I Excavated an Emperor to Become a Wife


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This was one of the greatest discoveries in archeological history, and when everything gets revealed, it might turn history upside down.

Qin Cheng followed his professor to Xi’an, where the buried treasuries of a tomb have been covered up for thousands of years. Then, strange and inexplicable events began to happen….

Every nerve of the archeologist trembled in excitement and fear, however, he was even more stunned when the sarcophagus suddenly opened, revealing an Emperor, who lived a thousand years ago, “sleeping” inside.

After that, his own heart remained there too……

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Wage Huangdi Zuo Laopo
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August 15, 2020
Status: c1
I really hate it when I'm just vibing in my coffin then suddenly someone digs me up and claims me as a wife!

Anyway this is interesting thou can't wait to learn the identity of the emperor.
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BuboBubo rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: Completed
To me, before everything else, this was a beautiful love story. You don't often see in this kind of novels someone as straightforward and honest about his feelings as Qin Cheng. Completely selfless towards his beloved one, but at the same time smart and not naive. Even when he thinks that his feelings are one sided, he chooses to trust the person he loves despite everything.

The plot keeps you engaged all the time. As the others have said, there's lots of suspense and mystery and all kind s of twists... more>> and turns. But at the same time everything is well proportioned, you don't get bored or feel frustrated and just feel like keep reading. And you'll be rewarded in the end with lots of sweetness! ~~~ I also love how the author has thought trough all the important details. So if at some point you're having doubts about anything, like Qin Cheng being tooooooooo in love, just read till the end - there's a reason for everything here.

This story is good even when MTLed, I'm sure everyone will enjoy it even more when it's fully translated. <<less
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Hualian bae
Hualian bae rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: c1
cried to sleep after finishing this at 3 am

WHAT A STORY!! let me tell you me fellow readers..i put off reading this book for like an year because of the book cover and name ah... WHATEVER YOU IMAGINED THE STORY TO BE, THATS NOT IT!!!!!!!


its more thrilling to read to than a crime/thriller... and its so informative about chinese history... usually I dont read lengthy footnotes... but for this story author did her research and we readers wanna... more>> read it too!! its the curiosity for the history!! NOW ON TO THE LOVE STORY AHHHHHHHHHHHSKZXJBZNZKXNDNZJZ




spoiler spoiler spoiler

MC AND ML were not tied to a red string of fate ah

there were not supposed to be lovers but my gosh our MC fell in love at first sight and held on to that for 1600 years! 12 reincarnation never married or had lovers... even though he didnt have past life memory he unconsciously looked for ML... thats why MC became a historian and HIS FIRST EVER JOB IN THEIR FIRST LIFE WAS ALSO A HISTORIAN

even the comment section of the chapter was saying that MC WAS AN ADORABLE HISTORY NERD!

and ML ahhhdkkxdj I have a love-hate relationship with him tho BUT I completly understand him! his actions and words are uunderstandable because they are a pair of humans and ghosts doomed to not have a thing

BUT OUR MC WAS PERSISTENT NEVER ONCE FALTERED AND DIDNT GIVE UP... AND THE WAY ML FELL IN LOVE! ahhhdncksb soo sweet its more bittersweet because it took them 1600 years to be with each other!

and they finally had their happily ever after



MC WAS THE ONE BURRIED IN THE TOMB DEDICATED TO THE QUEEN... when I read that part goshh the emotions!! and ML never established a queeen... its like that spot was all for our MC



and its the way our MC kept waiting in the naihe bridge was like hundreds of years and everyone in the underworld knew his legend and in every reincarnation he did that and the way they hugged finnally in front of the naihe bridge *jabs tissues to my eyes* MC LITERALLY MADE A GHOST MARRIED TO HIM!


spoiler spoilerrrr spoilerrrrrrr ML comes to life ahhhh MC preserved our ml's body and and THEY ARE NOW TIED TO A STRING OF FATE BUT ITS BLACK!! mtl said tha its because its a ghost marriage!! ahskxkzhshs awesomeeeee


soo soooooo sweeeeeeeet and they both are unconsciously romantic

and annnnnnnndddd the way I was surprised to see IT WAS A SEME PROTAGONIST *screams to the moon* didnt read the tag first and when it came to certain parts I was like that pikachu meme

TOTAALLY AMAZING TO ADD THAT OUR ML IS AN EMPEROR AND ahakxjsgdg their dynamics ahhhhhhhggndkjx and its the translators notes to me😂😂😂😂 to quote our translator " *su jing mo exists* qin cheng: *horny grip* " THOSE LITTLE NOTES WERE PEAK COMEDY

and some book quoted I collected😭😭 "However, it's often said that the one that seems heartless is in fact the most affectionate; and those who seem playful are the most devoted"

"The thing a devoted lover is most afraid of is a disloyal lover. But who would've thought that the devoted lover would also be equally afraid of those deep feeling"


the book is *chefs kiss

A GEM!! guys read past the first few chapters and then boom


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Shellbee rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is full of mystery, thriller and suspense. While Qin Cheng got attracted to Emperor at first sight. It took a long while before the emperor reciprocated his feelings. The story is full of twist and turns. I don't usually read these kind of novel but this one was interesting so I MTL the whole story. I must say I enjoyed it and I will wait for it to be fully translated to read it again. I definitely recommend to read this if you are looking for a novel... more>> with suspense and a seme who loves and cares for his uke beyond death. <<less
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Cherrysama rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't believe I read through the raw and try to mtl-ed some difficult words. This story is too beautiful!!! Thank you for translator san who pick up this gem! Also thank to the author who write this precious gem!

If you love stories with unconditional love like me, then here you go! Qin Cheng's love is so precious, he is too in love with Su jingmo that he can die with him. This is too beautiful... My heart feels hurt, I'm so touched.

Now I already finish reading, I feel slightly... more>> pain in my heart, I don't know what should I do with my life again...

I will miss Qin Cheng and Su JingMo... I miss their interaction, I miss their love. Believe me, read it, you won't regret it. <<less
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Gaaie rated it
March 23, 2021
Status: Completed

I made an account for NU just to comment my appreciation for this novel cuz I think this deserves more reads. And this is my first time to read mtl cuz I cant wait for the update. (Next mtl to read after this would be qiang jin jiu)

Its a little messy esp for the time warp but dang this is a good read. Definitely recommend.
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Chocotania rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I recommend this!

I just love this novel. There is no "villain" in this, everyone has their own faults and selfishness. The dynamics of the side characters to the complexity of the protagonists, to the truth in the antagonists, and truth-seeking Deuteragonists. They all play parts. The plot explains well how each character play part in the story, however, there were new questions that were also left unanswered. Example: ... more>>

who exactly was Chen? Why did he look like the ml?

There are possibilities that the mlt was wrong or it left out. Overall, it was a fun and intriguing novel with suspense and mystery as well as with few tissues here and there.

Also, the MC (Qin Cheng) is seme while uke is the ML (Su Jingmo). That was a surprising easter egg.

ONE sentence to describe the book would be:

Qin Cheng went through hell to get Su Jingmo back

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No Detail
No Detail rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: Completed
Hope you'll enjoy this story too. It's full of suspends, like the translator San said. I got hook so much by this story that I used all my brain cells to mtl, it's readable, for those impatient ppl like me please be inform. But, it'd be boring since it's a little messed up sometimes, I recommend you to wait for the translator San work, or u can go directly read chinese 😂.

Here's a little bit sugar for your tea ... more>>

for almost half of the story, near the end, is very emotional; but, don't be discouraged, keep on reading then you'll see everything is sweet.


The author writing style is great, his/her plots laid out well. The pace is alright, but tbh, the suspend is killing me. <<less
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Kassandra rated it
September 26, 2022
Status: Completed
Hi! Before reading this I'll let you know that my review mainly talked about the plot and the characters, mainly settings of the novel so be warned that this may contain spoilers. I'm also gonna tell about the writing of the author.

Su Jingmo is the male lead while Qin Cheng is the protagonist.

Unpopular opinion but: In a rational view or in a view without filters, Su Jingmo is a scum. He is ruthless and heartless in his actions towards Qin Cheng and the true intentions he have towards... more>> him (QC) is simply a standard scum action/plan. I'm about die of anger and cry of tears for Qin Cheng while reading.


Scene from chapter 111 when Su Jingmo admitted his faults.

"I knew from the very beginning that you were the key that could destroy the formation inside this great Mausoleum. I knew because I was always able to sense anyone's intrusion.... but I could never feel you."

"I built this tomb, and the formation that allows my soul to remain was set up by Master Xuyun."

"Master Xuyun's common surname was Tang.... So it seems that this tomb has always been doomed to disappear the moment you, and the Tang family, appeared. You two are the objects sent by the Heavens to destroy my thousand-year-old obsession, and eliminate all traces that the Xu Dynasty ever existed. But, Qin Cheng, I don't want that to happen!!"

Su Jingmo took a deep breath and closed his eyes: "Therefore, I wanted to kill you. As long as you are dead, and your soul was trapped inside this tomb, you will be able to preserve the last traces the Xu Dynasty left behind...."

".... But, for a reason I couldn't understand, I let you take Xuyun's soul-renewal pill so you won't die...."

"Even if I saved you... it could also be considered as me harming you. That pill can renew your life, but it can also kill you.... You know, I once regretted saving you, but your eyes stuck to me."

(Eating that pill might save Qin Cheng but it'll result him being disabled or paralyze.)

"When those little thieves came to destroy the formation and opened the gates of Hell, I already knew you were there. I simply pretended to be tricked, but you really jumped out to protect me, and your soul was almost pulled down to the Eight Cold Hells because of that. Yet, you never backed away...."

"They can't do anything to my soul, so how could I be helpless when dealing with those little demons? However, Qu Zhiwen, that brat, ruined everything...."

"Soon after, I found out that my time was coming, and that I wouldn't be able to support the tomb for long. At that moment, I was secretly happy that I hadn't let you die. To be honest with you, I'm afraid you're the only one in this world who is so determined and s*upid to be willing to take my place in the tomb. To be trapped for thousands of years.... Just to not let my thousand-year-old unrealistic hopes go to waste!"



Even other people around them spoke out.

"... this feeling is touching, but also blind."

– Qu Zhiwen

"Please remember, don't let this infatuated person stand by you for another thousand years."

– Judge of Underworld


Su Jingmo tricked, deceived, and used Qin Cheng to the fullest.


"For the first time, I, Su Jingmo, was afraid..."

"Not too long ago, I discovered that I could be afraid. When that 'Su Jingyan' told you that I was using you from the beginning, and you questioned me if that was the truth...."

"I..... flinched..... Qin Cheng, I was actually afraid that you would... you would say.... that you regretted knowing me..."

Isn't this standard regretful scene of a scum man?


I don't know if anyone have the same view as I have in the aspect of love but I'm kind of person who believes in a tooth for a tooth. If he cheated, I would do something equivalent to what he did, period.

I don't think it's fair based on my opinion of love and relationships. If I knew a person like this is in real life, I would have already advised him/her countless time to move on already and try to flirt around.

While Su Jingmo married a 'wife' he actually like and had countless concubines and lovers to dote on to.

For 12 lifetimes, Qin Cheng didn't marry nor have any lovers nor any children. He's always obsessed with Su Jingmo even if they just intersected once or twice.

As a single dog, I won't understand how Qin Cheng can stand to love him like that. I just wish in another parallel universe he never ended up with Su Jingmo.

Xia Tong is a pitiful person. She's such a nice and good girl.


She's the one connected to Qin Cheng in the red string of fate.


I don't like the last chapter, the moment Qin Cheng revealed Great Xu's history was skipped!! [hopping_in_anger] That's the only thing that kept me reading!! I want that exact scene!! Not the aftermath!! As you can see I'm quite irritated that they skipped that scene.

I love the extra chapters though, friendship like that is beautiful.

Despite all what I sad about the plot and characters, I really have to applaud the author's execution and writing.

I normally don't continue reading when I don't like one of the leads but the writing just made me continue. I love mystery and thrill!! The development of the plot is just simply brilliant! [chef's_kiss]

I actually don't like scheming scenes/arc because I quickly became dizzy due to its numerous info and complicatedness but the author and translator's work made it easy for me to read it.

The plot was smooth flowing and interconnecting details of the characters is just greatly written! And don't forget the angst! I tried hard not to cry but I'm defeated. The angst was not too much, it's jut enough to make me cry.

Aside from my opinion about the leads, the rest is alright. Quite satisfied with it.

I just wish they gave more scenes or maybe extra chapters to the only couple that I like (aside from Zhang Jun and He Yalan) which is Qu Zhiwen/Su Jingyan and Ning Qing/Jiang Ping.

Anyways, recommending this since it's quite a great work. I simply wonder how it's not popular. <<less
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Likalily rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: c21
I don't like the MC, he's really s*upid. He didn't tell the other archaeologists about the tomb's owners because he was afraid to scare them (huhh, what a fool). MC had been warned to stay away from the grave but he was stubborn because he was obsessed with the grave even though he was very scared. He is narcissistic and thinks the owner of the grave is because of him (heh, very funny). Why doesn't he rest first when he's recovering? Even if he was guarded by other archaeologists, it... more>> would still be very troublesome. To be honest I'm not sure if I can read this story any longer because the MC is so annoying. Typical of the main actor in a horror film who is very curious about something but ends up in disaster, fortunately he is the main character otherwise he will die very quickly. There are also a lot of unnecessary events that need to be written down and suddenly stopped that is annoying. <<less
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1darling rated it
March 31, 2022
Status: Completed
please don't judge the book by its cover or name.. It may sound ridiculous but trust me it is gonna catch you off guard. It is so beautifully written. MC is so in love with his significant other. He definitely is not kind of super strong or your typical gong out there. But you will still love him for his utmost and heartfelt efforts for ML`
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Akih4645 rated it
September 22, 2022
Status: c81
Those who rated this novel with 1 star are probably the s*upid readers who can't handle the perfect flow of the story and the informations that actually makes sense, because the author researched it.

They're the type of brain-dead readers who loves to read braindead novels.

As I've said, this novel have a perfect flow. The development of the romance is really perfect, not too fast, not too slow, just right.

... more>> The informations are also well-researched, kudos to the author. And the plot is also very interesting.

While reading the title and the synopsis, you'll think it's just another cliche romance where the MC found a thousand-year-old ghost, and then they fall in love. But NO!!!

The plot is more than that!!!

I will wait for the translator to finish this one, then I will re-read it again. <<less
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A188 rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c113
I honestly love reading this novel. It is one of the few bl novels that are well written. The translator has done a good job translating this. The only thing that affected my enjoyment of the text was the translator's comments at the end (so took away 1 star).

While normally I would mind the comments, there's nothing that distiguishes them from the man text. Often times i've read them by mistake thinking they are part of the text and that just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. Atleast... more>> put something like 'translator notes' so I know where the text ends and I can choose to read the comments or not. <<less
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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy rated it
June 1, 2022
Status: Completed
I like it very much.. Very good plots, twists and mystery.. It was well written.. After reading some chapter we will the same as MC only at the end we will sigh in relief.. It is very interesting to read..
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Ouryane00 rated it
December 22, 2021
Status: 83
I totally didn’t expect the plot of this story.

I thought that this would be just an easygoing story with predictable plot but naah!

This is very interesting. Athough there are a lot of historical narratives or sequences that’s kinda confusing at times but overall, this is very good, very unique concept.

As of chapter 83, I don’t think this novel focuses on love but more on the mystery part but that’s totally okay cause we still get some sweet scenes here and there.
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