I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World (LN)


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Tenjou Yuuya has been a bullied boy since the past.

He lives in the home of his beloved grandfather while he goes to school. As usual, he receives a harsh bullying, and he takes an extended absence from school to have some time to heal his wounds.

While on this long time of absence, he takes the opportunity to clean his grandfather’s house and goes to a room he never went before, where his grandfather keep many different objects that he gathered from his travels around the world. While he was arranging the objects, he found a door not on a wall among the objects.

Out of curiosity he opens this door, what he found on the other side was…

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Cheat Skill
I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too
Isekai de Cheat Skill wo Te ni Shita Ore wa, Genjitsu Sekai wo mo Musou Suru ~Level Up wa Jinsei wo Kaeta~
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New ljn5q4yspap rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: v3c2
Read this if you also enjoy watching car crash dash cams in slow motion.

In a word, everybody in this world is s*upid or an as*hole (or both). The smartest character up until now is the pet wolf. People don't behave in a way that makes sense in-universe. This makes the story very frustrating to read. I'm constantly trying to decide if the characters are s*upid because the author wrote them that way, or if the author is s*upid

Slight spoilers that describe general settings of how ridiculous the people are:

  • The princess is an absolute a**hole. She is separated from her guards and stranded in in 'the demon forest'. Were guards injured or killed? don't know; don't care. The MC eventually rescues her, and the princess is suddenly horny for the MC and demands to go back to the demon forest. Her father the king agrees to it. What? it is established in the common sense of the world that the demon forest has monsters capable of wiping out entire countries, and she was already almost killed once. So she demands to be brought back to the demon forest, dragging her guards along, and of course they're attacked. how many were injured or killed? don't know; don't care. The MC rescues the guards again.. and they agree to meet up in the demon forest a 3rd time. WTF. Everybody seems to know the demon forest is scary dangerous, and as*hole princess keeps dragging her guards along. On the 3rd visit, something comes up and the princess tags along w/ the MC and runs away from the guards without further instructions. She spends a night in the MC's cabin in the woods apparently leaving her guards to die. Thanks, a**hole.
  • The MC is an idiot. The setup is he was constantly bullied and not that bright. Fine. But the writing shows the MC is aware of things and still being an idiot.
    • After the MC wanders into the other world, he gets these titles that explains how people get 10 "points" when they level up; visitors from other worlds get 100 points instead. The MC concludes that his skills grows at a rapid pace.. maybe... since he doesn't know how it compares to other people. The title just explained it.. how does he not know?
    • The MC is at a game center and playing those crane games. He uses a hunting skill, weakness detection, to grab multiple toys. So 1) the MC knows the crane game is difficult; 2) the MC uses a supernatural skill (weakness detection) to compensate. The MC then wonders, why are these games so easy? WTF. You just used specialty skills. In a similar way, the MC also goes on a school field trip, and fishes by hand. He uses a skill to hide his presence to calm the fish, and then grabs them. The MC then wonders if what he's doing is unnatural.
  • The assassin is s*upid. She is told that the princess escaped another assassination attempt in the demon forest, and most likely had help. Learning of the princess's re-visit to the demon forest, the assassin goes out to the demon forest, is attacked by monsters, and is rescued by the MC. She decides to train with the MC and does not realize MC also helped the princess. It's already established that the demon forest is dangerous, and nobody goes there without good reason. What are the chances that there's 2 random, un-related people just wandering around the demon forest? not that this is definitive, but for a highly sought after "famed assassin", she is awfully un-imaginative.
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tweprebet rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: v1c3 part3
I can't believe it was this tr*sh that finally got me to make an account. Anyway...

This is full of infuriating s*upidity. You can basically count on the MC to calmly explain the s*upid reason he is doing s*upid things. And it's all bad. At least a few of these things might make some sense for him to do out of habit... but then he explains why he's doing it. So it's not habit. It's that he's an idiot. Again.

As for examples... he's basically the OP master of OPness. I wouldn't... more>> be surprised if he's stronger than some actual gods in other series. He's very much enjoying exploring the new world. He even has a power that let's him convert items into millions of yen (more on that later). In short, he is more than capable of ignoring Earth or not to whatever degree he wants. He could never go back and it would be fine, or he could pop in just enough to maintain his grandfather's house or whatever other sentimental stuff he wants to do. Yet he's going back to high school which he is dreading more than a little bit considering how badly he has been treated by everybody. Why? Because not going to school would make him a "good for nothing" and that would "completely end his life." Yeah. I don't know what that means either.

As for his ability to convert items into millions of yen, he also uses that like an idiot. Basically anything he gets that's not of immediate obvious use he converts to yen. All sorts of almost certainly rare items have been converted into yen. He got like 1.5 million yen on his first batch of items, but he just keeps converting things because he doesn't think they are useful to him. How is millions of yen any more useful to him? He doesn't seem to know, nor care. He even has the cliche storage space ability, in addition to houses in both worlds. Storage space is not an issue. He can even invoke his money ability from anywhere. He could keep items as items and convert them to yen as he needs them. But no, that would mean he has less yen right now! So it's all become yen.

Anyway, this is not at all the full extent of it, but should give you a good taste of what you can expect. The MC will do incredibly s*upid things while saying his even s*upider reasons. It would be easier to stomach if he didn't flaunt his idiocy and just did s*upid things with no explanation. And I can be sure of that, because he also does a lot of s*upid things without explanation. They really are easier to accept.

I'm really tempted to give this one star just for being so incredibly infuriating, but I suppose there needs to be a way to differentiate between this and incoherent jumbles of word salad so... two I guess. But if the MC being s*upid raises your blood pressure even a little bit, don't read this - you'll get an aneurysm. <<less
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Trolltractor rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: --
"Oh I got a cheat, oh someone said something to me, oh I'm so spineless I must respond in an even more absurd manner than what is considered politically correct in order to try to avoid offending that pebble by the sidewalk."

The plot goes nowhere, the conversations are childish, what could have been an interesting read exploring different aspects of becoming op were instead ruined by a generic spineless MC.
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DMR rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: --
Here is my issue with this story; it goes too dark in some areas, and too forgiving in others, but it doesn't mesh. If you make the MC over abused and suffering, make him get real satisfying revenge. If you want him to be forgiving, make the characters forgivable... don't just badly mash both.

It's simple but not done well.

If the author did away with the abuse and just made the MC's situation more real, with the people who made him suffer be more just disliking him rather than abusive.

Like his... more>> siblings showing dislike because they were often made fun of because how fat and ugly he was, and their parents always trying to force them to get along at school. It'd be a "hate" but not real hate. It'd be something that'd make him feel bad, but also something forgivable.

And make his parents instead actually care about him, and feel bad, but can't do anything but force him to go to school. It'd be harsh to him cause he always causes them trouble, and it'd lead to more depression.

And the bullying at school should have been less physical abuse and more people just not liking him with maybe just a bit of bullying.


Those few changes I feel would have made the story work better.

And that's not putting into account his reaction.

Normally, if one were in his situation, they'd either hide or kill themselves, not be desperate to go to school. Second, it'd have been better if he left to the other world for a few months and then after his adventures gain the courage to go back to school.

But no, he just goes back to school while having a complete magical change... with no f***ing consequence.

And he shows super powers to hundreds of people... with no consequence.

He isn't careful and he isn't acting like a person in his situation would.

Just make him be more careful about his powers, and also give him just a bit of time before he came back to the school.

This is supposed to be with fulfillment (as are most novels anyways), but it's doing it badly.

No national guard or military instantly trying to take him away and maybe innocent bystanders being killed because of his carelessness, even though his very existence is a scientific miracle that should shock the world.

And he s*upidly models and can't realize people suddenly treated him well once he was handsome...



    1. The hate and abuse the MC got shouldn't have been so strong if this wasn't going to be a revenge story. Less would still have the effect needed without going overboard. Making the characters more complex would add depth rather than half ass unsatisfying forgiveness for these prison worthy criminals..
    2. Author should have had the MC stay away for a few months so that his change would be more believable.
    3. MC should be trying harder to hide his abilities and realize that people treat him different once he's hot.
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DemitR rated it
August 25, 2020
Status: v3c5 part2
The MC is physically incapable of holding a conversation. Every time he talks with someone it’s like:

Character: “Hey could you play volleyball?”

Mc: “Volleyball?

Character: “Yeah we’re short one person”

Mc: “Short?”

And on and on for a bit till he decides to go along with anything that is said to him.

There’s a lot of things one can look past, but this is way too much. I tried.
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Simple As It
Simple As It rated it
June 27, 2020
Status: --
This is Childish Novel

Why? First, devoid of any logic and common sense. Second, the story are full of contradiction and inconsistency. Third, MC with inferiority complex that got OPed but didn't use it to full potential.


MC with inferiority complex are the most useless character at any novel (except from I Have Nothing), why? Because it's cheap and uncreative plot device to create an innocent type of character, especially forced behavior. For an example, He had every reason to avenge the suffering and unjust ever since he was a kid but despite after gained very powerful ability and he could simply reverse everything they had done to him, he did nothing at all other than being coward or overly forgiving, why? Because he's kind of course... This is what to be called a forced behavior.

The illogical behavior of these side character. Boy oh boy, in this story all the characters are either super kind or super evil, there's no in-between or gray character. All of them felt 1 dimensional, you couldn't care less with any side character because they have no personality at all.

I suspect this story was made by high schoolers because the story was nothing reflect on real life common sense or logic. I understand that fantasy novel shouldn't have to follow real life logic but at the same time it cannot be devoid any of it.


If you still a middle school or high schoolers that felt like the world is unfair and you want some kind of escapism then this novel might be to your liking. If otherwise then stay away as far as possible.
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AmicaNiiya rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: v1 afterword
Prepare for a long one, I have a lot to say about this novel (I already bombarded my friend about it, now you have to suffer too).

I came into this thinking this'll be another one of those typical "loser gets badass because of cheats, he breezes through all obstacles with his OP abilities and all the (zero personality) girls want his D because he's so awesome" harem isekai, but this one is unexpectedly wholesome?! (Seriously I went "harem and wholesomeness? how the f*ck does it- that is illegal!)
I... more>> mean, it's a harem, painfully obviously so (we're at volume one, seven chapters into the story, and there's already 3+ potential love interests) and it's also pure wish-fulfillment of an ugly bullied loser becoming handsome and strong thanks to the titular cheat ability. Nothing new or revolutionary here really.

The thing that makes the difference in my eyes is the execution.
First, he isn't permanetly transported to the other world - he can go back and forth as he likes. He could just stay there and leave behind his life on earth (a thought he actually had at some point) but he doesn't. He tries to balance both sides and live life to its fullest with what he has.
Second, he doesn't get instantly badass and confident. He's lived all his life being shunned so much for his ugliness and incompetence in basically everything that he has a really hard time adjusting his mindset. He consciously knows he isn't the same as before, but his subconscious lags behind. Especially when it comes to his appearance, the thing he's been bullied for the most (to the point where he didn't even consider the possibility that his face might have changed despite literally his whole body changing drastically). It takes time and work for him to be more confident in himself and that process is very satifying to see I think.
Third, the protag has a realistic personality and is just likable in general, to me at least. He's a sweet and kindhearted fellow who despite his hard lot tries his best whenever he can (the few people that saw past his appearance, like his grandpa, agree that he's really nice). Several times it's shown that people just feel very comfortable around him (you know how with some people, you just talk to them and feel calm and relaxed? yeah). His extremely low self esteem can be a bit annoying, but it's understandable and realistic. And again, I like his process of slow improvement.
Fourth, the "harem members" are quite good characters in their own right and they don't flock to the protag just because he's badass or hot or sth - at this point at least, they have a crush on him at most (some are only potential for now) and each has their own reason for liking him, but their feelings generally began with simply liking him as a person. The interactions are sweet and realistic too. Overall, I can see why there's more than one person interested in him and it's not "he's the protagonist so he has a harem despite the protagonist having no qualities to justify that". (but I have to be honest, I like the ones on earth more than the other world's...)
Fifth, the story is less about pure action and showing-of-the-MC's-badassery but more about human interaction and character growth. It's about the protag getting a new outlook on live, meeting genuinely nice people that are there for him (seriously some of the "side characters" are great, I love Hikari-san in particular, he's the best), confronting and overcoming his past instead of the escapism common in the genre. The cheat abilities actually take a more supportive role while his own choices and actions are in the focus most of the time.

All in all, this is the kind of story you don't read for its plot, but for its characters and their interactions. It's really sweet and wholesome and so far, I'm really enjoying it (and hope the author won't ruin it in the following chapters, please)
Also I recommend the manga, the art is good and also shows the things I like about the novel really well (the MC drawn too damn adorable sometimes), takes a while to update tho (it has 5 chapters translated so far, v1ch4 part4 of the novel). <<less
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chaserjacksaw rated it
March 3, 2021
Status: v6
Oh good lord, I dunno what to say to this..

The idea of the story is actually very great, I mean going to Isekai and return to Earth Back and forth while all progress (lvl, stats, items) is retained even in the modern world.

But.... Oh boi the story immediately goes to sh*t hole!

Ok given everything is generic is fine cuz even if its generic and other hate it, but its a undeniable fact that Generic Isekai story is damn popular no matter how much YOU bit*h about it..... BUT F*k This... more>> Sh*t!! THIS story is f*king awful!. Good lord and here I am a generic isekai harem tr*sh lover is fcking saying that "THIS IS AWFUL, READING THIS HURTS MY BRAIN!"

• MC is brain dead period! don't expect any character development (oh but his courageous..... when girls is in danger lol)


• Here come the cute suuuuuuuper OP pets that literally do nothing for the story!!

• common sense? Um is that a thing here?... I mean literally.

• I wish Girls where as easy to fall in love in real life like in this LN.

• Literally everything is easy for MC..... LITERALLY.

• Plot.... Plot? What Plot??

• Self pity! SELF PITY!!!

• DENSITY IS OVER 9000!! <<less
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Totocoroco rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: --
I been looking at the Clever Protagonist tag novels, trying to finda smart protag like the one in Devil's cage, I gave this tr*sh a try and god who that f*** put the Clever tag on this tr*sh, God that MC have no confidence, is s*upid and is the luck type that put no effort to getting powerfull, oh and is also a beta dense Japanese boy even after getting super handsome without putting any work.

Made a account just because this piece a s*** novel got me really angry, don't... more>> waste your time if you dont like MC with 99% luck 1% hard-work and with no good qualities besides being a good little boy that saves people because he has superpower now <<less
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Boogle rated it
November 27, 2020
Status: v4c2
Holy shit, what a load of crap.

TLDR: Zero character progression, world building that contraticsitself, an MC that is so passive, he takes no direct action in the story.

I was really interested in the premise. Travelling to another world and it reflecting in the MC on Earth.

... more>> It's a great concept. Issue is, the author has no f*cking clue how to execute it.

1st of all, MC goes from lvl 1 to lvl 100 in 2 sentences. This reflects on Earth by making him a buff ikemen. So much so, that his immediate family can't regonise him. (But somehow one of the heroines can, even though they only interacted for like 5 minutes.)

After the initial power boost, MC gets everything handed to him. So much so, that he literally cannot be killed on Earth. No being or weapon exists, that can harm him.

This would be fine, if the author could come up with social situations which make the MC struggle. But NOPE! Everyone is nice to him, the only 'issue' he encounters is being a minor celebrity.

OK, so does he struggle in the other world? NOPE! He can onehost enemies 3 times his level, and only lost 2 fights so far. (Not like there is many of them) Of course a princess immediately falls in love with him, so his otherworldly social status is good as well.

Now, you might be thinking, what's the drama or threats that pish the story forward? Simply, other people pushing the MC around as they want. He is very self-hating which is torable for like 2 volumes max. But even in volume 4, even though side characters constatly tell him to be more confident, he has the same attitude as in volume 1.

Other shortcomings of the novel:

Not one single comedic scene or joke that's even remotely funny.

No impactful side characters, all of them just suck the MC's dick.

MC isn't even aware that like 5 girls are romantically interested in him by the Volume 4.

If you gave the initial concept to a 10 year old, he could come up with a better story than thid novel. <<less
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IsekaiMe rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: v3c4 part3
Had to give up reading this. It was a little funny at first, but now after this many chapters, I see that nothing is going to change. The MC will continue to get more and more OP but remain just as s*upid as ever. I mean, 5 year old s*upid. I understand the MC was severely bullied when he wasn't OP, but being bullied doesn't make you dumb as well, unless maybe he was constantly beaten in the head growing up. Sure, maybe it'll crush your self-esteem but it should... more>> actually make you a bit more cynical and heighten your survival instincts when it comes to dealing with people.

The majority of the MC's lines when interacting with people is his clueless "Eh?" "Huh?"
If you enjoy repeating these scenes over and over again, then this is the LN for you. If the excuse for this kind of writing is that "it's a comedy, " then it's a bad comedy that is repeatedly using the exact same joke over and over again. At some point, it's just not funny anymore. <<less
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Darkcloud385 rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: v2c6
This was the one that made me make an account purely just so I could sh*t on it. The beginning started off so strong, with a compelling background that made you feel somewhat bad the character. Guess what, they just throw all the development out of the window just by making him a pretty boy. Never thought I would see the day when I PREFERRED TO SEE THE MC GET sh*t ON. He makes the s*upidest decisions, he’s cringey as f*ck, “what why do these people keep looking at me...... more>> yadda yadda”. YOU HAVE A MIRROR. There is no way he has no clue what an attractive person looks like. Shitty wish fulfillment makes everything go his way as soon as he’s a pretty boy, it’s like his bullying legit just never happened. Doesn’t bother to think about how they would treat him if he still looked the same, story just turns into your generic boring as f*ck isekai tr*sh but with a little niche of him being about to travel back and forth. Dropped. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
reyanoo rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: v1c7
The Setting of the story had Soooo much potential if not for the extremely wimpy Push-over sad excuse of a human the MC is.

To save your time I urge you to read the spoiler to see what kind of MC to expect.

... more>>

So my brother and sister screwed me over my entire life, they bully me and watched while I was stripped naked and got pictures taken of me at some point just to enjoy the humiliation, and instigate teachers against me, also my whole family hate me cuz am ugly.

and when the only time in my life I had a tiny bit of success, out of jealousy they brought F*CKING gangsters to my new school and took people hostages and wanted to kidnap me and the person who is helping me change my life (UNDER THE INSTRUCTIONS OF MY BROTHER).

But when my brother's plan sunk and the gang leader was trying to beat the sh*t out of my brother for getting his gang in trouble, I jumped in like a hero to protect (THAT SAME BROTHER) and told the gangsters to not touch my family.


Now how can anyone wonder why people are walking all over them when they pull this kind of crap.

the author is an absolute M, and I can only imagine the MC as a 4 year old girl who believes in the power of forgiveness. And I had to drop it at V01 C07 for the reason mentioned in the spoiler. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: v1 afterword
Too heavy on the wish fullfillment vibe.

To the author it feels like what he is telling that all is ok as long as your not ugly. MC is bullied, why? Because he is ugly, MC is abandoned by his family, why again? Its because he is ugly. Yet the moment he became handsome everything changed, I know I'm just being biased but why not just make the MC more average looking then after people got used to him then make him more handsome but what's with the extreme ugly to... more>> extreme handsome, it just reeks of wish fulfullment (sorry for those offended)

It's an isekai with leveling and status. The author made MC stats [email protected] just to control OPness of MC why not just go all the way. Godlike equipment with incredible effect yet not put to good use especially the one that can inflict fatal injury even with the tiniest wound.


Do you even need to invest in strength stat? You have weapons that can when you are level 1/ instakill a level 200 when MC can barely lift/throw the weapon, MCs natural stat gain in strength is enough as it is more than 10 times the normal person why not invest more in AGI for attack speed & evasion or VIT so MC can take more hits


Near the end of volume one in the real world screams s*upidity from the reactions of everyone involved. <<less
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LordBored rated it
April 6, 2020
Status: v1c4
It's a fun novel if you're looking for something to kill time. It not really for those who are really detail oriented. But I suggest this book for people who are just looking for something to just read. It's not the best novel but it is interesting.
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
slik rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: v2c1
This was annoying as hell, i've never seen a more badly thought out story as this one, and it had such a great setting too, even among all the jp novels i've read, this is the worse MC i've seen in my life, if you can only enjoy mc's with at least a sliver of a brain, then this is not for you
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NomuSage rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: v5c3
Atrocious story development by an author set on drowning readers in his obsession with sexualizing teen girl characters and an MC who's dimmer than a dead donkey. Crippling s*upidity is taken to dizzying heights and world building... what world building? Staring at the sun is time better spent than this.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xintest rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: v2c1
I hate Japanese MCs personalities... its cringy in every novel you read
beta - s*upid - without common sense - can't even think 2 seconds into the future - does things that you cant explain why he did it - comes with s*upid explanations that make you want to stab him to death

ugly syndrome is s*upid here.. his family is 1d without any character you cant care about who they are
he forgive them for 10 years of torture in 2 lines

MC kills any "monster" but is acting s*upid with... more>> humans like he didn't see the bad side of humanity when he was tortured for being ugly

MC want to turn everything into money, why? no one knows... he actually don't have any use\used any money... he just want to see the number increase <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aezir rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: v1c6 part1
I was expecting a good read because of the good reviews but it became frustrating to read instead. I'm giving this a 3 star because its just good since its not bad but its not excellent either, its just good nothing more nothing less.


Spoiler's ahead read at your own risk

1. There's no proper conclusion on the bullies, after the MC slims down they just got shock and the main bully talked to the MC if MC is a transfer student, MC reveals who he is and bully is shocked and... more>> their teacher comes in and the conversation stops there, then MC transfers to a prestigious school and I never heard of the bullies again, just like that after years of bullying thats all they get, a shock, unless the bullies goes out of their way to get owned by the MC, I don't think they would meet again.

2. The heroines are just there to be saved, MC runs out of daily necessities and goes to the convenience store and saves a girl from bad guys, then the girl turns out to be a super ojou-sama and tr*sh talk (it was her butler that did the talking) his abusive twin siblings (they deserved it), too much convenience right there. MC goes to the other world and saved a princess from a general goblin. MC became a temporary model and saves a model from another boxing stalker model. MC watches his classmates play soccer during P.E and saves a female classmate from the stray ball with a super elite kick and goal!! And all the girls fall for MC, like whats up with this repeating troupe?

3 The characters are not fleshed out (yet since I haven't gotten far in the chapters), when the princess was saved from the goblin general she fainted not letting the readers know her better than that she is a tragic princess that getting discriminated because of what happened in the past. Then the MC's new homeroom teacher after transferring to his new school just became known as a female teacher wearing a lab coat and a erot*c loose shirt, she could have been an interesting character.

4. The MC's Boy Friends are much more interesting than the heroines to the point that it made me wonder if there's a Shounen Ai tag...

5. The MC is annoying, I know that he has inferiority complex but he saw his handsome face in the bathroom mirror and he still wonders why are people looking at him. There's also the part where the MC keeps saying that his new classmates in the prestigious school are good people because they treat him on equal footing. Isn't that because you became handsome that they're treating you that way? but well maybe they are good people... whatever.


The MC becomes op and handsome, now there's your pro's. What did you expect? its a wish fulfillment story. <<less
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Nasap rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I cant continue read any more this shit, author San I need to punch your face. This is LN not WN, I'm disappointed in characters, especially our MC. So frustrating cause of mc's dialogues and actions. I'm pretty surprised this story was serialized and allowed to published, sigh. What a let down. Just remove the MC. Hes a fk sissy. To those who dont like alpha mC's this might be your cup of tea. But be warned, you might like alpha more after reading this.

So many contradictions in mc's actions.... more>> Ultimate weapons that can sure kill anyone but in the next chapter it cant kill a goblin king. Just read the 1st book.

Princes love at first site cause sissy saved her from assassin's and asked for marriage. One dimensional character. Lame.


I, Tenjou Yuuya, am being bullied. That's not a recent development; it's been that way for a long time... ever since kindergarten. No matter how much I asked them to stop, they'd only find it funnier and escalate things, and no matter how much I told the teacher about it, they wouldn't help.

On the contrary, they'd even end up saying that I was the one in the wrong.

It would have been fine if I was only mistreated by those guys at school and the teachers...

but I had reached the point that I didn't even get any affection from my family.

Right after I was born, my parents thought I would be a cute child. After all, I was their firstborn. However, they eventually gave up on those thoughts.

My face only got uglier over time, regardless of what I did. Even though I only ate a normal amount of food, my body got fatter and fatter. I tried to exercise, but my weight continued increasing, as if my own body was ridiculing me. Even though I didn't change the amount of food I was eating. [ED: Well there's your problem]

It may be some kind of illness. By the time that thought occurred to me... the affection from my parents was completely gone. The reason was my twin brother and sister had been born.

Unlike me, both of them were beautiful, and my parents showered them with affection.

Their treatment of me completely changed then. The twins would always eat good fresh food, and I'd only get yesterday's leftovers. Really, leftovers were the best I got, and mostly it was only scraps and things that had expired or soured.

I wasn't allowed to wash my clothes together with the twins' because they said the twins' clothes would get dirty if I washed them together, and my clothes would then go unwashed because it would "only waste the water bill."

So, since elementary school, I had always washed my clothes by myself using the park drinking fountain.

Speaking of clothes, the twins could buy new ones, but I always wore only tattered clothes. From elementary school to senior high school, my bags were ratty and tattered, but the twins always had brand new stuff.

The twins were one year younger than me, and for these reasons I had to do a lot of things myself since I entered kindergarten. I envied them a lot. I didn't do anything to deserve this... or did I? No matter how much I tried to appeal to them, my parents didn't give me the time of day.

Even at times when I thought I might be sick, I wasn't allowed to see a doctor. I thought of it as a blessing that I was able to eat the bare minimum amount of food, even though the reason was they still cared about their reputation.

But there were still people who were kind to me, as well. My grandfather, who had already passed away, was one of them. He was always traveling around and would come back with peculiar souvenirs, and was rarely home. But when he came back, grandpa always loved me, the ugly kid.

That was the only way in which I got much more affection compared to the twins. Grandpa was considered a freak for flying around the world for so long and collecting only weird stuff, and my parents were prejudiced against him.

When I was in elementary school, my grandpa's house was close, so I always went out to play there when he was home. Even though my grandpa was incensed at how I was treated, and appealed to the people around me, my appearance and the way people talked about him being a freak caused that to go nowhere. Such a kind grandfather to me... had already died.

"Yuuya, never give up. Look, it's alright. Even if it's hard, if you smile, happiness will surely come. Someday, you'll be able to look back at those people who have done terrible things to you... besides, you still have a long life ahead of you. Don't be impatient, but move slowly and steadily in the right direction. It's okay, Yuuya, I know you can do it."

Those were grandpa's last words. In his will, he gave me the house where he lived and all of his property. Of course, my parents tried to take it away, but my grandpa had made thorough arrangements, so they failed. But as a result, my parents completely abandoned me.

Well, when you think about it, that result was obvious. So I left home and decided to live in my grandpa's house. He didn't have a lot of assets, by any means, and I didn't receive any money from my parents, but even so, my grandpa did have enough money for me to enter an integrated junior high school and attend senior high school.

Thanks to him, I was able to pay the entrance fee and tuition, but the other living expenses were strict, with only the money that my grandfather had left me, and I lived everyday while working part-time jobs.

And now, if I didn't go quickly, I would be late for my part-time job, but I was stopped and forcibly taken to the back of the gym. To be perfectly clear about what was going to happen──

"Know your place, you shitty fat-ass!!"


It was group bullying. I was beaten and kicked many times. I could barely breathe, and since I didn't have any money, I always skipped lunch, so the only thing that came out of my mouth was stomach juices.

After a while, maybe because he got tired of beating me, Takeshi Araki from my class, the main offender of this bullying, grabbed my hair and lifted my face as I was coughing violently.

Araki was the so-called delinquent guy with piercings and blonde hair. He was also wearing a uniform, and was a member of a delinquent group called [Red Ogre], which was active around this high school. I cried out from the way he was handling me.

"Oi, fat-ass. Aren't you forgetting your place? You're my sandbag, and I'll beat my sandbag whenever I want. That's your role... so why are you going home all of a sudden?"

A sharp knee kicked me directly in the face. Blood was streaming from my nose, and my face was in agony.

"Hey, Araki, do you think maybe you shouldn't be so hard on his face? If you hurt him there, everyone can see it, you know?"

"It's fine. No one's gonna look at this kind of tr*sh."

"Kyahahaha! But seriously, this is fun!"

Some flashy looking girls took pictures of me with their smartphones. Araki seemed to come up with something as he watched, and a wicked grin spread across his face.

"Oh right, if you're going to take pictures, why don't you do it when he's butt-naked?"

"Oh! How nice! In that case, let's get more people over here."

"Great, just message everyone you know."

"Ugh!? S-sto... "

"Shut your f*cking mouth, you piece of shit!"

Once again, a kick landed right in my face. My consciousness grew hazy, and I felt like I could pass out at any moment, but if I did that, I had no idea what might happen. However, I was still helpless to change anything, and the people Araki and the others called had already gathered around.

"Hey hey, you said if I came here, there'd be something fun... "

"I never thought I'd see the face of this garbage here."

When I managed to look at the cold voice that was suddenly thrown at me, there stood a very similar brother and sister with well-defined faces. Tenjou Youta and Tenjou Sora... in other words, my own brother and sister.

Since they were one year younger than me, whenever we came across each other in middle school, they had reached the point of looking at me with disdain. This would be my first year in high school, and they were in their third year of junior high, but maybe there would eventually be a chance for us to meet.

They normally wouldn't have any business being here, in the back of this school building, but Araki might have called them over.

"Ah? Youta, do you know him?"

"Yeah, well. I hate to admit it, but he's sort of my big brother... that's what it should be."

"Big brother!? Oi oi, seriously!?" Araki looked at me and laughed. "He looks nothing like you!"

"Well, you know, it's only a relationship on paper, so I don't care about him at all."

"I see I see... Well, that's fine. Let's just have fun today."

By then, nearly 20 people had gathered around, and Araki started stripping me naked. I resisted desperately, and begged him to stop, but after he beat me again, I was completely silenced, and was finally stripped of all my clothes.

Araki laughed triumphantly.

"Oi oi, don't try to hide it!"

"What a disgusting body!?"

Words of contempt and condescension poured in from my surroundings. With regret and embarrassment, I desperately grit my teeth and endured. Pretty soon, the sound of camera shutters echoed all around, and Araki spoke up.

"Thank you for gathering here today! Well then, time for the closing act!"

He looked at me and made a demented smile.

"Take this, you fat-ass! Hi-ya!"

I was knocked out by a powerful blow to my jaw. By the time I woke up, there was no one around, and the moon was already floating in the sky. When I checked my belongings, they had stolen what little money I had, my textbook was torn up and thrown away, and muddy water had been poured onto my clothes.

I wept bitterly on the spot, so overcome with self-pity that it was painful.

Grandpa. What should I do... ?

This... was my daily life


Could anyone forgive those kind of family. No, it's a no no. This guy is a hypocrite. Saying in a situation no matter what you guys are my family.

Ah man my sanity points. Drop dead you MC barstard. Remove the MC just consider night as MC and continue author sans work. Then this story might be little more presentable.

For the fellow readers who are bored and looking for stories, this isn't worth anyone's time to invest. Dont judge a book by its cover. If cover is gorgeous content is shit. If its shitty cover content is golden.

After reading every afterward it seems like Miku San is enjoying her writing. This is so frustrating, let me tell you this, your story was good not bad. Only problem is the characteristic of the MC. Please rewrite the story by altering the MC's personality. An author who enjoying her work will become successful in the future. Just keep up the good work. I'm cheering for you. <<less
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Liamrw rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: v1c1
EDIT: I forgot to change the stars! Its should be 5 star for me.

I was reading the Webnovel version because I thought that this has no LN version that is being translated, I also read the raw manga that was already at chapter 5. This actually got a LN one! I just found this just now!!

I really like the story, the MC and the characters surrounding him.

... more>> The others might not like it, but this is my CUP OF TEA!

Thanks Nyx Translations for picking this up!! Please do continue to translate this awesome LN! <<less
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