help... more>> but see MC as a mid-school wanna be a cunning adult minus the funny. But I guess it makes sense to see the MC as smart when other characters are dumb af. Dumb for the sake of badass MC plot.

The ML makes the MC looks smart and that's saying a lot.


ML sees a stranger in his house and instead of calling the f*ckin goddamn police or bodyguard or even fight him on his own- he took MC upstairs to have s*x with him? LOL like what???? there's no "hello" or "who are you?" or even "why are you naked in my house?", he literally sees MC and goes in lust? excuse me sir. And what's even more bizzare is THE NEXT DAY PART??? suddenly the ML knows the mc's name?? and told the kid (his nephew) not to disturb the mc's sleep??? Did they talk during sex??? what's going on? the author didn't even give a tiny peek at what happened after the ML took MC to f*ck.

oh and also, the MC apparently went to sleep with a kid, naked. Like full body naked while holding the kid. I know there's nothing perverted about that since none of them are thinking of it as anything beyond sleeping, but the house has maids, yeah? and none of them raise a brow at that? Because if I were working in someone else' house that has a kid in it and a stranger got invited by this KID and they proceed to fall asleep naked, the first thing I would have done is to call a COPS.

Even parents rarely ever sleep with their kids naked, and you telling me a stranger sleeping with a kid naked is ok???????????? HEHE.

The ml, as the kid's uncle, should have done more than f*ckIN TAKIN THE NAKED MC TO HIS BED goddamnit.


Edit: it does get better though in later arcs. Less cringy and more fun to read (as Long as you ignore the inaccurate misinterpretation of the mental illnesses) :D I rated this 2 stars at first but changed my mind in the mid of the 4th arc- I'm giving it a 3.5 now! :) The mc's "schemes" (If that's what you call it) are still not intelligent at all, but in later arcs, the mc's characteristics/personality is actually kinda likable :D

the ml's easiness to fall in love with MC is more tolerable and realistic (since he's been with MC in the first world, so... it makes more sense for the ML to has lesser defense when it comes to mc). The ml's reaction to MC in later arcs feel less absurd (since they have had background from the first world arc). <<less
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Nov 10, 2020
Status: v3
This novel is actually more like Perfect Destiny than FOd. And I wouldn't be surprised if MC system and system from PD is from different department.


... more>> I was actually very dumbfounded as we when I read the first arc.

I've oh read three arcs the most, but I could tell that the author wrote suble description of these mental illnesses.

The first arc, for example is not really at all peculiar. Though I also don't understand, what specific illness our MC have at the first world. I could generally specified that it was a mental ill as well.


The settings first started after MC arrived. The body our MC had occupied had a mother that just died.

We could conclude here, that the original is very spoiled and naive, since he was easily trick and humiliated just like that. But thinking about it. The original just lost his mother and his father immediately brought his mistress to marry. Coupled with his with his identity crisis, the original suffered many mental stress and no one in his family went to comfort him.


Well, it's just my opinion. After, when I read this arc, at first there's nothing wrong. Except for MC being so casual with everything. And the lack of common Sense in some parts, like the Ml– carrying MC to bed after seeing his naked upper body in one glance. The nephew being alone, sure it's fine. Passable.

The arc two, actually made me cringed a bit.

According to the description in the novel. Our MC there, supposed to have an Autism. But as far as I can see, based on those deacription, our MC symptoms is just showing signs of Autism not autism itself.

Well, I actually like this part, because of our mc's parents this time.

Not much I could say about this. But the third arc really makes me write a review.


Just reading the intro of the arc, I already made an assumption of our mc's mental illness. But to my surprised, it turned out to be psychosis.

It's quite a bit extreme I could say. But from what I read the original just happened to have a denial, then symptoms of depression, and PTSD.

The original should have specific drug induced disorder after being admitted to the hospital and worsening his mental health.

But actually, delusions and hallucinations isn't random and for patients, they have patterns and consistent image. That's why, in case of delusions there are many cases. And patience have very specific case and not general.

In MC case in this arc his just playing. Mc's delusions should be targeted right at his 'famoly being alive'. That's the cause of his stress. So, I stead of playing imperial palace, out MC should be playing house. Regression, should be more or less realistic at this point. That's how people suffering from denial behave.

For other patient, well idk. Hehehe

I actually like this novel. It's good, though the very focused of the story, 'the sickness's didn't quite turned out as expected. Every arc turned out to be good.

Though the mental hospital is quite an exaggerated. Though, I haven't visited a mental hospital before, I knew people as I worked in a 'home' before.

Facts is, mentally ill people is actually more agreeable than normal ones. Except for their episode and attacks, they're more civil and fun to talked to.

The arc three is really fun.

That kind of plays is actually encourage in facilities like that.

┏ (^0^) ┛ <<less
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Sep 11, 2019
Status: c149
The story arcs are good though some are eclipsed by FoD and DPUBFTB (boyfriend fr tr*sh bin) novel. Overall, This one is really great!! ? don't be disappointed by arc1 bcoz in d succeeding arcs, MC is really sick.. and I could really emphatize with the MC

... more>>

Similar to that novel, the MC is considerate to the original person (though he DID it with the ML using the host's body). Also, the world arcs are just projection of real world and will become part of the memory of original person.


Great story and the MC is not unreasonable to directly be against to the slag persons. However...

Kinda disappointed with the ending of arcs, because they r not well-portrayed (when the MC finished his role, I didn't know what happened to the original owner of d body). - in the 3rd arc, the reason for the endings are told. Also, I don't see variation on arcs so eventually the stories become predictable


I love the succeeding story arcs, I keep laughing!! Really great ? I thought that the ML will become a background again but nope, he feels alive (in most of the arcs) not the typical ML (that feels not like a programmed robot, I couldn't find the right word; he is somewhat similar to ML of boyfriend fr tr*shbin novel)


Arc1 rabies bitten- he has no illness

Arc2 austistic

Arc3 mentally ret*rded

Arc4 asthma

Arc5 mysophobia


What I love about the novel is that the story is solved not by MC only but with the people around him, Since the idea is it is a projected world of a real world, every person should have their own participation/role.

Ahaha, btw the MC has another goal, to eat the ML in every arc ?

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orange tan tan
orange tan t
Jun 06, 2022
Status: --
I usually dont rate novels that I didn't read fully but this. The actions of MC is simply disgusting and irresponsible.

He really touched my bottomline. Who in their right mind would sleep naked with 5 YEAR OLD KID.

1. He went to the amusement park without informing the kid's guardians [ie his parents or his uncle].

2. He couldn't go to his home and he was tired so when the kid asked him to go home with him... he agreed? to sleep in his house??. First of all IMO kids shouldn't befriend... more>> people who aren't their age. The kid is just 5 so MC should act like an adult ok?

3. MC wanted to take a bath, the kid wanted to join so MC just allowed it. WTF.

4. after the bath MC suddenly remembered that he didn't bring clothes so he just... slept there naked. NAKED. AND WITH THAT KID. If his parents got to know that some kind of creep is sleeping with their 5 year old they would have creeped the f*ck out.

urgh. Im gonna drop this novel here <<less
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Feb 03, 2021
Status: c91/155
I started reading the translations for this novel and then moved on to reading MTL, so part of my review may be based on possible inaccuracies I got from the MTL (though I usually try to cross-check with different versions and word-by-word breakdown if something is weird).
MC travels through the world, changing the tragic fates of the ori!bodies and serving out face slaps to everyone who was responsible for harming the original owner while doing what he thinks the original would like (oh, and solving/curing whatever 'sickness' the author... more>> decides suites their fancy). MC can read the 'plot' of the original fate so he knows what will happen, but otherwise, the system doesn't give him too much of a goldfinger (that's where ML comes in, but MC himself is also pretty strong).

IF you can get past the below problems (and I hope my examples were more valuable and less venting, although it has been quite nice to type all this out), you will likely enjoy this book. Without the wild inaccuracies and bouts of ableism I'd be more inclined to give this novel a ~4 for enjoyability, but my other half wants to shoot it down to a 1 for the amount of effort it could have taken this author to do basic googles to have somewhat more reliable information that they clearly could not be bothered to do (the chapters in jjwxc are dated in 2017. Baidu/google exists for a reason, people.) Additionally, the translation by Kate at Dummy is quite good and easy to read. She does make an effort on some of the chapters and the Dummy chapter index page to post warnings that there are a lot of inaccuracies and that the author's views aren't her own, which I also like a lot.

Note on the relationship between MC and ML (and ori!bodies) :

This novel does seem 1v1, but I will note that MC does not stay in each world until death. With the system, MC is only meant to stay until the original fate has been reversed, with his score being docked if he stays longer. When MC leaves, the original soul will take the body back over and continue living the life MC started, with what the MC did seeming to be 'memories' for them. How does this come into play with ML's soul? No idea honestly, not much is known other than it's the same person/soul in each world. I don't know if ML is only temporarily with the MC while the MC is there, but the novel does cover MC 'watching' the ori!MC and ML interact a bit after MC has left - slightly awkwardness has been mentioned as the ori!MC adjusts to suddenly? being in a full-fledged relationship, often with a man he's already slept with. I personally feel a bit weird knowing that my good 1v1 couple suddenly turns into... potential MLxori!soul?? in each world after the MC leaves, especially since there's a pretty clear distinction so far between MC and the souls he takes over for. Once I finish the novel I may know more about the dynamic, but for now, it rubs me a bit... weirdly and I ignore it to the best of my ability.


This novel... if you're looking for a QT novel like FOD, IHS definitely doesn't match up. I enjoy reading about the dynamics between the MC and ML, especially because MC and ML begin recognizing each other very fast (although ML has no memories of previous worlds, he just feels instant attraction/love at first sight) and avoid all the chasing and finding.

It's good to burn time, but I don't enjoy many other aspects of this novel for one main reason... this author decided to write a novel with a lot of 'sicknesses', yeah? Well, it feels like they did little/no research on most of the 'sicknesses' that they pick before publishing. Like....none. If you're sensitive to ableism or care about medical accuracies in what you read, this is not for you. If you can pause and go 'wtf' then keep reading, you'll enjoy this more.
For example...

Rabies in the first arc? Nah, the author writes that the ori!MC acts rabid due to various reasons involving evil family members and calls it rabies. Second arc has "austim"... that the ori!MC?? developed??? and that was cured???? Yeah, no, a better descriptor is that the ori!MC was extremely introverted and isolated, calling it autism and having it be developed (and cured) is pretty laughable. Following that, having (severe) asthma apparently means that you can't drink tea (a quick google will show you that herbal teas have been used to get relief from asthma symptoms for who knows how long. Even more astounding was when it seems like the author wrote that organ donors (not the recipients of the transplant) have to worry about developing rejection after donating... which is when the recipient's immune system doesn't recognize the new organ being part of their body and attack it, in very unprofessional terms. Organ donors literally give that organ away. they don't have to worry about rejection??? Most recently for me, the MC decided to make money by... writing a book about mental illnesses (based off his past experiences with the above problems of 'rabies' (not), 'autism' (not), severe asthma, mysophobia, claustrophobia, as well as extreme fear of loud noises and the color red). The book title mtl'd to "An Overview of Mental Illnesses" and seemed like it aimed to distinguish between various phobias, mental illnesses, diseases, etc. and to help decrease stigma towards such things within the community (which quite, frankly, is laughable coming from a character who's main goal in each world involves solving/curing said problem to the best of his ability and who also frequently dislikes having said problems. He's also made comments about mental illnesses being a matter of having a strong enough will??? This book gets extremely popular, moves everyone, and no one questions the professionalism/authenticity of this book that is published by a high schooler.


tl;dr: the author seems to just go with whatever they think they know and not look up most things. There's information that seems pretty accurate, but it seems quite outnumbered by much more laughable claims. The MC's goal itself of fixing the illnesses he has, as well as occasional thoughts about whatever his current body is dealing with and mental vs. physical illness comments (mental is just a matter of having a stronger will!) are peppered in frequently enough to disturb your enjoyment of the novel. <<less
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Sep 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I am a sucker for qt. So much that I would never miss a story, neverminding negative reviews.

This one has an exciting premise. The MC have some sickness that will hinder him during the plot? - dope, add two please. Unfortunately, the implementation is lacking. I have read a few novels with similar direction, so I wasn't impressed here in a bit.

The MC is a soy sauce. He just sits there waiting for the conflict to be settled. That's not so much of an interest though...

The good thing I should... more>> mention is either engrossing translation or authors own labor. Kept you to continue reading.

The romance is "love at first sight with no depth" type.

Still, I cannot place a bad rating, again, I love when there are more at novels out there. <<less
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Feb 06, 2021
Status: c35
What makes me like this novel:

    • How MC clearly draw the line so he won't get too attached to each world.
    • He is cold and indifferent, enjoying himself while he can, and finish his mission perfectly.
    • I like that the og soul return to the body and can enjoy the 2nd life. They deserved it, I'm really happy the MC didn't have to wait until he died before move to the next world.
    • MC is strong and very decisive.
    • ML is supportive in each arc, not a bully, not a possesive yandere (so far).
    • MC gave face-slapping to those villains.
    • Basically, I like mc's professionalism & his work ethic. He isn't easily swayed by ml. He just like an employee, an outsider, and these people come to him to 'repair' their fate. Once it finished, it's time to go!
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Sin devil
Sin devil
Aug 25, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of the best system bl I have read. There's comedy, MC with a strong character and some fluff. I dont know why I have seen so many negative reviews but I really like this novel. It's got new ideas and new plot. Definitely a ++++ for me.

  • The MC is neither naive nor girly. He has a strong character who is not easily swayed by other's warmth. He has very strong self esteem. He is confident and doesn't rely on ML to pass his assignment. This is one of the best MC out there I have read.
  • The system doesn't give any op gold fingers so most of the things MC does is his own ability. Sometimes he doesn't even get any reward and the one time he doesn't even know why the original died. It's an interesting read.
  • The ML is cute and even though he's op and possessive, he's not one of those bully-like-president gong. He respects MC and is also supportive of his character.
  • I basically love the way the story has a beginning and an ending without massive plotholes. There is no change of MC identity in the end. He is still the guy who got into an accident and was lucky to get a chance of resurrection at the end.
  • The way the MC is grateful for the lucky chance is a +. His character also develops through the plot. Initially he has very little compassion for other people except himself. It's a kind of antisocial personality (not like a psychopath). This changes somewhat when he gets to meet people he appreciates and acknowledges and that's a big +.
  • Also the ending is great. I love the mermaid part.
  • The only thing I was confused about is that in the first arc the disease written is rabies and that's weird and I don't get it. People don't survive rabies and that's not how they behave. It's basically a terminal illness so how did the MC even
    \ (

    _o) /

    get it.

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Oct 29, 2019
Status: c9
This is great.

The MC is shameless and his ability to act is at LV100. He can lie/cry at the drop of a hat and the ML digs that. And instead of the usual slowly-building-affection-before-banging-the-ML thing that usually occurs, the MC and ML go straight into the booty-call route. Their relationship isn't toxic and the ML always gets consent first.

(don't mistake the cute bun as the ML, because he is NOT)
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Mar 15, 2021
Status: --
Hmm ok so I just read 1st arc it Was it good?

Yes it was just like another transmigration novel.

MC is good looking, cunning and cold hearted


  • Where was the 'sickness' (the only thing that got me interested in the first place
  • What was wrong with ML

    just the moment he met MC he started liking him. Like what?

I don't know if I will be reading the 2nd arc
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Jul 16, 2020
Status: c86
Yoo this is hilarious.. I laugh so much at his thoughts. A quick face slapping and funny world-hopping. Cunning MC uhhhh
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