I Don’t Want to Regret


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“Do you love me, Sheemon?”

“Of course, Leila,” he said, looking at her tenderly.

But this love was a farce.

Leila Hessus was betrayed by her own sister and fiancé, the two people she cared most in this world. And when she was at death’s door, soon to die by the hands of her lover, flashes of regret smeared across her face.

As she jumped to her, a black shadow appeared.

“It’s me, Miss Leila.”

He held her in her arms tight, careful to not let her go.

“I’ll protect you. I’ll be your tool for vengeance.”

Will she be able to live a life without regrets?

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Huhoeneun Geojeolhabnida
후회는 거절합니다
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