I Got Transferred in the Middle of a Mountain. In Retaliation, I Chose Amenity over Strength.


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A protagonist enjoyed his Isekai life by stubbornly doing everything at his own pace. Abundantly surrounded by misanthropes, he tried to redo his life and have an amicable personality…Let’s leave it at that. When starting over with life, returning to one’s mental age was not guaranteed. Probably.

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Isekai ni Teni Shitara Yama no Naka datta. Handou de Tsuyo Sayori mo Kaitekisa o Erabi Mashita
When I Transferred, I Was In The Mountains. In Reaction, I Chose Comfort Over Strength
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: c211
I have gotten pretty far into the story just by reading mtl and sad to say the story really is just another slow life in another world. Although there were plenty of chances/opportunities for things to get serious but nah, MC here doesn't like to be bothered, from the start he really is misanthropic, if he thinks things will get bothersome he will just ignore it and move on but later on he will be a bit more accomodating.

Earlier in the story MC tries hard to hide his OPness but... more>> as time goes on he is starting to care less around his social circle.

And btw there are a lot of cooking/eating moments, then building houses and other production related stuffs. The heroes (MC sister) are rarely mentioned so no development there. There was just one side chapter by their POV.

Time moves on faster in the story as it will get mentioned that MC is just doing routine work everyday. I think it was already around almost 2 years since MC transmigration by ch212, and there is not much event happening where MC is taking an active part. If I try to remember what MC is doing it is mostly cooking and more cooking, if not he is building houses or getting ingredients/raw materials.

And also I'm sure nobody is expecting this as this is not a romance novel, there really are no romantic moments with MC relationship, although there is one who MIGHT be interested in MC ("Ash" mtl name) I can't really imagine it as they are more friends and less than lovers, and add to the fact that Ash is describe as handsome (mostly looking like a guy outwardly, even mistaken as a guy at first encounter) I can't imagine author making any romantic subplots. If you look at the novel cover its that blue haired "dude" who the butler is serving <<less
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Asphyxia778 rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: --
Came here from the manga. Well first of all this is a slice of life story with an op MC.

Maybe the author has a traumatic experience with women or siblings cause MC's relationship with his sister is awfully cringe plus almost all other sisters (siblings) seem to be the incarnation of unreasonableness.

A meh read. Honestly I'd rather read the part of MC struggling to survive on the island without any cheats.

1.8 stars
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Flapcat rated it
June 4, 2021
Status: c9
Not very far in yet, but already there is some pretty unique story and world building. The MC is interesting, even though he really wants a slow-life. Judging from the slice of life tag he'll get his wish, but it seems like it should still be fun to read about.
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lettersandmoreletters rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: c80
Title is slightly misleading; thought the dude would be stuck in a cave in the mountains or something (sounded more like a valley in the book) for the whole thing, instead after... was it a dozen or so chapters? It was quick enough that the guy got off the mountain anyway. The author shoulda titled it something to do with spirits, since this is a typical gotta collect em all typa animal taming story only with spirits ... more>>

which can turn evil if wizards overuse their magic and become monsters or if left alone or treated well eventually gain the power to become gods which is moderately interesting

- and seems to be the main plot the title should have been based on. I'd have named it something with spirit in the title- 'Spirited Away' woulda been perfect if that wasn't already an anime movie; 'Gone With The Spirits' as a nod to Eastwood maybe?

The story itself is a touch slow, it's slice-of-life so it's expected tho, and the author seems to strike a good balance between spirit plots, friendship/family plots and chunks of money and food making, none of them taking up enough 'screen time' to get annoyed by them which in my opinion makes this a top tier lifer-slicer.

Other reviewers said that he was bigoted but I haven't seen it

beyond him not liking his Sister and a rude staff member; yeah he turned down a group of male adventurers that hit on him but it was only when they didn't take no for an answer that he got rude

. <<less
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plainwalk rated it
January 23, 2022
Status: c65
A slow life story with an OP MC. Fairly enjoyable, but the MC leaves much to be desired. As other reviews state, he lacks empathy to the point of misanthropy. He's also a homophobe; being invited to dinner is treated as an invitation to beat the asker to near-death. The author thinks this is funny. I think it's disgusting.
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Bolovis rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: c30
The ideia is nice, and the focus in the everyday life aspect is nice, to me. There are some points were the explanations get rushed over, and this could complicate the flow or undertanding of what happened. It is still soon to say anything over plot or developments, but the pace and direction are indeed good and the MC at least gives the impresion of being a nice lad. If you like, or at least do not care about, food making and home development story with magic and some friendly... more>> chat, this is for you. <<less
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Snooty rated it
January 27, 2024
Status: c150
It's an ok novel. It's the generic "I'm sorry, you weren't supposed to die, so here's 100 skills as an apology" isekai, but with extra steps. The world building is actually quite good, but the execution is lacking.

The first thing I noticed is that the writing feels very rambly. There's a lot of telling and unnecessary details instead of the MC actually doing something and finding out himself. Like there'll be 3 to 4 paragraphs telling us the characteristics, weaknesses, and habits of a monster. Then the next sentence will... more>> be "And I killed 3 of them."

Also we're supposed to dislike the MC's sister because she mistreated him and is misusing magic. But apart from one example at the very beginning, some people bad mouthing her later, and the black spirits. We have literally never seen anything from her perspective, so it feels like an imaginary bad guy that I can't even begin the care about. <<less
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Flamesystems rated it
January 18, 2024
Status: --
I really like this one but I also fully recognize it's nothing special. There's basically zero conflict, and it's just the main character wandering around exploring the fantasy world & also singlehandedly raising the standard of living of the entire continent kind of by accident. If you like stories about making food, and building cool houses, or finding secret libraries, etc, it's very nice, but you gotta know that it barely has plot progression and is basically always written in a comfortable atmosphere.

The plot TLDR is that MC ended up... more>> being summoned/transmigrated to another world, except seperately from the rest of the heroes (his sister and her friends), and also he hates his sister and wants nothing to do with her, so he specifically gets powers to be able to live alone on a mountain and never be discovered. He then spends the majority of the plot in town with friends and not at his super magical house. He also crafts pretty much everything: glassware, buildings, jewelry, weapons, cooking, clothing, you name it.

The worldbuilding of how magic and spirits work is nice and creative: spirits can form contracts with people and offer mana to them, but if people use a ton of the spirits mana the spirit can get injured or die. Spirits can also just decide to influence the world and add magic to things that wouldn't normally have it.

My only gripe is that our MC here supposedly is a "jack of all trades master of none, " but his power level starts rising to insane heights pretty quickly because he starts forming so many contracts with spirits (for good reason, sure, but it makes him weirdly OP, and the author clearly doesn't know what to do with that). The only real way the author dealt with it is by making MC a little bit of a dumbass, who is nervous to ask the spirits for help and finds monster hunting relatively uncomfortable, and while this makes sense for his character (he's in hiding from the other heroes on purpose, and just wants to have fun), he still falls into that "what do you mean this is super powerful? It's completely normal!!" aspect of obnoxious OP protag (for crafting), even though he's supposedly aware of what is abnormal or not. Oh well, it's mostly played for a couple jokes, or him making terrifyingly strong things on purpose to mess with people. <<less
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