I Don’t Need a Trashy Sub-Male Lead


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“I am pregnant.”

My sister is the female lead of this novel and I am just an ordinary little sister.

“It’s Sonnet’s child.”

Not the male lead’s child, but the sub-male lead’s.

“You’ll understand, right?”

A month before the wedding, my fiancé has a child with my older sister.

“Sonnet is very sorry for you.”

With her lips trembling, my sister asked, “But we’ll still get along just like before, right?”

Of course not.

There were more than ten men that my sister took away from me. So, I chose to marry the most tr*shy sub-male lead. As expected. Thank you for taking the tr*sh, I’m really grateful.

“Of course, sister. Congratulations.”

Go to hell.


My sister took away the tr*shy sub-male lead, so I decided to have the male lead.

“Your Majesty, I have three months left in my life.”

This is the only way to keep my property from being stolen by my sister.

“This is my wish before I die. Please marry me…”

Then he replied with an unreadable expression, “Can I?”


After some time, I heard that my sister faked her pregnancy.

“Nothing happened between me and Siever. Really.”

My ex-fiancé, Sonnet, came up to me.

“Give me one chance. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Well, I don’t need you.

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