I Have A New Family


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“… Is she really my daughter?”

His voice, usually dry and irritable, made Hilane think he could be mistaken. She believed he would soon return to his normal self. She held onto that hope.

“Are you willing to sacrifice your entire life for a child from a woman who deceived you?”


“Please, wake up, Revan.”

But her husband seemed to trust another woman’s words more. Ironically enough.

“Let’s get a divorce.”

When she no longer wanted to make any effort, Hilane finally ended it.

The belief that she would surely be happy was nothing but a mistaken illusion.


“In order to prevent war, you must marry Grand Duke Belzette.”

Afterward, she remarried Aachen, the former crown prince of Lequire and now Grand Duke of Belzette, solely for her daughter’s sake.

As the Grand Duchess of Belzette and as a new mother, she hoped for nothing more than fulfilling her duties.

The Grand Duke showed no particular desires, so he must have felt the same way.

But why? On their first night after the national wedding, the person who had only been kind seemed different.

“Duchess. Raise your head.”


“How long do you plan to avoid looking at me? You must fulfill your duties as a wife.”

Aachen’s blue eyes shone like a predator’s upon discovering its prey, as if he could devour Hilane at any moment.

Feeling the blatant obsession in his eyes, Hilane’s slender shoulders trembled.

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