I Have A Rejuvenated Ex-wife In My Class


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Kohei Kurose and Yuzuhana Koikawa were hit by a car right after they filed for divorce and they both went back in time on the day of the high school entrance ceremony.

Knowing that they had both returned to the past, they said, “I will never get involved with you again in order to live a happy life! I swear!

But, they both share the same hobbies and are very compatible with each other.

As a result, everytime I go, I end up having to spend time with her. I was reluctant at first, but as time went on I realized that spending time together is much more fun than spending time alone

This is a story about an ex husband and wife who return to their youth and are attracted to each other again.

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Ore no Class ni Wakagaetta Moto Yome ga Iru
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Renovartio rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: c6
Translator needs a proof reader, no offense. I can tell you're trying but sometimes you need a 2nd opinion when it comes to checking your own work.

As for the story so far, it's ok. Time slip story of an idiot divorced couple who are very obviously still completely infatuated with each other, but apparently never learned to work things out without immediately going to yelling. Typical for younger couples, but they've supposedly been married for a few years. While other couples get divorced due to spouses cheating, one being irresponsible... more>> with finances, or other life changing factors. This couple on the other hand seem to have gotten divorced because they never heard of kissing and making up. <<less
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Mahesvara_ rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: Completed
No real plot. Just lover dates here and there disguised as platonic dates, they keep emphasizing the word "FRIENDS" between them as both can't be honest with their feelings which is completely done in a forced and s*upid way. It's so disappointing to see them acting like blushy blushy teenagers despite being married before they time leaped. I can't feel any maturity from them at all, they really act like innocent virg*n boy and nerd girl. Even the content of their bickerings was childish and dumb. Author is either an... more>> Innocent young teen when he wrote this or lacks real life experiences. There are scenes where MC keeps turning red from embarrassment, getting jumpy from holding hands etc. It was so unbearable to see them doing these creepy things knowing their age. It's disgusting. Also the chain of conversation is so confusing. I don't even know who said which dialogues anymore, author never say who's speaking which, it was so irritating. Along with conversations that felt really forced, the MC and FMC keeps trying to force a topic out of nowhere. Also the only character in the story is basically just the MC and FMC the other side characters had no purpose and nothing would change even without them. Subpar translation also adds to how bad it is. Thid is a very unenjoyable experience.

Story: 2/5
Concept: 3/5
Style: 2/5
Characters: 1/5
Overall: 2/5 <<less
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elijahryne rated it
March 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Great! The story is well written, paced, and extremely entertaining. I am looking forward to the next volume, assuming there will be one. The only downside is the occasional bad grammar of the translation, but even so there wasn't a place where it was bad enough to not understand what was happening.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ravenpeko rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I'll gave this a 3.5, just rounded it up would give it a three but I like bickering couples like Cordelia and Jude from ending maker. First thing that annoyed me is why don't they just talk it out like they're adults, they have a lot of life experience, like if they just talk for like a hour all of this wouldn't have happened. Second of all, he keeps saying how they need to stay as friends because if they don't they'll have a break up again, which is honestly... more>> so f*ckin s*upid. But since this story is relatively short, I can kinda overlook this. I have a lot more things to criticize bout this wn, but most of it correlates to the first thing.

Now for the good things bout this...

don't really have anything to say just some random standard romance shit, that's pretty enjoyable.

All in all, I'll just say read it, since it'll be a short read anyway, so ye. <<less
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