I Got Bitten After Transmigrating into a Pseudo-Beta


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Yue Fei transmigrates into a novel and becomes the cannon fodder beta male partner of the male lead in the book. His alpha boyfriend marks an omega because he is being led on by the pheromone…

According to the original plot, Yue Fei should do everything possible to make things difficult for the omega. After all, he is the true boyfriend of the alpha, and they are true love if they fall in love without being controlled by the pheromone.

However, Yue Fei, who transmigrated into the novel, yawned: I don’t bother to give these two people a glance.

The family wanted Yue Fei to marry into the rich, because the other party’s first choice was beta. In the original work, Yue Fei, who should do everything possible to escape the marriage and vilify the other party, nodded after listening to the introduction of the middleman: Yes, I’ll get married.

Big Shot Gu Wei: I like smart and tactful people.

Yu Fei’s true thoughts: Marrying into a wealthy family, I don’t have to worry about money and just live my life lavishly forever, why not agree?

After the marriage, one day he was being pressed against the wall and got bit on the back of his neck, Yue Fei was not calm. Why did no one tell him that he was actually an Omega in the original work???!!!

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Sau khi xuyên thành beta giả thì bị cắn
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New farfromparfait rated it
April 30, 2024
Status: Completed
Honestly after reading the reviews I had no expectations, I just wanted to pass time but honestly this was pretty good. The rereadability is low but it was a fun one time read

The author is really good at writing chemistry, the relationships development was sweet and felt natural. It was a very cute and fluffy story

Ok so many talked about the unnecessary plot that came up in the middle and though I do agree it was unnecessary but it was handled quite well and ended up developing the relationship.

Anyways recently... more>> I've been on a streak of reading novels a didn't like and dropping them halfway through. So this may be slightly biased but of u want a cute romance I'd say its worth it

The translation was really got, so hats off the the translator <<less
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DubiousWaterMelon rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: Completed
I didn't like this novel.

Not because of the pseudo beta usage. In fact, the MC's transitioning to omega was well handled. The novel overall was very sweet cliche AO romance and the aspect of the MC initially being beta added some well need progression and time to enhance their romantic relationship.

The contrast provided in the thought process and choice of acceptance between the original Yue Fei and MC gave depth. The nonchalant manner of dealing with ABO setting by the MC especially in the beginning, utilised his unique perspective as... more>> a transmigrator, especially one who came from a financially unstable lacking in affection background, so he had an enjoy the blessing mindset.

However.... (here comes the rant -_-)


If the novel had always remained a sweet AO romance without considering or hinting at the larger implications of an ABO world, then I wouldn't have any issues, but this novel did hint at and sometimes balantly used ABO discriminatory practices to progress plot, with mentions of medical advances combating pheromones being on route by the ML's company. Not to mention, the ML being mild omega phobic along with his setting of being progressive gender equality believer yet constantly micro manages the people in contact with the MC and his treatment of the MC as breakable makes him a hypocrite (not in a deep introspective manner either). He also seems to show a belief that all omegas are the same, waiting for a chance to use their pheromones to hook alphas without a consideration of alpha behaviours. He also never masks his own pheromones while clearly having access to products that can be used to do so.

The novel even from a third person perspective of the writing, clearly seems to have derogatory outlook towards omegas. All the omega characters seem negative or emotional without ample control over their pheromones. Even the rich that should have access to blockers? The original Yue Fei sudden re-entering into his body due to a life risk situationa and his choice to take his own life for a slim chance to go back to an non ABO world along with the chapter in his perspective showcases this. Yet this is not really followed through.

Also their children!!!!

Assuming the time has passed and the pheromones inhibitors are in the market, the MC and ML kids - twins having a scenario of being casually discrimary towards omega seems a bit of an odd choice from the author. This was further cemented when they both become alphas later on. And that's where the novel ends. No intrusion into how to deal with the children's mindset nor the implication of the mentioned inhibitors on the world. The MC also from a cool minded youth becomes a cute pendant hanging off the ML. His reasoning for study from being able to now utilising financial stability to get quality education turns to a - I need to match my partner mindset. That's a no go for me. The children behaviour and their balant words of how omegas are soft thus can be seen as a reflection of how the children also view the MC. So that MC became a steriotypical omega of that world. Sort of throws out his transmigration and past as a beta to the damn wind.

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March 4, 2021
Status: c7
no rating because I'm only at the beginning but I just want to rant based on the summary.

Sigh I wish MC was a beta. Based on summary, seems like this will turn to the stereotypical alpha-omega pairing? I would have liked it to be a alpha-beta pairing. Especially with how deep-seated the stereotypes seem to be at the beginning of the book.

... more>>

Since, as typical plot goes, MC's book BF cheats on him with an omega even though ori MC, as a beta wanted to defy the stereotype and be a alpha-beta pairing. Alas, they can't seem to go against their hormones. So after breaking up, MC goes into that arranged marriage with ML who, as an alpha, says that he actually wants a beta partner. Even though some people like MC's own parents ask him if he wants to find an omega partner. I would have liked the plot to go to MC being a beta, so as to show that the stereotype can be defied. But then, seems like it will just be MC turning out to be an omega all along sigh.


But seems like this will be a typical fluffy story so I shall see if I will stick around~~ <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
April 24, 2021
Status: Completed
Started off cute but became progressively irritating.

MC goes into a totally different world with different genders and does not even bother doing any sort of research on what each gender represents. He doesn't even have basic knowledge that a grade student in that world have. And he literally refuses to get this knowledge. Instead, he relies on some half-baked theories from novels he read in his original world

He is supposed to be some professional, big shot 30 something adult but his knowledge will make you think of some 6 y... more>> o kid who asks "Why is mama's pee-pee different from Papa's?"

ML is smart and tbh I have no idea why he would fall for a blank dumbo like MC. Meh. A pretty good ML wasted on an idiot, too-s*upid-to-live MC <<less
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YoriMei rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: c75
It's ok, the beginning was interesting at the start but I found myself losing interest the more it went on. Both MC and ML are kinda typical, though MC is a little cheeky and he doesn't take 5, 000 years to figure out his feelings. To be frank, the side story about the original host and the original host themselves stole the whole show. Shackled by the sheer fact that he's beta in the A/B/O world, able to finally get the recognition he deserves in the other world, he's so... more>> furious at the fact his talents and worth as a person are literally tied to his second gender that he literally commits su*cide as soon as he realizes he's back in his original world. He's so much more dynamic and interesting than either the MC or the ML, honestly I wish I could have read about him in the no A/B/O world instead because he's absolutely enthralling. It's almost a little sad that MC was much more well liked for the sheer fact that he passively accepted his social status as a beta/omega vs the original who tried to overcome societies boundaries as a beta.

As for the plot, it's really just your typical "we were in a contract marriage but we fell in love" type story. The problem is that halfway through, MC loses his memories for absolutely no reason and we get this whole "re-discovery/memory" period for the rest of the story that is kinda dull and honestly after the original host came and left I ended up just skimming the rest of the story for completion.

Objectively, it's not the worst story I've ever read and I even finished it; so that should count for something right? However once the original host showed up for literally one scene and yet over shadowed every other character in the story, I can't help but lose interest in both the MC and ML (though they make a cute couple) and the story that followed them. <<less
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Ainslee rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c75
The story flashed by, just like a wind softly passed by the trees.

No significant traces left behind.

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Rutabaga rated it
March 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I think the novel is quite good.

The romance isn't horrible, some minor plotholes plus cliche parts that don't affect the reading experience really badly, the MC and ML are sweet, and the MC isn't dense as f*ck™. There are places that I think would have been better, especially near the end of the book where the plot almost became non-existent and became filled with smut instead, but it's not bad for an ABO novel. Sorry for the bad English and have a nice day.
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CarinaNovel Updates
CarinaNovel Updates rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: c66
Tags: Pure fluff! (excluding the part: in the spoilers), misunderstandings get solved immediately,

I love this novel a lot!

The update speed is fast! Nearly every day! And the translation quality is high as well.


(Though detailed, it might be a bit inaccurate at times, because I can't remember the start of this novel all to clearly. I apologize.)

MC transmigrated into a beta who's alpha boyfriend just had s*x with and marked an omega in heat, of course forced by the influence of pheromones. The alpha of naturally still loved the original, but felt responsible for the omega. In the original text the beta hated the omega and tried to bully him, but this somehow just helped the two protagonists get closer.... (i forgot the rest)

MC didn't want to be entangled with the relationship mess so after transmigrating, remembering the novel and finding out 'his boyfriend' just cheated on him, he cleanly broke up with him (the alpha). After realising he had a new chance at life he decided he wanted a calm life, where he enjoyed studying and living life. (In his old life his parents divorced and he had to carry his father's debt. MC worked hard and even dropped out of school, but he then suddenly died of overworking himself.) But it didn't take long for his new parents to pop that bubble and tell him that their company was nearly bankrupt (lie) and they had set him up with a son of the most influential family of the country?/world?.

Thinking of a calm and easy going life, a contract marriage with a rich man didn't sound all to bad. After going to the appointed blind date and finding the heir of said rich family, (yes he was a bit surprised at first, but not to much since MC knew a bit about the man from the novel) he had no objections to the alphas arrangements of their fake marriage. The man wanted to marry him a beta, because he was disgusted with omegas (and their constant seduction attempts) and needed to marry in order to officially take over the company (from his incapable father with weak personality, [My note: he is a bad unlikable parent, but not a bad person]). It didn't take long for them to get the certificate and move in together (for show). They got along surprisingly well and slowly ML fell for MC. ML was at first pacient, responsible, polite and distant but slowly grew caring in the face of MC's sincere care (in a friendship kind of way). When he first found out of MC's late differentiation as omega he took good care of him (informed MC of his gender change, and modified their contract after discussing with MC) and even took a bit advantage of the clueless and dense MC. Patiently teasing the dense omega until he (MC) realized his own feelings for him (ML) and confessed. These two are so cute and sweet!! Ahhhh the dog food is just to good! Sadly not to detailed snu snu. The kissing and temporary marking is still hot!

But! Attention! Plot twist!

MC lost his memorys in a car accident. At first the original woke up in the hospital, slit his wrist after finding out he is now an omega with delayed differentiation and has returned back to the abo world and in turn made MC return to the body the next time the boy opened his eyes. ML went through extreme turbulent times through the whole ordeal and nearly even grasped on the truth about MC not being the bodies original soul. ML told him some lies (in fear of him committing su*cide again or wanting to divorce) after knowing of MC's memory loss and took him back home. While the amnesiac MC believed he just transmigrated into the novel, he slowly, but surely found out that that was not the case. Slowly (or quickly, how ever you want to see it) he fell in love with ML all over again.

Pure fluff!

In chapter 68 ML romantically proposed to MC and MC revealed his origins (world/ transmigration).

I love their honest and trusting relationship.

The extras consist of: their marriage, the beta Yu Fei's life/future, their everday life and their children.
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jasmin1028 rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: c72
tldr - 2.5* go for it, fluff, not boring but also not the best, unnecessarily long.

May 12 - ehh it is alright, , I think it has plot holes but overall I'll give it 2.5 stars.
It can be a good read if you have nothing else to read. Honestly I made this face -_- when I saw this


chapter title. *instant flashbacks of daily soaps* It was extremely unnecessary, mostly just to add more drama and for them to start their relationship again which didn't felt necessary since they both were happy and quite satisfied before. In fact MC's behaviour during that period felt a bit not like him (?) or maybe it's just me.

The translation is readable/understandable but not the best (doesn't affect my rating, rating is solely based of the plot)

Main Characters - well ml's reason for choosing is weird as for his personality? caring I guess? I truly don't have much to say about both characters but there's some fluff so enjoy maybe...
Side characters were just to add some drama or to flaunt their relationship *pda* well actually in their words to feed dog food.

Edit -
May 15 - saw this novel on my "completed reading" list and couldn't remember the plot at all so you see? although I can't say it was absolutely boring it's not memorable either.
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chemaMissTea rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: Completed
Reading this novel was fun, it's not the best thing I've read and I won't say it deserves five stars, but I did not regret the time I wasted for it
It is a light novel with a normal story that attracts you with its good romance and an ordinary plot
You can read it at the end of a week when you can't find something to do I don't think you will regret it
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JessFS rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: c70
It's a nice short story, both MCs are likeable and the romance isn't too fast nor too slow.

The only thing I didn't like was the



It was so long and completely unnecessary.

It felt like a device to elongate the plot, but it didn't really add much except for

somewhat of an explanation about the transmigration and the "chance to restart properly their relationship", which felt completely unneeded to me, as I said before.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 8, 2021
Status: Completed
I quite liked the rhythm of the novel, I could see from the beginning that they both had a certain chemistry so I don't feel that the romance between them is forced. The part that I didn't like "very much" was that the MC became an omega, a bit sad for me. Anyway, I recommend reading it to everyone who likes the typical cliché of an omegaverse novel.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
judeiiro rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: Completed
A really sweet and quite straightforward read! It's on the cliche side of ABO novel plots but it's still really enjoyable. The cliche plot points weren't unnecessarily scattered just for the Plot™ but actually cleared out the tangles and confusion in their relationship, so that was great ^^

... more>>

the summary seems a bit misleading when you're reading this, but near towards the end, MC actually gets amnesia! How cliche! So not totally misleading >w< it was really sad for like 1-2 chapters when the original Yue Fei transmigrates back to the ABO world and he misses the non-phermone world QAQ ML's poor heart when this Yue Fei commits su*cide and amnesiac MC transmigrates back in. Was kinda cute though that they spent time learning to fall in love again~

I loved all the extras and how the author wrapped up the Yue Fei in the non ABO world. It's a bittersweet tale. He decides to drift around the world, leaving his mark in as many places as possible because he doesn't know if he'll wind up retransmigrating back into the ABO world.. But, along the way, he picks up a man who will never leave him alone ToT it's a good end!


This is a sweet and tasty treat to read, especially when you've just had a hard day or read too many different QT worlds :'D Definitely recommend! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kodiak rated it
March 3, 2021
Status: Completed
A very nice read. The ML is respectful and caring to MC, with a hint of scheming :) I love the fact that

the person he transmigrated went to his body and they were both happy with the switch

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 27, 2023
Status: c30
This story is so disjointed. Every new chapter just starts with a timeskip.

There's no conclusion to conversations at the end of the chapters. It's frustrating.

It's hard to care about characters when each chapter feels like a short story, an extra. Almost like the author was like, "And what if they did this, and this happened?" Then they forget what they were previously writing.

I won't comment on anything else since this problem just takes away my concentration.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
tomr1 rated it
May 10, 2022
Status: Completed
this story is funny! The mc's thought processes and dialogues are all top tier.

what made the reading the reading experience exceptional was also the incredible comment section to every chapter, it felt like an add-on feature, enhanced the humor of the story.

read this if you're looking for a story where the power of love transcends any need for character development or even their previously established motivations!

i still don't understand how/why the ML was able to overcome his intense hatred/phobia (?) of the O p so easily, the author didn't even bother making up any excuse beyond bc it's the MC duh


it's 3.5-4 stars, mostly because the ending felt a little bit lacking to me. It's sweet and cute, yes. But eh, somewhat too sweet?

possibly because I stopped reading this for awhile and I came back to it to finish all the 10 finale chapters, but all of them just seem like a rush job. Like the author tried to wrap everything up quickly but didn't have the time to give attention to anything in particular.

story was strong at the start, started to fall reaching the mid and by the end, it drags.

deducted the last star also because

their s*x life was immensely unappealing to me, I like their initial spark more than I liked their polarizing relationship


and also because

i found the let's restart our relationship, like we're strangers trope extremely lame. It was so unnecessary. What's worse it that the author couldn't justify the decision to themselves, so they didn't even bother doing it to the readers, they cut the scene and made it a bg decision.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alice_animelover rated it
November 7, 2021
Status: c1
Let me repeat myself: I HATE ABO/OMEGAVERSE

With that said.....



It was cute! It was sweet! It was fluffy! It was funny! And, the best of all, it did not include r*pe to be the main reason the two crossed path!! Although r*pe was the starter for the story, the main couple fell for each other naturally and I love that! I also love, love, love the consent, the restraint, and love that the main character is just as curious and freaky in the sheets and is not a complete moron or innocent pillow princess.


I also love that the character is gay! Yes!! We don't have to deal with the "but I'm straight af" attitude.


This story has become one of my most favorite, most memorable, and yes!! I RECOMMEND IT!!! I'm thoroughly sad that the story ended. I loved it so much that maybe in the future, I might reread it just for reminiscing sake. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The1Rin rated it
August 20, 2021
Status: Completed
It was a nice short omegaverse novel, each chapter is fast to read so I finished it within a couple of days. Halfway/near end it just went downhill with the s*upid amnesia plot. It seems the author loves cheap short writing clique and lack of communication as it Completely soured the relationship that could have been spent of them getting closer instead rushed through a "how do we feel about each other" arc that was already established before amnesia.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AjayStryder rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c71
IMPORTANT! Please read. (Spoilers, obviously)

This book is quite good up until chapter 53/54 when-

... more>>

Yue Fei (MC) confesses. But after that, the story really should have wrapped it up with a HEA and been done with it. At that point it was cute, had a great relationship/story/etc.

HOWEVER, after that point, it felt like the author was like “oh no! They’re together now and there’s no more conflict! I need to add some!” and so took the very cliche amnesia plotline and chucked it in so clumsily that the entire story after that just felt off and wrong. Like an AU of the actual story.

Also, everything after the amnesia incident was basically the story redone on fast forward since they have to “fall in love again”.

I hated it.


My advice?


Read the book up until chapter 53/54 and drop it, pretending it ends there with a HEA. (or skip forward and read chapters 70-71 for their first time during Yue Fei’s heat and then a HEA, you won’t have missed much at all)

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shieldrich rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: Completed
The story just revolves only with the protagonist. I admit I was bored there were no other conflicts and activities outside their relationship. Overall, this novel is still passable.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rameowae rated it
July 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Seeing the other reviews abt the amnesia part, here I am to present myself who like it. I felt like it was quite hilarious actually lmfao it's the usual type of cliche of falling all over again. And I like cliche things ah.

The only thing that made me feel distressed and annoyance is that specific one chapter about ... more>>

starting all over again after Yue Fei discovered how they met.

I was stupefied, thinking these two are both annoying and adorable. The other half of the story just contains how love made them s*upid. I almost fell in my bed laughing when I realized this. anyways, I really like the beginning chapters, the development of their relationship, and how realistic the MC is. And yea I guess how s*upidly in love they are w each other.

all in all, it's a good read for an omegaverse. Not the best but if u want to binge read something that has the right amount of chapters then i'll recommend this. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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