I Found Tiny Dungeon That Can Only Produce Metal Slime


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Many dungeons suddenly appeared all around the world.

It was the era in which both civilians and the army were exploring the dungeon as ‶Seeker″, and brought back the miraculous items with them.

On a certain day, Mitaka Yuuma[2nd Year High School Student] whose life had nothing to do with a dungeon found a hole in the corner of the garden of his house. When he tried to peek into the hole, he found a metal body trembling non-stop inside the hole.

At first, he had no idea about the hole he found but knew that the trembling metal body he found was a monster called metal slime that had become the current hottest topic in the world.

「Could it be that this hole is actually, a dungeon?」 was the conclusion that he came with thus, began the change of his daily life, coming into the dungeon hole and beating the metal slime.

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Kinzoku Suraimu Shikadenai Kyoukushou Danjon Wo Mitsukemashita
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New GreenRiver rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: c171
I read ahead with MTL. This story has the same usual flaws as other JP fantasy novels, but with a masochistic twist...

Short version: It's a story about a selfless beta male making bad decisions and getting sh*t on for saving lives. As of chapter 171 basically NOTHING GOOD has happened to this guy.


Chapter 171 started human experimentation...


I gave it a shot, I thought it would get better once they finished the first few arcs, but it's only getting worse. Save yourself some frustration and avoid this story.

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