I Had No Intention Of Assisting The Male Leads


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“If you want to play with me again, you shouldn’t get angry. You should kneel at my feet and hang on to me cutely.”

Eve, on her 13th birthday, suddenly recalls the memory of her previous life, when she died at the age of 30. And the fact that she is inside the world of a reverse harem high-level love otome game “For Eve.”

Eve is determined to train herself. This game is not a normal love otome game, but a story about kidnapping, r*pe, and death once everything goes wrong!

The male characters have money, power, and beauty, but they are all completely insane.

Eve decides to cut ties with these guys and twist the game story to live a free and happy life…..!!

Associated Names
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I Had No Intention Of Disciplining The Male Leads
I Had No Intention Of Teaching The Male Leads
I Had No Intention Of Training The Male Leads
I Have No Intention Of Training The Male Leads
남주들을 조교할 생각은 없었는데요
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10/14/23 Salmon Latte Translations c14 part7
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WhenAngelsScry rated it
May 16, 2023
Status: c8 part4
Only an English reader so no idea how the raws turn out, but honestly this is a fun smutty novel. The translation is excellent so far, great job Spriggan.
Story starts off with FL Eve getting a hold on her new life and trying to stop her bad endings. How she talks about the MLs reminds me a lot of Beware the Villainess, where she acknowledges that she enjoyed reading about the characters, but they all suck, and now she has to put up with their bs.
It’s not really played for laughs but I found it amusing that she changes the plot by

dominating the main leads and teaching them “proper” bd*m.

Eve is kinda OP with her sword but eh nothing to egregious for the genre.
If you like some bd*m fun highly recommend
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April 12, 2024
Status: 17 part5
Honestly this isnt so bad? Im hooked. Translation is really good. It is what it advertised it to be. Isekai BD*M smut with a strong female lead. The juicy stuff doesn't start immediately as they do flesh out the story a bit before you get to the whipping stuff. Story starts of as typical Isekaid into a game storyline but then will move on to more smut. 😂 FL is okay. Not my favorite but she is a bit bland but those bland people do tend to have more twisted tastes.... more>> Don't come in expecting immediate smut as it is sandwiched in chapters but the story is okay and it does serve. Storytelling isnt anything incredible. Sometimes that is just perfect.

The more I read her interactions with a specific male lead that shall not be named, the more she grows on you. Like you would hope she would end up with this specific male lead and that gives me hope she even has a plan. She mentioned one but then just started doing whatever she wants whipping one guy to the next that I dont know if she even bothers with a plan or a plot for the story. It is funny and im okay with it. 😂 <<less
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