I Failed to Possess


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My heart trembled as to what kind of character I possessed.

Maybe there was a crash landing during possession? So for a while, my soul just wandered without feeling the sadness of the novel while drifting around…

Until the young version of the male protagonist collapsed after screaming at me, a ghost.

‘Oh, I’m doomed.’

Weren’t the key words from the novel for the male lead cold, and indifferent?

Take that back. The keyword should be seizure.


Looking at the unhappy past of the characters, I felt sorry for them.

Yeah, the tr*sh male lead? I struggled to raise the protagonist so he could act like a human being in the future.

The fact that I’m in a horror story instead of a main character of a romance novel kept my eyes wet, but I supported the children from the side so they could grow up properly and reform the original.

As a result.

“Hey, I like you. Don’t go, please. Take me with you.”

“Is my face no longer your taste?”

“If you’re going to leave, close my eyes forever.”

“If you’re confident of taking my last breath right now, you can leave. Until then, I’m not letting you go. Please. I’ll beg like this.”

Everyone’s obsessed with me because I raised them well.

…Even when the possession failed.

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Failure to Possess
빙의에 실패했습니다
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Zureah rated it
July 7, 2023
Status: --
So far, the story is interesting, fluff and funny. The characters are likeable as well and I cant wait for the next chapter.
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