I Found A Planet


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Through a mysterious portal, Chen Jin arrived at this strange place – a post-apocalyptic world where civilization had been destroyed.

Consequently, he found –

A piece of metal scrap
A robot trash collector
A battleground
A city
A ton and more of gold
A copy of high-tech documents
In short, Chen Jin found a planet.

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New Zeikfried rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c150
A bit of a twist on the protagonists in this one. He is a talented engineer, but traumatized by his overbearing parents into becoming a useless NEET. Until he finds his post-apocalyptic technologically advanced planet and finally gets off his fat ass. From there the fun parts are watching him steadily accrue wealth and precious metals, improvise the tech to get patents, and build up business ventures. But here's the rub, instead of "smacking faces" and "building a harem, " he is neurotically possessive of "his planet." It is to... more>> the point where he contemplates nuking the Chinese government if they try to take it away from him- possibly abandoning Earth to live alone in a desolate wasteland.

The traditional bullsh*t with idiotic rich kids, manipulative villains, blatant bullies is extremely toned down, relatively speaking. It is on trajectory to return to that direction, but spoilers below on why I am interested.


Chapter 105 - Middle-ish Section

Xiao Ming (Currently the only other human protagonist has met on alt-Earth) continued his story. "After the 'Blue Plan' (Anti-Climate-Change Plan) started, everything went along smoothly. With the combined efforts of the three great powers, 50% of the 'Blue Space' was completed in only five years. After another five years, the 'Blue Space' would be able to take off without any problems. However, the politics of Melica (America) experienced a sudden change at this time. A politician named Lucio (Donald Trump) rose in popularity amongst the voters with astonishing speed. He was extremely influential in fanning the flames of public opinion. He opposed immigration, was hostile towards the Red Empire, and threatened to start a war with Da Hua Empire (China). He was a most extreme racist as well as a militaristic madman. He planned to unite the planet of Haierfa via military force. He wanted to cleanse the planet of 'rubbish races.' He was a lunatic, a maniac, a mentally ill person. Logically speaking, he should not have even passed the first round of elections (Republican Primary). Not only did he successfully get elected as the President of Melica, what was unimaginable was that he had a popularity rating as high as 96% amongst the white people!"

Xiao Ming shook his head in disbelief. "What was more shocking was that after Trump had taken up his position, he did not give up on his campaign slogan. He actually carried out his plans according to the campaign slogan. He led his crazy voters and turned America into a hell filled with hate. After understanding what the 'Blue Plan' was about, Lucio remained unconcerned. Not only did he stop the capital investment, recalled the scientists, and withdrew from the plan, he even announced that it was a conspiracy (Climate Change is a Hoax) and a fabrication. He said that it was a scam project to empty the funds for social welfare... There were only two countries left who still supported the 'Blue Plan.' In addition, Lucio expanded the military like a madman in preparation for war. He broke off trade relations, formed military alliances, and stirred up military disputes. It was as if he really was preparing for another world war. His campaign slogan was not empty words; it was a promise to be kept and executed."

Melica had experienced a terrible era under Lucio, but they never seemed to notice. "Even so, an overwhelming majority of voters supported him. His support on the ground was never less than 80%. Moreover, more than 90% of his supporters had never heard of (Experienced) the existence of nuclear weapons. They were skeptical of the power of nuclear weapons... They only knew and believed that they would win the war. The Red Empire and the Da Hua Empire could not resist against the military harassment by Melica. In order to implement the 'Blue Plan, ' our military spending had been reduced to 10% of the previous year's. The 'Blue Plan' was bound to fail if we increased our military spending, and the future of the human race would be hopeless. The Empire persuaded, negotiated, tolerated, backed down... They compromised in all the possible ways that they could. However, Lucio was unsatisfied. He wanted a total surrender, and for all other races to be annihilated. Only when we were all dead would he give up and be content."

Xiao Ming sighed and shook his head. "Finally, the 'Blue Spaceship' was 92% complete. Just before the millions of robotic armies that Lucio had amassed was about to be deployed for an all-out attack, we made a pre-emptive strike by launching our nuclear missiles towards their territory... The destructive war had erupted. Lucio and his voters died in their stupidity and ignorance.

However, we were not victorious either. Although we suffered few losses, Haierfa's population was reduced by 70% in the following 20-year nuclear winter. In addition, a discovery was made by the post-war investigation team during the nuclear winter. We found out that the reason for Lucio's successful election to presidency was the support he had from a type of 'Cognition Device.' (Fox News + Fake News) When a voter put on this device for longer than 30 seconds, he would become Trump's die-hard voter and be at the mercy of his will. This device was termed the 'Mind Control Machine.' He had won over at least 100 million voters using this device."

Xiao Ming huffed. "Based on our technologies, it was impossible for us to create such a fantastical device like the 'Mind Control Machine.' This was our conclusion: Lucio was not of the human race (Traitor).


This is pretty flagrant in comparison to the other political stuff out of other novels. I hope the author actually continues unraveling the mystery of alt Earth. Damn it! I just the read spoilers below. I guess this story deserves its score. What a waste of time. 3 stars <<less
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New jeffreytown rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c149
Now I understand that there are many who doesn't like this novel because of various reason, but let me say why I gave it such a high rating. Firstly, I never liked Apocalypse because I hated half the focus going into the Apocalypse world. I know that sounds stupid, but for me I wanted it to be more focused on our world which this one did. While not everything was perfect, I found it more satisfactory to read. I never really got too into how the technology worked and everything... more>> because I felt that if I did, I wouldn't enjoy it and judging by the people who did get into the tech portion, they did not enjoy the novel. For the people looking at this review, just go along with it and I think you'll have a pretty enjoyable time. Now let's get to why I did not give it a five star. It's a bit of spoiler, but it was also a spoiler for me since I actually didn't get to the part I'm mentioning, I just read another review.


The only thing I'm absolutely not looking forward to is the harem portion and the xianxia portion. I honestly want it progress with there being a planet of actual aliens threatening the world and the MC would fight them off with a powerful robotic army that cannot be hacked. Then there would be an epic tech battle and the MC would win eventually and then remove the threat by killing all the alien inhabitants. OFC the author could have gone the higher world more lifeform thing and MC does more battles, but I think after 600 chaps, I would get bored since the author would 100% stop focusing on the Earth. Then the harem portion... I originally liked the MC for not actually gunning for s*x and focusing on revitalizing his planet and his company, but now that I hear he had a harem, it turned things off for me a bit. Honestly, I don't find harems that bad. A Valiant Life was alright for me and there were also other harem stories that I quite liked. However, for this novel, I feel that marrying one girl and staying loyal would have been nicer. Honestly, after the aliens with the whole cultivator BS comes in, I'm dropping this novel, but until then I'll have quite the good read. Maybe the whole cultivator alien might work for me, but for now that's the plan.

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tides rated it
April 20, 2019
Status: c460
its okay-ish. the MC is short sighted and very nationalistic.

first and foremost- It requires about 380 chapters before the plot starts moving and the aliens come, that is a little too much and most people will not read so far...

also a warning: the novel becomes a xianxia later on.

... more>>

The MC& synoposis

The MC seems to pursue money by bringing back tech from the planet.

he doesn't really bring back the tech as it is however, but forms a company and hires people to do research in the direction of the tech. when the researchers are stuck, he will drop huge hints or just give them the tech and let them build it which is much more realistic than "mansion in post-apoc".

the MC seems to be very nationalistic which is reasonable, but later on they start suppressing him and sometimes you'd wish that he'd just pack up and leave or fight back. the MC of "mansion in post-apoc" is much more realistic and likable in this regard.

regarding romance

the MC tries very hard to build his harem because he believes that he should get one because of he owns the planet. his mother tries very hard to hook him up but does not find successful because he doesn't want to get married.


chapter 150 is when he sleeps with a woman for the first time in the novel, but it's just a fling. later on however, he manages to brainwash the girl into being okay with being his concubine (not mistress) and marries another girl. he also hooks up with another girl...

he has..6 children I think, at chapter 300.

ironically and very realistic, all of his women + children leaves him once the war starts except for one, but he quickly picks one more up from his planet's universe.

so much for being loyal to a man who cant be loyal


he also becomes very protective of "his" planet and it is confirmed that he is the only human living on the planet.

plot moves very slowly. in fact I think theres no plot besides him bringing back tech and getting rich....


however around chapter 150 the cause of destruction in the planet is slowly unravels and at 250, he finds proof of the aliens.


only at the end of volume 2, chapter 350ish does the MC focus change and move towards to aliens and then at 380 or so, everything starts moving quickly and the novel starts for real... but it seems like most people will not get that far sadly...

I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World is a much better novel in the same genre, but while mansion in post-apoc focuses alot on the zombies, this one focuses on the tech, business and earth alot more. sadly the MC loves his country so much that he's willing to be suppressed by them so the MC sometimes irritates the reader. of course, everything seems to be a part of his mega-plan to fight against the aliens in the end.

as for score, I would give this a 2/5. its not bad and doesn't deserve a 1, but its below average and worth a read if you are interested in how countries react to advance tech and politics.

the novel is in volume 3 right now and I cant decide if it'll get good yet so...2/5

It requires about 380 chapters before the plot starts moving and the aliens come, that is a little too much and most people will not read so far...

about volume 3....

i have no choice but to drop this to 1 star. the more I read the more I feel like I wasted my time.

as mentioned, volume 3 is where the "War" starts but


when the aliens finally attacked, the humans decided to start a "tournament" style "war" every few years instead of just kicking out the invaders.

also the aliens turned out to be humans who moved to a planet where they can cultivate, so it became a xianxia novel and earth is slowly creating it's own "qi". science is also slowly changing and all modern weapons slowly become worthless while cultivators become more and more powerful over time.

the author writes that since the "qi" is weak, it is the best time to kill them all and we already have robot soldiers on earth but nope. earthlings will be joining this tournament every few years while the protoss slowly wait and enslaves us all once the "qi" has recovered.


About Nationalism

i initially added a Nationalism tag but removed it, because it really isn't Nationalism. While the MC shows an insistent to not conduct business outside china, this is due to politics and what he is concerned about is his tech and his safety.

The examples quoted by the MC are also all recent events and real, coupled with the fact that the MC actually helps the US fix it's gun problem and economy later and it is revealed that


everything was part of a plan to create a proper world government so that space exploration and that the defense of the earth is possible since again, he is preparing for aliens to attack earth due to the parallel universe (but in the end it is cultivators who attacked earth....)


so I removed the Nationalism tag <<less
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WizOfOz rated it
May 1, 2019
Status: c39
I'm going to drop this one. I give it a shot; but damn,
... more>>

selling clocks from another world as normal clocks was the tombstone. I can only think that the author doesn't know what a clock measures, the definition of a second and the definition of a day. Damn, even atomic clocks made on earth must be adjusted 'cause earth rotation varies...
even if in future chapters the author will use an outdated method like "it is the future earth" the novel will remain poorly made.

I know reading includes sometimes a leap of fate, still... <<less
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JEGG1970 rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: c1
I have read this novel until the chapter 53. Although the idea is not bad, all the rest of development of this novel is trash. The personages are so shallow that dont have any feeling. The MC is also very bad done. All the story is just pulling ideas without any string to follow. I just will drop it. Dont waste time looking it up.
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