I Don’t Want to Be a Lady


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Before being sold as the Crown Prince’s concubine, I proposed a contract marriage to the Duke.

“Will your father allow you to marry me?”
“Of course not. So there is only one way.”

“We have to make an accident.”

It will taste better when I break that mol*ster’s head.
I could shoot a gun at the alley gangster. Even the prince of the neighboring empire was also knocked out by me.

The man snorted.

“You’re so arrogant as the captive subject. I never knew that Count Bornes would be a jerk to his dog.”

I said with a smile, “Our mansion didn’t have a dog. Because the owner of the mansion is already a dog.”

This is the story of Arianne Bornes, who seemed to be a villainess but not a villainess.

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레이디는 싫습니다
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New znukhsoc rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: c44
This novel isn't worth for me to review in full paragraphs so here we go! Reasons for the HARD 1:

-The villain average IQ is 22 or lower, every one of them using the same 2 brain cells.
-No romance at all, it's just low-quality feminism propaganda.
-The writing is just too childish for me. Well, I can say it's in the lower spectrum in this genre.
-No FL-ML moments, it's always some random people acting petty about FL. Like, how many times do you want us to read this same... more>> part??
-Contradicting common sense within the novel's own world.

After 44 I kept skimming chapters and I don't think this book has a ML. Like why write romance if you can't give him enough screen time? Doesn't worth your time. Don't do this to yourselves. <<less
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Sienna97 rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: c101
Not Reincarnation, or transmigration, or regression... the FL is just a born baddie and I love everything about her! She is fearless, badass, yet adorable as hell! These contrasting characteristics makes her one of the most charming FLs of all the novels I've read. Even the story is so well written. The world building, the ML, the supporting characters, the plot around the misogyny... there's nothing not to like. It's a 10/10 novel so far and I hope more and more people read it.
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satoshiyasuaki rated it
September 26, 2022
Status: c12
The story is very refreshing. The female lead have a very strong personality and a badass, not the typical damsel in distress. She devised a plan to get out of an arranged marriage with the Crown Prince (as a concubine) arranged by her father by making a deal with one of her father's enemy - the male lead. The male lead is a very handsome guy, but not interested in romance. He accepted the female lead's contract marriage in exchange for information on her father's and Crown Prince's corruption. As... more>> they spend more time together, the male lead finds the female lead interesting and refreshing, not the same with the other noble females out there. <<less
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Syncletica rated it
July 25, 2023
Status: Completed
At first, I liked the plotline. How the FL fought hard against the discrimination towards women. But after halfway of the story, the execution became slightly forced. It was like the plot was meant to highlight the FL's Mary sue-ness.

Of course, if you liked badass-type FL, this was the perfect story you'd like. I still gave this a 4 star as the first half of the story was good. But for the second half, I gave this a 3 star.
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Kathvondee rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: c1
One of the few stories that is not transgression, reincarnation, or transmigration so she doesn’t have any special “hacks” to survive this world. At first I thought she was selfish and money hungry but as I kept on reading I realized she is just trying to survive in this misogynistic world and become independent without relying on anyone.

I’ve read a lot of stories like “forget my husband I’ll go make money” where the heroine wants to be independent from her husband but it always never go that way. Arianne ... more>>

becomes a baroness all on her own through a hunting competition that only men can compete but she found a loophole to compete. And even though the men didn’t give her a land she deserves from getting a title, she was happy with receiving monthly allowances, something that women don’t get. In her world women cannot own anything. They are always someone’s wife or daughter.


Arianne is so ballsy and straight forward. She is tough and has a soft spot but tries not to show it. One of the best female characters I’ve read. <<less
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heysobin rated it
March 15, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a good read! I highly recommend this!

FL is OP! She's smart, cold-blooded, baddie and beautiful! There's no drama at all!

ML and FL communicates so there's no room for misunderstanding! They are straightforward and sincere, specially the ML! I love the ML!!

he fell in love with the FL first!!


There are fluff moments but don't expect too much.

Unforgettable part was during the war when Arianne arrived!!

snusnu moments!


Their wedding too! Haha ML didn't hold back!! The ending though

I wish there was a side story it felt incomplete, but I'm satisfied?


Maybe I just couldn't get over it.
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Evellyn rated it
December 11, 2023
Status: c15
It wasn't that bad but maybe I had too much expectations from the commentaries.

Anyway, I didn't like the writing which was a little childlike to me and I especially hate the contrast in the characters in a book that turns around them ... more>>

like the MC, supposedly very smart, beautiful and independant but still like a child at their FIRST fake date when she "didn"t expect that much attention bc she's out there with the powerful, magnificent duke", almost crying, revelling herself totally on her "most happy day" when I will say it again : it's their first outing !!! They shouldn't have any emotionnal time. And then what ? She's kidnapped an saved like a damsel in detress... No. Just No. If want to sell a powerful and dangerous woman, don't portray me a damsel in detress needing help for everything and emotionnal as f**k. And the ML... I didn't read any longer bc of him honestly : 0 charisma. Like the man is super smart, super strong : okayyy but is just like a doll. "Oh he hates women bc of how awesome he is when they are all vile." : okayy but then why does he accepts her immediately ?? And about the ledger, please, he's a master in the sword, couldn't he have just went with it without signing ? Does he need this to overthrow the count ? Couldn't he just have make some more questions about it instead of just going like : yeah no problem let's marry for a year then I'll give you one million dollar girl. Too much incoherences for me, felt as if the characters are 15. Even his past life is just too rapidly developped to feel anything about it.


Perhaps I said it all bc I'm reading Turning which is just majestic, but even without that... It just didn't stuck with me and I think there's better.

P.S : sorry about my grammatical mistakes I'm not talking english that well <<less
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November 10, 2023
Status: --
Ugh ik it would turn out bad 😭 interms of badass FL its not so obvious when stuff like feminism and womens rights are forced you know like as the story goes on it blends naturally things like not wearing pants because youre too cool is not "bad ass" ofc theres nothing wrong with prefering pants but you can tell their forcing it the FL is described as an elgant lady never lifted a weight in her life but some how shes running 50 miles no breaks shes mastered a... more>> gun without training and beats some one up? Thats so unrealistic and makes story like this boring because u can see the ending a mile away <<less
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straystar rated it
September 15, 2023
Status: c79
100% RECOMMENDED. The fl's feminism is just perfect. I read a review that said that this book made it seem like woman need to wear pants to be recognized- so I was hesitant to read the book, because I don't really like the idea of that. But reading this, that comment was absolutely wrong! In fact – here is one of the lines where she acknowledges other ways of living different from hers,
... more>>

Minor spoiler- "Of course, those are also efforts. I'm not saying living like that is bad. It's also good to get married normally and have a comfortable life."


She's never once said that pants were what made her be recognized in society; she just prefers pants over the 'uncomfortable' skirts that trend, (**historically speaking though, women clothing are actually not as uncomfortable as they seem if they're being worn correctly) but the FL has never once shamed a woman for doing typical feminine things. She only encourages women to belong to themselves, to not let other people take control of them.

I absolutely love this book, not only for its realistic and suffragette themes, but also because of the ML, who is absolutely amazing. Someone who supports the FL, and while doesn't agree with everything she does (which he does end up changing his opinion on rather quickly, I'd say just within 1 ch), doesn't stop her from doing what she wants. I do think their romance is a bit fast paced, but that could be just me.

This book is pretty good, but there are some things that I don't agree with- FOR EXAMPLE,


Ben's trauma was brushed off to horrifically, that it felt like it was just there for comedic reasons. In chapter 77 when FL and Ben were kidnapped, and he had to seduce the man with his eyes- it felt like his trauma was being used to make the readers 'laugh'. And for FL to see it happen, like it was some kind of show???? Like???? Also, the fact that Ben also had no reaction to having to do this? Doesn't it seem so unrealistic? I get that they were in a tough situation, and that he had to do it to survive- but FL did not have to make it seem like it was 'funny' to see him going through that.

[But, honestly, I think this was very out of character but still in-character; uncaring unless it's for her own gain- but out of character, as she still has her precious people, Ben being one of them!, and gets attached to kind people rather easily (eg, the mother of ML).]

"Even more, the onlookers openly looked at him with her eyes shining. The sparkle, as if expecting something fun to see." I really don't like the way him being assaulted was being normalized just after showing his traumatic past, even by himself. Horrific honestly.
"Ben was biting his lower lip and holding back his shame." To be able to do nothing while being 'willingly' assaulted, I feel so bad, but this is realistic for many victims unfortunately, so I can't even say anything. What I was really upset about was FL acting like how she did- she'd been through people trying to assault her and gets upset about them trying to do so, so I thought she'd be understanding to Ben's own past.


Reading this rant makes this book seem really bad, but it's not too bad honestly. I would give it a good 3.5 stars rating, but I don't think it's possible to do that, so 4 stars it is. And since I haven't finished the book, I hope that Ben is given justice, and that I just haven't gotten to that part yet :) <<less
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leticiagnunes rated it
December 24, 2023
Status: Completed
I really liked reading this, we have a badass FI with a handsome supportive ML. Our FL is pretty, strong, smart, and realistic who works harder to free herself of the circumstances the empire put on her and in the women, she's fighting like crazy against the gender roles build on her world, and I just loved how Charter was 100% on her side all the time. Also I loved the side's characters, they were complexed and humans, however the villains weren't build well, often don't have really a good... more>> reason behind the big plan, u know?

Anyway, I recomend reading I even when get a little boring at the middle, for me it was worth <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KaelynC rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Very fun read! Love the character dynamics and the growth. Most characters are multifaceted and become more complete as the novel goes on. It's relatively short for its genre, so not everything is fully fleshed out, but this keeps the plot concise and relatively well paced. 4.5 for the potential that is there (and sadly missed) but what's there is both fun and has a nice message if you look at bit past face value.
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Shadowwy rated it
November 25, 2023
Status: c119
It's sooo good!

A truly chaotic good FL, totally greedy and assuming it while also smashing patriarcal society! And bonus point for the fact that she ditch cumbersome clothes for elegant luxury sober and confortable ones!

Not finished yet but it's truly good and refreshing among all the boring and similar stories.
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Nekopapaws rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: c36
The first part really excites me, but after reading it more and more it just become boring feminsm story.

I agree with woman need to have their own rights, but I dislike the idea woman need to wear pants and dress like a man to be recognized. You can still be called a lady, wear corset, and multiple layer of clothes to do this and that. There is lot of strength in that. Sadly, while the author wants to emphasize woman is strong I feel like they also belittle "woman".

Idk, I... more>> can't really pass the chapter when FL wants to tailor a coat for her to be recognized as the same level with men.

FL stated as being confined in house, but still being able to shoot greatly and beat adult until passed out is kinda unrealistic :")

When and where she get to train herself? If she trained that much there will be scars, but her father don't want blemish in her.. how on earth her father allow that training? Idk, it just too "lucky to be true" trope.

First chapters are interesting, the rest is... <<less
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