I Have a Happy Ending with the Mistress’ Ex-Boyfriend


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When the starlet Jian Qiaoxin went to catch his boyfriend in the act, who could have thought that the mistress’s boyfriend, Chairman Yan Gan, also came to the scene.

The only difference was: Jian Qiaoxin is holding a phone, but Yan Gan is holding a knife.


The scene of catching an adultery turned into a bloodbath scene; he was supposed to come here to confront his boyfriend of the cheating, now he became the one trying to mediate the situation.

“Chairman Yan, please calm down, put down your knife and spare his life. I can see that he knows he is wrong now.”

After breaking up with his boyfriend, Jian Qiao Xin went drinking his sorrows away; it also happened that Yan Gan also came drinking at the same club. A drunken Jian Quaoxin and Yan Gan shared the same bed that night.

The next morning, Jian Qiaoxin woke up with Chairman Yan sleeping right next to him; recalling the night that Yan Gan raised the knife at the adulterous couple, he quickly ran out of the room to save his own life.

A few months later, Jian Qiaoxin’s crazy morning sickness routines had caught his manager’s attention: “f*ck, you think the big boss will let you off, you dare getting pregnant during this time of your career?”

Jian Qiaoxin: “…”

Kill me then, after all this is his deed.


After the break up, I’m pregnant with the mistress’s ex-boyfriend’s child, and that person is also my boss. I would like to hear about it.

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New Kvan rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c60
Ok... I've read it so far and it was good, but the couple is getting slowly but surely on my nerves. They don't know how to speak. This is understandable. But even when one makes moves, the other automatically misunderstands. They have been sweet to each other but remain totally dense and that confines to s*upidity at some point. So... the Mary Sue is too Mary Sue and the smart CEO not so smart. Still 4 stars but really hope this artificial drama will stop soon.

Update: Yes ! The irritating... more>> moments are finished after c56! Well, the most irritating behaviors of the main characters..

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New DontDealWithWhatYouCant rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c44
I read the reviews first before reading the actual novel and first of all, yes there are plot holes but not that obvious or not too bothering. Second of all, MC really CAN get annoying with how he's acting, he downgrades himself so much and tend to not communicate with ML because he's scared of being rejected and just scared to talk about it.

I thought that the child would just be mentioned shortly and stuff like that from what the reviews have said but mmm there's an extra that's about... more>> the children. And It IS funny, I love how they interacts sometimes and it makes me laugh, there is definitely some bloody scenes but only one chapter, ML cut off the jj of MC's ex-boyfriend. The novel is great! <<less
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Sugaminny rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c33
I'm writing this review to give some negative aspects in contrast to the overall positive reviews so far, to caution any readers. Reading this novel and the reviews has been hella frustrating to me. (I can't get my head around why people post a review before actually having read any chapter of the novel - like w-what)

So here is why I wouldn't recommend this novel:

  • "the comedic vibes of the summary" yeah I thought so too, but - no. They're not comedic. I thought similarily to ScarletGlassesMochi in the sense that: "I'm LMAO just by imaging him barging in the room with a knife in his hand ready to shed a blood bath 🤣" - but yeah - it's not comedic when it's an actual threat

    because our dear ML ACTUALLY CHOPS OF THE GUY'S DICK

    and I don't really care how funny it seems, violence esp. Unprovoked imo violence is NOT OK.
  • just the quality of writing in general - a lot of things seem left out. I often read sth and then questioned "am I missing sth" - like when MC just casually thinks "ah right I probably should get some contraceptive". World building can be done so much better..
  • while ML and MC fullfil some stereotypical tropes that some people like (me sometimes included), there just plain and simple not a good couple. I've not completed the novel but so far i've never wanted them to come together, they already are in an extremely toxic relationship. Also the focus is totally on the relationship and not for example the entertainment/actor work of the MC, so just focusing on that isn't really an option.
  • Also neither ML nor MC are actually likeable charakters. ML is a bully and not a "cute, necking your crush" type of bully, but an honest to god bully-bully. He seems extremely manipulative to me bullying MC, but then when MC need help he is real nice for a while only. MC has such a big inferiority complex and is scared of the ML. He's also the type of person to not get help when he needs it, like he is extremely affected by ML's bullying but bottles it up. What good comes from them getting together?
  • where the consensual s*x at? It's nothing new in BL novels, but it's not even adressed here. Like MC wants to wait for marriage essentially but then is totally fine with being drunkenly - esentially r*ped ? Yeah I don't buy it. He also wants to abort, but why was he suddenly against it again? I don't know - seems to me the author didn't either
That shall suffice for now. See ya
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Haven't started reading it but I feel like leaving a comment right now...

I SWEAR TO GOD PLEASE let the comedic vibes of the summary is the same as how the whole plot goes up till the very end!!! This is the first time I'm gonna read that both protagonists will catch their former lovers in the act --- WITH THE ML BEING A TOTAL WACKY NORMAL ANGRY LOVER!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I'm LMAO just by imaging him barging in the room with a knife in his hand ready to shed a blood... more>> bath 🤣🤣🤣 <<less
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nuyanata rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
It's CEO pamper little wife trope.

Me too. Can't feel any different from hetero love. shou have role and lines the same as this kind of novel....

MC is little white rabbit, timid, low self - esteem. At first he just tolerate every thing, no fight for him self. Later when meet ml, he dare to fight back some time...

Most of the time he has red eyes, crying and let ML coax him. He's insecure, play guese game, he love me or not and drag on around 60 chapters. All of this... more>> really annoyed me but I like ml, he is fun to read.

ML is president type, arrogant, short temper one, a bit like lazy gangster. He love to wear red/ burgandy suit, I mtl it so I'm not sure, I think he call him-self "uncle" instead of "I" hahaha (i love it)

ML really use knife more than once.

They both clean break up with ex use around 30 chapters.

I think it still ok to read.

You know, it still fun if I think MC and another shou as sister type gay (i dont know another polite word to call them) playing around so I like to read this kind of novel as long as author have no gender discrimination.

The thing I hate the most in this novel is career plot. It's really bad till like author look down on actor / showbiz jobs. I think no one take this job seriously, it's a mess lol. <<less
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Common_people rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: Completed
A pretty good novel. It's not that funny, but it's not bloody too. The background setting.. It's not abo or something like ger thing, but it's common to everyone that man can pregnant and everyone can see the sign of men pregnancy. Too blur. Maybe I missed something. MC&ML meet in social party of entertainment industry. The MC, an actor from low level and a villager. So when he meet the ML, he feels low self-esteem and lacks confidence but he is realistic and stubborn. The ML is lack of... more>> Empathy. He is a head of rich family, with complicated background. So he is very possessive and has a great desire to control his partner. In the story, he is with the annoying villain 1 who just love his background but don't wanna consequences of dating him.


So the villain cheated with MC's bf, his childhood friend. MC and his BF already dating for 5yrs.


Then our MC and ML meet again, caught cheating of their partner. The two coincidentally meet again in the bar with drunk MC and drugged ML. So the accident happen.

  • MC silently preggy, but still the ML know after some events. Then the two together but for a child and their feeling slowly fall. But actually it's pretty fast.
  • With the lack confidence MC and the 'don't want to step first' ML, they have some misunderstanding, the villains can provocate them, and full of inner fight.
  • There's a link between MC and the ML family

i feel the cp isn't the best for pair. Their Bond isn't that strong. If you wants to see a swag MC, this isn't the place. The baby just a passerby. Some plot hole, but it's ok. 4 stars. <<less
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takame rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: Completed
It's an entertainment actor x boss story with shitty (former) lovers. I appreciate the ML... Most tyrant CEOs I see were mysterious arrogant young masters but here the author shows ML is human like the rest of us... Like he can be hurt when misunderstood, sad when MC rejects him etc. I also like the relationship progression of the two, how they slowly fell in love and learn to communicate with each other. ML is like basically the Mc's gold finger. He knows almost everything and always rushes towards the... more>> MC when he is in trouble and give the proper faceslap. Very convenient LOL. Yeah, I didn't have much comment on the MC bcos he's the usual princess in distress MC. He had a bottomline tho. Kind but not a virgin mary.

Pregnancy progress at first half of the story while their feelings develop, then the bun will be born at the second part. Sadly, the baby didn't appear that much, but there's a 3-part fanwai about him and the secondary couple's child.

Also, this should be one of the rare novels where villains knew when to stop.

(the exes) live a quiet happy ending of their own after getting what they deserved and is contented with it and didn't pursue the main couple to death. And I'm actually pretty okay with that. Some villains don't have that much reason/brain. lol.


3.75, not bad, an okay read to pass time. And btw, it isn't really comedic as the summary implies. <<less
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BobChan rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c83
I would've rated this a two-star for the translation but I had to give another star for the ML, Yan Gan--he's not perfect but at least he's likable okay.

... more>>

The MC, Jian Qiaoxin was extraordinary in the beginning--and I quite admired his personality--but I grew tired of his bs. There's like a point where it's just too much, you know? He's the 'I-won't-ask-for-help-and-so-I'll-just-endure-the-bullying/emotions' type and never really resolves anything on his own (besides breaking up with his cheating bf).

Multiple times, he just doesn't get the hint, that's quite obvious. He just starts assuming things left to right about the ML. The first few times were understandable because he didn't know Yan Gan's behavior as well, but after living with the ML for so long, somehow, he still doesn't trust the person sleeping next to him. He's obstinate in keeping the mindest of: Oh, this is all for the baby and not for me, or Oh my god, how could this be?! I should've known better (in which, btw, he's always proven wrong for his conjectures). Even after he's been reassured and told to not worry or to tell him, the MC literally does the opposite.

Granted that he's not wholly at fault--as Yan Gan doesn't state his feelings straightforwardly (I mean it's not like others haven't told the MC that based off on how protective he is and how he acts, Yan Gan loves the MC, right?) --I still don't find him likable.

The one that really got me was when he received news about the 'truth' of his father's death and instead of asking the ML straight up, he just subconsciously 'believed' in the stranger's words. He ignored the ML's many calls, doubting their relationship and letting his own emotions spiral out of control. He knew that someone was trying to sabotage their relationship but he doesn't even bother to try to do some research on his own to find the truth or have basic trust in the ML. It wasn't until the Yan Gan gave him all the information that he was like: Oh, oopsie. It's not your family's fault that my dad died. It was my father's job as a policeman that caused others to kill him in order not to be caught. But I'm not going to apologize or try to change my behavior.

For the ML, he was likable in the earlier chapters but there's no development in his character whatsoever. His character is very 2D and after reading about his 'tsundere' behavior, he seemed like more of an as*hole (at times).


Overall, I think it's a below-average read mostly because of the self-causing drama MC (85% of the relationship drama came from him alone), but it fits in perfectly with the CEO x Cinderella trope. I wouldn't recommend this novel unless there was nothing else to read, as there are other Mpreg novels, where the MC is more mature and there's actually harmony between the two leads.

P.S. The MTL is readable; there are only a few points where it gets messy.

Also after like chapter 60 (I think) it just gets dragged to showcase their love, which I find weird. It's like they forgot to do it in the earlier arcs and decided to do it right before the end of the novel, which it wasn't needed and should've been moved to the extras.

And if you were looking for the baobei, he's like tossed to the back after he's given birth to.

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Roxasfleur rated it
June 29, 2021
Status: c39
Truthfully the premise was interesting. However, when I started to read, I found that MC is really soft-tempered and that is slowly getting annoying.
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