I Don’t Want To Inherit A Feudal Estate So I’ll Just Throw Everything On My Brother And Live As I Please


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Roland was born as the eldest son of a nobleman in a feudal estate. When he regained his memory of his previous life, he realizes that a dark future awaited him as the heir to a poor feudal estate.

As a result, he came to the conclusion that he must do something about it.

“Yes! I’ll just force Mark to do it!”

Roland’s never-ending battle to educate his younger brother as an excellent lord and to gain his own freedom began.

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I Don't Want To Inherit A Poor Territory, So I'll Just Throw Everything To My Brother And Live As I Please.
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New SonicWizard rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: --
The beginning starts ok, an old corporate s*ave gets the isekai and wants to live free, pretty standard stuff. But it was fun with MC trying to ditch the burden of becoming the heir to a poor low ranked noble family by ruining his reputation and foisting the responsibility onto his younger brother so he can go be an adventurer.

Unfortunately it just gets very boring as soon as he goes on his "adventure" since he refuses to do anything interesting and seems content creeping on older ladies and doing the... more>> absolute bare minimum to scr*pe by.

Honestly I had low expectations but as soon as the author decided to just throw in a status system with a hand wave after finishing the opening act I knew it was all downhill from there. <<less
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Syokool rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: c161
This one is fun, amusing even.


Rolland just wants to be an adventurer, travel around the world, etc.

His father's territory is tr*sh. Its place, its people, etc. His family, except for the other 2 siblings, is pretty dumb.


It's amusing how many people is just plainly s*upid. His family, his servants, etc.

A pretty awesome read about noble siblings helping each other, and a reincarnated guy that just wants to have adventures.
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Snowman256 rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: c86
The novel started off strongly, with an MC with clear motivations, some hint of a harem but not too emphasized, and straightforward growth dynamics. However, IMO the novel started to drop off after ~c60, becoming more monotonous and using the same plot cliches in order to progress the story. After c72, the author posted a long article about how some of the negative feedback that they've been receiving has been stressing them out, and that if people have negative feedback they should just keep it to themselves. IMO, the story... more>> became more unhinged after that point, perhaps because author was simply getting less input from their community.


As an example of some of the pitfalls I found in later chapters:

  • There are an absurd number of people who harass the MC. Shopkeepers won't let him buy things from their stores, guild staff try to rip him off when buying his goods, well-educated knights start shouting at him if he takes more than a second to response to a question, adventurers try to mug him several times a week, or nobles try to pressure him into being their servant. And this is all within a month or so to this 12 year old boy. I get that with the MC's personality, he wouldn't act unless he was forced into these troublesome situations, but it doesn't make sense logically why so many people are independently trying to harass him.
  • The MC gets stronger at an absurd rate in later chapters. In the first arc, he took ~7 years to grow to C or B rank in his all his stats. In the second arc, he goes from B to A in two days, and from A to S (or higher) in a week or so. The MC also starts learning skills conveniently instead of working hard to master them, such as light or dark magic. I'm not sure why the author replaced the MC's hard work with this spontaneous growth, but it really breaks the flow of the MC's development IMO.
  • The MC is kinda a jerk? I mean, I guess I'd be annoyed to if every second person I met was trying to scam me, but the MC is really callous even to the people who're trying to look out for him or be nice to him.

Overall, I like how the novel started and the TL is great, but I don't feel like continuing past c86. Maybe give it a try! <<less
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LevelTryHard rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: c11
It's alright honestly. There's nothing game ending about this and nothing to write home about either, this is pretty pretty stock I guess.

Premise is the title more of the specifics being plot relevant so minor spoilers ... more>>

the way he utilizes his brother to throw away the estate is by teaching him magic and other tasks related to running an estate whilst ruining his own public image


The protagonist has a goal so that's pretty unique although I wish that weren't case but it is so I can guarantee a 2 star experience

from that alone.

Issues I've noticed is that my eyes seem to glaze over while reading this and my thoughts themselves seem to wither away becoming decrepit. In other words the plot development is yeah okay buddy.

sister wants to s*x him at like 8 or something and I hate it but, there is no but this development sucks asss

upon reading chapter twelve in pretty sure the MC is a

Gary Stue I added emphasis to show I dislike that

Who do I reccomend this for

    • People who need a good enough filler story
    • People who already like this trope you know who you are
    • People who haven't read this trope this is probably as good as it gets
    • Spoiler

      people who want to incest their sibling (I hate you)

    • the translator you probably like this since your translating it
    • Your mom
    • My dad
This isn't 3 star more a 2.5 star but in good faith I'll round up. <<less
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