I Don’t Know Martial Arts


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Me and my friend transmigrated as characters inside a Wuxia novel.

The problem is,

“….What are the Ten Most Prestigious Sects? Is it like multiple tops?”

“….What is the North Sea Ice Palace? Is it like the Grand Duke of the North?”

“But, Myoha, don’t men watch a lot of Wuxia? Why don’t you know anything about the Wuxia genre?” “I used to prefer love fights to sword fights since I was young.”

My name here is ‘Myoha.’

I don’t know anything about the Wuxia genre, but I can’t avoid it since I’ve already transmigrated. Fortunately, I haven’t forgotten the absolute law of fiction I realized while reading many romance fantasy novels. It is…

The more you try to get away from the main character, the more you’re bound to get tangled up! I purposely get closer and closer to the main character, Yoo Seolhwa. What’s more, many beautiful and handsome people gradually appear in front of me, who is weak for good-looking people.

The martial arts world is quite a place to live … is what i thought. How come the atmosphere surrounding me is getting weird?

“Hey, you heartthrob. Stop digging your own grave.”

From the sweet and gentle beauty of Peng Soseo, to the fierce cat-like charm of Moyong Hwa and the otherworldly visuals of Yoo Seolhwa… My friend seems to be busy enjoying the benefits of my relationship with these men. Can I really survive here?

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3 Reviews

Dec 14, 2022
Status: c1
The premise is promising and with what there is it seems to take a unique twist on being transmigrated into a novel. I hope someone picks this up again as the translator dropped the series.
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
Mar 04, 2024
Status: Completed
Oh I like this one. The protagonist, Myoha is a fan of romcom and his friend, Myoryeong, a fujoshi possessed a sibling with hamster cheeks.

Myoha is sometimes clueless but he's quick to catch things up. He love pretty things and dream to be his 'girlfriend's hamster' Myoryeong, is really a good sister and friend. Just shrugged when she saw how Myoha plant flags haha (dont worry, she will end up with someone too)

There's gonna be 3 + 1 potential interest for him. Soseo, the heir of Peng household (one of 5 big family in martial arts) Hwa, heir of Moyong household (cousin of Soseo, and their household want to surpass Peng family) Seolhwa, a cutiepie who's gonna be the next lord in north palace. Please, dont forget the... more>> villain. He's pitiful Sa Cho hwi! The son of heavenly demon.

Be warned in the spoiler if you dont want to ruin your experience.


When child, Soseo bring them as a servant to his household because he don't want to part away with Myoha. Seolhwa is also someone the sibling saved before he go back to the north palace. Hwa is someone Myoha comforts (he actually like to get along with Soseo but people around him just want to bring Peng down and thought he's inferior *angry*)



If your wondering, he will end up with Soseo, he have a huge advantage plus that unwaiving faith Myoha have to him as his servant lol. I also like him, I'm just sad that Hwa have no choice but to give up and north palace isn't for Myoha... That lonely snowflakes (づ_ど). As for the villain, I dont want to remember it, it just making me sad. Bro will be a 'GwangGong' like a typical obsessive guy who just want someone to bw by his side... Unfortunately, Myoha isn't really for him and bro... Well, ya know *woosh*


Overall, It was good but wish there could be more chapters because its not enough for me. But I like the interactions between the two, they are adorable. <<less
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Mar 20, 2024
Status: --
Promising so far!

MC and his female best friend transmigrate into a martial arts novel as two poor siblings. MC is a romantic fantasy fan (think western fantasy written by Koreans) and female best friend is a BL fan. That makes for some hilarious conversations as they have meta conversations such as what the difference is between an obsessive top and a Grand Northern Duke is, and they have no idea about the common tropes of murim world. I can relate because the sects and families stuff confuses me too!

I like... more>> their funny friendship and their genre-savviness (e.g. They're aware that whenever a transmigrator tries to stay away from the protagonist, they end up getting more involved). Seems like ML is the Peng young master that helps MC find a job. MC's BFF pegs him as a schemer top with a lot of money, lol. <<less
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