I Favor the Villainess


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“I am the heroine of an otome game, so is it wrong to like the villainess?”

Corporate s*ave OL, Oohashi Rei, reincarnated as the heroine Rei Taylor in the world of the otome game 「Revolution」.

Her preference isn’t the capturable princes, it’s the villainess, Claire François.

She merrily accepts Claire’s dislike.

With the protagonist’s involvement, it’s the beginning of a unique romcom.

To make it worse, Rei’s love became directed at the villainess, what does Claire’s future hold?

It’s my second series with a screwball villainess.

A little different from ordinary… I hope you can enjoy the villainess who’s just a little different.

Associated Names
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I'm in Love with the Villainess
Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijou.
내 최애는 악역영애
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Sherrynity rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c59
I recommend you to read at least until chapter 40-50s before you decide whether to drop this novel or not. Per November 28th 2018, this novel has amasses 109 votes with 4, 4 rating; and let me tell you, such high rating is completely justified.


... uh, well, maybe not that high. But I believe it worths 4-stars rating at the least.


The focus of this novel is how Claire slowly developes her feeling to Rei and how Rei matures (emotionally) to protect Claire.
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Xen rated it
November 3, 2018
Status: --
As it is clearly stated in the title, it is about a MC who merries on the known well tsundere type syndrome person.

The plot and the sketches of story is very simple, almost like fitting the slice life tag, because there is not much plot development, much universe detailing focus, instead it is cleanly centered in the daily imteraction of a very limited amount of characters incluiding the female gender bender protagonist and her /his crush.

As the problem comes from, the declaration stated in the title is bluntly fast, but... more>> the problem itself remains aftermath, it is very shallow and repeatitive, ocasionally fixing the MC as a merely puppet of love. He can think, but only according the priorities, after his admiration for his crush. And this admiration is the problem because in turnways author started trying to fix a rational thinking on him but latter regards more importance making him belittle and instead make a clearly contrast of the work of his, and by this reasoning it is easy to predict the story.

For those who have already been reading, ¿Where do you think the slime appeared in out town or innertown?, the answer is neither facts matter, the demon invasion popped out of nowhere detailing any fundamental previous spacial location about whether it is the logical of the situation, be it plausible or not, in contrast the continuation dialogue between characters of the baby slime and monologue of the MC just feels artificially, all in way to fit the story maybe to detail the rational thinking of him and latter losing it into blind devotion. <<less
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GabeV rated it
March 24, 2021
Status: c83
It's an alright isekai story with a lot of uncalled for social commentary and a very nasty MC in a world of simpletons. It was lighthearted fun at the beginning, but then MC started expressly pushing her views to both her fellow characters and the reader.

It really is hard to grow any sympathy with how condescending she is. If she was set as an actual kid, perhaps some of her behaviour would've come off as naively cute. That said, she's supposedly an adult, yet the plot lets her get away... more>> with gotcha questions straight from a 12 year old's understanding of the world, by having nobody there know the actual answers, conveniently enough.

This wouldn't normally be an issue, since MCs have a dumbness pass which makes them come up with creative and interesting developments, rather than just practical and boring ones. However, this MC takes her time telling you how she's really smart, and everyone else real dumb, so you get coerced into taking her non-existent knowledge or understanding of religion and politics seriously, which turns an otherwise cutesy adolescent struggle into a cringefest. <<less
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ryma rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: --
While I like novels with hundreds and thousands of chapters but I think this novel should have stayed with the first ending as the sequel ruined almost everything. I'm a little disappointed, Since this is the first gl novel I've encountered with chapters passing a hundred and to turn it into something like this in the chapter 200 or so. I like the political side of it but the part where there are some multiple and combining worlds came, it ruined it all.
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Darewolves rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: c231
Im gonna separate this into the first part and the sequel

First part-Aye, I liked it. A lot. Was worth rereading to me. Made me grin a lot like the idiot I am. Some fluff here and there, and serious topics did come up a few times. Still a 5 stars for me.

Then.... the sequel came in. It started off pretty nice.

Then the latest chapters came and some before those.
It kind of threw whatever world building there already was away with new details. It's more fantasy/adventure whatever the term... more>> is than yuri now.
This might not be a good decision since it might kinda disrespect the author.

But I'm going to pretend that the sequel never happened. Nonexistent. And they lived happily ever after with no

demon queen rei and some whatever it is parallel universes or something.


Whatever. But this is one of the novels on my list that I'll definitely reimember I read.

First part is up to chapter 112 and some extras.
Im still reading it for now. Maybe something will pop up and just kinda... make whatever happened somewhat better? <<less
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Cereal Is Life
Cereal Is Life rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: c213
Yup, as some review has stated, the MC pretty much sexually harass the poor FL verbally while keep thinking how to change things to avoid the FL getting a bad end. There is more stuff about politics, touching on the MC's past dealings for not being straight, topics such as gender identity and stuff appear.

... more>>

What I dislike is the fact that the main ship is always being delayed by smaller ships or cliffs in the way. I also don't really get the whole magic part and just skim through it.


I think if you think the FL is a tsundere and don't mind such a force relationship, this is a good 'light-hearted' novel.

If you are content with the ending of the 1st half, there is no need to read the 2nd half since

the MC and the FL adopted 2 daughters who are like their mini-selves. They intended to retreat from the politics in their country by being teachers at the academy but are forced to go ahead as "baits" to another country. The setting which the game after the villainess is banished from her home country as the ruling of nobles come to an end.

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June 19, 2020
Status: c82
This is a great fluffy yuri story until the childhood friend of Claire is introduced, she is a super OP 4 element caster and is really dark inside, terrible personality from there it just gets worse, it get really heavy handed with more lesbian characters and a gender dysphoria character. Rei tells multiple people stories abput her past life that would easily make people suspicious of who she is. It loses all it's light heartedness. I don't recommend it.
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CasterRiku rated it
February 24, 2020
Status: --
10/10 one of the best yuri manga I’ve read. The story is easy to enjoy, and you can easily grow attached to the main character. Though, maybe for some people if you look at it from Claire’s point of view the story kind of falls apart, considering the fact that the most of the story is based on their incompatible relationship.

But for me it’s high up there on my list of favorites.
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VesperNyan rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: Completed
The story has a lot of twist and turns with the yuri relationship. I think this story portray many of the real challenges that gay/ lesbian people face such as backlash from society. Their relationship builds over time naturally, although I think the MC acts too possessive with ml.
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Nyamu rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: epilogue
Before we begin with the reviews, let me first say that I don't like yuri/yaoi stories (somewhere around -4 on a hate/like scale of -10 to 10 if you need some kind of reference.). This is simply a matter of story preferences and not about actual LGBT people. Now that I have said this, here is a 4* rating so if you don't like yuri you could still enjoy this. Imo, the 'flaws' of this story are

1. The lack of anybody caring about the reincarnation issue. "I am reincarnated from... more>> a world where this is a game and I know the plot." *insert kingdom hearts 'okay I believe you' meme

2. Too many 'conveniently placed homo characters'. Them being yuri is fine but the ones that are yuri also conveniently hold key positions. Hell, half the important cast is yuri in a society where this is 'supposedly heresy' 'minority group'. Remember that this is an otome game where most plot characters are supposed to be straight for game progression.

3. There is this approximately 4 chapters worth of MC past life yuri backstory that is almost worthless. Anything that could be remotely considered important could be summarized into one chapter and even that could be considered 'backstory for random reason to be angsty'. <<less
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messbiscuit rated it
March 28, 2021
Status: c40
I really tried. Too much political talk, felt like it was taking over the story (or that was perhaps the plot??). Its cute— the MC is likeable and their relationship is slowly.. Slowly developing. Kudos to powerful MC ;) *cough* with her cheats lol

Too much politics. I can't. Might reread in future— if I'm desperate enough.
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Brasdf rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: v2c1
I have read the first LN. This is borderline 3 - 4. Might rise with the second volume.

The charcters are likable and have some depth. The story has an interesting flow, but it gets somewhat muddled in the later half.

Minor spoilers :

... more>>

The whole academy knights thingy was sketchy. Where were the knights before the main characters were selected into it ? Why are they the only knights mentioned except the head & vice head ? Doesn't make sense.

Rae/Rei's previous life background is again of a life where she is a s*ave in some coporation and games are her only joy in life. It just makes me sad. Why can't you quit ? Is it really that bad in Japan ?

Another thing is the charcters feel so real one starts to feel a bit uncomfortable with the bullying of Claire. About a third of the book in, the bullying becomes completely one sided and is from Rei to Claire, and it borders on sexual and emotional harrassment of a disturbed teen by an adult.

It is no longer at the level of "Oh, you are so cute when you are angry" and more "Why don't I help you change? *Wink* *wink*" and then she does help her change and ogles her. The last third is at the level of "Why don't I eat you?". Maybe Claire doesn't understand that phrase, but it isn't that difficult to guess.

The more the relationship between Rae and Claire develops into something real the less Rae's behaviour feels like a joke. While Rae acts oblivious, Claire is clearly getting more and more uncomfortable.

It also bugs me Rae's love of Claire is based 90% on the game character, it doesn't really feel like the actual Claire has much effect on her feelings and she ignores the actual person. The aforementioned sexual harassment is case in point.


Major spoilers, about what bugged me the most about the story :


I thought the twist at the end was poorly done. It doesn't seem like Rae prepared well at all, and it doesn't feel like the way someone who knows so much about the future would act.

Why did she attempt to stop the operation alone? Why start acting so late in the game ? Breaking the bell beforehand was a nice touch, but at this point the brother & sister pair are already traitors. Why not help them at an earlier point ?

Isn't it obvious she should attempt to discover the real culprit ? She didn't seem to even try.

Why not recruit a prince or two to actually stop the operation in the worst case ?

Why leave Claire with the Lene at all ? Almost anyone else would have been much better.

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new008 rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: c175
the author use too much information but didn't use it good enough. 'Water magic' (offering dance) can be used to recover stamina and rei can use magic strengthening, but she still struggle when she choked by philaine. When she can think something more elaborate why can't she think simple solution ?

magic aptitude and magic capacity, at the early chapter the only thing mentioned was only magic aptitude. Author never mention whats the difference between aptitude, was it efficiency ? Or mana usage ? Or capability skill ?. I'm sure... more>> rei mentioned that her healing magic efficiency was below philaine's.

good plot while I was wondering why rei so persistent to make claire experiencing 'citizen life', finally I got the answer thought dor and salas scheme never explained how they hide the evidence. Well its better than to use some sloppy explanation.

well I think we can expect volume 3 since the pope mention about rei body thats she currently use <<less
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Namaewa_ARV rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: c71
Pretty funny and easy going story. It's entertaining to read. The story construction is the usual reincarnated into an otome game scenario, yet it has kept it's own sort of charm from beginning.
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DDosGaming rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: c187
main story arc is great.

but it fill with lot of filler arc can be either political rant or weird fetish.

2nd part is a mess but fun to read and not much politic.
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Takitori rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: c76
this is such an interesting, but also a funny story. They definitely are quite the match for each other. Really, it's cute.
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thespeech rated it
February 29, 2020
Status: v1c120
Relatively short, tightly focused, and contained in scope. The banter between the protagonist and her romantic pursuit is clearly the highlight of the novel. Includes a minor amount of combat, a fair amount of politics, and a lot of relationship and character-centric content that I can only describe as much more breadth-than-depth, but certainly more than the average WN. The story is very well planned-out up until near the end; however, some characters inevitably drop by the wayside because of the central focus on the protagonist pair. In the end,... more>> this is an enjoyable read for the central relationship and the tightly paced plot progression, but don't expect magnificent dungeons, epic monster fights or an overly complex world. The story does not so much shine as lack flaws. <<less
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