I Have a Happy Ending with the Mistress’ Ex-Boyfriend


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When the starlet Jian Qiaoxin went to catch his boyfriend in the act, who could have thought that the mistress’s boyfriend, Chairman Yan Gan, also came to the scene?
The only difference was that Jian Qiaoxin was holding a phone, while Yan Gan was holding a knife.
The scene of catching an adultery became a bloodbath; he was supposed to come here to confront his boyfriend about the cheating; now he is the one attempting to mediate the situation.
“Chairman Yan, please calm down, put down your knife and spare his life. I can see that he knows he is wrong now. ”
Jian Qiao Xin went drinking to drown his sorrows after breaking up with his boyfriend; it just so happened that Yan Gan came drinking at the same club.A drunken Jian Quaoxin and Yan Gan shared the same bed that night.
The next morning, Jian Qiaoxin woke up with Chairman Yan sleeping right next to him; recalling the night that Yan Gan raised the knife at the adulterous couple, he quickly ran out of the room to save his own life.
A few months later, Jian Qiaoxin’s crazy morning sickness routines had caught his manager’s attention: “f*ck, you think the big boss will let you off, you dare get pregnant during this time of your career?”
Jian Qiaoxin: “…
Kill me then. After all, this is his deed.
After the breakup, I found out I was pregnant with the mistress’s ex-boyfriend’s child, and that person is also my boss. I would like to hear about it.

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New Pezwitch rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: Completed
I was disappointed in this novel

... more>>

I was expecting it to be comedic, then the castration happened. I had to walk away from the novel at that point and take a breath


Here are my issues with the novel:

Serious psycho ML

Have I mentioned he castrated someone? In a hotel room. In front of witnesses. And didn't get arrested. This was not the only time ML resorted to violence to resolve issues


The MC was too feminine, to the point where I started picturing a woman while I was reading his parts

Not a spoiler, but an opinion- I would like more masculine MCs. With ultra feminine MCs it doesn't feel like a BL novel, it feels like a BG romance that has been changed to BL make it more popular and sell more books/ get more clicks


Fantasy element wasn't explained well

Fox Fairies are mentioned several times and it seems implied that MC is a fox fairy, but, it was never confirmed. Is everyone surnamed Jian a fox fairy? Is this why MC accepted fox fairies as real??


The ML family drama was not resolved well

Was ML a Yan? Near the end of the book he said he wasn't, but then the next chapter he said his grandfather did a DNA test before he took ML in. Which was it??


MC is annoying

He lived with ex for 5 years with no s*x cuz he was "saving it for marriage"

Ex (who he "loved") was castrated in front of him

Had a dub-con one night stand with psycho who castrated his ex

Had zero emotional reaction to losing virginity to a man who he was afraid of

Planned on giving his child away, with again no emotional reaction, to psycho he was scared of and who bullied him constantly

Had $15 million but acted like he was poor and couldn't afford anything



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Sugaminny rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: c33
I'm writing this review to give some negative aspects in contrast to the overall positive reviews so far, to caution any readers. Reading this novel and the reviews has been hella frustrating to me. (I can't get my head around why people post a review before actually having read any chapter of the novel - like w-what)

So here is why I wouldn't recommend this novel:

  • "the comedic vibes of the summary" yeah I thought so too, but - no. They're not comedic. I thought similarily to ScarletGlassesMochi in the sense that: "I'm LMAO just by imaging him barging in the room with a knife in his hand ready to shed a blood bath 🤣" - but yeah - it's not comedic when it's an actual threat

    because our dear ML ACTUALLY CHOPS OF THE GUY'S DICK

    and I don't really care how funny it seems, violence esp. Unprovoked imo violence is NOT OK.
  • just the quality of writing in general - a lot of things seem left out. I often read sth and then questioned "am I missing sth" - like when MC just casually thinks "ah right I probably should get some contraceptive". World building can be done so much better..
  • while ML and MC fullfil some stereotypical tropes that some people like (me sometimes included), there just plain and simple not a good couple. I've not completed the novel but so far i've never wanted them to come together, they already are in an extremely toxic relationship. Also the focus is totally on the relationship and not for example the entertainment/actor work of the MC, so just focusing on that isn't really an option.
  • Also neither ML nor MC are actually likeable charakters. ML is a bully and not a "cute, necking your crush" type of bully, but an honest to god bully-bully. He seems extremely manipulative to me bullying MC, but then when MC need help he is real nice for a while only. MC has such a big inferiority complex and is scared of the ML. He's also the type of person to not get help when he needs it, like he is extremely affected by ML's bullying but bottles it up. What good comes from them getting together?
  • where the consensual s*x at? It's nothing new in BL novels, but it's not even adressed here. Like MC wants to wait for marriage essentially but then is totally fine with being drunkenly - esentially r*ped ? Yeah I don't buy it. He also wants to abort, but why was he suddenly against it again? I don't know - seems to me the author didn't either
That shall suffice for now. See ya
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omgquiznak rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: c53
I still remember reading chapter 4 and going, "This actually seems like a decent novel! Seems like I'll be able to enjoy it.". Boy was I wrong.

Let's talk about the ML. The summary made me interested, because it sounds comedic. The actual situation was nothing like that.

The ML freaking cuts off the guy's d*ck with blood splattering. There's nothing comedic about that.

The guy probably has some mental issues that they never address. The fact that he's even moodier than a girl on her period in his daily life doesn't help either. His personality is non-existent, and even if it does it's really shallow.

Secondly, the misunderstandings. I remember reading a comment on jjwxc saying that the two-way crush (双向暗恋) has become a two-way showing of love (双向明恋), and I completely agree. Somehow I just feel frustrated reading them. I get that they're unsure of each others' feelings but there's absolutely no reason to drag it out so long? You're living together, you have a baby together, you can see that he has something for you, everybody around you f*cking tells you that he likes you and YET you still don't confess to each other. The author dragging it out this long and the MC's s*upid denseness plus the ML's moodiness doesn't really help making the story interesting, it just makes it boring and frustrating.

Lastly, the plot. There's absolutely nothing special about it. It's quite focused on romance, but the romance is quite tr*shy, so there's nothing to it. It's incredibly awkward to read. I don't even know I why I managed to read this far despite thinking of dropping it multiple times.

I don't mind feel-good novels or a slow romance, but annoying misunderstandings and dragging out the story only for more drama is just terrible. I definitely don't recommend it.
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KerCa rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I didn’t read the reviews until I was done with the story... and I was surprised to see many low ratings and bad reviews..

In my opinion this novel was really good.. why? Because even tho it was kinda slow spaced it was likeable

Now let’s talk about the main characters... MC is likeable... he’s not a pushover despide what many believe but in fact he forgives people really easily and it’s an acceptable fact to me because in real life there are people who are really like that.. And ML despite... more>> his “bad temper” which isn’t even bad but more like his personality is like that (give him some slack when he lost his temper at his office, the man is under constant stress) is one of the few ML I like.. why? Because he never forced MC to do anything and he never forced himself on him... he just teased him a lot and respect his decisions... he is indeed a jealous person but he never made unreasonable remarks or demands to MC regarding that...

And about the “rules” as you can call them that ML told MC to follow aren’t unreasonable... if you really think them through they aren’t bad (the one to updated every 2 hours can be seen as a bit extreme) but those rules never really made a constant appearance so they didn’t stand out as much... also regarding

the fact that ML chopped MC’s exboyfriend was really enjoyable to me! You never read that in a novel and it’s the fact that it wasn’t done to avenge MC but to get revenge for himself on getting a green hat by his so called “fiancé” and besides that the ML never did anything extreme again so it’s not like ML is a deranged character with anger issues


now it’s up to you to make your opinion on this novel <<less
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marsGF rated it
March 23, 2022
Status: Completed
There's a lot of Character Development here... And a lot of objects had been thrown in this novel. 👏😂 Especially at the start to the middle of the novel.

I was curious as to why this novel only got a rating of 3.8/5 and as I read the novel, I can understand some reader's dissatisfactions. (I didn't read the reviews until after I finished the novel so that I can guess).

Before reading, I thought that it might be that the novel was just an MTL and that's why people disliked it.... more>> IT'S NOT MTL. The translation is good.

So if it's not the translation then what? It could only be in the story. But to get such a low score, there must've been a scum somewhere in the story.

Just a few chapters in, and you'll realize that the mistress is really hateful. Like, you really wanna strangle that b*tch. But he's just acting like how a villain should be so why the hate? It can only mean that it's about the ML and MC.

The MC is actually ok, and he gets a character development as the story goes. This character development is actually very happy to see. The flaw might've been that he's a bit too weak (as in his self-confidence) and pitiful, but I can't hate him for that since it all has basis.

The ML... Now he's the problem that I see. In the beginning, he's actually an as*hole and you really wanna smack him. He's kinda spoiled, as in he's a brat that's very lacking in the EQ department, and he's just bullying the MC too much. There was even a time when I really wanna dive in the novel just so I could smack this ML because the drama was just too much and it's this ML's fault.

This couple is just a disaster at communication. Thankfully, THEY GOT BETTER. Hurray for character development!!!

So I read the reviews just now and I was amused at how some people hated the ML. They're not wrong and they are actually very right at their reasoning BUT it's actually a very amusing scene, especially when you know the reason behind it.


The ML cutting the cheater's d*ck actually made me laugh because in some novels, they just threaten to cut the d*ck BUT THE ML HERE ACTUALLY DID IT 😂. I know we shouldn't condone violence but I have to admit that I actually clapped when I read that. Violence shouldn't be condoned but infidelity is actually much worse.


Some readers hating the ML for this act must've also been stimulated by how the MC reacted to it. It's not OOC for the MC to act like that since most people would feel nauseated when they see such a thing happen in front of them.

THE CHILDREN - OHMYGOD. Their story actually feels more interesting since there's this supernatural element to it. <<less
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takame rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: Completed
It's an entertainment actor x boss story with shitty (former) lovers. I appreciate the ML... Most tyrant CEOs I see were mysterious arrogant young masters but here the author shows ML is human like the rest of us... Like he can be hurt when misunderstood, sad when MC rejects him etc. Though he has problems with the way he bluntly speaks as per usual black-bellied CEOs lol. I also like the relationship progression of the two, how they slowly fell in love and learn to communicate with each other. ML... more>> is like basically the Mc's gold finger. He knows almost everything and always rushes towards the MC when he is in trouble and give the proper faceslap. Very convenient LOL. Yeah, I didn't have much comment on the MC bcos he's the usual princess in distress MC. He had a bottomline tho. Kind but not a virgin mary.

Pregnancy progress at first half of the story while their feelings develop, then the bun will be born at the second part. Sadly, the baby didn't appear that much, but there's a 3-part fanwai about him and the secondary couple's child.

Also, this should be one of the rare novels where villains knew when to stop.

(the exes) live a quiet happy ending of their own after getting what they deserved and is contented with it and didn't pursue the main couple to death. And I'm actually pretty okay with that. Some villains don't have that much reason/brain. lol.


3.75, not bad, an okay read to pass time. And btw, it isn't really comedic as the summary implies. <<less
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nuyanata rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
It's CEO pamper little wife trope.

Me too. Can't feel any different from hetero love. shou have role and lines the same as this kind of novel....

MC is little white rabbit, timid, low self - esteem. At first he just tolerate every thing, no fight for him self. Later when meet ml, he dare to fight back some time...

Most of the time he has red eyes, crying and let ML coax him. He's insecure, play guese game, he love me or not and drag on around 60 chapters. All of this... more>> really annoyed me but I like ml, he is fun to read.

ML is president type, arrogant, short temper one, a bit like lazy gangster. He love to wear red/ burgandy suit, I mtl it so I'm not sure, I think he call him-self "uncle" instead of "I" hahaha (i love it)

ML really use knife more than once.

They both clean break up with ex use around 30 chapters.

I think it still ok to read.

You know, it still fun if I think MC and another shou as sister type gay (i dont know another polite word to call them) playing around so I like to read this kind of novel as long as author have no gender discrimination.

The thing I hate the most in this novel is career plot. It's really bad till like author look down on actor / showbiz jobs. I think no one take this job seriously, it's a mess lol. <<less
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Common_people rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: Completed
A pretty good novel. It's not that funny, but it's not bloody too. The background setting.. It's not abo or something like ger thing, but it's common to everyone that man can pregnant and everyone can see the sign of men pregnancy. Too blur. Maybe I missed something. MC&ML meet in social party of entertainment industry. The MC, an actor from low level and a villager. So when he meet the ML, he feels low self-esteem and lacks confidence but he is realistic and stubborn. The ML is lack of... more>> Empathy. He is a head of rich family, with complicated background. So he is very possessive and has a great desire to control his partner. In the story, he is with the annoying villain 1 who just love his background but don't wanna consequences of dating him.


So the villain cheated with MC's bf, his childhood friend. MC and his BF already dating for 5yrs.


Then our MC and ML meet again, caught cheating of their partner. The two coincidentally meet again in the bar with drunk MC and drugged ML. So the accident happen.

  • MC silently preggy, but still the ML know after some events. Then the two together but for a child and their feeling slowly fall. But actually it's pretty fast.
  • With the lack confidence MC and the 'don't want to step first' ML, they have some misunderstanding, the villains can provocate them, and full of inner fight.
  • There's a link between MC and the ML family

i feel the cp isn't the best for pair. Their Bond isn't that strong. If you wants to see a swag MC, this isn't the place. The baby just a passerby. Some plot hole, but it's ok. 4 stars. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Haven't started reading it but I feel like leaving a comment right now...

I SWEAR TO GOD PLEASE let the comedic vibes of the summary is the same as how the whole plot goes up till the very end!!! This is the first time I'm gonna read that both protagonists will catch their former lovers in the act --- WITH THE ML BEING A TOTAL WACKY NORMAL ANGRY LOVER!!! 🤣🤣🤣 I'm LMAO just by imaging him barging in the room with a knife in his hand ready to shed a blood... more>> bath 🤣🤣🤣 <<less
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Juju641 rated it
January 24, 2022
Status: Completed
sighhh, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith 😌

i keep seeing negative reviews and the rating of this made me skip this novel a few times (hopefully this review will bump it up a hit). However every time I search my favorite tags, this keeps showing up and soooo I took a gamble and I won😆. Like damnnn I luv this novel. The cliche is not really too much, and I love the fact that communication and a wee bit of confidence was the ✨key✨. It has the... more>> right fluff, a little angst and drama, and it focuses more on the romance of a stubborn and conservative but considerate thin-skinned MC and an ML who is thick-skinned, ruthless, principled in a way (he never thought of forcing MC...) and of course a tyrant who grew up needing to survive cuzz ✨fam probs✨ (as always).

Anyways, I need the story of the side couples. I keep thinking this book is part of a trilogy or somethin hehe. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lea168 rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: Completed

Overall, it was a pleasant read, but one that didnt stand out. Some parts were very good, but some felt draggy. So, quality didnt feel consistent throughout the whole story.

MC is a nice, hard working likeable character. He is not a revengeful person, but at same time not a push over either. What I didnt like about him and what was quite unrealistic is that he is such a prude. He never slept with or changed clothes in front of the cheating ex bf despite between together for many years.... more>> Also, when he was with ML, the 2 of them kept dancing around eachother. There was flirting from ML, but it took almost till the end before they slept with eachother. So, there was only the one night stand and after that MC was a total prude again to the extent that MC was shy and flustered when ML drank from his bottle water because.. isnt that like kissing eachother? Pfff... come on author...

The romance between them is gradual and sweet. ML loved to tease what I liked. Apart from MC being such a prude, I liked how their relationship developed. Their coming out to the public was well done and very enjoyable.

ML started as a psychopath.

He cut off MCs cheating ex bf dich?? And there were no legal consequences??

. After that, ML turned from aggressive, cold person into a caring, doting, teasing ML yet at same time controlling. I think MLs portrayal wasnt consistent throughout the story (instead of seeing it as character development). Too much of a jump.

The kids were nice. There wasnt overly cute baby scenes what I pity, but the extra and the short chapter about the boys how they misunderstood that ML had an affair was really funny!

A thing I didnt like was about the whole fox fairy thing. I dont like if genres are mixed, adding fantasy elements. If it is well executed it is enjoyable, but most author cannot do it well. It makes a story more messy and unrealistic, which was the case here. <<less
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Winterrz rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: --
It's a really boring novel. Like really boring. Probably written by a 13 year old.

Whereas the male lead is supposed to be... "mysterious", I think he's just plain foolish. And so is the MC, to be honest.

Like, no one deserves to be cheated on, but this MC literally had it coming. I'll compare his interactions with the first boyfriend to my interactions with a new college roommate. "-Hi -Hello" "-how was your day? -Good, how was your day?" "-Do you think our relationship is a bit boring? -Yeah, but... more>> the author already considers it dead so I don't care"

I mean, atleast he ended up with some rich guy. Who's also foolish, so that's a good thing 💁 <<less
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DontDealWithWhatYouCant rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c44
I read the reviews first before reading the actual novel and first of all, yes there are plot holes but not that obvious or not too bothering. Second of all, MC really CAN get annoying with how he's acting, he downgrades himself so much and tend to not communicate with ML because he's scared of being rejected and just scared to talk about it.

I thought that the child would just be mentioned shortly and stuff like that from what the reviews have said but mmm there's an extra that's about... more>> the children. And It IS funny, I love how they interacts sometimes and it makes me laugh, there is definitely some bloody scenes but only one chapter, ML cut off the jj of MC's ex-boyfriend. The novel is great! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bluedrop rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: Completed
🤦‍♀️ Legit I was wondering why this had a below 5 stars rating when I started reading.

Loved the MC and liked the ML. I kind of enjoyed the slow burn even if it got frustrating at some parts. Was ready to rate this a five.

But after the nth number of times they misunderstood each other because of lack in communication DESPITE MULTIPLE PEOPLE IN-UNIVERSE (seriously everyone around them) TELLING THEM TO JUST f*ckING TALK, I really tried not to rage-quit.

I get the MC, OK? I get that it's realistic... more>> having flaws and that confrontation isn't for everyone. I get it because I'm the same. But what the f*ck if I wanted to read about failing relationships due to lack of communication I can just look at myself and the people around me. The satisfaction I get from reading the MC actually have a back bone can barely make up for the times I just wanted to slap him and the ML for being idiots. Like the smallest things become misunderstandings that build up and gosh it's so friggin painful to read

We eventually get some communication but man it was such a pain to get to it. Still, I would like to recommend this to those who dig this type of development. Lots of angst and misunderstandings with some humor and sweet fluff sprinkled throughout. It's a loveable story honestly <<less
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jasmin1028 rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: c38
Like other reviews said this is one s*upid and annoying novel, , probably read it pass time but oh god MC's foolishness was unbearable typical white lotus.

MC often says things like "Men are fickle" even though he's a man?? (something along those lines, I don't remember the exact words). Like most of the times I felt that the author wrote MC as a female character and then went on to change the gender to make it yaoi. I can understand the moodiness part because he is pregnant but I... more>> can't understand his s*upidity.

I don't even want to talk about the ML...

Also I think I was muted because I called the MC s*upid b*tch once.... <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Tuzi rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: c53
I usually like reading fluff and pampering novels. But honestly this novel isn't what I thought. Probably, no my cup of tea.

Firstly, their character isn't likable. For me the MC almost look like some white lotus and ML looks like some s*upid hot blooded gong.

Well, that's my personal opinion. Not satisfied with the story flow, not gonna continue anymore. My head hurt reading till now.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lilfox rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: --
The novel is idea is ok but the many plot holes and the way characters think is just really annoying. The MCs supposed inferiority complex only happens the moment it’s not convenient for him to act dumb. The MC is two years younger than the ML yet has to address him as uncle and his IQ plummets whenever around the ML making him incompetent. The Mc’s ex boyfriend decided that he liked MC more and they were going to get back together then randomly slept with the MLs ex boyfriend.... more>> Honestly only people who have a lower standard for books will find this enjoyable. For people who want a book with more logic I wouldn’t advise reading this but if you’re just reading yo read something it’s ok. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BobChan rated it
June 23, 2021
Status: c83
I would've rated this a two-star for the translation but I had to give another star for the ML, Yan Gan--he's not perfect but at least he's likable okay.

... more>>

The MC, Jian Qiaoxin was extraordinary in the beginning--and I quite admired his personality--but I grew tired of his bs. There's like a point where it's just too much, you know? He's the 'I-won't-ask-for-help-and-so-I'll-just-endure-the-bullying/emotions' type and never really resolves anything on his own (besides breaking up with his cheating bf).

Multiple times, he just doesn't get the hint, that's quite obvious. He just starts assuming things left to right about the ML. The first few times were understandable because he didn't know Yan Gan's behavior as well, but after living with the ML for so long, somehow, he still doesn't trust the person sleeping next to him. He's obstinate in keeping the mindest of: Oh, this is all for the baby and not for me, or Oh my god, how could this be?! I should've known better (in which, btw, he's always proven wrong for his conjectures). Even after he's been reassured and told to not worry or to tell him, the MC literally does the opposite.

Granted that he's not wholly at fault--as Yan Gan doesn't state his feelings straightforwardly (I mean it's not like others haven't told the MC that based off on how protective he is and how he acts, Yan Gan loves the MC, right?) --I still don't find him likable.

The one that really got me was when he received news about the 'truth' of his father's death and instead of asking the ML straight up, he just subconsciously 'believed' in the stranger's words. He ignored the ML's many calls, doubting their relationship and letting his own emotions spiral out of control. He knew that someone was trying to sabotage their relationship but he doesn't even bother to try to do some research on his own to find the truth or have basic trust in the ML. It wasn't until the Yan Gan gave him all the information that he was like: Oh, oopsie. It's not your family's fault that my dad died. It was my father's job as a policeman that caused others to kill him in order not to be caught. But I'm not going to apologize or try to change my behavior.

For the ML, he was likable in the earlier chapters but there's no development in his character whatsoever. His character is very 2D and after reading about his 'tsundere' behavior, he seemed like more of an as*hole (at times).


Overall, I think it's a below-average read mostly because of the self-causing drama MC (85% of the relationship drama came from him alone), but it fits in perfectly with the CEO x Cinderella trope. I wouldn't recommend this novel unless there was nothing else to read, as there are other Mpreg novels, where the MC is more mature and there's actually harmony between the two leads.

P.S. The MTL is readable; there are only a few points where it gets messy.

Also after like chapter 60 (I think) it just gets dragged to showcase their love, which I find weird. It's like they forgot to do it in the earlier arcs and decided to do it right before the end of the novel, which it wasn't needed and should've been moved to the extras.

And if you were looking for the baobei, he's like tossed to the back after he's given birth to.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Version rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c1
In the beginning, everything was almost OK. MC had low self-esteem, and really thought about others all the time. He gave the impression of a kind, kind-hearted, sensitive guy.

However, his game of innocence was terribly infuriating. At first, he did not just have s*x with his boyfriend for five years, but did not even have any skinship, let alone sleeping in the same room or having s*x. They did not see each other without clothes and did nothing adult. And they were supposed to be boyfriends in serious relationship with... more>> marriage in mind. For five years our MC didn’t let him touch himself! Although I do not justify, but I can understand the ex-boyfriend that he cheated on him.

Then MC started relationship with ML. They already have a son! And he's still playing innocent girl again. Blushes from a simple look, almost faints from drinking juice together, oh, sorry, from an indirect kiss. And everything else of the same kind. He literally grew s*upider and s*upider from chapter to chapter.

Though I finished the story, I didn't enjoy it. 2-3 stars. But I gave 4 for charity and as thanks to the translator (s) for their work. <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: c42
if I were to use one word to describe it, i'd say 'tr*sh' lol. I stayed up super late last night because the drama was just that liberating. though it's cliches upon cliches, 2d-like antagonists that would not stop trying. I really did like the MC's maturity, but his wallflower-ness, meekness and ironically his coldheartedness (which really is just him having low EQ) has eventually gotten on my nerves. the novel has lost its flavour, and I thought I was finally hooked on something good!

I don't really wanna say it..... more>> but MC being pregnant made him very boring. A lot of his emotional / romantic scenes with the ML is written up to be because of his moodswings, pregnancy blah blah - I wish that I had read their relationship development without it having to depend on an unborn kid tbh. I also wish MC had retained his maturity, or mainly his overall character before he got himself tangled up with the ML. He went from being independent, determined to becoming a silly innocent rabbit... what is with novels and having their MCs act like kids, ready to be pampered?

It's also uncomfortable reading the ML refer to himself as 'uncle'. He's also worryingly overbearing.. but if the MC doesn't have a major issue with it - you do you.

Anyway not my type, despite me falling for it ahhhhh now I have to find something else. <<less
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jyuuxvii rated it
December 20, 2021
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Idk might be my first time to review.

THIS IS MY REVIEW SO IF YOU DISAGREE THAT'S OK LOL. I dropped this after finishing 2/3 of the novel. I don't need to read more. Those 2/3 just annoyed me. That remaining 1/3 won't do anything to change my mind, I'm sorry.

I personally did not enjoy it. I normally avoid reading low ratings review because I don't want it to influence me so I read high ratings review instead. I thought I could tolerate lower rated novels because I noticed I enjoyed... more>> some low ratings novel before. This one is different though. My expectations were high because I liked the description. My expectations were high because there are only few low ratings.

I don't think I like anything about it so I will list what I didn't like. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

- Annoying ML. ML gives me so much of scum ex vibes. Anger issues. Too much people around him that will cause jealousy. Annoying bully type, it's not cute. Feels entitled.

- Annoying MC. Confusing character. Feels weak. Some might say it's because of his past but he's annoying IMO. ML gets angry (and is usually at fault if not, always) and MC apologise. He blames himself and defends ML lul. At the beginning, he was scared of ML and then next minute he's jealous? Where did those feeling come from? Then acts like they're together when they only had a ONS? Same goes with ML. MC needs alot of saving too. He doesn't do what he says he will do. Too nice it's annoying.

- Fast paced. I don't how they fell for each other. I was surprised with sudden jealousy scenes since there weren't ANY hints of their feelings? It's just ML "caring" about the WL at first and MC being scared of the ML. Literally. Then boom jealousy.

- No likeable characters. Probably just the kids.

This is just me ranting but yeah, not worth reading. <<less
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